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Short version: Just like super-sizing a McDonalds meal doesn’t make it taste any better, neither does giving us more of what was in the first film improve Transformers 2.

transformers revenge fallen reviews1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Review
Screen Rant reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Regular readers here at Screen Rant are familiar with my disdain for the first Tranformers movie. While many agree with me and others disagree vehemently – both sides have been expecting me to skewer Michael Bay’s Tranformers 2. I didn’t go in expecting much, and that may have actually caused me to not judge it quite as harshly as a lot of other reviewers are doing.

The (very thin) story here is that of Sam (Shia Lebouf) heading off to college, trying to go back to a semblance of a normal life – where you don’t have giant, talking robots that turn into cool cars. He’ll be leaving behind tough biker chick Michaela (Megan Fox) but they’ll continue a long distance relationship through the wonders of the internet.

Before Sam leaves, he discovers a shard of the “All Spark” is still in his possession – when he touches it, it has some sort of effect on him and is shown to still have the power to animate mechanical objects. Thinking he has it safely secured, Sam heads off to college where he meets his roommate Leo (Ramon Rodriguez), a guy who runs a website dedicated to robot sightings which is not nearly as popular as he imagines it to be.

It turns out the Autobots have been working with the government trying to track down the vestiges of the Decepticon robots that are still on Earth. It looks like the Decepticons have been searching for something, but no one (not even the Autobots) know what that might be.

Of course the last thing that will happen to Sam is a “normal” college experience, and he is soon drawn back into the world of the Transformers. He’s joined by his reluctant roommate Leo and of course soon enough by Michaela and the buffoonish (now ex) government agent from the first film, Simmons (John Turturro).

From here the whole point is to stop the Decepticons (led by the ancient robot called “The Fallen”) from getting their claws on a device that is of course a danger to all of humanity.

And it takes a really, really long time.

In Revenge of the Fallen there’s more of everything that was in the first film: More robots, more explosions, more soldiers, more battle scenes, more juvenile (and inappropriate for kids) humor and more foul language.

In the end it doesn’t make this film any better than the first one – it just makes it feel longer. I was surprised to learn that this film is only 6 minutes longer than the first one… it feels a LOT longer than that. Thirty to forty minutes could have been cut pretty easily – it’s a movie about giant robot battles, does it NEED to be two hours and twenty minutes long? Even the scenes most people go to see, the battle scenes, drag on far too long.

So what was good? I liked the scenes involving the military, great stuff. I liked that Bay pulled back the cameras on the robot battles so you can actually tell what’s happening (although the shots were too tight once again at the end of the film) – and about the best robot fight took place in the forest. Not “awesome” but probably the best thing in the film.

On the bright side, I actually liked Kevin Dunn as Sam’s dad in this one, although the mom annoyed the heck out of me again. Aside from the “humor” I’ll describe below, I thought some of it was actually OK – even Turturro wasn’t quite as annoying. The CGI was excellent, although at this point for a film like this that should be a given.

What wasn’t so good? Well, beyond “everything else,” a big pet peeve of mine about the first film was the juvenile humor that I didn’t think fit with the action. In the sequel, most of the “humor” happens during the first third of the film and thankfully it’s not as prevalent later on (although it still pops up from time to time). In this film, instead of masturbation jokes, robots “peeing” fluid on people and acting like teenage girls hiding in a back yard, we have dog humping (twice), a robot humping Megan Fox’s leg, gigantic robot testicles, farting robots and a college professor who’s introductory lecture is limited exclusively to veiled sexual references.

There’s also TONS of inappropriate language for the under-10 crowd that is sure to show up for this movie – including but not limited to a**hole, pu**y, ball sack, b*itch and sh*t. And of course in addition to the lingering shots of Megan Fox, there are suggestive scenes with actress Isabel Lucas, including an obviously carefully crafted “peek” shot of her rear/crotch.

I only mention all this because over and over and over again I’ve heard in defense of the first film: “It’s a kids movie!!”


And despite all the action I found myself kind of bored… I actually almost nodded off at one point. Again: TOO LONG.

Oh, and yes, there are a couple of robots in the film (the “Twins”) that talk and look like something out of an old minstrel show – that was pretty hard to fathom. I could possibly see if they acted like rappers (due to absorbing what they’ve seen on MTV or something), but ignorant, Southern, gold-toothed robots who can’t read? It was reminiscent of the two black crows from Disney’s Dumbo (which was made back in 1941). Of course one of the actors providing the voices is black, so I’d be curious to hear his take on all this.

So, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is more of the same. If you thought the first one “rocked” you’ll probably think the same of this one; if you thought the first one was terrible, you’ll probably think this one is even worse. Me, I had such low expectations going in and already knew what to expect based on the first film. I didn’t have such a violent reaction to it – although I certainly don’t intend to ever watch it again.

If you plan on bringing kids, I would highly recommend you check this out yourself before bringing them.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. @gottarhyme

    I’ve given up on defending women when they won’t defend themselves. I mean, if they tolerate this, or don’t speak out against it, then why should we waste our time with it? Seriously, how many females have you seen so far calling out any possible sexism? That’s right, 0.

    Nice guys finish last man, that’s a saying that’s unfortunately very true, especially in relationships. I have a girlfriend, but I know it takes me 10 times the effort and 5 times the time to get a girl to like me the proper way compared to some a-hole who walks around more or less advertising to everyone that he’s a playboy that will treat every woman he gets with like sex objects and will cheat on every woman he gets with, lol.

    Treat a woman with respect = lame and boring
    Treat a woman like a sex object = HECK YAH!!!!

    Get with the times gottarhyme! lol

    Besides, they got Megan Fox as their lead female, she’s not capable of anything else… :-D

  2. mehhh. the best christ movie by far is
    jesus christ superstar.. :P
    that bass line when hes getting whipped is sweet

    i somehow found that old lp. i just need a record player

  3. @KenJ

    Sorry about your experience with women.

    Megan Fox offended me.

    Offended Women 1 :)

    AND to cap it all, I am confined to my house for a week, because the damn Americans who visited me stopped in Melbourne first, the pandemic capital of Australia, and gave me a dose of the swine flu!

  4. Wait, you’re a woman? LOL. Oh my bad, I was typing that thinking you were a guy (always have actually). Unless I’m misunderstanding something…

    Anyway, your name isn’t really gender specific, and don’t mention your avatar because I usually come here during work and the gravatar stuff is all blocked so I just see a bunch of empty boxes, lol. And in case you’re curious, as you can see in my avatar, I am indeed a Terminator… lol :-D

  5. @Ken

    If you were a T-800, I bet you would have no trouble attracting women — except for Sarah Connor, of course. I noticed the same problem with women liking jerks. Fortunately, I finally found an exception and married her. Or, maybe I just became a big enough jerk to attract a wife. Who knows?


    Sorry to hear about the H1N1 … hope you get over it quickly.

    Whatever Transformers 2 is, and whatever the overall quality might be, it’s definitely not a “kid’s movie,” any more than the first one was. “Teen movie,” maybe. Doesn’t matter if it’s based on a toy line … that just makes it more twisted. If I had an eight year-old boy that liked science fiction and/or giant robots screaming to see this, I’d probably be pretty frustrated. He would have to make due with the old television series … or the new one, I guess.

    I admit that I’ll probably end up going to see it, despite my misgivings, due to the lure of photo-realistic giant robots, and the lack of a Battletech / Mechwarrior movie on the horizon …

  6. SpaceCowboy1701 the movies is a touch mature, but I think an 8 year old could survive if he had saw it. I think your over reacting about how mature it is. The only thing it might do is kill some brain cells which would be bad, but lets face it there are no graphic sex scenes and people arn’t throwing around the F word.

    Ken I’m with you. Nice guys finish last. Your more likely to get a woman if you treat her like garbage than if you respect her and treat her as an equal.

  7. @gottarhyme

    Wait, wait, wait… didn’t you give me GRIEF over my negative review of this film? I’m an “inconsistent reviewer,” right? 8)


  8. @ Daniel F

    Over-reacting? Maybe — depends on the kid, in my opinion. Right now, I’ve got a 4-year-old girl and a baby on the way (gender not yet known). She’s pretty sensitive and impressionable … I’d be willing to bet she’ll not be ready for Transformers at age 8 (I doubt she would be interested, anyway). When my wife taught Kindergarten, she had a kid come through there that had seen the Lord of the Rings movies … I was amazed. I could never have made it through those at his age. Ironically, one of the local DJs announced on air today that he had taken his 4- and 6-year-old kids to see it and said that it was “probably a mistake.” Anyway, I guess we’ll see how it goes in a few years when my daughter’s wanting to see crazy stuff in a year or two.

  9. Wow hope that’s DJ’s kid’s brains don’t explode that’s what happens when young people hear fart jokes. At least that’s what I heard.

  10. @ Daniel F

    You got any kids?

  11. I liked the film, it did get a bit long in the end, but still good entertainment. I did not notice the racist twin thing when I saw the movie, but I´m not from america so, they were just goofy robots to be.

    Now the problem I have with the Transformers live action move franchise is the overall story. Let see if I get this right:

    7 robot brothers are out and about the galaxy to find and harvest Energon – the robot life force, one wants to take our sun even do there is life on earth, his 6 brothers can´t beat him(what?) so they commit suecide to hide the matrix key from him. His 6 brothers could not beat him, but he leaves earth and is the fallen one, for some reason.

    The fallen is a wimp, and waits in a chair while he sends out other robots to fight for him, cause he ain´t gonna move until the last prime is dead.

    There are Deceticons on earth looking for the matrix key on earth all along,

    Unrealted to this Megatron comes to earth and gets frozen, he is looking for the cube not the matrix. 100 years later the transformers arrive and it all begins.

    its pretty strange that several Desepticons can search Eath for 1000´s of years – knowing its in the Egypt dessert and not find it.

    Decepticons can shape shift into human form, and they use this to make a hot chick to trick sam, and not to infiltrate the government?

    Why does sam use his cube chard to revive Jetfire and not to revive Optimus?
    Why the -heck- do they not melt down Megatron and the other dead Decepticons.

    Nawh, its silly. based on toy cartoon. but still… Robots are fun!

  12. I was a kid at one point. I had parents who had to make decisions for me. I have friends that have kids and I took care of my niece and a cousin for 2 years of their life. I like to think I did a damn good job for those two years given that the kids still have their heads and they are not sexual deviants because when they were 8 I let them watch a PG 13 movie. I’m a productive member of society and I was allowed to watch R movies when I was only 12.

  13. Except for:
    Megan’s hair and lipstick remaining perfect and her white pant’s spotless in spite of enduring explosions that should have dismembered her,

    More infantile toilet humor, (maybe the Japanese love it!)

    John Turturro’s ‘Jar Jar’ character being toned down and replaced with the ‘Buckwheat’ twins,

    I liked it.

    (The giant balls banging together….now THAT was funny)

  14. @ Daniel F

    Frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to correlate watching R-rated (or PG-13, for that matter) at x age with automatically producing “life problems” of one type or another. That’s not what I’m getting at. I asked you if you had kids or not to find out if this was a purely theoretical issue for you, since it’s on the verge of being a practical concern for me.

    I already conceded in my first reply to you that it would really depend on the kid … but I think you and I will just have to agree to disagree on Transformers 2 being classified as a “kid’s movie” (implying little kids), as I don’t think the “fart jokes” are the real issue with that movie.

  15. Well in my opinio i loved the movie and i AM from America. I really didnt notice all the sexual stuff in the movie and i thought the robots beatin the heck out of each other was really entertaining sure it wasnt perfect but it still was one of my favorite movies of the summer

  16. I enjoyed the film, I know exactly what Im getting from a michael bay film…

    if you let a hardcore G1 fan make this movie, you’d get a film that 50 maybe 60 people might actually enjoy…the other 96 percent of the movie viewing public would just go see ‘The Hangover’ again

  17. doesn’t matter if anyone liked the movie or not because $400 million worldwide in a week is amazing. wow! paramount, hasbro, spielberg and bay don’t give a flying f about the critics right now.

  18. 2 OUT OF 5! thats generous

  19. @spacecowboy
    Why? Because I’ll have detailed files on human anatomy?? LOL

    What can I say, Vic’s a very generous guy. ;-)

  20. @Vic…

    I just saw your comment to me on page 11 about me calling you ‘an inconsistent reviewer’.

    I didn’t call you anything…you must have me confused with some other poster!

    @ken J…Yes, I am a woman, but don’t let that stop you! I agree with what you say about SOME women.

    However, I have good looks and a brain and can use both equally well if the need arises! ;)

  21. Vic is usually extremely generous with most of his reviews. The worse a movie is the more generous he is and for the really great movies he seems to be a bit more critical to avoid giving out 5 stars.

  22. @Daniel F

    Very perceptive, bud – I *do* tend to do that. I think as you get to either end of the spectrum the criteria get tighter. Kind of like the Richter scale. :)


  23. This movie is the worst movie of the year, I loved the first one thought it was great, but this one?? OMG terrible. I should of remembered the micheal bay formula
    he does 2 good and 3 crappy 2 good 3 crappy.
    in case you are wondering about that
    bad boys and the rock good
    armageddon, pearl harbor and bad boys 2 terrible
    island and transformers good
    transformers 2 terrible

  24. well transformers 2 was good very good well from seen the comment s on the review s i grew up watching transformers since i was 10 always were my favorite cartoon some people will trash the movie maybe cuz they have no life other than judgin others work i guess thats why they review they couldnt make it in show business to bad maybe if they make a barbie movie they give it thumbs up i guess thats why in 5 day yes 5 days they made 200 mil atleast someone took the role of transformers 20 year later after the cartoon came out so thanks mr bay for bring the transformers to big screen

  25. yes its a kids movie so wat were u doing their huh ? know that it might be something that u might not enjoy remember still a kids movie the cartoon was for kids and the generation growing on watching those bad boy robots it was meant for them really i think u must have been watching mr rodgers or something or maybe i love u u love me oops i mean barney maybe if they make a movie on that theme u will give it a perfect 10

  26. marcos are you all there in the head? Just a question.

  27. @Daniel F

    Ignore “marcos.” His comment, with its content, lack of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc., speaks volumes enough.


  28. Well, the graphics and the action were very good, but the plot was horrible and the way they pieced the movie together was terribly boring. It felt like a three hour movie or longer. Afterward I thought about it and it seems like they shot a bunch of scenes that they just made up on the spot and then tried to edit it into a movie, like they weren’t sure what it was they were shooting but played on the graphics to make the movie what it was. I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5, because I thought it was actually funnier than the last movie, but like I said the movie didn’t feel like it had any flow to it and was done horribly. The first one didn’t have much good comedy IMO, but the plot made sense and it had a decent flow to it at least. I’d say the only thing that was consistent with the first movie, whether that meant it was still good or still bad was Fox’s hotness, which is obviously still amazingly great because she is so hot!

    I think I gave the first one a 3 out of 5 or a 3.5 out of 5, so giving this one a 2.5 out of 5 is obviously making it worse. Yeah the action and graphics and the hot girls were great, but the choppy storyline with a confusing direction and a few WTF moments(like robot heaven?) made it a tad worse. Like I said, the only thing that was better than the first was the comedy IMO, which saved this from getting a 2 out of 5.

    Also this seemed like it should have been rated R at some points…..well more than some I guess. I just watched Public Enemies and this movie seemed more rated R than that movie did, so that’s saying something. Although that’s just IMO. :D

  29. lol vic can slam a movie in his review but cant handle having his review slammed…just sad