Dreamworks/Paramount has announced a release date for Transformers 3 exactly two years from now, while the momentum of the franchise is still strong.  However, Michael Bay has expressed his desire to work on a smaller project before taking on another Transformers-caliber movie, and it’s not like he needs the money. Slash Film reports Bay’s take at 8% from toy sales, and another “good percentage on the back end (enough to make Bay $80 million on the first film, and the sequel is on track to make at least 50% more than the original)”.

In addition to Bay’s hesitation to cross that line at this time, the writers behind the Transformers 2 script, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, are weighing their options as well.  Not only are they working on Cowboys and Aliens,  they’re also staring down a Christmas deadline for a Star Trek 2 draft.  And their public disinterest in continuing with the Transformers franchise is no surprise, really, as they could potentially be the scapegoats for the lambasting that the new movie is receiving from critics.

The future of a Transformers trilogy (at least with the current cast and crew) seems up in the air at the moment. But if Paramount/Dreamworks can look past the critical massacre that Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen has $urvived, and convince Bay to hop back on board, 14-year old boys and their fathers everywhere may just get their wish.



Just cuz I like ya, here’s a piece of Revenge of The Fallen-inspired modern art, courtesy of Dan Meth:

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