New Transformers 2 Posters & Info

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Today we have some new character posters for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as well as some tidbits of information from one of the writers, Alex Kurtzman, who discussed the movie in an interview with the LA Times.

The posters are colorful and not that great. Most shots of the characters featured in the promotional items have been seen before and they don’t appear in very high quality. They’d make great posters for kids who are fans of the movies though.

Check them out and see what you think:

optimus prime and bumblebee New Transformers 2 Posters & Info

optimus prime New Transformers 2 Posters & Info

bumblebee transformers 2 New Transformers 2 Posters & Info

autobots and decepticons New Transformers 2 Posters & Info

optimus and bumblebee New Transformers 2 Posters & Info

The character renders look like they’re from the video game tie-in as opposed to the movie. I like the actual star in Starscream’s name logo, very creative.

In other news, Alex Kurtzman discussed the sequel with LA Times and started by talking about the main character, Sam, moving into the next stage of life and the challenges that accompany that.

“The first movie was about a boy and his car and finding his adulthood and freedom. Now Sam [Shia LaBeouf] is going to college and facing both leaving home and the challenge of a long-distance relationship with Mikaela [Megan Fox],”

That’s not what we care about. Fortunately he quickly moved on to the important stuff:

“It’s about the return of the Decepticons and particularly a character named ‘The Fallen’ who has a deeper history with Earth than any of the Autobots knew about. He blames humanity for his fall, so he has come back to exact revenge”

Well, that certainly sums up where the title of the film came from. In the interview, they also discussed the fan-favorite character of Soundwave and asked whether or not he’ll turn into the classic microcassette recorder or turn into some vehicle like the other bots. Kurtzman responded by saying he doesn’t transform into either and that he couldn’t reveal anymore. In closing, Kurtzman said this:

“It’s going to be the mother of all robot-on-robot violence”

That’s good news.

What do you think of the posters and what Kurtzman had to say?

If you haven’t seen the cool new Transformers 2 trailer that was attached to X-Men Origins: Wolverine this weekend, definitely check that out too.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24 2009.

Sources: GB eye, IESB, Los Angeles Times

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  1. the humor might be aimed who knows where… but those posters up there are surely for kids… and hopefully i don’t see any one of those at the theater. Cause those do suck… they remind me of pokemon and things like that… ugh… horrible. In my opinion that is…

  2. We better see Soundwave at some point. please please please

  3. Oh well…
    At least we can still hope that John Turturo’s character gets blown up relitively early in the film…

  4. probably the best scene of this film is gonna be seeing the construticons form devastaor

  5. I can say those posters are so disappointing!
    You’re right, they look like kids posters. What’s Bay thinking? I thought this film was suppose to be ‘darker’ because so far the first movies posters seem to represent that better.

    I hope the film is going to be better then these crappy posters.

  6. Yeah this makes me think they are trying to make the movie more for kids and not just for the the people who appreciate action. Cause if more kids come then that’s more money, and who’s going to pass on a movie with this kind of action, really? I’m hopeful but cautious about this movie, so here’s me being optimistic and hoping that the pro’s far outweigh the cons. I think the third Transformers actually has a chance to be better when these two writers are at the helm anymore, but lets keep the focus on number two.

  7. The posters look like they took the toys, posed them and took the picture. NOT impressed at all.

  8. “I’m so disappointed.” “I’m not impressed at all.”
    Are you guys serious? These posters have the toys on them. Are toys supposed to look like the movie characters? no, get over it.

  9. I was laughing more about Kurtzman discussing how the story is about a boy turning into a man.
    Lol, its like a Michael Bay after school special.

    I have to stare at these robots for at least a minute or two just to figure out what the hell I’m looking at. Looks like a metal rorschach test…

  10. and still no soundwave info
    of pics.

  11. For those who haven’t figured it out yet:

    Transformers is (and always has been) for kids. Stop bitching. The humor level is teenage level and is aimed at that demographic (not wink wink humor for adults like in a Pixar film).

    If the studio chases off the older, sci-fi, “sophisticated” action-movie crowd–so the F what? There are still plenty of teens and kids who are going to not only go to see the movie (repeatedly) but who will also by all the merchandising (Transformers is a thinly disguised vehicle (no pun) for selling toys after all).

    However, if the studio were to go with a more adult approach to the films, and lost part of their younger audience, not only would they lose at the box office, but at the toy store as well.

    So hmmmm, which crowd do you think they’re more inclined to cater to. Let’s guess…

    (I’m not defending it, but this is the reality, so either people can enjoy the film for what it is (not saying the films can’t be improved in certain ways), but should probably stop wishing that it is something it’s never going to be. It’s just going to frustrate you.)

  12. i really like that picture of starscream and ironhide out of all of them

  13. i think the title is refering to both the character “the fallen” and megatron getting his revenge as well.

    ps: guys could we PLEASE avoid the whole “humor” issue,come on the previous 3 threads about this film has been about it.

    no i did not like, but there is MORE to this film than the bad humor, hell im even embarrassed that i even got into those discussions.

  14. Kofi Outlaw – I think that’s probably a good point. I am older than I care to acknowledge here, but still enjoy my fair share of sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

    I didn’t know very much about the Transformers going into the first movie, and even though a few of my under-30 coworkers were obviously “into” Transformers, I had kind of assumed it was sort of kid-oriented. Having said that, the trailers looked action packed, and I saw the first movie anyway.

    It was basically as I expected, lots of sh*t being blown up, and large robots pummeling each other. I enjoyed it on that basis, aided by popcorn and a beverage, and I’ll probably go to this one with the same sort of expectations.

  15. Those posters are some of the ugliest stuff i’ve ever laid eyes on.
    Why can’t they make a descent dramatic poster that actually would apealt one to se the movie?

  16. I don’t think that these are the movie posters. I think these are promotional items for toy stores and other stores with toy departments. The solo posters of Prime and Bee have stats on them. I would expect to also see these posters in the poster rack at your local walmart, u know the one that is loaded with Jonas brothers, hannah montana, and high school musical.

  17. Who are Mudflap and Skids anyway? I don’t remember them but I stopped following the show back in ‘88 or so.

    I think they should have an online poll for the next movie and let fans vote on who the next new Transformer should be to grace the big screen. My vote would be for Omega Supreme. Please tell me you people remember him.

  18. Omega Supreme was ace i remember him. Michael Bay should have included him just for some fairness in the size difference between the Autobots and Decepticons! If i was to pick a favourite that hasent been included it has to be Ultra Magnus Another gripe is why did Bay make Megatron so bad ass and make Prime out to be pussy? Prime nailed him in the original cartoon movie if it hadnt been for Hot Rod he wouldnt have had a shot at him!

    But thankfully the new trailer has Prime kicking ass! Please dont let Prime die again i couldnt go through that again!

  19. @ matt

    You are 100%, correct. They are definitely the type of posters you find in those bins at Walmart.

    @ Walwus

    Mudflap and Skids are “The Twins”, two idiotic brothers who also happen to be Michael Bay’s favorite characters in the movie. I think he created them himself during the writers strike.

  20. Shouldn’t Twins look alike?

    Speaking of “twins” what was the name of that cartoon show where there were two robots, boy and girl, and the boy’s robot would fire his fists as projectiles and teh girl’s robot would fire missiles from her chest “Boobie Missile 1 and Boobie Missile 2″

    Please tell me someone else remembers that show.

  21. The decepticons are only bad guys because The Fallen
    corrupted Megatron’s mind which caused all Transformers
    to initiate a war between themselves. Megatron want’s
    to become a Prime in the movie because The Fallen promises
    him to,Jetfire tells Sam that only a Prime can defeat
    The Fallen. Optimus Prime is a descendent of one of the
    first 13 Transformers created,The Fallen wants to destroy
    the sun with a machine known as the sun crusher. However,
    the Matrix of leadership is required to get it to work.
    The energy of the sun is actually…ENERGON. The Matrix
    of leadership is in black sand form when certain things
    doesn’t happen that make’s it work and show it’s true form(as a dagger). In regards to how it is suppose to change,
    when dawn aligns the the dagger’s tip,three kings will lead the way.

    There’s some news,as for those pics they are fine even though
    they aren’t new.