Transformers 2: Meet Wheelie & Soundwave

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transformers 2 the fallen face Transformers 2: Meet Wheelie & Soundwave

As of today, we are less than two weeks away from the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and as a result, we’re starting to see the final wave of marketing for the movie.

The film premiered in Tokyo, Japan the other day and final touches are being done for the film to make it ready for the opening (or as ready as possible in their overly rushed schedule)

Over the months, we’ve been able to provide quite a bit of information on the 42 Cybertronian characters to be featured in the Transformers sequel, and more recently we’ve started seeing some images pop up online revealing some of the newer characters who we knew about but hadn’t seen much of including Sideways and The Fallen.

Today, we have an image of what Soundwave will look like in the film in one of is alternate modes as well as a scene from the movie introducing us to the small character of Wheelie.

To start, here’s the Satellite version of Soundwave:

transformers 2 soundwave alternate mode satellite Transformers 2: Meet Wheelie & Soundwave

The colors do a good job of paying tribute to the original version but I don’t understand this alternate mode just yet. I’ll wait till the movie opens to see how this character will play out as he’s one of the fan favorites from the original.

Next up, here’s Wheelie!

Wow, do I ever hate the look of the character. Frenzy was probably the worst part of the first Transformers movie (second only to Agent Simmons played by John Turturro) and he (it) did not fit with the other characters in the film. The sounds that came from him didn’t make much sense and when he was walking around in plain site on Air Force One, it drove me nuts.

So, what do they do? Give us another character just like him! As soon as this video showed him moving around, I was depressed but then I was actually pleasantly surprised when he started talking (ignoring how he stupidly gets caught in a mouse trap). His attitude and voice reminds me of Rattrap (mouse trap, rat trap… get it?) from the Beast Wars series and he called Megan Fox a B-word which was funny.

Sadly, Wheelie’s dialogue was better than Mikaela’s which made no sense and the CGI when she picks him up with the clamp looked weak.

On a side note, this whole plot point about Sam seeing things and going crazy from touching the shard is not interesting to me and I hope it’s short-lived within the film.

What do you think of Wheelie and Soundwave?

For more TF2 info, check out our Transformers 2 Character Guide. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009 and I’ll be there.

Source: Transformers Live Action Movie Blog (The Soundwave pic I edited from their images)

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  1. God, i want to see this movie!!!

  2. Great, can’t wait to hear what people have to say about Wheelie. Let’s hear it, c’mon.

  3. btw, they released like 7 new tv spots on Michael Bay’s website if anyone is interested in seeing some new footage. Some nice shots of Prime and a few others.

  4. @ The Voice of Reason,

    Thanks for the heads up!

    We have five TV spots from earlier

    And today, we’ll have the two newest spots up focusing in on Optimus!

  5. @rob
    That link has videos from a couple weeks ago. There are 7 or so brand new tv spots on bays site. Mix of old footage and some new.

    Btw, soundwave is sweet!

  6. Oh and rob – soundwave was the decepticon who reported everything to megatron so that must be the reason they made him a satellite as an alt mode. He’s the info guru.

  7. @ The Voice of Reason

    Ya, I figure he’s the communications dude like you say and that plays into it.

    A lot of those trailers on the Bay site we’ve seen before and reported on though – Only a few are new.

    For everyone, here are two new TV spots:

  8. Well, I didn’t mind Frenzy from the first movie.

    This one looks kind of a hack of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit, though…

  9. LOL that scene w/ Wall e….I mean Whealie was kind of funny.

  10. i hope they Keep SoundWave’s Voice the same as the Original, to me that & his optimus-esque Facial features is what made him so Bad @$$ in the CArtoon.

  11. Wow, I just got home and watched the clip of wheelie and it was soo dumb… Wow, I hope the rest of the movie will be better, if not, even if it’s a rental it might not be worth it…

  12. Don’t worry Brodie Bruce. It’s been confirmed that Soundwave will have the same voice as he did from the 80′s animated series. Im not sure, but i think they mentioned the one thing about Soundwave is that he wont eject his cassette minions like Ravage. As much as i like Devastator, i hope in the 3rd film we will see my all tiem favorites, the Dinobots aswell as the Stunticons that combine to form Menasor. Does anyone know if the Aerialbots will be in the film?

  13. We may see dinobots in the third movie. There’s an interview from the writers about it.

    Wheelie kind of reminds me of Ken.

  14. *********************Spoilers ****************


    Soundwave doesn’t have the same voice as the original cartoon but has the same Voice Actor

    Soundwave is never shown in robot form and only has a few lines of dialogue.

    source London movie premiere reviews

  15. lol that was funny as hell he called her a b**** not being a whole blowout but wheelie is a good guy i was target and there it was wheelie was a autobot and i love this guy but his voice isnt like starscreams or what not its just not robobt enough but i love him

  16. Who called who a b****? Does anyone know if it looked like Megatron has some rust on him in the trailer? plus, did anyone besides me liked cliffjumper in the animated series? i liked him cause he was hothead,lol. it would be great if Casey Kasem voiced him in the future. I heard Hotrod, Hound, Ultra-Magnus will be in the film. they mentioned that the car in the trailer sam is falling out of is Wheeljack.

  17. @chris j
    Does look like megatron has some rust on him.

    Cliffjumper was cool but don’t think well see him in the third movie.

    All those characters you mentioned, I don’t think any of them are in the movie unfortunately.

  18. @ Voice of Reason

    Is the Autobots and Decepticons supposed to fight The Fallen?
    One other thing is that i read was Bay mentioned that around 40 robots will be featured in the film.

  19. chrisj,

    From what I’ve seen in the trailers it looks almost as if the decepticons will be taking orders from “The Fallen” after “he” is brought back.

  20. @chris j
    Like matt said the fallen orders around the deceptipunks supposedly but I have a feeling there will be some fighting amongst the decepticons in this movie.
    Bay said there are about 42 different bots in this movie but about 20 of them go unnamed and are just there for the battles.

  21. @ Voice of Reason

    That sucks but i guess it would probly need to be a longer movie to introduce them all properly. I cant wait to buy the complete first season of Transformers tomarrow, i wonder what special features there are. One question i have is Jetfire from the live action film, and Skyfire from the animated series the same robot? Cause in the first season Skyfire was a Decepticon but join the Autobots. One more thing is doe anyone know if Leonard Nimoy, is that his last name? gonna be the voice of The Fallen?

  22. @Chris J

    yeah, I believe Jetfire is Skyfire from the animated series. Pretty sure because if you look at a close up of Jetfire in some of the pics his decepticon symbol is scratched with claws or something like he no longer sides with them.

    check it out here:

  23. I believe Jetfire becomes an autobot and combines w/ Opitimus in the film….at least thats what I have heard.

  24. huevo ,eggs

  25. @ voice of reason

    How many stars did you give this movie? im think of giving it 4 or 3 stars. Wasnt as all hyped up as people made it sound it to be.

  26. Soundwave has a small role in the film, but it’s less is more really works in my opinion. You don’t see him in the jet mode, but that’s probably to get him to and from cybertron or to make the toy more interesting than just a satalite.

    Wheelie grew on me actually, but he seems to vanish at the end of the film. I wish I got to know more of the autobots, but lots of Megatron/Starscream back and forth. I HATED the twins terrible…blah puke but I just ignored them. Soundwave’s voice = the original voice minus the digital treatment. Sounds like Dr Claw (same voice actor as original Claw/Soundwave)…but still a great voice in the movie.

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the flick!

  27. @Mark
    I agree with ya mark. i knew he had a small role but (LOL) his voice did sound like Dr.Claw,lol,i didnt care much for the Twins etheir. The minute Megatron returned met up with Starscream brought back memories of the cartoon. Wheelie was pretty cool. After seeing Devastator, i think id rather see the Stunticons appear and combine. Ravage was cool, but i couldnt hear the same recordings from the animated series he made. Wish i can say whatelse bothered me but it would be giving away too much., Id say we better give Michael Bay the 3 years he needs to make the next film better.

  28. @ chris j

    2 out of 5 for non transfans

    4 out of 5 for fans of the franchise. Action was sweet and the robots were sick! Especially fallen, sideswipe, ravage and prime!

  29. @ Voice of Reason

    Id say ill give the film 3 1/2 stars. Maybe close to 4 stars.
    i thought it had little too much humor in it, especially stupid funny gags. one was Devastator having two balls. I thought the twins were annoying funny. But it still is a pretty good sequel. Almost looked like they wanted to make it the same way as the 80′s animated movie. i just hope we’ll see the Dinobots.