Well there you have the Transformers 2 LA premiere and press conference(s). I know it was a lot but I’m sure you Transformers fans out there didn’t mind!

I just want to say that I’ve already seen Transformers 2 (you can check out my review here), since I live in the UK and for some reason it was released there days before the US. I enjoyed it – the action was improved this time around (with us actually being able to see what was going on unlike in the last movie) and the visual effects are still outstanding. However some of the first movie’s problems remain (some even being even more of a problem this time): too much human stuff, too much of the out-of-place humor, too long and there are at least two robot characters that made me want to pull my hair out repeatedly (to name but a few of the issues I had it with).

Screen Rant head honcho Vic will have his review of Transformers 2 up tomorrow.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits US theaters on Wednesday June 24th (TOMORROW).

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