Gibson also talked about how he and the other military guys’ roles were much more serious this time around, saying that he loved doing the funny stuff but he enjoyed doing the serious stuff, too. He said an explosion in the film was the biggest practical explosion with actors, with Bay weighing in that it’s a, “world record.”

You don’t have to have seen Transformers 2 to know about the twin robot characters that everybody is calling the Jar-Jar Binks of the movie. That’s never a good thing to hear, particularly about a mega blockbuster like this. Bay revealed that he wanted to have younger Transformers (presumably also to make the kids laugh), and that the characters were built in layers, bit by bit i.e. record dialogue, do some animation, record more dialogue, do some more animation and so forth.

It appears that the guys playing the military weren’t the only ones who’s experience helped them out. Fox says having done the last movie, amongst the easiest scenes to shoot were those which involved the Transformers because they’re not really there when filming and all you have to do is imagine them.

Other information revealed about Transformers 2:

  • Bay didn’t shoot the Shanghai section in the real Shanghai because of budget constraints – it was either Egypt or Shanghai and he says pyramids are too expensive to recreate digitally, so they went with actually filming in Egypt.
  • Bay included the name-check of President Barrack Obama instead of just a fictional President apparently because he met him in an airport once.
  • Bay doesn’t like using stock footage.
  • Bay convinced Dunn to do a stunt sequence in which he was injured, which was the shot that was used in the final cut (Bay kept insisting).
  • Fox feels that the franchise has opened up a lot of doors for her that wouldn’t have been opened otherwise.

And finally, photos from the L.A. red carpet premiere are on the following few pages…

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