Transformers 2: Cool New Images & A Dumb Rumor

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We are less than a week away from the premiere of one of the most anticipated films of the year, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

In preparation for the grand opening, we’ve seen an astonishing amount of marketing materials popping up everywhere. Today, several sites are posting some new images for the movie so we’ve chosen some of the best ones for you to see.

But first, let’s talk about a strange rumor…

You may have heard the ridiculous rumor that Michael Bay would not be doing Transformers 3. For some reason, a lot of sites were jumping all over this with no justification. We’ve known for months that Bay wanted time off after this to make a small movie, which we wrote about a while ago, then he’d likely get back to the robot franchise afterwards. For that reason, we didn’t jump on the rumor but so many others did that it got a little out of hand and the explosive director quickly addressed it personally.

In response to the idiocy, Bay said this on his forums:


Love press how they spin. Never said it – just wanted a vacation is more to the point. And no I don’t read the good or the bad reviews.”

Do we really think that five days before the big premiere, he’d quit the franchise? This will probably be the biggest money maker of the summer, if not, the entire year. Bay also gets a strong royalty on all Transformers movie toys sold as well.

Now, to the good stuff. Check these images out and see what you think:

transformers 2 the twins mudflap skids Transformers 2: Cool New Images & A Dumb Rumor
Michael Bay’s favorite characters: The twins Mudflap and Skids

transformers 2 starscream and megatron fighting for leadership of decepticons Transformers 2: Cool New Images & A Dumb Rumor
Starscream and Megatron fight for leadership of the Decepticons

Continue through the pages for more close-ups of these images and other new pics…

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  1. He probably should read reviews, maybe the criticism could improve his directing, but I guess not everyone can take criticism well… Critism is helpful as long as it’s constructive. Mud slinging is just entertaining but you don’t learn anything from it.

    I’ll continue to sling mud at Bay, he won’t read it anyhow so no harm done. ;-)

  2. YESSS!!!!….We get to see Megatron and Starscream fight in this one.

  3. I’m pumped

  4. Them fighting will probably do more to help the autobot’s cause than anything else, lol. Probably shouldn’t have revealed that, could have been a cool plot twist.

  5. Ugh. Mudflap and Skids are so damned ugly.
    And hearing Michael Bay was going to quit Transformers really made my day….

  6. @Xigbar, unless the person replacing him ended up being worse, lol. Michael Bay isn’t the best character director, but he’s halfway decent at action stuff. Some directors can’t do either…

  7. At this point I’d rather risk getting a worse director than more Michael Bay crap.

  8. Yeah, I wondered why everybody jumped on this too.
    I am actually looking forward to Bays smaller film.
    Its not like he doesnt have time to take a break.
    Good Article Rob.
    Nice pics too.

  9. That rumour seemed a little far fetched. Bay didn’t strike me as the type to read reviews (not a slight on him… well okay, a little bit, but the fact is, if Bay was making his movies for the critics, he’d be making very different movies), and as you say, he’d always said he’d want to take time off from big robots since he’s been on Transformers for the better part of 4 years now.

    That said, the idea of a new director for the franchise isn’t a bad one, gives it a fresh look. Think of Alfonso Cuarón for the Harry Potter franchise, the movies got progressively better since his contribution. I mean Bay didn’t even want to do the Transformers movies until someone flew him to japan to see what it was all about (which should say a lot, Bay really does seem like the kind of person who would jump on a project where fast moving vehicles turn into giant f****** robots… seems right up his alley), which in a lot of ways is a good thing because if they’d got a director with a real passion for the source material, we might end up with something like Watchmen (which I loved, but it was none-too-accessible for those who hadn’t read the graphic novel). But still, a new director with a little more respect for the material might be able to do something interesting with it.

  10. Ken J,
    Airwolf was a pretty good show.
    It starred Jan Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine.
    I have been waiting for hollywood to announce the remake.

  11. arrgh wrong thread .

  12. the rumor has already been shot down by Bay himself on his website. he said he just needs a break from it.

  13. Yeah, I got excited by a Bayless Transformers third movie, but maybe not then. Although, as Ken says, I doubt they’d go out and hire a top director.

  14. Guys,

    Some of you probably won’t believe me because you’ll see I’m biased against Transformers, but I am NOT hearing good things about the movie from the premiere last night in LA.

    Here’s what someone said who gave the first one 7.5/10 and LIKED the humor in it:

    “TRANSFORMERS is a disaster. A tedious, grueling disaster.”

    Just FYI.


  15. Oh, I thought the title said Some Cool Images and Dumb Humor, at which point I said DUH! :-D

    I’ve been reading some reviews as well and they are not good. Of course, it will still make a ton of money; may even be the biggest money-maker this year.

  16. John Campea made a post on his site saying that the twins are the new “Jar Jar”….which is worse b/c now we got two times that.

  17. “TRANSFORMERS is a disaster. A tedious, grueling disaster.”
    who would of guessed

    Awwww ……That’s a shame.


  18. How many of you are tired of seeing remakes and sequels? Where is the originality? A couple of movie theatre employees made a parody music video about their disgust for remakes called “The Real Psycho Transformer”

  19. Okay, so I just saw the movie and yes, the twins were a bad joke taken too far (Jar Jar? Possibly…), but overall the film wasn’t as much of a disaster as people are saying (or at least I didn’t think so).

    I mean, it had a lot of robots fighting… that’s pretty much all I went for really. A lot of the logic was kind of…yeah… even the military stuff, which Bay is generally good at had a couple of problems I could see. John Tuturo wasn’t as annoying as he was last time… oh no wait, he was more annoying than last time, and he was in more of the film as well.

    And SOME of the humour was kinda funny… some… a lot of it not so much (oh, and to those who hated the inappropriate masturbation humour in the first film… yeah don’t go see this film).

    Not the greatest movie in the world, not the best summer actioner this year, but there are worse things you could do with your time. Like I say, I enjoyed myself and judging from the audiences reaction, they seemed to like it too.

    To those who say it’s bad… well watch the first movie and then tell me exactly what you were expecting here? I got exactly what I expected, nothing more, nothing less, and that’s why I was able to enjoyed myself.

  20. Joshi,

    Is it true that the twins come off as racist?

  21. Who knows… amongst all the swearing and sexual innuendos, there’s every possibility that happened and I just missed it.

    I suppose if one wanted to, one could apply an ethnicity to them because of their voices and colloquialisms, but… well, they’re robots. They come from the planet Cybertron. If one wants to apply negative racial connotations to them simply because they’re really really annoying and just so happen to have the voices and colloquialisms associated with a certain type of ethnicity so that they can be offended then they can go right ahead, but hey, I’m a minority myself and I generally only see racism when it’s obvious.

    Remember, these are generally the same people who feel that Disney’s upcoming The Princess and the Frog is racist because she’s black and turns into a frog…

  22. Michael Bay is a good director but he is by far the best…there are so many other people that coudl do this movie and he knows it which is why he WILL def do the next one WHEN the studio wanst him to.
    Personally, I liked Transformers but it was not THAT good. Its a kids movie when you boil down to the point and it offers lots of great action sequences, an overload of cool cgi, a drop dead gorgeous woman, and a fast paced storytelling which is evevrything you really could want from a blockbuster I do agree. But when break teh movie down as a whole and look at all teh essential components of what go into a movie it really is lacking and I think taht is a result of Michael Bay. Look at his previous movies like the Rock, Pearl Harbor, or Armagedeon…ALL movies that move way too fast and do not develop chracter chemistry.
    The main thing that I dont buy is Lebeouf and Fox’s onscreen chemistry…they really didnt do it for me and tahts because instead developing some substance to tehir relationship Bay decided to blow some stuff up with gigantic robots…
    I can name a handful of directors taht could do a better job….
    Like I said Transformers was GOOD not GREAT…and I know Bay will come back for a third but if he doesnt and tehy get their hands on a better director (Abrams, Raimi to name a few) I think that we will have a GREAT 3rd movie

  23. Did anyone else notice that in the first picture w/ the twins, the one on the left has a feakin gold tooth… some wannabe rapper.

  24. Skids and Mudflap look like robotic Picasso mutations.

  25. This movie looks sweet, I believe the relationship in the first one was a little shallow due to the fact that the movie is about giant robots and the fact that Megan Fox, while extremely attractive, is a pretty weak (not horrible) actress. Hopefully she will have learned and matured and bring more life to her character in this one. The fight between starscream and megatron promises to be epic Michael Bay quality!

  26. Oh great, I hope Vic doesn’t review this with his obvious biased view on the subject. I really don’t hope it’s as bad as you anticipate.

  27. @Fenix

    You are under NO obligation to read my review. Call me biased if you like, but I judge films on their own merits. Somewhere around here I posted a comment from another well-known online movie reviewer who gave the first one 7.5/10 and thought that this one was pretty awful.


  28. I will end up reading it for entertainment purposes but I still have high hopes for this even if I’m the only one. Hopefully my dreams won’t be shattered but I have a feeling they might because usually your sources are pretty reliable. I guess all I can do now is wait…

  29. i loved that movie and magatron is awesome