However, there is only one thing that Paramount has learned about Transformers 2: people f-ing LOVE giant robots kicking the crap out of one another.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen earned a record-breaking $60.6 million domestically on its opening day, shattering the former record ($44.2 million) for a Wednesday domestic opening, earned by Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix in 2007. Transformers 2 earned $16 million from midnight showings (best ever for a Wednesday),  and has a good chance of breaking the second-place $152.4 million record for a five-day opening, previously held by Spider-Man 2. Revenge of The Fallen is also CLEANING UP overseas.



Of course sequel talk already! Didn’t you hear? Revenge of the Fallen earned $60 mil in one day, and it’s looking like Paramount will rake in a lot more than that before people snap out of it and realize that the movie isn’t that good (just very pretty to look at).

Well, Comic Book Movie is claiming that they’ve heard talk that Transformers 3 WILL happen (don’t need a psychic for that); that the film will be “darker than the first two”; that Bay and star Shia LaBeouf will be back and that the next installment would be “more of an intergalatic thing.”

Let’s just point out that NONE of that is sourced by Comic Book Movie and as of now there’s no official word to confirm it. Plan on another Transformers, yes, but until all the controversy clears up and all the money is counted, I wouldn’t automatically assume that either Bay, LaBeouf or even the franchise’s complementary eye-candy (Megan Fox) are going to go through all the trouble, all over again. (But really, who are we kidding? Once the money gets counted…)

Mudflap and Skids have yet to comment on whether or not they would return for Transfomers 3.

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is now in theaters and IMAX.

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