Transformers 2 Concept Art Collection

Published 6 years ago by , Updated August 6th, 2012 at 5:07 pm,

A large gallery of high quality concept images for many of the Transformers characters featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been made available online and we picked out a few of them to show you.

The gallery of images includes new shots of many of the characters we’ve already seen and we also get a closer look at Megatron in addition to our first real look at Sideswipe in action.

Some of these may look similar to images we’ve seen before from other concept art and images we found on the official Revenge of the Fallen video game website, but most of them are new.

Check them out and see what you think:

transformers 2 autobot sideswipe Transformers 2 Concept Art Collection
Sideswipe shows off his roller feet and arm blades

transformers 2 sideswipe Transformers 2 Concept Art Collection
The new Autobot Sideswipe rolls into action

transformers 2 devastator3 Transformers 2 Concept Art Collection
The massive Devastator ready to devastate

transformers 2 ironhide Transformers 2 Concept Art Collection
Ironhide flexing his big guns

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  1. Mmm, Sideswipe’s wheeled feet looks quite silly. Add the arm blades and he looks grotesque.

  2. so Fallen is a character! interesting.

  3. Yes the roller feet do look a bit silly, but Im sure it will look fantastic once it’s on screen. THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE GREAT.

  4. If you look at the hands of Megatron in the picture, they look like whatever is pinning down shia labouf in a scene of the trailer. Maybe that’s megatron?

  5. I actually like the look of sideswipe. My only hope is that he has a regular foot mode.

  6. We know that the robots will look awesome on screen; but what about the acting? The story is about this Fallen guy, so we have a plot, but with the debacle in acting of the first, I’m concerned. I’m sure the action will be great, and this is why I will see it, but is it asking too much to have some decent acting also.

  7. @John Taylor

    Don’t forget the script. I don’t understand how this sequel has so much hype. The first one is an horrible movie. Excellent FX but that’s all.

  8. love the pictures, but devastator seems a little rediculous in his

  9. I enjoyed the first film immensely for what it was. I don’t think it’s great by any stretch, but I own it because it is amusing to me. I’m not expecting “great” from the sequel, but I know I’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

  10. What was particularly horrible about the first one? I’ll give you corny jokes for the acting bit, but with the exception of Special Effects I don’t think anyone expected anything Oscar worthy. There is definitely worse scripting and acting, in particular from a film being released today to the masses.

  11. It looks like the Fallen is some sort of Insecticon.

  12. @ Mark

    It appears that the wheels are his regular foot mode from the concept art/model. The one Constructicon (can’t remember name off hand) from the first film also used wheels for feet when Transformed. It appears he will relies on speed mostly so the wheel feet are a good match.

  13. Sideswipe looks like he’s on roller blades. Devastator has the anatomy of a Silverback Gorilla. Other than those 2 “critiques”, I think the pics look great. I’m highly anticipating this movie. Was a huge fan of the first one, so this movie can do no wrong in my opinion. I know that some of you think the plot and acting was kinda hokey, but what do you expect in a film about giant robots? Would you like a cast that consisted of Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Forest Whittaker, and the main plot being some super serious drama about robots trying to take over the world? That would be a full on DISASTER. In reading some of the posts on here, It is obvious that some of you (in your attempts to be critiquers) are in fact BAD at it. In a movie about giant robots, you are not going to be able to squeeze out a top notch serious drama script. Some movies NEED a hokey script and hokey acting to end up being credible. So let’s stop all the complaining about the acting in the first movie, and enjoy the upcoming sequel for what it is. There’s pleasure in it for everyone. Shia LaBeouf for all the teen girls, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel for all the ladies, Negan Fox and Isabel Lucas for all the Men, and TONS of OUT OF THIS WORLD top notch special effects for all us cgi hounds.

  14. @ SIN187UM: The difference between Sideswipe here and Bonecrusher in the first film is that Bonecrusher’s wheeled feet looked more stable, as if he could use his ‘toes’ to keep balance. With Sideswipe, it just looks like an impossible balancing act.

    @ The Desolate One: If only we could have such low standards as yours, haha.

  15. @arrell

    Well he is a robot so Im sure he has calculated the factors to keep his balance, which if u look at concept 2 how he has them positioned to keep his balance. Thanks for reminding me the name though. But from what I’ve seen in the trailer Devastator for the most part is pulling a Unicycler act when he is mobile, and that is a lot more metal than Sideswipe.

    I agree with you in the fact that Transformers is not about the acting of people but about the robots. I’d kinda like to see Sam jackson in the movie though saying his trade mark phase LOL. But seriously the acting and script from the first one didn’t bother me aside from the predictable corny jokes and puns.

  16. I heard that Leonard Nimoy is doing the voice for the fallen this movie is going to rock

  17. Complainers will still see it because they know it will rock! Let them b**** if it makes them feel better.
    Those pics are sick!

  18. My guess is that Sideswipe’s feet would alter to a non-wheel mode just like they all have weapons that form from their hands/arms.

    If not, he can just stop the wheels from turning and have rubber feet… lol

  19. @Rob Keyes

    I can see that being possible. Possibly it would detach and go up the side of the leg, or the back?

  20. yeah i think these people complain too much, this movie is gonna be so freakin sweet! also im pretty sure that demolisher isnt the biggest transformer, thers also devastator= constructicons and demolisher is part of him. but yes those pics are sick! all the transformers look great, and i hope that sideswipe has foot mode too. i’d like to also see some pics of jolt or jetfire, or i think its another name. but i also can just wait and see the movie

  21. Holly geez!! That’s nuts!! There are twice as many Decepticons in this movie as there was in the first. The Doctor can transform nits of himself into torture tools? How come no one ever thought of that before?! Look at Ravage! One eye, whip-like tail with blades, and just look at those JAWS!!! Wow, the Fallen is really evil looking! Megatron’s a tank in this one, though, so we’re all gonna miss his swooping high and low to snatch that Allspark from Sam and blowing vehicles, people and other Transformers clean ofgf the ground. Luckily, The Fallen is taking his place as the Cybertronian Jet. I agree with Mark, hopefully Sideswipe has got regular feet at some point. Skids and Mudflap may be idiots, but at least their vehicle modes are fancy Concept Cars. This movie may be the death of Optimus Prime (hope not, I like him). Blackout’s back, but since when’s he got a whip (no complaints here)? If you’ve seen Demolishor, the first thing you’ll think is that he’s unbeatable!! He’s five times bigger than Optimus!! Finally, LOOK AT DEVASTATOR!!!!! Made of six Decepticons, sucks sand (and Mudflap) into his saw-filled mouth (lokk at the preview) and just plain ginormous!!! Can’t wait for the second movie of Transformers!! Can’t wait!!!

  22. Wow looks like this year transformers 2 is going to top at boxoffice with these really awesome robots ,some look aliens ( Ravage and Fallen) but Still its going to be alot fun

  23. I thing Mudflap and Skids are adorable!

  24. CYCLONE is all wrong,
    The fallen isnt a jet he has like jetpacks and can like teleport, the tank is barely in it, sideswipe has those feet the whole time. Mudflap messes up devastator like no ones business for the most part, and demolisher does nothing besides get beat up. And blackout isnt back just a different guy like him. Remember they brought the rain on him in the first one??

  25. Mudflap and Skids!!! Funny Names for the Funny Characters they are. though i do agree they could cuss less in the movie

  26. tyson got it all right i reckon that we should have seen megatrons tank alot more but wasnt devastator in the first movie as a tank wats up with that but overall the movie is wicked

  27. itz d bst out f d bst!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. las fotos estan muy buenas deverian poner mas imagenes de la pelicula

  29. THIS MOVIE SUCKEd!!! well not entirely but it wasnt as good as the first, lets see jetfire was suppose to be waay cooler and not some lame old guy. and sideswipe should have been in more action scenes! optimus was cool though but the lame humor was tearing me down! all in all it was a decent movie, definatly not the best, not even in the top 50. and i might skip the third one.