A large gallery of high quality concept images for many of the Transformers characters featured in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been made available online and we picked out a few of them to show you.

The gallery of images includes new shots of many of the characters we’ve already seen and we also get a closer look at Megatron in addition to our first real look at Sideswipe in action.

Some of these may look similar to images we’ve seen before from other concept art and images we found on the official Revenge of the Fallen video game website, but most of them are new.

Check them out and see what you think:

Sideswipe shows off his roller feet and arm blades

The new Autobot Sideswipe rolls into action

The massive Devastator ready to devastate

Ironhide flexing his big guns

The Autobot Medic Ratchet returns for the sequel

Ravage showing off his second eye socket (in his mouth)

The Idiotic Autobot twins, Mudflap and Skids

The new (or old) Megatron

Megatron’s vehicle mode is a Cybertronian Tank

Will Starscream lead the Decepticons?

The title character, The Fallen

To check out high-res version of these images in addition to more shots and angles of these characters, check out Movie Chronicles.

The original images are pretty high quality and we can tell that many of the images we’ve seen over the last year for the movie originated from these high-resolution shots. I have a feeling that Sideswipe will be one of the stars of this film and will quickly become a new favorite of the fans.

If you want more information and details on all the characters to be featured in Transformers 2, check out Screen Rant’s Revenge of the Fallen Character Guide.

What do you think of these pics?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.