Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

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I’m usually a pretty good barometer for how the majority of moviegoers feel about an upcoming film, but in the case of Transformers 3 I’m mystified. There’s been such a divisive split between those who hated Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and those who think they loved it, that now I don’t know how many of you want to see a third installment (if only hoping one last time that it’s done right) – and those of you who cringe at the knowledge that Revenge of The Fallen made so much money Transformers 3 is going to happen no matter what.

Either way, one guy who already has his mind on Transformers 3 is Michael Bay, and he’s wondering how to outdo himself by actually proving that he can do more than make glossy, explosive, senseless sun-tanned spectacles for the screen. Buried in the special features of the Revenge of The Fallen Blu-ray, Bay talks about his early thoughts for the next chapter in Transformers.

There’s a video of Bay’s whole spiel from the Blu-ray feature up on YouTube. I won’t post it here, but if you want to get the gospel from the preacher’s mouth (wow, I might be going to hell for saying that) just check out the vid OVER HERE.

I want to believe Bay’s words in that video, really I do. He drops a few buzz words that I definitely wanted to hear – ‘smaller-scale,’ ‘darker,’ ‘more about the robot characters,’ ‘less exposed,’ ‘more undercover,’ ‘emotion’ – he seems more intent on telling an actual story (even if it is the Sam/Bumblebee bromance, pt. 3), and I genuinely think the crazy (and chaotic) scope of Transformers 2 was too much even for Bay’s liking (if that’s possible). However, right now I’m one of those people who is skeptical about this franchise’s ability to deliver a truly all-around good movie;  I just love Transformers too much to give up all hope.

bumblebee close up Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

What do you think about Michael Bay’s early thoughts about Transformers 3? Is he going in the right direction (does he even have direction)? Are you already excited for the next chapter, or are you taking this next installment to be a true omen that the end times are nigh?

Transformers 3 will be in theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: YouTube via Cinematical

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  1. Oh woops, other than they totally sucked making TF2… How hard could robots be?

  2. Another thing I would like to see improved in the third film would be to bring in the original color scheme for the Transformers. This isn’t something I had a problme with, but A LOT of people complain about not being able to distinguish who is who. It worked for Megatron, Optimus, and Bumblebee, so why not the rest of the Transformers.

  3. C’mon its a sci-fi action flick! Lol! What do you expect from Michael Bay make Transformers to an Oscar worthy movie??Hahaha!!I’d say Transformers is a fun movie thats all!

  4. This might sound crazy but how about hiring some actors who can actually act!

  5. Oh come on Smitty, Shia isnt all that bad of an actor and I actually had fun with Agent Simmons this time. But everyone else sucked balls. Even Duhamel was phoning it in. It seems that everyone on here agrees on one point when it comes to TF. STOP FOCUSING ON THE HUMANS!!! Its really that damn simple. Repeatedly, anywhere you read about TF, every single person agrees, the human plot points are ridiculously uninteresting. Sure Fox is cute but that alone does not make for an interesting movie. If Bay can just take the hint, and finally concede that the human story lines just arent cutting it, and just make a movie about the robots featuring a well fleshed out story staring the robots, then he may find that he will double and/or possible triple the box office gross. Besides lens flares look cooler and are easier to accomplish on polished metal surfaces anyway. If he really must have a love story, how about Optimus and Lita One. Not to mention Springer and Arcee were a thing for a while too. Or how about the ever slutty Black Arachnia, and the entire Decepticon lineup anyone?

  6. You guys should think about going over to;

    Throw your two cents in. Maybe you’ll get feedback from the man.

    It’s strange the women I’ve talked to, who have seen the movie said they wanted the human presence to go up not down!#?? You have to answer the question or at least wonder, why bother with Earth period? If the story is just about the bots why not just make it on Cybertron?

    Can Bay do normal scenes with emotion and fill out his characters? Well he did it 11 years ago in “Armageddon.” It still doesn’t mean it’ll be any good though. I think most people will concede the Transformer’s franchise could use some script doctors of the highest caliber. Does Bay have the good sense to hire them? Will see…


  8. i wanna see the revival of planet cybertron.

    find a new energy source equivalent as the cube ..

    leave earth

    story will be in space.

    fuze concept with star trek.

    find vector sigma

    since prime combined with jetfire…he should be able to posses the ability to open the space bridge..

  9. I enjoyed the film, he could do with less robots though…I would like a bit more background into whats up with Cybertron, is it abandoned or destroyed or what?

  10. “since prime combined with jetfire…he should be able to posses the ability to open the space bridge..”

    No, because the parts fell off of Optimus after he defeated Megatron and The Fallen.

  11. well those were parts yes..but jetfire did offer his spark…which can be fused in primes…given the added power…jetfire did say that prime will have unimaginable powers….

    anyhow…it would be very interesting to see more space and cybertron.. i have a great feeling all the fans wanna know what hapen to their home planet…

    bay has done armegeddon, it will definately work

    a space battle on cybertron will be freaking awesome..

    the only wonder will be how do earth vehicle modes work in the cosmos…

  12. Well, they can always change into their protoform…form. Didn’t Starscream do that at the ending of the first Transformers?

  13. @ robotics

    in space and on cybertron the transformers have cybertronian vehicle modes, not earthly vehicles. Just like megatrons cybertronian jet from the first movie.

  14. I love Transformers, both of them because its called transformers not transformers and there human freinds so anyone who would rather see more human stuff must not have known what they were going to the movies to watch, and the people who complain about too much explosions just should not be watchin a movie called transformers anyways and I had only two problems with transformers revenge of the fallen 1. what was with that woman who was actually a robot at his college, and 2. In the cartons wasnt soundwave an autobot maybe Im wrong but I dont think so, except for not enough of sidesweep jackin robots up he is my favorite when it comes to fighting and he only had 1 fight scene, now that I think of it Jolt didnt fight at all but if he does another one those fight scene complaints could be fixed and if anyone says they didnt like the way sidesweep took care of that auddi at the beginning of the movie they would be lieing.

  15. 1. That was a Pretender which is part of the toy line.
    2. No Soundwave was a Decepticon in the cartoon. The one they mixed up was Wheelie, who was an Autobot in the cartoon.

    I agree, I loved the scene at the beginning when Sideswipe killing Sideways(The Auddi).

  16. M-Cat says:
    @ robotics

    in space and on cybertron the transformers have cybertronian vehicle modes, not earthly vehicles. Just like megatrons cybertronian jet from the first movie.

    yes, but what im saying is that it would be a wonder ‘if’ TF3 would be more in does Optimus with his current truck form and his team look like in space?..hehe
    it would be another bigger hole to compute the logic of a camaro performing in cybertron..that was my point.

    like megatron he is excused…but lets not forget starscream did not change back to his protoform…his Raptor image was seen on the ship stranded scene with megs and fallen.

    so hasbro needs to also create a new toyline based on cybertronian alternate forms if that were to hapen.


  17. Oh I understand what you’re saying now robotics. I don’t know what they would do haha.

  18. First Transformers, not bad. I liked it. Second one…robot/dog humping? Come on. Get it together for the third. Please.

  19. @Gigan300
    I hated how they messed up on the twins. In the cartoon they named Sideswipe of-course & Sunstreaker. Different colors but looked pretty much the same. Im hoping to see Soundwave by Megatron’s side aswell as the Dinobots. Wouldnt hurt if they tried doin a combiner team again only the next time use the Stunticons vs. Aerialbots who combin and fight each other. Especially if they plan to use Unicron cause they gonna need all the heavy metal they can get.

  20. Michael Bay is an idiot.

  21. I have to admit, when the first Transformers film came out, I was skeptical. I went with my kids, having to be persuaded. Being a huge fan of the original animated film, I braced myself for a huge letdown. I was flat blown away when I watched it. The writing was good, the story was cool, the effects and sound were amazing, and Megan Fox’s curves set her up for life, and were easy on the eyes. I loved it.

    When the sequel came out this summer, I was hoping for one of those rare instances where the sequel trumped the original. “Fallen” was too long, overwritten, non-sensensical at times, and a setback for the franchise. I was damn near motion sick when I left.

    Bay needs to tone down a lot in the next film.

  22. I want to see Omega Supreme..Jetfire was completely ruined in the movie..In the series he was a kick-@$$ tres cool character..not an old f@rt with Dementia…

  23. @chrisj

    I doubt we will see the Dinobots in the next film. Bay has stated in an interview that he HATES them. Besides it will be probably be the whole “Transformers Were Already On Earth” plotline which has gotten old. It worked in the first film, got old in the second, and if they use it again it will just be annoying.

  24. @ Gigan300
    I have my doubts too, but im tryin to be optimistic because of reports from those who acknowleged many fans like me want to see the Dinobots down the road sometime because they were of-course popular in the 80′s cartoon till this day. Id rather see the Dinobots over the goofy Twins Bay loved so much anyday. Transformers 2 could of had less humor and The Fallen looked like a weakling. Anyways i hope the 3rd film will be better.

  25. chrisj

    Bay always sends out bad info and Hasbro has total control of what they want in the movie. They know they can move on from Bay and still make a zillion dollars on Transformers so if they want the Dinobots in the movie then they will be in it. Maybe not the third movie but beyond that I definitely see the dinobots coming in at some point.

  26. Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

    Idea: Michael Bay runs as far away from this movie and we never hear from him again.

  27. i own the first on DVD and have found myself only skipping to transfomer scenes over all the human filler. i would assume if an when i buy the sceond on dvd, i would do the same. probly even skip all the jetfire and human scenes. i would like to see more transformer interaction and less human filler.

  28. cantizzle says:
    own the first on DVD and have found myself only skipping to transfomer scenes over all the human filler

    Me too…my general interest is to watch the robots in action and transform…

    my top 10 fav transformation in sequence:

    #1 Blackout debut -TF1( i really love the anticipation during this scene…

    #2 Bonecrusher highway speed transform – TF1

    #3 Blackout transform landing – TF1

    #4 Starscream transform landing and takeoff – TF1

    #5 Optimus appearance – TF1 (this was so so as really he does take sum time to get out of his truck mode)

    #6 Bumblebee & Barricade – TF1

    #7 Brawl – TF1 (aka devastator name mistake)

    #8 Autobots roll out – TF1 ( the part where we see BB, Jazz, Ironhide and Rachet transform to flee from S7)

    #9 the flat blade like thing formed out from mini bots of ravage – TF2 (did it have a name?)

    #10 Devastator combine – TF2 (i like how they line up to form..but i note that it seem that mixmaster didnt form the head as it should. first we see mixmaster gets pulled into scavenger/demolisher (whatever) and the head emerges a little…then we see the whole body complete trying to attach devastators head that was lying on the ground)

  29. Bay has completely changed the look and feel of the TF in a bad way…you watch the movie and it’s virtually unrecognizable with the exception of Peter Cullen’s voice. Before TF1 was finished, he was interviewed saying he hated the cartoon. Now he’s saying he hates the Dinobots which is some of the more popular TFs. Granted, we’re all adults and we don’t necessarily watch cartoons, but how could you hate the original source material and have passion about making the movie??? It would be the equivalent of hiring a director for Superman who hates the original Superman comics and giving him a green costume and a mask for the movie. I understand in Hollywood that things always get translated a little differently on the big screens and certain changes need to be made…I get that. But how much of the superhero movies changed that much from comic to film? The ones that did change the story/look/feel of the source material got ripped by the fans (Origins Wolverine, Spiderman 3, Superman Returns, X3, etc.). The robots in his movie look frail & weak. Teeth? Buggy eyes? A beard? A cane? A juke box? And what the hell was Devastator supposed to be anyway? It’s like he decided to add Devastator to TF2 just to appease the fans, but then made him a corny ape-like sand inhaler…horrible, simply horrible. Let’s hire a director that actually likes TF and the source material and reboot this m*therf*cker!!