Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

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I’m usually a pretty good barometer for how the majority of moviegoers feel about an upcoming film, but in the case of Transformers 3 I’m mystified. There’s been such a divisive split between those who hated Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and those who think they loved it, that now I don’t know how many of you want to see a third installment (if only hoping one last time that it’s done right) – and those of you who cringe at the knowledge that Revenge of The Fallen made so much money Transformers 3 is going to happen no matter what.

Either way, one guy who already has his mind on Transformers 3 is Michael Bay, and he’s wondering how to outdo himself by actually proving that he can do more than make glossy, explosive, senseless sun-tanned spectacles for the screen. Buried in the special features of the Revenge of The Fallen Blu-ray, Bay talks about his early thoughts for the next chapter in Transformers.

There’s a video of Bay’s whole spiel from the Blu-ray feature up on YouTube. I won’t post it here, but if you want to get the gospel from the preacher’s mouth (wow, I might be going to hell for saying that) just check out the vid OVER HERE.

I want to believe Bay’s words in that video, really I do. He drops a few buzz words that I definitely wanted to hear – ‘smaller-scale,’ ‘darker,’ ‘more about the robot characters,’ ‘less exposed,’ ‘more undercover,’ ‘emotion’ – he seems more intent on telling an actual story (even if it is the Sam/Bumblebee bromance, pt. 3), and I genuinely think the crazy (and chaotic) scope of Transformers 2 was too much even for Bay’s liking (if that’s possible). However, right now I’m one of those people who is skeptical about this franchise’s ability to deliver a truly all-around good movie;  I just love Transformers too much to give up all hope.

bumblebee close up Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

What do you think about Michael Bay’s early thoughts about Transformers 3? Is he going in the right direction (does he even have direction)? Are you already excited for the next chapter, or are you taking this next installment to be a true omen that the end times are nigh?

Transformers 3 will be in theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: YouTube via Cinematical

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  1. I have an idea – don’t let Bay touch the script.

  2. “and those who think they loved it”…hilarious but still it just seems like someone sounds bitter that someone (ME) did like it… Either way i will surely watch TF3. Just in case someone comes up with the whole it was crap and all of this… save the argument for someone you could convince/coerce to change their minds about what they like/dislike.

  3. People are going to flock to this movie regardless how Bay approaches it. At this point, Bay could say he is just going to have one giant robot on screen for 90 minutes making a humping motion against a tree and it would make half a billion dollars opening weekend.

    I sure hope he tries a bit harder story wise this time and if he succeeds and it pulls all critics to his side…what would that say about his previous two attempts and the writers of those scripts? Just wondering out loud. No accusations being tossed about.

  4. I would like to see Unicron… Let’s bring the story around so that Unicron is going to eat earth and let the autobots work to save it. This would give us a chance to see much more of their story instead of just sam’s. If not Unicron then let’s use one of the other good story lines from the original show… Dinobots, Cybertrioan Wars, or when star scream breaks off to create his own giant robot. Those would be great base scripts to work from. BTW anyone have any clue why they wasted bringing Megatron back to life for him to be second in comand? They really wasted what could have been a cool plot line… Gosh that movie had so many issues I guess I shouldn’t pick on just one.

  5. MSBaker

    that part may have been corny but it was one way that the writers actually stayed with the mythology of the transformers. That was part of the cartoon from when we were younger so I didn’t mind it so much.

  6. The only way to make it good is not to let him direct and also don’t let random monkeys type the screenplay like for the last one

  7. i want to see a third movie but i want it to have a well tought out story,with no holes in it like the second one.and i want devestator to actually have a fight scene and crush some autobots.i want to see the robots fighting each other hand to hand the two groups going at it.and what ever happened to barricade?i would like to see him return,more soundwave,arcee,and i want to see prowl join the autobots.cup should also join the films. but bay needs to work on the story before anything.i think if he does this everyone will want to see another film,and get rid of those twins man they are annoying as #e!!.

  8. I am like you: I love the concept too much to give up hope. The second one, for me, was a disaster. It did not have the same spirit or flair the first one did. Bay took the mythology of the premise and went in a “spiritual” direction with the Primes (i.e. “We’ve been watching you for a long time, Sam…even though we died centuries ago”) I was close to walking out of the theater at that point, but I love how Bay blows stuff up, so I kept watching. Visually, the second one was just as stunning as the first. But it just lacked that special element the first had. Still, though, I will certainly see this third one, in the hopes that Bay has not lost his mind (and sense) completely…

  9. I think Bay needs to drop the focus on the humans. If you go back to the cartoons, the human companions were second fiddle to the robots, in both movies the robots were second fiddle. No one went to see either movie to see Shia LaBouf(?) (I’d throw Megan Fox in there but I’m sure there were like 2% who went to see her), they went to see Optimus Prime fight Megatron (about the only good part of the second film). Like Sam above said, should go back to the cartoons and pull one of the really good story line from that, don’t try to throw a bunch of ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

  10. @ Chris

    I think Barricade was killed between the first and second movie but we were just never told about it. I read it somewhere. Also, Devastator was killed in ROTF so I don’t think he’ll be back in any form.

  11. I really liked the first Transformers alot. The second one though was so bad it actually ruined the first one for me somehow. I’d like Bay to get his one more in then go away. Let a new director have a crack at the franchise, Transformers Begins in 2015! haha

  12. @ Shawn

    Transformers Begins! that would be great lol!

  13. I think it will be crap and also make a bajillion dollars.

  14. ok guys for real, you know t2 was awsome not as good as the first but one hell of a summerblockbuster. I think it was a great movie not perfect but i got almost excatly what i hoped for `.meganfox.big explosions.awsome cgi and robots. u cant expect a amazing script on a movie about big robots from outer space. point being u now we will all be there opening day for t3

  15. It’s nice that he admits that there were parts of ROTF that were handled badly. Part of it was that the writers literally had ~7 weeks to write the movie (1 week of conceptual work before the strike, and about 6 weeks afterward) and so he had to spend a few months developing a whole movie from 15 pages of notes. He admitted he could have delayed, production for a bit, but he wanted to get back to work because some of his employees were in danger of losing their homes due to no work going on.

    Now that there’s no writer’s strike this time, a more polished script is a lot more likely than last time around.

  16. @ Chris
    I wished Devestator had more involvement myself. I didnt like where Bay took it to with Devestator being takin down by humans. Looked to easy to me. But then again Bay could use another combiner team which i liked just as much. The Stunticons, and have the Autobots have their own combiner team to take on Menasor. I suggest the Aerialbots. Besides them maybe have Insecticons battle the Dinobots who id really like to see. But i agree the focus should be more on the robots and less on the humans. The Twins and Sam’s dorm friend was annoying.

  17. Michael Bay? Pondering on how to make the third film good?


  18. Hey Bay, I have the answer for you….stay away from the film and it will be great! That will only cost you %1 of the box-office take. :-D

  19. And bring in the Dino-Bots for goodness sake!

  20. and no cheesy dialogue!

  21. ALL TRANSFORMERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. This is worth repeating:
    Just keep Bay away from the script.

  23. Some of the flaws from the first film were addressed in the sequel, such as:

    1) more fight scenes
    2) not as many quick-cut camera shots
    3) more robots
    4) more monologue for those robots

    Not that more character development was handled correctly (twins), but he definitely heard the criticisms. Perhaps this time he’ll take into consideration that not everyone who watches Transformers is 13 years old and only pays attention to explosions and Fox’s lady lumps.

    It amazes me how some directors can have SO MUCH rich material to work with and still manage to have weak storylines.. I’m talking X3, Spider-Man 3, Wolverine, Fantastic 4, too many to name..


  24. Get an actuall STORY. The second film didn’t even have a story, and the first film had a weak story.

  25. Heres more of what I want from the third film:

    No more robots with testicles.

    No more wasting characters(like Arcee, The Fallen, Devastator, Scorponok).

    No more juvenile humor. Seriously the humor was more dumb than “Meet The Spartans”.

    Don’t make Starcream a pussy in this one. In the first film you see him beat the **** out of Ratchet and Ironhide, but in the second he was just a pussy.

    Megatron bows to NO ONE, especially not some weak villian like The Fallen.

    But guys lets be real here, the only thing I see them tweaking is the special effects.

  26. Simply put, to make it enjoyable, don’t make it. The sequel in my opinion was already going downhill. I can’t see how making a third will help the franchise in any way.

  27. “those who think they loved it”. Huh. Kind of like those who think they are writers…

  28. I have an idea, just dont bother making it, save the money for something else, anything else! The first movie was ok in a fun blockbustery way, but the second was an on screen abortion on a level that i havent seen since Quantum Of Solace.

    I dont blame Bay, he didnt write it. And the writers, who managed to do the sublime 2009 Star Trek, were probably forced by Hasbro to put in as much stuff to sell toys as possible.

    But all ROTF was, a glamour shoot in slow motion for various parts of Megan Fox.

  29. reality check here… Hollywood is in the business of making money and TF2 made over 400 mil… They will make another and another and another as long as they feel that they can make that kind of bank. As movie goers all we can hope for is that they make a script and put actors in that we can enjoy. And I think they can make a good movie about robots that transform; they made an instant classic recently about a guy dressed like a clown fighting a guy dressed in a costume to look like a bat. How hard could robots be?