Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

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I’m usually a pretty good barometer for how the majority of moviegoers feel about an upcoming film, but in the case of Transformers 3 I’m mystified. There’s been such a divisive split between those who hated Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen and those who think they loved it, that now I don’t know how many of you want to see a third installment (if only hoping one last time that it’s done right) – and those of you who cringe at the knowledge that Revenge of The Fallen made so much money Transformers 3 is going to happen no matter what.

Either way, one guy who already has his mind on Transformers 3 is Michael Bay, and he’s wondering how to outdo himself by actually proving that he can do more than make glossy, explosive, senseless sun-tanned spectacles for the screen. Buried in the special features of the Revenge of The Fallen Blu-ray, Bay talks about his early thoughts for the next chapter in Transformers.

There’s a video of Bay’s whole spiel from the Blu-ray feature up on YouTube. I won’t post it here, but if you want to get the gospel from the preacher’s mouth (wow, I might be going to hell for saying that) just check out the vid OVER HERE.

I want to believe Bay’s words in that video, really I do. He drops a few buzz words that I definitely wanted to hear – ‘smaller-scale,’ ‘darker,’ ‘more about the robot characters,’ ‘less exposed,’ ‘more undercover,’ ‘emotion’ – he seems more intent on telling an actual story (even if it is the Sam/Bumblebee bromance, pt. 3), and I genuinely think the crazy (and chaotic) scope of Transformers 2 was too much even for Bay’s liking (if that’s possible). However, right now I’m one of those people who is skeptical about this franchise’s ability to deliver a truly all-around good movie;  I just love Transformers too much to give up all hope.

bumblebee close up Transfomers 3: Michael Bay Ponders How to Make it Good

What do you think about Michael Bay’s early thoughts about Transformers 3? Is he going in the right direction (does he even have direction)? Are you already excited for the next chapter, or are you taking this next installment to be a true omen that the end times are nigh?

Transformers 3 will be in theaters on July 1, 2011.

Source: YouTube via Cinematical

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  1. I read in my book that there was a alternate version of the Dinobot’s origins. In that version they were created by Shockwave millions of years ago. And of-course theres the origins i liked it better that Wheeljack & Ratchet created the Dinobots and they turned too hostile at first till Wheeljack created devices to attach to the Dinobot’s head and make them more controlable and prove themselves when they saved Optimus Prime & the others.

  2. Personally I couldn’t hear a word Bay was saying on the YouTube feed, what happend? I had the volume turned all the way up on my pc and the volume all the way up on the you tube vid and all I could hear was muffled words?! I really liked the first Transformers, the second was decent, story line anyone, but the story line of 2, if there was one, was impossible to follow!

    I mean doesn’t Bay realize that skin, hot chicks and shoot’um ups will only getcha so far on the BIG SCREEN. I mean there has to be a happy medium for all the above and ACTING, you know story lines, that folks can follow. I mean when I was watching T-FORMERS 2 I felt like I was watching an intense tennis match. I had to literally get up and leave the theatre to get my head back in order. Please tell me that Michael Bay got the memo for T-FORMERS 3 and will have acting, skin, hot chicks and shoot’um ups to bring a bridge from the first movie to the third, there by leaving 2 on the cutting room floor?

    Otherwise I’m inclined to think the franchise was over before it had a chance to get started. And to think Hasbro is gonna do He-Man, She-Ra and possibly MASK in the near and not to distant future. God speed and happy trails…..

  3. @ Dinobot Fan
    If you & Robotics were refering to the Generation one Transformers animated series. The Dinobots were really Wheeljack’s creations and Wheeljack even made brains for the first 3 Dinobots after they became hostile at first. Ratchet, Spike, Sparkplug, ironhide, etc. helped built them.

  4. @ Dinobot Fan
    Maybe you should follow your own advice, and follow on to what i was commenting on. while you were refering to how Dinobots could be introduced on film, i was commenting who actually created the Dinobots. Try to act more mature next time.

  5. Why all the “True to the cartoon” hate of the movies? Why in the world do we think that any part of the movie or any of teh characters has to be some pure representation of the cartoon? if Bay made a movie that was %100 faithful to the cartoon so that the only difference is that one was live acton with CGI and the other was a cartoon from over 2 decades ago I seriously doubt the movie would have even made back it’s production budget.

    No one really truly wants to a Transformers movie that is a literal translation of the 80′s cartoon so enough with the “pro-purist hate towards Bay & the movie and just be thankful that someone was smart enough to let Michael Bay do this. After all for a movie that is about 50 foot robots you need a director who undertsand what is involved in making a movie about 50 foot anything.

  6. my hate was never to him not staying close to the cartoon material. i just don’t like all the filler between robot action.
    I was hoping for more out of Devastator as well.

  7. @chrisj

    ‘if you and robotics’…….

    you directed the comment at me and led with the line above.
    I never commented on the Dinobots and who created them in any way.

  8. Good morning ALL,

    Has anybody seen the “teaser” trailer for “Thundercats” movie yet? I have! Saw it the other day on YouTube looks like it will be a pretty good movie. Some interesting comments from allot of you guys out there, really allot of die hard T-FORMER fans out there I think that’s great! Have a blessed day, God speed and happy trails…..

  9. @ Dinobot Fan
    Perhaps i should make myself clearer. You and Robotics were talkin about Dinobots being built on earth and all i was said was Wheeljack being the Dinobot’s creator. Even Robotics caught my response.

    @ Robotics
    No problem bud. Ive made little mistakes like that before.

  10. @Dave

    That trailer is fan made.


  11. @chrisj

    i was never talking to robotics, lets just leave it at that.

  12. hey every1. personally i thort tht rotf eas a gr8 film but had to watch it twice to understand. hpwever i was quite annoyed when sideway was kill almost straight away at the start of the film AND that soundwave didnt come down to earth. in thr g1 series he was my fave charector. i mean they didnt even get the voice right! in 3rd movie they shud hav soundwave come down, not die but live and ironhide or an autobot actually die and stay dead. still gonna c film nd cant w8

  13. i honestly loved the thrill of octomus dying, n then coming back to life.i am a die heart transformers fan, n i love the anticipation of whats going to happen next. i don want to see any autobots die, but deffinately lots of action, and less of sams life story. i personally loved the twins :) they wer my favorites… i think that bay needs to get focused, buckle down, and make this one even better.

  14. @kantstandya
    i agree it wasnt as good as the first one, but deffinately a thrill for me. it had lots of action…i cant wait for transformers 3!!!!!! lets see what they put togetther this time…oh and i dont think they should make any more than 3 transformers, because i think that would be too much and you would be running it into the ground like harry potter.

  15. i would give an a (perfect score) for both of transformers and transformers 2 rotf only if there were no sex materials and other inappropriate/unnecessary jokes (i.e. “mojo-frankie” and similiar jokes, you know what i mean). so i hope the next transformers movie will be for all age, including kids. pure action with some appropriate jokes, i like.