Trailer For The Trailer For ‘Terminator: Salvation’

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terminator salvation1 Trailer For The Trailer For Terminator: Salvation

Weird title, I know – but it’s true.

Entertainment Tonight presented a sneak peak for the newest trailer for Terminator Salvation that will debut on their show next Tuesday and will be in theaters alongside The Day the Earth Stood Still. That means we now have two good reasons to see that film in theaters: 1) This trailer 2) The first official trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Terminator Salvation is directed by McG and stars Christian Bale, Anton Yelchin, Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Moon Bloodgood and Helena Bonham Carter.

The quick scenes we see here show some stuff we’ve seen before but the ending is the most notable and you’ll see why.

Here’s the footage:


That’s one big out-of-place robot. It’s like RoboCop meets modern live action transformers. I can’t say I remember that one from the Skynet designs, heh. The only reason there are Terminator units that are bipedal and in humanoid physical design are because they were first meant as substitutes for soldiers then later when Skynet took over, to infiltrate human resistance camps.

That being said, the monstrous machine does look awesome and I can’t wait to see more. My excitement can easily and very quickly be shattered if that giant bot turns out to have only two eyes (cameras) and can only see ahead of itself. If there are scenes in this movie where people sneak up behind it or underneath it – then that would be an epic fail on the filmmakers’ part. If Skynet were to build a killing machine that large, it would have cameras on every limb and body part, among other sorts of sensors (geek realism?).

My biggest worry with there being 10 entirely new Terminator designs in this film is that they are only included because someone thinks they look cool and that they will take away from the film. Some of the new designs can be seen from these concept art pictures I wrote about last month.

With regards to the hype surrounding recent movie trailers, this is a sad pattern I’m seeing with trailers: Creating more excitement than the films they are attached to. For me, this also happened with Quantum of Solace when I was eagerly expecting to see the Star Trek trailer and new trailer for Watchmen – I got let down big time and was stuck with six or seven other trailers I had already seen and/or didn’t care about.

What happened was apparently only three quarters of the Quantum of Solace prints came with the pair of trailers attached and it was a way for the studios to fool viewers who came mainly for the trailers into seeing other ads that they could also sell time to.

I hope this time I have better luck.

Terminator Salvation hits theaters May 22, 2009.

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  1. Well, I don’t know what to say about the issue with eyes, I agree, but if you want to go with that argument, then EVERYTHING should really have eyes everywhere. I mean, the technology exists where you can see through thin objects, meaning even the human looking Terminators should have some kind of thermal or infrared sensors behind them so they can see if someone is sneaking up on them. They don’t HAVE to see out of their EYES just because that’s how we see things. But these movies are made by people, and sometimes it’s hard for us to invent things that are too unlike us. That’s why aliens almost always still have two legs and two arms and a head with eyes on it. The chances of life developing in another planet independently from us and ending up with the same basic structure is astronomical.

    But alas, what I can comment about is the bipedal design. I’m not making excuses for the filmmakers, because most likely this was not their reasoning. But the only reasoning I can think of is that since there appears to still be buildings standing, having large legs can allow for travel over these structures, or through them. But in the sites closer to the destruction where it is nothing but rubble, having tracks could allow for faster travel and they don’t need legs because there aren’t any major standing structures left.

    But like I said, most likely the movie makers made that because they think it looks cool, lol. And I doubt it will have any more camera’s or “eyes” other than the ones where you would think a head should be…

  2. Oops, by “chances” I meant “odds.” lol, reverses the meaning there…

  3. *Inserts Transformers theme music.

  4. The transformer at the end does indeed look a tad unbelievable considering the near-future setting. But overall I’m quite excited about this… it’s got to be better than T3 (which won’t take much). I do like that gritty silvery look they’ve been banging on about too.

  5. Im not a huge terminator fan but I proablay will end up seeing this as long as it doesn’t suck like T3 but it wont take much to be better then that.

  6. The Big one at the end looks stupid

  7. It almost looks like it belongs in Sids (from Toy Story) room. Or even better like a transformer Science expierent gone horribly wrong

  8. expierment ws what i meant, damn these fat fingers

  9. LOL @ metallicat

    @ Jess and Lank

    Better than T3 = not saying much, lol. I think that trailer of a trailer alone was already better than watching T3…

  10. Am I the only one who liked T3?

  11. @Chris

    I think so far yes lol!

    @Ken J

    I honestly rather watch paint dry then watch T3 again. and your right the trailer for the trailer was much better :)

  12. No Chris,,, T3 rocked forget Ken J and his twisted views ,,,,

    First off Skynet uses spy satellites to track the resistance as they are all underground in military installations…
    Its the unlucky others on the surface that are rounded up, and killed off…
    Also the HK Tanks in T2. Would have been equipped with all kinds of surveillance options…
    The oversized Harvester is to high tech for 2029,,, as it took Skynet several decades to construct the infiltration cyborgs…unless the timeline has been adjusted for this MCG trilogy… Or just adjusted to look flashy like Charlies Angels.

    How strange to get a Star Trek reboot and a Terminator reboot in the same month!??

  13. I don’t think so… there might be a few more of your kind somewhere out there… lol, just kidding man.

  14. Jogsaw !!!!!!
    Ken J,,,
    Jogsaw !!!!!!


  15. Oh hush 790, you are just trying to deflect the current direction in the talk because you’re one of those rare dodo birds here that liked T3, lol. 😛

  16. You are my T3 nemesis Ken J,,,

  17. You know the funniest part about this article is the fact that neither of the two stated reasons to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still has anything to do with the movie itself, lol.

    Personally, those two trailers are still not enough to convince me to shell out the $8 for that idiotic movie. I’ll just watch them when they hit the internet… If I wanted to hear the senseless ranting of hippies I’ll call my cousin in Berkley and ask her to put one of those Code Pink morons on the line… That’s free with my cell phone service. 😀

  18. haha sad but true

  19. Christian Bale is using the Batman voice again!