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descent part 2 artwork New Trailer For The Descent: Part 2

A new trailer for The Descent: Part 2 , a sequel to Neil Marshall’s 2005 modern horror masterpiece, has appeared online at IGN. The sequel isn’t directed by Marshall (he’s an exec producer, but it’s still a big red flag for me), but rather by the editor of The Descent, Jon Harris (making his directorial debut). It stars two of the original actresses, Shauna Macdonald and Natalie Mendoza, and co-stars Gavan O’Herlihy, Joshua Dallas, Anna Skellern, Douglas Hodge and Krysten Cummings.

The Descent: Part 2 picks up pretty much right after the first movie (SPOILERS ahead for those who haven’t seen the original), with most of the original cave divers having been killed by the “Crawlers” living within the unknown cave. Sarah emerges from the caves (the only one of the group left alive after the first movie), but she is unable to plausibly explain what happened to her five fellow-cave divers (i.e., why she’s covered in her friends’ blood). She is then forced by the authorities to go back down into the uncharted caves to look for her friends, and has to deal not only with the obvious threat of the Crawlers but also with suspicions amongst the new group that she may have killed her friends (End of SPOILERS).

That seems like such a forced plot to me – it seems so obvious that they just wanted to capitalize on how good the first one is (and how much of a cult following it’s found on DVD) by making a (frankly unneeded) sequel. The new trailer for The Descent: Part 2 (why they don’t just call it The Descent 2 is beyond me) is decisively less gorier than the first one we saw (which was pulled by the studios, FYI), but doesn’t sell it any better. Check it out:



I’ve said on many-an-occasion (once in extended rant-form) that I hate the idea of a sequel to The Descent. In case you can’t guess already, I’m a HUGE fan of the first movie: I think it’s a wonderful, genius piece of 21st-century horror filmmaking that hasn’t been topped since its release.

Apart from the general, “I don’t think it’s a good idea,” thing, there’s also a few distinct reasons why this is sequel was a bad move: Neil Marshall is not directing, and if the sequel had centered on a strong enough premise, he likely would have stuck around for it. Seems clear to me he did the best possible with the idea the first time around, and worse yet, for this sequel they have totally murdered the concepts involved with the original group of cave-divers being all-female. You don’t see that very often, not least in horror movies; the sequel looks like just another generic of an action-adventure-plus-horror film. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Lastly (and most importantly), there is the fact that the original cut of The Descent (which ran in UK theaters) ended in such a way that left little-to-no room for a sequel.

I’ll still see the movie but I’m not in any way hopeful…

What do you think of the latest trailer for The Descent sequel? Do you think a sequel is a good idea or should they have left well enough alone?

The Descent: Part 2 opens in the UK on December 4th, 2009, with no U.S. release date set as of yet.

Source: IGN (thanks to ShockTillYouDrop)

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  1. the fact that they are releasing it in the UK first after we saw the original ending make absolutely no sense what so ever!!! (I was fortunate enough to be snuck in to see it by a friend working in a cinema testing the reel – decent + empty cinema = me nearly walking out due to the uber fear!!)
    Everyone who has seen it over here will be scratching their heads, what are they gonna have? A scene at the beginning of the film setting up an alternative timeline??


  2. lame

  3. Well I didn’t think the first one was that great. The group being made up of all women isnt that groundbreaking, since Ellen Ripley, every scifi and horror film seems to think that they have to put this unrealistically tough female character in the story, yet never do it as wee as Ripley. I just dont see that group of women going caving by themselves. And the premise of the movie is…a murderous unknown predator in the dark picking off a group of unsuspecting people. Hmmm sounds like every other movie of this type. I dont see why you think so much of it Ross. As for the sequel, I’m all for seeing it. I enjoy seeing movies for the enjoyment of watching them and dont make it my goal to look for everything wrong with them, so I’m sure I’ll like it. I dont think the change in directorship will matter much with this film.

  4. I don’t generally “look for errors” when I go to a film.. actually, I am probably the most easy-going dude in any cinema. I have loved some pretty crappy (according to others) films.

    But “The Descent” just bugged me no end.

    I’m appalled, flabbergasted, shocked, disgusted even, that ANYone could call this film a “masterpiece”. It is SO overladen with flaws and plot-holes that even I, the least critical film-goer I know, was just annoyed enough to contemplate leaving the theatre before the end of the film (I DIDN’T leave.. but dammit, I wish I had).

    That there is a sequel, well, I’m not surprised. After all, there were what 10? 15? Halloween films? And Friday the 13ths? And Nightmare on Elm Street?

    To be honest, I’d see a sequel to any of those latter films before being roped into seeing the trash that was The Descent a second time.

    Now THAT was an honest opinion.


    The sequel looks like it’s made from the same mold as those rubbish Hollywood horror films these days.

    The first movie will never be topped.

  6. I really like Descent, I think it is one of the most overlooked film of all time! I have seen several new horror movies and I seem to compare them with this, weird me huh! but it’s true. I even recommended this to my friends but they seem to have not watched it, and they seem to like horror films.

    I am happy that a sequel is made just to prove that the first one is really2 good. I hope it could create a little buzz about the first one that people would watch it, I wish! I agree, that second will not top the first one! But then again, it remains to be seen.

    Critics say that it is “the most terrifying monster film of all time since Aliens!” Damn right it is!

  7. Trailer did nothing for me. Loved the first, with the true ending, so the sequel didn’t appeal from the start.

    Also don’t get why someone suspected of murdering several people would be sent back down with just a handful for company. Searches for bodies should include a lot more.

  8. true steven

    plus they had a scared lookin chicken sh*t goin down with…comon

  9. I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the first film! Saw it at Somerset House (outdoor cinema), on a huge screen, just as the sun was going down! One of the best days out. Sorry, just had to put that in there, in case people thought I was dissing it completely, just the upcoming sequel :p

  10. I recently watched The Descent for the first time last week. I absolutely loved this movie. It takes a lot to scare me and I think the fear that I have of being confined in a small space made this movie awesomely terrifying for me.