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stargate universe logo Check Out The New Stargate Universe Trailer

Stargate Universe (SGU) is coming at us. One week at a time… but it’s coming.

For some, there’s an anticipation to be carried forward in the Stargate mythos, while for others there is trepidation that this show is not going to have the opportunity to head in the same direction the previous shows have taken the viewer.

Regardless of all of our concerns, this is all we have at the moment.

Whether we decide to enjoy Robert Carlyle or Lou Diamond Phillips and the other cast members is a decision we’re all going to have to make on our own dime. I know I am going to give this show a chance. I have to if I am going to continue to codify my Stargate addiction.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m patient, but if it doesn’t take us in the right direction or entertain me to some extent in the first few weeks, then I’m dumping it from my weekly watch list.

A new trailer debuted during the airing of Stargate Continuum last Saturday night. They’ve titled the trailer  “Philosophical.”

Stargate Universe is a spinoff of the Stargate franchise and it follows a group of explorers forced onto the Destiny, a ship built by the Ancients. The only catch: The ship can’t return to Earth.

Check out the trailer:

Stargate Universe debuts later this year on Sci Fi.

So what do you think? Is this grabbing you are disappointing you?

Source: Sci Fi Wire

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  1. still Waiting for a nastalgic Kurt Russel Cameo in any of the StarGate series’.
    Mabey Universe will give me what i want, But extreemly doubtFul.

  2. that was a trailer? they didn’t show anything. lol

  3. I like the idea behind Universe. One of the problems with Atlantis (which I actually ended up liking quite a bit) was that it felt exactly like SG-1: All-powerful, slightly mythical Big Bad, similar character archetypes, cross-over with SG-1 characters, etc, etc. Other sci-fi series spinoffs often have the same problem (um…Star Trek?).

    But this, so far, seems to be a different premise. I’m really hoping they keep it different and not try to make it “SG-1 on a ship.”

  4. I think this show is getting the short end of the stick .
    Atlantis Had SG1 to back it up and occaisionally crossover with.
    This show is out there on its own.
    They may have guest stars from the other shows,
    but its in the context of this one show not a Continuing thriving universe.
    I wish SGU Luck .
    I will be watching.

  5. Possibly a step too far. Stargate is becoming overmilked, as Star Trek was

  6. Actually, it looks like a BSG spinoff !

  7. I especially liked the teen drama music they had playing, it’s like 7th Heaven in space, woooooo!

  8. Sounds alot like Star Trek Voyager to me. I liked it after it finally got on track. Drifting around in an outer space pity paty got old fast.

  9. I have enjoyed all the Stargate series’ so far, some more than others. The last trailer makes me wonder if there is even a stargate in the show, or are they just wandering around space in a ship they can’t control that takes them to new adventure each week. Sounds like ‘Lost In Space’ meets ‘Sliders’ to me!

  10. ANTONIO:

    That’s exactly how I felt… a mimicked team from SG-1, but in time, they developed. It’s the classic formula for a team I presume.

    KEN J:

    So you might call it “7th Gate”?


    I think the one thing that I think I might be seeing is the direction of dark travesty on humanity angle, where they are stuck.

    My first glance, I feel like it’s
    Lost In Space
    Battlestar Galactica.

    I just hope it creates enough of an identity to veer away from that… at least for me.

    In the end, I think it will. But that’s my ever-hopeful take on the show.

  11. Sucky, sucky trailer

  12. Brodie Bruce

    There was rumors of them making new Stargate movies that follow the first movie and completely ignore the TV universe, so maybe Kurt Russell will be involved with those movies.

  13. It still looks so cheaply shot. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or their lack of post-production but there’s zero style to this like there was in Atlantis and it comes off looking like a documentary video.

  14. I thought the original Movie was great and had a cool story. But I could never watch the TV versions.

  15. @ Manowar

    I agree with you. Stargate the movie was awesome and although I like Richard Dean Anderson, I never really got into the tv shows. But then I never really gave it much of a chance. I’d only see SG1 here and there and never watched Atlantis at all. This trailer didn’t really grab my attention to the new show either.

  16. @Manowar and Mandarr

    You guys miss ten years of sci-fi fun.


  17. I’m with INK, Stargate SG-1 was like the modern day version of original Star Trek. While the concept was very different, the approach to the stories and the character chemistry was right up there. I do think it should have ended when RDA left the show, but up until then – AWESOME.


  18. I’m keen to see this. Think I will stick through the season unless it is really bad.

    Agree, Bruce, looks like they are going for a darker angle than usual. Could be cool, or could just be too unlike Stargate to keep the fans happy.
    It’s always been an enjoyable show rather than an intense one.

  19. I LOVED SG-1 and I really enjoyed Atlantis after they got on their feet. It’s a shame they ended that show so soon. I will give this new show a chance, but like other people have noted, it looks like Battlestargate Gallactica. LOL. And if that one guy starts acting like the fat kid from Superbad, I’m outta there.

  20. I never watched a full episode, but whenever I saw SG-1 on the tube, it just looked like another cheesy Sci-Fi series. And I loved Most of the Star Trek series. Sg-1 just seemed to have a smaller production value that tuned me off. Oddly enough I never gave Battlestar Gallactica a chance either, and I grew up watching the original cheese fest but loved it at the time.

  21. Mandarr, do yourself a huge favor and rent the first few discs of SG-1’s first season and watch them in order from the beginning. You can thank me later.

    I agree with Vic completely on this, SG-1 was an excellent show and I also agree that they should have ended it when RDA left, it just wasn’t the same without him and the thing that made the show so great was dwindling away, and that is the chemistry between the group, and RDA kind of pulled them all together. So without him the chemistry wasn’t the same. Oh well.

  22. @Manowar, it only looked lower budget than Star Trek because it doesn’t revolve around the space travel side of it. It was more about the individuals and their story and interaction.

    Generally it revolved around the politics of the stargate and how differences in cultures clash and stuff like that. Imagine culture shock storylines but instead of people from different countries or states, but people from different planets. Then there were the episodes about their impact on other worlds as those worlds discover that there is life on other planets, and stuff like that. Mainly it focused on the boots on the ground, not so much the whole space travel aspect of it. So it was a different style from Star Trek. But they did have more space battles and space ships and stuff like that later in the show.

  23. @ Ken and the others

    If I was to see the show in order like that then it would probably have made me enjoy it more. I just didn’t watch it regularly enough to know what was going on. What I saw wasn’t bad, I just didn’t get into it because I had no clue lol. As for the trailer of this show not drawing me in. I do like Robert Carlyle and Lou Diamond Phillips as actors, but from what I saw it didn’t look very cool from that trailer.

  24. Well, even as a Stargate SG-1 fan, I’m not too drawn in by this “trailer” either. Still not sure if the music reminds me more of 7th Heaven or Dawson’s Creek. Either way, it’s not a compliment. I get the whole teen drama vibe from it.

  25. Yeah, the trailer looks weak to me too. Forgot to say that.

    Personally, when I first saw SG1 I thought the same thing, it was the same old scifi stuff.
    But my dad kept watching it and I caught it in later series. Then it had found its feet.
    What put SG1 apart for me was that it realised not to take itself too seriously. Again, RDA was the main part of that.

    I would really recommend watching the 100th and 200th episodes though, as they do make fun of scifi shows and themselves. Loved the puppet bit. 😀

  26. OMG, the puppet part had me rolling. 😀

    But personally I liked the more serious episodes around seasons 1-4. It started getting more space involved and they added much more levity after that, which is fine, I loved the humor, but what got me hooked are the first few seasons where it was more serious. RDA is a jokester but he actually can act.

  27. That 200th episode was fantastic, the puppets had me rolling. I love SG-1 and still watch any reruns I happen across. I also picked up the first season on DVD and then found seasons 8-9 used for $10 a season. Great stuff. I hope they make another direct-to-DVD movie, too.

  28. I have all the seasons as well and when I’m working late at night (graphic designer) I’ll through a disc in and just have it on while I work.

    Great stuff.

  29. EDIT:
    Obviously meant to type “throw” and not “through”.

    My freakin’ speed typing needs work. :)