First Trailer: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Published 7 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2008 at 9:19 pm,

day earth stood still trail First Trailer: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Ok, ok, fine.

Here’s the first trailer to the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves.

If you don’t know, this version puts a Greenpeace spin on the classic film from 1951. Here’s a quote from the trailer:

“If you die, Earth survives.”

Within the context of the film, I presume Keanu/Klaatu means mankind and not Jennifer Connely, to whom he is saying the line. So there ya go – in the big picture, the Earth is more important than the survival of mankind.


Looks to me like it rips a lot from Close Encounters of the First Kind, but what do I know?

The Day the Earth Stood Still is scheduled to open December 2008.

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  1. 790, I think Gary’s point is that with the left-bias of the media and “300” being release during this administration the media WOULD have been all over a story like that like white on rice.


  2. Yeah I totally got that, my point is that (this 300 movie) story DID make news.
    I remember hearing about it the week before and after its sucessfull BO weekend.

    “It came and went like all news stories do.”

    The left wing liberals didn’t touch it or exploit it at all..?
    Why Gary ? Why didn’t they use that?

  3. Google search:
    300 movie, Iran connection, LA Times

    Or enter one of 290 other newspapers in the world. The story is there to read. 😉

  4. This works better.
    ” 300 movie, Iran boycott film, LA Times “.

    You’ll get a bunch of info. 😉

  5. I am being Misinterpreted here .
    Vic got my point .
    “it came and went like all news stories do”
    Who is that quote attributed to?

  6. Yeah that would be me Gary. What’s your position on this maybe I’m confused…

  7. you had it in quotes 790,
    I thought you were citing a source .
    I alluded to watergate before because i was making the point that when the press smells a real scandal They pursue it even if brings down our current leaders. and in an election year if they thought bush was pushing anti IRaqi or anti Iranian sentiment by using a bockbuster film as a propaganda tool that would be front page news TODAY! as far as my trusting the American media goes ,
    I trust them to chase down a story when they smell blood in the water .
    if they thought the story was true,
    they would be trying to to link Bush to it on a daily basis and talk about the taint the story would bring to mccains campaign .
    some might might even try to suggest Mccains involvement .
    But really It doesnt matter who the man in the white house is there is always going to be somebody in the media who wants to bring him down . especially when we are 5 months away from choosing our next president .
    The press couldnt afford to sit on this now
    trust the media ?
    Hardly, .they are wolves .
    If they believe the story is credible
    Why are they not trying to destroy Bush And the republicans with this?
    That was my point and i cant make it any clearer then that

  8. Well Gary the media isn’t trying to destroy Bush because they want to keep their jobs.

    I just read an article the other week about how ALL the Washington DC news reporters are fed their info by so called government sources.
    It was interesting to note that if reporters stepped out of line and reported something other than what they were TOLD TO, they are themselves replaced and find out there covering the PTA meetings in Harlem next week.
    Wolves and predators (gotta be kidding me), their docile sheep that do what their told. And they the heads of these News Companies don’t ever complain. Why because there all corrupt and tow the Neo-Con line. Fear keeps them inline fear of FCC suspensions and fines.

    Bush has broken more laws then Nixon why do you think he’s still in power? The media has plenty to work with. Hell I think one state is stll activly trying to impeach him.
    I Don’t hear the wolves howlin on that? Why because the media is CONTROLLED. 😉

  9. Wow, 790. While I agree the media are docile sheep, I think you have the wrong master leading the flock. Dems control most of what the (national) media “report”, not republicans.

  10. There’s NO difference in Dems or Repubs. Same lower management company.
    Why do you think independant canadates are allways forced out of elections.
    And then one of the Dems or Repubs wins and nothing changes.
    Its all a show.

    Clearly I’m talking about another level here. That most think of as conspriacy….

    Its a pretty good production their running so its hard for most people to accept what I’m saying. 😉

  11. Geez Louise I am sorry I brought up the 300 comment but 790 thanks for the support and I know it was in print..Like I stated above nothing once it is placed in print can be enbiased or not considered to be rhetoric.

  12. unbiased I meant

  13. Where is GORT!?!?

  14. Taking a break from redesigning the Armor…

    THIS ‘Dog’ just won’t hunt. Seems like a huge waste and a ‘miss’ for me.

    “The Orig was done. It was better. That’s the way Dad did it. That’s the way America watched it. And its worked pretty well so far.”

    This does nothing but steals from the orig… poorly.

    Sometimes the ‘Wheel’ doesn’t have to be reinvented…

    Back to the Drawing Board! – Stark

  15. unfortunately Braveheart GORT isnt here because The Day The Earth stood still trailer thread has become a political thread.

  16. Yeah Gary you had nothing to do with that right. 😉

    I’ve read that Gort is in the film but he’s radically changed from the original version.

  17. Yup!

    In this incarnation, the role of GORT will be played by…(Take it, Dan Akroyd)

    “It’s…The Stay Puff Marshmellow Man!”

    With all due respect to the input on this thread & sorry to make light of this one – but I just can’t get all worked up over the retooling of a cinema classic. I’m sure the all important marketing eye candy will be really cool, but I’m afraid this flick has “DUD” written across its fore head in big red letters. Today’s writers for the most part couldn’t come up witth an original scenario if it swam up and bit em’ on the @$$.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread for the very reason that I come to read screenrant. I may not always agree with the content, but its truly refreshing to read intelligent, well thought out threads like this one! As a fellow sci-fi nut, I admire all those who express themselves here.

    Keep the faith,


  18. Nowhereman,
    did you get your screenname from that great UPN series from a few years back ?
    I LOVED that show!

  19. Right on Nowhereman, and that was a great show. 😉

    Hey there’s more info on Gort on the previous thread Vic has posted up in the related links at the the top.
    Totem is the new Gort. And it walks like a dog. ?

    I bestow a sarcastic yeah of lameness.

  20. Nowhereman,
    Did you mean Don Pardo (announcer for SNL)?

    {{Why do you think independant canadates are allways forced out of elections.}}

    Umm, because they inspire only pinheads and can’t amass popular support–in other words, vote?

  21. Ooooooooooooooo. It burns. It burns.

  22. Gary – Nope! Its the title of a sci-fi novel I wrote in 2004 (as yet unpublished…jeeze!) lol

    jc in Chi-town – Nope! I was referring to the penultimate rooftop scene in ghostbusters, but I too thought that the series was tre cool!

    790 – use aloe vera on that…

    Party on ya’ll,


  23. nowhereman as a fellow aspiring writer
    I wish you luck on that novel!
    Hopefully, I will buy it in a store someday!

  24. Remakes suck.

    Some a-holes were probably reading the idiots at IMDB saying that this should be remade.

    Stupid. You can’t top the original. The acting is what made that movie great. CG and hotty chick wont help it.

  25. I think what happened was the studio was looking for a remake film they could use to exploit the green adgenda.

    Whatta thread! 😉
    Vics gonna kill me tomarrow. Lol.

  26. SO is it



  27. FYI, originally they were going to go with some bizarre take on Gort but it seems he will be in humanoid form in the remake after all.


  28. Thats a relief Vic.
    If it aint broke dont fix it.

  29. Gort “is” The Day The Earth Stood Still!
    One of the most iconic images in sci-fi history…I know the new film already has a large emotionaly blank shuffling monstrosity…but that’s what you get with Keanue Reeves in you r movie!
    I for one want to see the classic look Gort kept and improved but not messed up.