First Trailer: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Published 7 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2008 at 9:19 pm,

day earth stood still trail First Trailer: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Ok, ok, fine.

Here’s the first trailer to the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves.

If you don’t know, this version puts a Greenpeace spin on the classic film from 1951. Here’s a quote from the trailer:

“If you die, Earth survives.”

Within the context of the film, I presume Keanu/Klaatu means mankind and not Jennifer Connely, to whom he is saying the line. So there ya go – in the big picture, the Earth is more important than the survival of mankind.


Looks to me like it rips a lot from Close Encounters of the First Kind, but what do I know?

The Day the Earth Stood Still is scheduled to open December 2008.

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  1. Heath, you have uncovered the fact that we are being conditioned with film and media, nice work. That’s the real message that nobody gets here btw.

    Greenknight, do you think in China their going Green to save the planet? Or recycling there plastic bags at the neiborhood Trader Joes?
    They can barely get the air clean enough for the Olympics.

    Are we doomed, probably,,, most likely…..yep.

  2. China also has 2 BILLION people…That’s a lot of garbage no matter how you look at it…They are also Communist 790..I won’t get into that ideology..It works in principle but so does Christianity or religion in general and democracy. These things can all be distorted to meet an individual’s or organizations or governments agenda. I don’t think Earth will be destroyed…The planet will endure unless smoething catastrophic like a collision with an asteroid that knocks us out of orbit..but I digress..The Earth will endure just not with us as the dominant species or even still a species in existence.Life always finds a way but mauybe not humanity..ANd your arguement about being conditioned by film and media…If you liked 300..that film was probably funded in part by the US government as propaganda for the wars in the Middle East…My point is that just by reading the posts here on this thread we are being conditioned to someone else’s point of view..EVery interaction you have, Article read, movie watched, music listened to, tv show viewed, books that you read, they all program us to give us the opinions and beliefs we present to others in these debates.Once its in the subconscious it becomes part of who you are and part the of sum of the total experiences you have in your lifetime.That is the way it is so unless you are willing to totally unplug from the world and become a Buddhist monk isolated somewhere in the Himalayays you will be affected by life and how you experience society and how you percieve your place in it.

    I agree with you that humanity is probably doomed or society as we know it is doomed..That won’t stop me from raising my children to appreciate all life and to respect that we are part of this giant ecosystem and how the things we do will affect that ecosystem and how in turn it can affect us too. Cause & Effect…

  3. No, no no.

    There’s no need for any population controls or “Hollywood-esque” asteroid attacks to level the population (Though, please do hit Hollywood if you’re listening, oh great asteroid!).

    The answer is clearly space expansion. Some of us are just getting too big for our little pond and it has become time for someone (in this century or the next) to grow flippers and leave the comfy pool.

    But in order to reach interstellar space, some of us need to have industry at their maximum, regardless of a relatively short (50-200 years ain’t much on the galactic scale) “global warming” period that – may or may not – occur. Interstellar space simply cannot be reached without using all of the best resources, and preferably those resources get used (responsibly, of course, but with haste) *before* the big meteorite collides.

    Wall-E portrays such an expansion into space as humans(:all) leaving behind a trashy planet and living non-existent lives aboard a giant spaceship, but come on folks, really? I think some of us can do better than that.

  4. Ed

    LMAO at the asteroid pox on Hollywood… :)

    I think there are almost unlimited resources from a materials point of view in the asteroid belt..Mineral resources aplenty..THey have found water and ice on one of Jupiter’s moons(Europa I think)and a water geiser on another although I can’t remeber the name..In fact since 2000 scientists have discovered a total of 45 new moons surrounding Jupiter and 63 in total..It’s safe to say that we have almost unlimited resources in our own backyard…I agree with you we can do better..Exploration not exploitation is the key with everybody having access to the same resources..I also think it’s safe to assume that if Jupiter wasn’t there we would be hit with a lot more asteroids…Shoemaker-Levy 9 anyone?

  5. Okay, I just watched the trailer (slow connection):

    I’m feeling another “lowest common denominator”, “convince the masses”, “pat yourself on the back if you’re a liberal”, destruction movie.

    There’s the corny lines, the disturbed “girl who felt it was going to happen”, the planetary destruction worthy of adolescent liberal desires/imaginations, and the hokeyness of an alien race giving humanity a spanking because they’re too dirty. I thought Al Gore and the environmentalist movement was already doing that. Apparently they need extraterrestial help?

    Then I have to single out the the Iraqi at 1:10 in the trailer because Hollywood likes to single them out. The good Iraqi. Every TV Show and Movie has to have one. Just one. And he must be good. Because… well… He’s an Iraqi — except he’s good. And he must show no showings of religion, unless it’s to squash Christianity, because let’s face it, its fun and easy. But otherwise, he’s the smart, straight, darwinist Iraqi-man who leans far on the side of spirituality rather than big-religion.

    And now, just for fun, count with your fingers how many planets there are in this one galaxy.

    How many do you suppose are like Earth? How many do you suppose are *better* than Earth? Yet, the aliens decide to pick Earth for incineration and preaching? *tsk *tsk , someone feel guilty for me, because I’m not feeling it.


  6. Although SL-9 was a comet not an asteroid

  7. I’ve met a lot of Iraqis and they are a very down to earth least they were before we invaded…

  8. “Once again I think you’ve got it backwards: the media is pounding the global warming message into us based on questionable science by scientists looking for big juicy research grants.”

    Dead on Vic, points for you. This is what we learned about in Enviro Economics.

    You guys seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. I’ve never seen such lies elsewhere…and to get a Nobel prize for That BS…I guess they’re given out for media presence rather than actual accomplishments.

  9. “If you liked 300..that film was probably funded in part by the US government as propaganda for the wars in the Middle East”

    Ok, dude… you JUST jumped the Shark. Are you kidding me? So the original author of “300″ in comic book form was in league with the government?

    I thought we only had one conspiracy theorist here on the site. ;-)


  10. With the ‘Gortflash’ at the end I wonder if they’re in any way keeping the idea of the self-imposed interplanetary robot cops?

    Ed – hang on, we know that guy’s an Iraqi how exactly?

    greenknight – with you (largely) up until the 300 comment. Ancient Greece and Persia are not directly analogous to what’s happening in the Middle East now, and Sparta definitely isn’t. Nor is Frank Miller a g-man, so far as I’m aware.

    RandomHerm – the message of the original was “Don’t play with nukes”, which seems reasonably sensible to me.

    jerseycajun – I was looking for words to describe Keanu’s default setting, and “dull ambivalence” sums it up brilliantly. Nice one!

  11. Q : “Are you numb?”

    A : “My brain is…”

    Q : “Will this be another excellent adventure?”

    A : “Ask Bill…”

  12. Hello.

    The Big Dentist, “Don’t play with nukes” seems reasonably sensible to me too. But if Klaatu put a destroyer robot to obligate me to stop all belligerence acts in my planet, then Klaatu treads upon my will and it seems reasonable fascist to me. ; )
    So the inner message is: Do what we want you to do or you will be destroyed by us.


    By the way, I hope “inner message” (and other texts) means what I think -I’m afraid that I am not such a good english writer, ^^-.

    And… let me try a joke…
    Look: Put some frames of Keanu Reeve’s face between some frames of a horrible monster and you’ll see Keanu playing ‘fear’. Put the same frames of Keanu Reeve’s face between some frames of a naked woman and you’ll see Keanu playing ‘desire’. Hi, hi… ^^ It’s only an innocent joke.

    Greets for Keanu and for all of you. : )

  13. Vic

    If I can find the article where I read that about the government partly funding 300 I will post the link…I read it when I lived overseas and I just can’t remember where. I think it was a report from a newspaper in Dubai…Anyway when I find it again I will post it…Geez you guys act like this stuff is made up…

    Vic..thanks for the jump the shark comment…I guess I’m a TV show. ;) .And no the original writer of 300 comic book was not in league with the US government. The article was in regards to how the Persians(Iranians) were made out to be incompetent and less than noble in the movie and how a few “western warriors” killed many thousands of Persians..I think Frank Miller wrote a testosterone laced westernized version of the events in the Battle of Thermopylae.Sounds like perfect propaganda to me even if that was not Miller’s intention.The article stated that the US government had partially funded the movie as propaganda against Iran and it’s “quest” for nuclear technology or to stir the pot so-to-speak.Alan Moore had some interesting thoughts on Miller’s 300 but you probably think he is crazy or jumped the shark too.. :)

    Cheers Vic

  14. RH, you’ve got a point there, but those robots had been built to police every sentient race, even Klaatu’s own. In a way he was saying “Look, here’s what happens if you cross this line. We built the damn things and not even we know how to shut them off.” So I suppose it’s a totalitarian streak with a bit of masochism thrown in. And that’s a great story idea of yours: an actor so bad the studio has to plant subliminals in all his movies to convince everyone he can act. I’m making that Keanu flipbook right now…

    greenknight, Alan Moore is indeed mad as a box of frogs, but I’d definitely like to hear what he made of 300.

    Vaguely connected remake notion: Zero Population Growth. Just keep the Sci-Fi channel away from it.

  15. Just because something was not intended to be propaganda does not mean it can’t end up being used and distorted for that purpose…I don’t think my statement was all that “sharkish” considering how things are going in Iraq and how low troop morale is..Every little bit helps I guess.The US Military influences Hollywood’s depiction of the military all the time by allowing use of technologies & access to information on how the military technology and weapons work as long as the military are portrayed in a positive light…That certainly sounds like propaganda and a military agenda to me which I will term propagenda… :)

  16. Greenknight333, (love your work) ;-)

    An Inconvienant Alien Invasion, just in time for Christmas, yeah!!
    (Gonna laugh if Keanu lands on Dec 21st). That’s a 2012 inside joke btw.

    Films and media (CNN) are conditioning for the masses. The masses awarded Gore all kinds of award$ for that “documentary”.
    You didn’t see “Who Killed the Electric Car” win an Oscar.

    Movements happen behind the scenes. Hollywood does play a big role in the Great Deception.
    (Case in point this “day the earth stood still” remake).

    I did hear alot of connections about 300 and Iran. If you remember Iran protested the film and it was banned in alot of Mid-east countries.
    (Miller just makes the film, but remember a studio run by prob 25 people approved it).
    GreenKnight my point about China is that if humans are responsable for global warming how can we stop other countries from mass pollution and Ozone depleation. (We can’t.) Why isn’t Gore using his connections to stop other countries from polluting. Hell everyones looking the other way at China just so the Olympic cash machine keeps rolling along, its all BS.

    (Anyone remember a few months ago when Speilberg dropped out of the Olympic Production because of what he believed was a hypocratic double standard.).

    Global Warming is the great lie that’s been “created” to cover up the fact that the Sun is going thru an unprecidented solar cycle. They can’t stop the damage so certain groups have decided to exploit it for profit.
    (Gore knows this and he was a Microt from becoming president). Gore is a Globalist.

    Conspiracy NO, do the homework and you will see the truth hidden behind the lies.

    People really need to start questioning whay they believe to be the truth. ;-)
    Or were just gonna be led astray.

    Jump that shark!
    I love it.

  17. Don’t get me wrong Greenknight333 I agree with alot of what your saying.

  18. Green, so you read this in a newspaper in Dubai, but THAT you don’t question, eh?

    The benefit of the doubt is always given to the non-U.S. side of a situation, and frankly, that annoys the hell out of me. And no, that’s not directed at you specifically – I mean in general in politics and the media.



  19. Well then I guess it all comes back to propaganda then Vic…whether that be US sponsored or overseas sponsored. I don’t understand the Dubai comment as they are know to be the true moderates in the Middle East and it is considered to be the crossroads of the world linking Asia with the rest of the Western World. I’ll read both views rather than follow any one side and form my own opinions instead of believing just the US spin on things. ANd I am not saying that is what you are doing I am just stating that is what I prefer not to d

  20. Hello.

    The Big Dentist, I’m afraid that Klaatu suppose us to accept the slavery precisely because he accepted it before, and that’s a problem. Maybe a good question for this case is: do we really need a totalitarism to save ourselves from ourselves? Well… that’s what V.I.K.I thinks in the recommendable Alex Proya’s “I, Robot”. I, of course, disagree.

    And about the joke… well, maybe I should change ‘frames’ and write ‘plane’. I wanted to say that Keanu plays all roles with the same face. Ask him to play fear and he will put a face, ask him to play desire and he will put exactly the same face. He, he, he… But I don’t want to be bad, I don’t hate him, it was only a joke without malice. ^^

    Take a greet. : )

  21. By the way, here’s a link about Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror, Batman!” (Comicon 2006) that maybe interests some of you:


  22. GreenKnight, when is a movie like 300
    JUST a movie ?
    Dont believe everything you read .
    on the other hand, if you had a quote from a NAMED government official in an american newspaper that can back up their claims with credible sources that are willing to go on the record then I would be very intersted to see that evidence .

  23. nowhereman, what you said was pretty funny, we need more of that here.

    This has turned into politicalrant as opposed to screenrant. Too much to read it all :(

  24. yo Gary, whatchu talkin bout willis?!

    300 is a graphic novel, which was turned to a film as well.

    The idea of the graphic novel (and film) was to show intense ass-kicking action from the greatest warriors of Human’s history, the spartans and make into a form of entertainment.

    Thing is, what else went on in the that time period aint that appealing (pedophiles, the spartan man having male partners). That type of movie wouldn’t sell, I assure you. It also sure as hell wouldn’t be fun to watch, like 300 is.

    I’m pretty sure that Frank Miller wasn’t thinking political lines or about Iran, or going against Iran when making a comic book… and by pretty sure, i mean 100% positive.

    caaaaaaaase closed.

    Let’s talk about something more happy…like the Saw films, I just saw 3 and 4…apparently they’re filming 5 and 6 as we speak. Anyone a fan of those? Nothing like a little gruesome torture to change topics eh?

  25. Gary I’d liked to have those credentials in 90% of what gets passed off as credible news these days…There is no more credible news or sources or people willing to go on the record to back up a news story…at least not here..Most everything is an unnamed source and just commentary or wide speculation..Like I said when I find the article I will post the link…It’s not an American newspaper so I guess in your shallow view of things then that the only way it is credible news is if it appears in an AMerican newspaper…Get off your high horse dude..There are credible sources of news in other places besides American papers…

  26. greenknight, my point was that if the source is a newspaper from Dubai they could very well be speaking from a bias of their own. when a Dubai newspaper is
    talking about our country spreading propganda about the middle east through a major hollywood release that is a serious charge , and if a foreign news source is going to make this allegation then yes, I do expect them to back it up with more then just the charge itself.
    and When I said I would believe it if it came from an american newspaper,
    I was thinking about the last time a major newspaper had all their facts backed up by credible sources who were willing to go on the record about a major scandal that involved our government .
    It practically forced the resignation of a president . So there are precedents in our journalistic history for these type of investigations
    when they are warranted .
    and do you really believe an american newspaper would ignore a story like this if it had credibility during this election year?
    offically , this is a thread about the release of a trailer.
    while i havent seen the trailer I have stated i wont be seeing the film
    so having expressed my position on the thread topic I am out of here .
    Enjoy all .
    no offense was intended by any of my comments .

  27. I reposted My original reply with corrections .
    It was the least I could do !
    Sorry about that !

  28. Rob,I didnt see your reply until after i reposted mine.
    So let me clarify ,
    I NEVER thought 300 was anything more hen entertainment .
    I was just telling Greenknight that if
    a credible american news source followed up on the Dubai article that suggested 300 was american propoganda that i would be interested in reading that followup .
    I was trying to Give greenknight an even handed reply.
    I didnt mean to Imply that I agreed that 300 was propoganda .
    300 is a kick ass action movie.
    Case closed.

  29. No offense Gary but when I hear the words “do you really believe an american newspaper would ignore a story like this during an election year?” I know I’m talking to a person that accepts the Media as the uncorrupt truth.
    Its all spin Gary, but you can’t tell because you buy into it so much, you feel grounded by it.
    CNN stands for the truth. Right….?

    Well as you get older and things unfold in the world try to look past the curtain of the show that is the media.
    Tv, print and radio.
    There’s alot your missing. ;-)

    Greenknight don’t ever change Bro! ;-)