First Trailer: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Published 7 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2008 at 9:19 pm,

day earth stood still trail First Trailer: The Day The Earth Stood Still

Ok, ok, fine.

Here’s the first trailer to the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves.

If you don’t know, this version puts a Greenpeace spin on the classic film from 1951. Here’s a quote from the trailer:

“If you die, Earth survives.”

Within the context of the film, I presume Keanu/Klaatu means mankind and not Jennifer Connely, to whom he is saying the line. So there ya go – in the big picture, the Earth is more important than the survival of mankind.


Looks to me like it rips a lot from Close Encounters of the First Kind, but what do I know?

The Day the Earth Stood Still is scheduled to open December 2008.

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  1. I agree with that, BRAVEHEART; Gort is one of the most iconic ‘andros-robot’ (and image) in the sci-fi history -
    Go-Go-Go! ^^

    The Big Dentist, I don’t know if you keep being here, but I want to say you something I forgot before: is “a great story idea of yours: an actor so bad the studio has to plant subliminals in all his movies to convince everyone he can act “. He, he, he… I was concentrated in my limits using english language, so I ignored your thought. Good unconscious curious complementation. ^^ + ; ) He, he…

    nowhereman, fortune (and spirit) for your novel -I want to, too, for mine; so fortune (and spirit) for all of we in what we wish. ^^


    Finally (or almost), I want to express here my happiness to see you doing a political discussion freed from those usual hates we find in a lot of forums -sure that what unite us is stronger than what divide us-. Believe me if I say that you seem to me almost like a ‘non evil touched’ -even ‘innocent’ from my point of view- (or something similar). Thanks a lot to be there. …

    And Post Data: Please, excuse my writing forms (if it’s needed); I don’t know if I sound like ‘Tarzan’ or like a ‘snob’ -ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…-. Seriously, english language is not my natural one, so I have no idea how I sound. ^^.

    Take a greet (and a hug) for all of you.
    Thanks. : D


  2. The Day The Earth Stood Still & War Of The Worlds are my two favourite movies like this,very scary as a kid to watch.But War of the Worlds the re-make was nothing like the old one and was not as good.I hope T.D.T.E.S.S is not going down that remake route.
    Tom Cruise/Keanue Reeves….scary ain’t it!

  3. For shame Vic, after being growled and barked at, to let this dog back into your house the “Box” network could never have as good a neighbor as you!

    Sort of makes me look forward to July 2009 when this meltdown of a movie will be a long long forgotten memory and we’ll be talking about something more enjoyable like “Thor”, “Battle Angel”, “Transformers 2″, or “Rendezvous With Rama.”

    For those interested in world outlooks check out Jerrod Diamonds “Collapse” or J. Robert Hunters’ “Simple Things Won’t Save the Earth.” By the Way Diamonds’ book has a big picture where it shows China is importing massive amounts of first world electronic garbage! Kinda gives you pause.

    For those of you that have faith in human effort and want to do something, consider investing here:

  4. RandomHerm..Thanks for the link above. It certainly lends credence to the arguement above about comics being used as propaganda…If you consider what was going on at the time Miller wrote the 300 with the US embassy in Lebanon and the plane hijackings in the Middle East with hostages being executed, and The Iranian hostage affair in the late 70′s ealy 80′ is easy to see why Miller would write the 300 in such a way…considering the link he obviously likes propaganda


  5. I was pretty excited about the remaking of the beloved SciFi classic TDTESS. And then I saw the trailer. The fastest way to take the fun out of a movie is to politicize it. It’s so obvious. I’m surprised they didn’t cast Al Gore as Kaatu. How boring!

  6. Hello.

    greenknight333, let me tell you, first of all, that what I’m going to say will, probabily, don’t glad you. : /

    Look, sure that you don’t need me to compose a list of the ‘anti-conservative’ hollywood’s propaganda; what you surely need for that is just miles and miles of paper and a lot of pencils -he, he, he…-. ^^

    Frank Miller is honest when he says what he says in his interviews; no ambiguous manners and not hidden meaning, no rep. gouvernement hand needed because he is free to does what he does. And it, greenknight333, should be as obvious as the fact that says that the ‘rightys’ are not the enemy.
    So the true question here, greenknight333, is not one about rep. conspiracy, is just only one about our agreed or our disagreed with Miller.

    Anyway (and/or by the way), Frank rejected your conspiranoid position in a filmed interview when “300″ was shown at theaters.

    Sorry if my answer dissapoints you; I tried to be prudent with those discussion -”propaganda” is not the only one relevant though you can take from that link, ; )-.

    Take a greet. : )

  7. If that’s all you got RandomHerm then I still I thank you for the link..I never stated Miller made the graphic novel as propaganda..I stated the movie was partially funded by the government and used as propaganda..with or without Miller’s awareness…That’s all …IN the link he stated that why not use heroes for propagendas…


  8. O.K, greenknight333.
    But if someone of you still wanting to find the Lord Sith in the White House stop doing. I know where he is; come to Spain, he is in the person of Mr. Zapatero. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! ^^ It’s a joke. ; )

    Take a greet. : )

  9. Oh geez, what a huge surprise. Hollywood shoving their superior elitist political views down our throats. I loved it when George Clooney publically stated his opinion about how he feels celebrities are “ahead of the curve” on social and political issues. How he and other big stars are somehow superior to us “normal” people when it comes to politics. And how the crowd (that were full of other celebrities) started applauding him.

    What I loved even more was the South Park episode that mocked the hell out of that, lol.

  10. At first I thought this was a cool trailer esspecially since I’m a fan of Sci-Fi. But now I see that this is another radical Enviornmentalism movie.

    KILL OF THE HUMAN RACE TO SAVE THE EARTH? You know that someone there’s some real nut who’s going to be taking that seriously.

    I am sick of being preached at by these Hollywood Hippies who are also Hypocrites! You think they live GREEN in their giant mansions? Private Jets? Going to Hollywood Parties? Then they expect us to ride a bike to work and stop breeding?

    My worst fear is that we are entering an Era of “Green Fascism” where if you’re not with the program you will be punished.

    “We need to start treating those who do not agree with Global Warming as Traitors! And they should be charged with treason!” -RFK Jr. January 21 2008.

    “There is no debate, the debate is over, anybody who does not acknowledge Global Warming is on the same scale as Holocaust Deniers and should be treated as such” -Al Gore 2006.

    The debate is NOT OVER.

    When you make Humans the enemy, the solution is to kill ourselves as this movie the “Day the Earth Stood Still” suggests? So the Human Race should commit self suicide?

    Radical enviornmentalism scares me more than the Earth’s temparature going up a WHOLE DEGREE!!!

    The Earth has hot and cold cycles, is man responsible for the Ice Age ending? Before you panic find out more facts.

  11. Especially when you consider the evidence that supports the idea that global warming is not really related to our activity here at all:

  12. i watched the movie. it was good. i’m not a fan of hollywood movies but this one was worth what i paid for.

    face it. without us, the creatures that now exist will continue to exist. it is our intervention and our misused technology that disrupts the homeostasis in the global ecosystem.

    as to the movie…it’s not misanthropic at all. it merely shows us the predominant human way of thinking. shoot and kill. burn and bomb.

    come on. entertain the question. how open are you?