‘Toy Story 3′ Heading Back To Theaters – But Why?

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Toy Story 3 Re Release Toy Story 3 Heading Back To Theaters   But Why?

Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, announced on Twitter that Pixar’s billion-dollar movie will re-release in American theaters this weekend for the Labor Day holiday. Fans of the film may be pleased to hear the news, but what is the point, really?

Avatar grossed $750 million in its 34-week domestic run – $77 million of which came in its first three days. The first five days of the Avatar: Special Edition re-release has only mustered up $4.8 million domestically. Basically, the greed of James Cameron did not pay off.

Avatar is the most financially successful film of all time and couldn’t repeat that success with a re-release. Toy Story 3 is one of the most critically acclaimed movie in years, but nothing guarantees a profitable second run. What is the real motive behind this move?

The filmmakers will argue it is about giving the fans what they want, but it is obviously about the money. Money runs Hollywood and the more they get, the more they want. It is one thing to re-release a classic film years later to preserve its status as a cinematic legend (Blade Runner Director’s Cut in 1992) and another to milk the cow (Titanic 3D in 2012).

avatar new image2 Toy Story 3 Heading Back To Theaters   But Why?

Many of those re-releases are different than the original – much like Avatar‘s extended version now in theaters. But they all come back years after the initial release, sometimes decades. To re-release a film before the original is even out of theaters is borderline ridiculous. It’s even worse that the second run is the exact same movie.

After only 11 weekends, Pixar has already felt the billion-dollar tingle and made the decision to re-release their highest-grossing film. Who knows where the decision came from, but director Lee Unkrich made the announcement via Twitter:

“Hey, America! Want one last chance to see Toy Story 3 on the big screen? We’ll be back in over 1500 theaters for Labor Day Weekend!”

Toy Story 3 recently delivered Disney its second billion-dollar film in one year. You’d think the company would take a vacation on their yachts, but they must have their sights on Avatar‘s unprecedented box office – which nears $3 billion worldwide.

It is also possible that Disney recently made some kind of gamble with various mafia organizations and now owe billions of dollars to those organizations. It’s more likely the re-release has to do with the profitability of a franchise that will only die when the studio lets it.

toy story 3 woody buzz money Toy Story 3 Heading Back To Theaters   But Why?

Ultimately, the move deserves scorn from the rest of the film industry. Toy Story 3 still has plenty of time in its initial theatrical run. When the allotted release window is over, it is time for the next money-maker. The situation is reminiscent of the one kid in high school who always had to top your story.

These other films work just as hard to get into theaters and a film that’s already made $1 billion has the audacity to take hard-earned audiences away from the patient competitors. But then again, that’s precisely what they are – competitors. All’s fair in love and the movie biz, as the saying goes…

How do you feel about the Toy Story 3 re-release? Is it a big studio bullying the competition or do you genuinely want it to stay in theaters?

Toy Story 3 extends its theatrical run on September 3rd, 2010.

Source: Lee Unkrich Twitter

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  1. It’s fine by me. I didn’t get a chance to see it during it’s initial run, so hopefully I can this time.

  2. greed. for the corperate machine that is hollywood

  3. Sure it’s about the money. However, I missed it in 3D and if they put it back up with that glorious extra dimension I will certainly be there to watch it!

  4. If the initial run is not over I am not sure this should be considered a re-release.
    This looks more like an expansion of the current release for Toy Story 3.

    Avatar’s run ended long ago and was pulled for
    Alice In Wonderland and Cameron claimed at the time it
    might have made a couple of hundred million more as I recall.

    Whatever it did leave on the table is clearly more than its re-release
    which comes after Blu-ray and DVD releases which explains
    part of the poor box office showing this time around.

    And 3D is no longer and event, to me it is an annoyance,
    and the novelty and innovation Avatar represented
    creating a driving force for tickets is not there.

    Avatar was a landmark film for 3D and film technology
    but I am not sure it is memorable for anything else.
    People may have little desire to revisit Pandora.

    Toy Story 3 is a classic and my pick for best film of the year.
    A film worthy of repeat viewings now and in the future.

  5. This is an absurd argument. Who is the injured party here? The expansion of TS3 will most likely take screens away from fading dreck like CATS & DOGS 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Do you really want to argue that C&D2 is somehow more “deserving” of screens than a universally praised film like TS3?

    You seem to be ascribing human attributes (audacity, patience) to the behavior of multi-national corporations, which is simply an inane and childish way of looking at the world.

  6. does anyone know if the rumours of monsters inc 2 are true or not, cause i’m really psyched for it.
    i haven’t watched a pixar movie in the cinemas for quite some time now (cant even remember the last one). i’ll end up hiring this on dvd when it comes out, like i did with up.

    • It’s true!

  7. How is it greed? It is a company, a company makes money. Re releasing it over a holiday weekend where families are looking to do things together besides traveling is a smart business move.

    It is not like they are saying ooo there is 10 extra mins never seen before….

    Nope they are just re releasing it.

  8. I don’t think its a bad thing, its not like there’s anything else that’s good left in theaters, maybe they’re doing us a favor.

  9. So when is toy story out on blu ray?!? I WANT it!

    • November 3rd, I think.

  10. Does no one remember Star Wars or even Titanic? Star Wars was at my local theater for OVER A YEAR straight. If the people still want to still see the movie, let it stay. It is a business after all.

  11. Don’t care.
    Good for people haven’t seen it yet. And it’s deserving enough to come back for a short period if it wants.

  12. I don’t think they are happy that Shrek 2 has grossed more domestically… and to be honest, neither am I. Toy Story 3 was a much better film. I love the Shrek movies, but Toy Story 3 tops them all imo

  13. They are going too far. Yes, Toy Story 3 was fantastic but they are taking this great film and smearing it with greed.

  14. im confused .if it is not done showing how can it be a aecond run at the same time.it it is just running longer what is the problem?

  15. I’d say this is more of a broadening of it’s current release, for the Labor Day weekend crowds then aa re-release since it hasn;t even hit the second run theatre circuit yet.

    As for hurting other films thats a toss up. It could possibly do the opposite by helping other films. How so? By giving parents a chance to go the theatres to catch INCEPTION or something like it while they drop the kids (those not to young to sit in a theatre by tehmselves of course) at the TOY STORY 3 section of the theatre.

  16. I find like it’ll cheapen the movie somewhat. Going from a great film experience to a money grab by the studio. Not cool.

  17. Uh, why? To make more money… Isn’t the answer obvious?? Do we really need a whole discussion about why a business, who is out to make a profit, would want to put a product out there again???

    And this whole “oh they are greedy” stuff is pretty dumb, they’re not forcing anyone to watch it or pay for it, if you think it’s so horrible, just don’t watch it…

    You know what, I want to go watch it in 3D since I didn’t get to before… So I’m glad it’s coming back… I’m happy to give them my money as a reward for making such an excellent movie, hopefully they use the profits to release more movies as good as this one…

  18. I think yes they are doing it as a cash grab but I think the real reason in that Pixar/Disney are hoping it makes enough during the rest of it’s theatrical run to pass Shrek 2’s domestic haul of 441 million..TS 3 currently sits at 406 million…I willing to bet that Pixar wants to be able to say that “the number one animated movie of all-time Toy Story 3 is coming soon to DVD”

    So it’s about money and bragging rights..

  19. What’s the point when most people have large screen tvs anyway,,,?

  20. Who the heck cares? It’s not like they’re taking 3D screens away from anyone else more important. No one’s forcing you to watch it anyway.

    • Complaining is America’s new favorite pass-time…