Toy Story 3 Spoilers Discussion

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Toy Story 3 movie image 17 Toy Story 3 Spoilers Discussion

While we have a Toy Story 3 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the film without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. The 3rd and final installment of the toy story series is great it’s got everything and more with just a slightly darker feel at some point never the less it’s an instant classic definatly adding it to my Blu-ray collection ^_^

  2. Yeah,the abscence of bo peep helped us connect moré with Woody cause that part was so sad,and i LOVE how they mentioned them! In other movies wen a caracters missing or something,they dont say anything about them wich sucks! Way to go Toy Story!!!!

  3. @Ricky18

    Yeah, because wasant Bo Peep his Girl Friend?

  4. Yeah,that’s wat they made us believe. Will there be a fourth?!? I don’t think there could be I mean,wat would the story be this time?!?

  5. I absolutely loved Toy Story 3!!!
    I cried at part where they almost died.
    I also cried at the ending. I thought it was the perfect send off for the trilogy. Andy pulling out the toys and one by one giving them a little personal send off. And then when he played with them all one last time I had to try and fight back tears.

  6. If i was in the theater alone id be crying my a** off! I felt like crying all the way,but couldnt cause it was packed! Im seeing it again wen theres less ppl!!!!

  7. So whats the best scene in the movie?!?

  8. My fave was the whole dump scene,i was on the edgeof my seat! And the ending was perfect:LOVED it!!!!

  9. I know I’m going to catch a lot of crap for saying this but Toy Story 3 dropped the ball.

    Had I gone to see TS3 by myself I would have not thought twice about it and given it 5 stars. I however went with my daughter and therein lies the problem. Toy Story 3 has themes and plot points (I may be using the wrong term here) that are NOT child friendly and that never should have even made it into the story to begin with. Its clear someone wanted to take Toy Story 3 to the next level; perhaps trying to achieve the same dramatic level that UP got with its emotionally driving opening scene. The big difference between Toy Story 3 and UP is that Toy Story 3 was art of an established series that had set a standard and PIXAR brought TS3 below that standard and they didn’t even need to. The majority of the film is great G Rated fun but there are several scenes where the material and the characters are portrayed in ways that a young child should not see a Toy portrayed, let alone a toy from the Toy Story franchise.

    Lots-O Bear : cuddly and sweet looking Teddy bear that is portrayed as a warm and fuzzy grandfather like figure who is eventually revealed to be an evil villain with his own back story whom even at the end does NOT learn any lesson. In the end Lots-O was just as selfish and evil as before. What kind of children’s movie does NOT have the bad guy (or gal) at least learning their lesson by the end?

    Big Baby: Toy Story 3 takes the everyday looking a baby doll that certainly every little girl recognizes and turned it into a prison yard thug with tattoos and all.

    DEATH BY FIRE: IN Toy Story 1 & 2 the toys never faced any evil or danger that dealt with death. In the first one there was the next door kid who destroyed all his toys and they did have to escape that kid but that whole story line angle pales in comparison to how TS3 played out. Our hero’s, the Toys not only barely escape the machine that will tear them to shreds but in the end when all seems lost, the Toys just accept their fate and hold hands to die together. That’s the kind of drama you seen in adult drama, not in G rated films about Toys!

    As an adult I liked Toy Story 3 but as a father I was horrified by what PIXAR did to the series in its finale. We will add TS3 to our collection but not for several years because it will be that long before our kids are old enough to handle the mature themes that are played out in the story. It’s a shame PIXAR choose to go this route because it clear that they did not need to push the envelope and go for an edgier Toy Story to come up with a hit and the rest of the movie shows this.

    If you have young children, say under 8, I would highly advise you get the details on some of these darker parts of the movie before taking any little ones to see it. This does not mean that all young kids will be unsettled by TS3, only that there’s a risk, more of one then there should be for a Toy Story Movie.

    • @Blue collar

      I see where you’re coming from and yes I agree the dump scene was a tad intense. But you also have to remember that the original was made 15 years ago. Fans of the original are most likely adults by now, so they kind of had to try to appeal to all ages, including the adult fans of the original. So I would say that my opinion is that Toy Story 3 did a great job trying to balance those two target audiences. That’s just my opinion, you brought up many valid points.

    • i see where you’re coming from but i dont think i can agree with you because the scenes that you are talking about are the scenes that made me love the movie so much. regarding the baby doll, if you remember ts1, they made a doll that looked much scarier (the one with the spider legs). just saying

    • RE: What children’s movie doesn’t have their villain learning a lesson:

      Umm… almost every Disney movie? Maleficent, Ursula, Scar, Gaston, Frollo, Syndrome, Hopper, the Wicked Witch of the West . . . NONE of them learned a lesson. They all died, but Lotso faced what essentially amounts to never-ending torture.

      I agree in general that G was probably too light a rating and PG would have been better, but on that point.

    • Thank goodness BlueCollarCritic said it…this movie is not for kids.

      I would have loved it had it not made my 6yo son so profoundly sad. He’s just old enough to understand the themes, and too young to come to any peaceful resolution with them. This film left him sad about growing up, and scared of death. The fiery inferno scene was way too much. I kept wanting to leave the theater, but kept hoping the resolution at the end would be better. The end was okay, but not great, from a kid’s point of view. It was just a real bummer about growing up, and now my son feels really bad.

      I don’t think it was a bad movie, just bad for children, and Pixar should be ashamed. Also, the ratings association missed the boat when they made this rated G. Nonsense, if you ask me. Lotso is the worst kind of villain, a real psychopath. The whole thing was intense, dark, frightening, and totally apocalyptic. Shame on Pixar.

  10. @Bluecollarcritic
    All that matters is that u enjoyed the movie. This movie was gr8,if i had kids id let them see it,there is nothing bad in it. I like the route PIXAR takes to make this for kids and adults. Youre probably right about Lotso though,he shouldve turn good,but then that emotional scene wouldnt happen now would it? I still love the movie,kids these days aré moré……mature or something along those lines,they see worst things in other films and the internet,so this is not new for small kids……

  11. I have to disagree, BBC. It’s true that there were themes (such as the inevitability of death) that an adult can really relate to, but I think that much of the emotion is lost on younger viewers. Kind of reminds me of watching the Simpsons with my sons. They’d laugh at the absurd, I’d laugh at the cerebral (sort of) humor. As they got older and watched them in rerun, they’d appreciate the inside jokes, political jibe, and more adult humor as well. My 4 year old niece saw the film, and loved it. I was clearly more moved by what I saw than she was.

    And I was also surprised at Lots-O-Bear’s failure to learn anything at all, but therein lies a good lesson: there will always be someone who defies reclamation. I guess one can never be too young to learn this.

    As for a sequel? Since Andy dropped off the toys about a block from his mom’s house, I can imagine by the time Andy is grown, married, and with children, young Bonnie is now too old to play with toys. Perhaps the group undertakes the journey and shows up at Andy’s house to be given to his children. Okay, needs work, but…..

    • John: briefly repeating myself, very few Disney villains “learn” any lesson. Most die unchanged. Lotso faced what is probably a fate worse than death, followed by eventually being thrown away and killed.

      Second, on the difficult themes that adults get and kids don’t: Up was much the same (very intense themes about coping with death). Toy Story 2 had themes similar to this (mortality), but didn’t go as dark with them.

  12. I dont want there to be a sequel….I dont think even Pixar will pull an other great sequel for toy story,its impossible to do an excellent sequel to this series. It should stay as it is. I wish it had “the end” at the end,it wouldve been sadder so who knows if a sequels cookin up……Id still see it though. I know it wont be that good……but i love toy story!!!

  13. i agree with ricky on that one. Toy Story should stay a trilogy. Too good of an ending to turn into a disaster called…toy story 4

  14. @Gaspare
    glad u agree:,)
    i agree:,)

  15. @Voloap
    I know huh?!?

  16. I thought the monologue Lotso had when they were on the garbage dumpster was one of the best monologues in movie history. Also, Lotso is now the best Disney movie villain.

    • i agree. Lotso was a great villain. Truly

  17. Well what a great day out yesterday turned into-not! there is absolutely nothing about this film which leaves you feeling good. I took my 7 year old- who when he was young was a massive Buzz fan along and we even had a day off school to see it on the opening day in Aus. He was literally shaking with fright in the dump truck scene and last night couldn’t sleepo because of the monkey toy- which was like some Bizarre Clockwork Orange motif. We both left the film crying and feeling terrrible- also If you have younger kids who cant read have fun reading the subtitles to them- why you would include subtitles in a childrens film which was previously geared at under 8s is beyond me- a massive stuff up – more like a horror film than a kids film!

    • Obviously geared at under 8’s when the original came out 15 years ago? Makes sense to me…

      I do agree that it was maybe close to a PG rated movie, but still not so bad…

  18. To all of you people who are saying that this movie was far too intense, yes, I agree with you, but PIXAR even said that they were going to make this movie for the Toy Story 1+2 fans that are now adults. I was 4 when I first saw TS 1, and 5 when I saw TS 2 (both on video might I add) and sure, I didn’t get most of it but, meh, it was funny as a child. But a month ago, when my 18 year old brother, and I, a 13 year old, watched the originals, we got the subtle jokes and such…

    What I’m trying to get across is that, 8 year olds now who see TS 3 will be scared by the scene where all the toys recognize the inevitable death of themselves, but when they’re older and watch it, they’ll get the emotion that was set across the movie, and realize the beauty and thought put into this wonderful ending of the greatest trilogy of all time.

    BTW: The freaky monkey toy is a far more scary villian than Lotso…
    BTW2: The toys aren’t gone forever, they’ll be in shorts before PIXAR movies, like for the birds, day and night, etc…

    • I found the scary monkey to be hilarious because of how exaggerated it was, lol.

    • Sure the monkey toy was a scarier villain than Lotso, but was he a better villain? Absolutely not. Lotso was genuinely evil, whereas the monkey was simply feral.

  19. wow, looking up info on the flick because my 4 year old son has been SATURATED with endless marketing for this movie, saw the first two, and wants this to be his first time at a theatre. so i come here to read a bunch of rationalizations from childless 25 year olds without a clue of how your life changes when you are looking out for the emotional welfare of your kindergartener.

    the kicker… when a parent comes on to point out the problems with this flick FOR KIDS, the pile-on from the post-grads begin. the best being Dean’s genius comment that “PIXAR even said that they were going to make this movie for the Toy Story 1+2 fans that are now adults”.

    So tell me, Dean, why Toys R Us, Target, Fast Food, Cereal Boxes, Fruit Snacks, Etc. are completely on board for this flick for an eight and under marketing blitz?.

    Starting to understand folks that get rid of cable tv and home school thier kids a little better.

    • “So tell me, Dean, why Toys R Us, Target, Fast Food, Cereal Boxes, Fruit Snacks, Etc. are completely on board for this flick for an eight and under marketing blitz?”

      If you’ve gone to school, you should know, the reason is: $$

      Come on, what else did you think it was about?? lol

      Small kids don’t watch movies by themselves, getting a kid to watch a movie means getting AT LEAST one adult to go with…

  20. @matt

    I’ll tell you why the various medias have Toy Story over them, and like you, I’ll use examples you YOURSELF said…

    Toys ‘r’ us: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, etc toys. T’r’U buys the right to sell the product to a) make a profit, and b) to advertise for PIXAR their franchise. PIXAR sell their movies, along with dreamworks, fox, to make people watch the movie…

    Target: Same reason as T’r’u.

    Fast Food outlets: To make kids want the free toy, so that they’ll buy the food to make a profit, also like the above, the outlets got permission to use the face of Woody on the happy meal because PIXAR know it advertises the movie.

    Cereal boxes: Well, out here in Australia, there aren’t any, but I guess it’s the same as all the above…

    (See the pattern yet?)

    Next, why do you presume that all of us are either idiot ‘post-grads’ or childless 25 year olds with nothing better to do. What is with you? Looks more like you have nothing to do other than finding flaws with a 13 year old boys opinion of a movie franchise that he had grown up with and cherished? And I’m sure that if I know all the answers to your questions, that you should, hmm?

    Also ‘Starting to understand folks that get rid of cable tv and home school thier kids a little better.’ So now are you going to home school your 4 year old son to protect him from advertising, just because of comments made from people wanting to discuss TS3? Yes, it should have probably gotten a PG rating, but G and PG ratings can’t stop people from seeing a movie.
    So take your son to see it, or don’t, I don’t really care if you see it or not, but let your son go and see it, or else he’ll be sad anyway that he didn’t get to see it, and afterwards, tell him what half the movie meant, and calm him down if he’s sad about the ending, if you yourself haven’t cried about it…

  21. gosh dean, thanks for the sound parenting options from down under. i’ll take them under advisement. oh and i guess sarcasm doesn’t always carry well in situations like this.

    my point, essentially, is that toy story 3 will break box office records off the backs of parents with young kids, the same kids being marketed to in excess right now. NOT A PROBLEM. everybody is fair game. the problem i see is that the creators at pixar consciously went edgier than may be appropriate for the demographic they are specifically targeting.

    the home school comment was a joke, and maybe things are different in aus.. but here in the USA, i’m learning its a full-time responsibility to limit the volume of product marketing messages my four year old takes in. hiding him from reality is not the objective, but a healthy balance can’t hurt.

    we’ll probably go to the movie anyway…

  22. Just saw this movie and thought it was totally awesome btw…but didn’t stay for the credits…..
    What happened to Barbie and Ken at the end of the movie?

  23. This movie honestly lived up to all my expectations. As someone who has grown up with these films, I was really concerned as to how the third film would turn out, and I LOVED it. I relished the darkness and intensity of this film; it made it all the stronger in my opinion. At the same time, the film still had the fun that the first two had, and it was hilarious. It was also very heartfelt and emotional, especially since I can relate to the story a lot (with Andy being older). I can’t remember feeling this fulfilled by a sequel (or a film) in recent history. Great job, Pixar!

  24. My wife & I took our 6 yr old and 3 yr old boys to see TS3 today…the boys loved it, and so did we. We had read the TS3 “book of the film” before seeing the movie, so we knew the storyline…and more importantly, the boys knew it had a happy ending.

    Our friends’ 6 year old son, by comparison, got quite scared and left half way through the movie…before returning to see the happy ending.

    In summary, I’d recommend reading the book of the film novel to young kids prior to taking them to see TS3.

    Overall, we gave it a 5 out of 5.

  25. Could someone give me a transcript of the ending of the movie. Do they die in the fire

    • No Alex, they DON’T die in the fire. It appears they are heading toward the incinerator on a conveyer, with no way out. I won’t spoil it for you, but they are rescued. In fact, not one character dies in the movie.

      As far as those comments from the weenies who left the movie with “no good feelings”, I think if you left this charming movie “feeling terrible”, you may have other issues. Seriously.

      As a child, I remember a couple of Christmas specials on network TV that were much darker. The little drummer boy watches his parents murdered by Arabs. In Nestor the Christmas donkey, his mother sacrifices her life for her son. My wife and I, my kids, my nieces and nephews saw this film, and all thought it was wonderful. Best of the three, and a fitting ending to the series. Thanks Pixar!

  26. I actually took my 5 year old daughter there yesterday. ANY movie is potentially bad for little ones of this age because they do not know the difference between fantasy and reality. It is important for the accompanying adult or parent to mediate that for the child. So, my little girl watched Toy Story 1 and 2, and in Toy Story 3, when it started off being so scary, I explained to her that a little boy was playing “pretend” and I answered her whispered questions in the movie, and explained anything that I, as an attuned parent, figured she needed explained. So yes, Pixar aimed this movie to be for the original Toy Story cohort, who are now of the age where they are also transitioning to college. My niece is one of them. She is now 18 and going to college and she relates to Toy story 3. However, I, at 33 years, also relate to it. Best part is my 5 year old daughter also relates to it! That is what we call a brilliant movie!!

  27. What happens at the end. I know they die, but could someone tell me the rest

    • They do not die. Not one character dies in this movie (not even the villains). I’d hate to spoil the ending for you because they pull it together so nicely. Just know that there’s a happy ending to this movie where the toys get to stay together. This was a great film, better than TS1 and TS2 in my opinion.

  28. just want to clarify something, did woody really plan to go in the box where the yoys will be given to bonnie or did he have no choice but to go there because someone might see him?

    • Not speaking for the screen writers, but it seems clear to me that it was indeed Woody’s intention to go with his friends to live with Bonnie. Remember that Bonnie’s house was shown to be but a block or so away from Andy’s house. If Woody was inadvertently caught in the box, he could easily make his way back to Andy’s house. Yes, it’s a very touching moment when we discover that Woody decides to go with his friends, and Andy’s emotional reaction when he let’s him go. A time of passage perhaps, first shown with Jessie’s story in TS2. Wonderfully written story. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater during the initial run, but I think the wife and I are going to see it before the run ends.

      • Duh… Last line should read: I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in a theater TWICE during the inital run, but I think the wife and I are going to see it AGAIN before the run ends.