Toy Story 3 Spoilers Discussion

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Toy Story 3 movie image 17 Toy Story 3 Spoilers Discussion

While we have a Toy Story 3 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the film without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. Toy Story 3 = pure win

  2. Toy Story 3 was above excellent, although I think it let Lotso off easily. I’ve never hated another other villain as much as him and he should have perished an even worse fate then being atached to the garbage truck for eternity (apparently the garbage man is Sid, weird), I mean, remember how awesome it was when Woody traumatized Sid for life in the original Toy Story?

    • Yeah, I have to agree, I wanted a far worse fate for Lotso. 8)


      • Woody and Buzz risked their own lives to safe Lotso at the trash dump and he still tried to screw them over, they should have left him to get shredded…

        • Well Woody never leaves a toy behind and it is a kids movie. I do have to say though that I did shed a few tears, where they’re about to get burned alive and when Woody is sitting on Bonnie’s porch with the rest of the other toys and says, “So long partner.”

          • The guy that took Lotso at the end wasn’t Sid. The toys rode back to Andy’s with Sid, another worker grabbed Lotso.

    • the particular garbage man who finds Lotso isnt sid,

      Sid is the one with the headphones rocking out

  3. 2 out of 144 critics didn’t like this movie! So closee to 100% SO CLOSE!

    • Those critics were idiots, one complained how it was too depressing while the other was complaining that the movie was pro consumerism and treated the viewers as “suckers”

      • I don’t know why Armond White is even allowed to be on RottenTomatoes. He’s a contrarian ass who’s purpose in life seems to be only to go against common sense when it comes to opinions of films.


        • I totally agree with you Vic. Armond White gives Fresh reviews to crappy movies and gives Rotten reviews to great movies. He gave a fresh review to Jonah Hex. He also HATES Pixars UP, Avatar, and The Dark Knight, and more. He should be banned.

        • he said that Hamm was a villian,

          i dont think he watched more than the first 4 minutes of that movie

  4. Then I’ve really got to see it now because according to Ranters here on Screenrant, this movie seems to be a five star masterpiece. Vic I think you should give it a give star if this keeps going up that way :-)

  5. Anyone else see that Star Wars reference in the movie? (I shouted out Return of the Jedi when I saw it).

    • What about the Indiana Jones bit in the beginning? lol

    • A few people have mentioned the Return of the Jedi reference. That is my fave of the Star Wars movies but I’m ashamed to say that I missed it. What was it?

      • Big Baby tossing Lotso in the dump, ala Vader tossing Palpatine in the . . . energy pit . . . thing.

  6. Loved everything about it. From the Day and Night short to the satisfying goodbye we are left with. Agree with Jose that Lotso got off way too easy. I mean, maybe that would have been an acceptable fate prior to the scene in the junkyard, but after not pressing the stop button… he deserved worse than being strapped to a garbage truck. It didn’t even seem like he had a motive compared to Sid in Toy Story and the Prospector in Toy Story 2. However, the 3D didn’t really add that much (still think How to Train Your Dragon is the best 3D I’ve seen), but that doesn’t detract from the overall experience.

    Is this the greatest trilogy ever?

    • Hey man, it’s “when” not “wen.” Not being a d—, just letting you know in case it might get you a lower score in your next English paper or something. Anyway, agree with you there, the Spanish song at the end was funny because it was the same “You got a friend in me” song from the beginning, but in Spanish, lol.

  7. sid wasent the one trying to tie up the toys, sid was the one in the beginning listening to heavy metal and the skull shirt! i thought it would be obvious with the shirt and all.

  8. The graphics really have improved so much with this third installment. I thought it was a bit of overkill at the beginning with all the animation effects, it was cool, but it was just so much at once that it felt like they were trying to show off (though they have good reason to show off).
    The inferno in the end was amazing. It looked incredible, and even though you knew the toys would survive somehow, it was still really intense.
    And I like how they brought everything full circle, from Buzz becoming a rival again to the reference to the claw (especially loved how the claw saved them in the end) and to Emperor Zorg showing up at the end.

  9. Darn Lotso! I hate him so much! There was a lump in my throat when they reached for each other’s hands and I had to keep telling myself that no one can die in a kid`s movie!
    I also never knew Sid was there…
    I just wish Andy’s other toys had been there.

  10. anyone else have a flood of flashbacks in the beginning when Andy is playing with his toys like an Action movie. i did that all the time and it just gave me the best feeling. and the Ending was so perfect.

  11. Was anyone else heartbroken about Bo peep?..

    • Oh God yes, why was she not in the movie, did the actress die or something?

      • That didn’t stop them from including Slinky Dog. My guess is they needed the non-spotlight characters gone to illustrate the tough losses the group has already suffered. As Peep never left Andy’s room to go on the adventures in the first 2, but was Woody’s love interest, it makes sense to cut her from this film. Helps us to emotionally connect with Woody.

    • ME!!!!! :_(
      And Wheezy and Sketch and RC…

  12. Did anyone catch any references to other Pixar films?
    I was too caught up in the awesome-ness of the film to take note of any…

    • Peter,

      Same here. Only thing I noticed was a poster that rung a bell for me in Andy’s room, but now I can’t remember what it was for…


    • I read somewhere that there is suppose to be a new “Cars” charecter hidden in one of the rooms, but i got too caught up in the movie to look myself.

    • I only noticed the Pizza Planet truck Lotso, the baby, and the clown were on in the rain. And A113, which is the license plate on Andy’s mom’s car (In the first and third.) The ball with the star was present in the daycare center, I believe when it was showing the playground. Up also showed Lotso the teddybear. Oh yeah, Sid’s also present but I didn’t find that out until after the movie. He’s apparently the garbage man, the one who’s rocking out.

  13. The lion was hilarious, I wanted more of him, and that’s about the only ‘flaw’ I can think of this masterpiece. Saw it on IMAX 3D and will probably go see it again once it is less crowded.

  14. Oh yeah,Sid was the guy listening to music. I havent seen the skull shirt. I think itd be cool if he was the one who tied lotso in the truck. God i love this movie! Have to see it a third time! And armond white is a rotten guy. Why hasnt he gotten fired?!?

  15. see, ricky listens to me

  16. @KenJ
    I know its “when” just too lazy to type it lol!
    Me too!!!
    Yeah,Next time i see it ima focus on Sid….

  17. I loved this movie so much! I grew up with these films and think it was an excellent way to end the series (maybe?). I have to admit though, I was getting pretty pissed off at the end where they were going towards the incinerator!

    Anyone else?

  18. No it was a great ending! Love that they were in peril! And if this was the last one,y didnt it say the end at the end?!?

  19. Haven’t seen it yet but from what I’ve heard Lotso is like the cruelest villain TS has had. Torturing Buzz so badly to becoming like a brainwashed slave of his, leaving the toys to their death, beating the poor telephone, abusing and imprisoning the toys at the daycare center. Boy, we haven’t had a bad guy like that since Sid who was a sadist. I can’t wait to go see it.

    • You know way too much about the movie for someone who hasn’t seen it.

      Lotso is one of the vilest villains in Disney history, though.

  20. HLM,youll LOVE it. Trust me!!!!

  21. lotso IS very mean to the toys. and he yelled at big baby. creepy buy cute, that one!

  22. Yeah,hes meaner than sid.I wish lotso fell into the fire,but his fate is still good…..

  23. Loved this movie cried at the end laugh til I almost peed myself and had sweet dreams when I went home even though I was scared to death by that monkey and baby

  24. Absolutely fantastic movie! Loved every minute, and it was my first 3D experience, which was okay. I’d try a 3D movie again. But, agree Lotso was a great villain, that’s what makes a great movie. I had a lump in my throat and tear in my eye by the end. I do hope this is the last film, because it does them justice, gives closure and makes the series very fulfilling. There better not be sequels, because after this… I just don’t see the point anymore.

  25. @Ricky18

    Yeah, his fate was good. It’s funny that the other toys tied up to the truck said “Hey, you might wanna keep your mouth shut!”

  26. i LOVED lotso, until i found out he was evil

  27. @Galoni
    Yeah,I know! Its amazing how much imagination the folks at pixar have! The “claw” thing was brilliant! I also noticed that in the first toy story,Andy says that slinky has a forcé field and the dinasour can eat forcé fields,which is wat is shown in the beginning of part 3!!!!!

  28. Wow, I thought this was just plain awesome way to end the Pixar movie that started it all!
    The only complaint I had was that it seemed a little more… dark? Some of the children around me screamed when they saw the monkey and when Big Baby turned his head like that. @__@;
    It was almost like it lost some of its innocence, but don’t flame me just yet- I couldn’t stop my tears for at least 20 minutes after the movie ENDED during those last few scenes. I can’t believe an animation did that to me!

    I was also extremely grateful for those little extra clips before the credits? I feel like it was the final closer and exactly what I needed- otherwise I’d still be sobbing quietly over Andy leaving, even if they did end up with a wonderful new owner~