Toy Story 3 Spoilers Discussion

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Toy Story 3 movie image 17 Toy Story 3 Spoilers Discussion

While we have a Toy Story 3 review where you can leave comments, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers about the film without worrying about ruining it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have.

Discuss away!

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  1. So I saw the film last night, and I was actually, at the margin, disappointed given all the hype and positive reviews. If UP! and Ratatouille were 10/10, I would Nemo and Toy Story 1 a 9/10, and TS3 a 7/10.

    I’m probably the only person on here who’s of this opinion, and I’m not a parent, so those parents out in the blogosphere will probably have my head for saying this, but I thought they could have ended the film much better than they did: by letting the toys perish in the landfill. It crossed my mind for about 5 seconds as I was watching it that Pixar might try to top the tear jerker opening of UP! and let the toys die, before they were too predictably saved by The Claw. It is far too adult a subject matter for children, I grant you, but so is most of UP! and even Ratatouille. Pixar makes adult films (Obviously I dont mean the XXX genre)disguised as children’s movies and I think most have figured that out. I thought the most powerful moment in the whole film was as the toys were sliding to their death, someone (Jessie I think) says “what do we do now?” and there is no answer, they all accept their fate, and are at peace, and had they just faded to a montage of the Toys’ lives (as if it were flashing before their eyes) for a few minutes and then have ended the movie, there would have been people sobbing in the aisles, children absolutely disappointed, but would have made for one of the most cathartic endings in the History of cinema. Why do we have to have happy endings in kids movies? I know thats the cliche and we dont want to harm their emmotions, but facts of life are that there is death, and that the “good guys” dont always end up where they are supposed to and “bad guys” aren’t always punished to the extent that they should be (in fact they almost never are), and this is not a dynamic that is going to change, it is just a fact of life. If Pixar had had the guts to put it into this film (as they did with the scene in UP where we realize Ellie is sterile) it would have made for one of the most memorable (albeit tragic) endings in movie history. Ultimately I know all the reasons why they didnt wrap up the trilogy like this, but I just feel it would have made for a more moving experience if they had.

    Just one man’s opinion, I’m sure 99.9% of you disagree

    • I’m sure you were jumping for joy when the dog died in Marley and Me, lol.

  2. That “Hamlet” joke during the end credits is honestly the most unfunny and painful joke I have heard in a very very long time. It doesn’t help I work at a theater and have to hear it at least 10 times a day.

  3. Jeeze Josh! I’d bet you’re right: Better than 99 percent of the viewing public would disagree with your ending! Remember that along with all great capitalistic enterprises, movies must also make money. If Pixar killed off the toys, the wailing from the general public as well as the reviewers would cause a financial collapse of Pixar films. I know if they tried such a dumb ending, I would NEVER see another Pixar film, at least I wouldn’t pay to see it. But beyond the financial aspect of all this, killing the toys would have been a horrible and totally unsatisfying ending. Having Andy give his toys to Bonnie at the end was touching enough, and watching Andy’s reaction as Woody waved goodbye too him forever should have been poignant enough for anyone.

    • I took my 9 year old to see it and unfortunately most of the beauty of the film was lost to him. I am also a little miffed that the film made a grown man in front of his 9 year old son.

      Seriously though, the film was fantastic and exceeded my wildest expectations. I can’t believe that the creative geniuses could pack so much feeling into it, especially Andy’s subtle expressions. Those animators are fantastic and deserve every bit of credit they can get.

  4. Yea this toy story had a very sad ending, and i grew up watching 1 and 2 so i could say this movie rew up with me, I’m a senior now and soon im gonna be of to college like andy, thats how i related to the movie, at the end i couldnt help but cry, remembering my childhood, my old toys that i replaced with video games.. and how fast time passes by. as much as i would love to have toy story 4 i belive this is the perfect end to Toy Story.

  5. Such a fantastic film with a sad, but very well thought out ending. I totally agree that killing off the characters would have been a horrible ending to a film that I have grown up with my whole life. It had me in tears at the end from Andy’s expression when Woody waved goodbye and Toy Story is definitely something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. After waiting eleven years, the film certaintly lived up to my expectations, and every animator of Pixar should be congratulated hugely.

  6. Overall, great. And I agree with the review.

    But I have one bone to pick. My 4.5 YO can only talk about the scary monkey. It really spooked him and I thought they could have made it a little less in-your-face. It wasn’t really necessary for the story and it took away from the little guy’s viewing pleasure.

    • Yah, I can definitely see how the humor in the monkey can be lost in little children. They were intentionally trying to imitate how other movies try to make certain characters creepy, but they did it in such an exagerrated manner that it was supposed to be humorous, but little children only see the creepy part and will not get the joke. So I agree, but I actually think that there’s more about the movie that is also not completely appropriate for young kids, I think they kind of targetted adults who were the fans of the originals a little in this movie… Some say it probably should have been PG rated, I actually can’t argue with that too much…

  7. I love toy story 3!
    Evidently not as much as starr wars cos it rukes!
    Star wars i mean, star wars rules. I watch the film every day – I know the words off by heart. I love starwars.

    Toy story was brilliant but star wars was simnply resplendent. I currently am in waiting for my name benedict to be altered to… Starwarsion. I simply love str wars. My only friends are those that have fol,lowed str wars as much as I have their names are; Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Palpatine.

    Toy sory was increasingly appealing to the sensual star wars community, to which i am a believer.

    May the force be with you.
    Benedict Starwardia (soon to be Starwarsion Starwardia)

  8. Who’s gonna c it again!!! before its off the big, silver, 3d screen?

  9. I may be the only one who noticed this, but the scene where the toys are sliding into the fire reminded me SO much of the scene in The Last Starfighter where the Kodan admiral dies, that I cracked up laughing right in the middle of the movie’s saddest part.

    For those who have not seen The Last Starfighter, the bad guys have just lost in this scene and their mothership is going down in flames into some planet’s gravity field, headed for imminent death (almost exactly like Toy Story 3). On top of that, the last we see of the [awesome] bad guys, the Kodan, is when the admiral and another officer are in the control room. The admiral has his visor up (like Buzz), and the other officer, with the ship burning around him, looks at him and says, “What do we do?” Flipping his visor down, the admiral says matter-of-factly, “We die.”

    And then the whole thing blows up and it is epic. I mean, I loved the ending they did, but if not that one, Buzz should definitely have gone for the TLS reference and gone down in flames. ‘Twould have been hilarious.

    Did anyone else notice the similarity, or is it just me?