Will ‘Toy Story 3′ Win Best Picture? Disney’s Chairman Thinks So

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Toy Story 3 Oscars Best Picture 570x356 Will Toy Story 3 Win Best Picture? Disneys Chairman Thinks So

The Academy Awards are still a few months away, and while some of its biggest contenders are yet to be released in theaters, Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross feels the competition is already over. Ross feels confident that Disney/Pixar’s latest gem Toy Story 3 will be the first animated feature (and first Disney film, for that matter) to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Since the Academy changed the number of nominees to 10 last year, Toy Story 3 is sure to be a lock for a nomination at the very least. Ross’ argument is sound, albeit a bit haughty. The competition is steep this season, but Disney/Pixar has its most promising opportunity since Beauty and the Beast was nominated in 1991.

Last year Up earned a Best Picture nomination, but fell to The Hurt Locker. This year’s group of potential nominees seems much tougher than those from last year. That said, Ross is tired of hoping for a Best Picture win and walking away with just a Best Animated Feature award.

The chairman didn’t hold back in an interview with Deadline on the possibility of an unprecedented victory:

“We’re going for the Best Picture win. We wanted to have the best movie and the reviews have clearly said that and it’s the number one box office hit of the year so I’m not sure why we would not go for it all.”

“The theory is pretty simple for us. It’s thrilling that there is a separate category for animation and that allows animated movies to be recognized but for some reason an animated film has never gotten Best Picture and I always wondered was there not an appetite? We decided this year we have the biggest and best reviewed film of the year. If not this year, and not this movie, when?”

His confidence may be brash, but it is far from misplaced. If the Academy is in line with the majority of critics, Toy Story 3 is the early frontrunner. But the box office argument is a bit overzealous. Only two of the seven movies that have grossed over $1 billion worldwide have won Best Picture – Titanic (1997) and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003). While it doesn’t hurt Toy Story 3‘s chances, it won’t sell the Academy.

‘For Your Consideration’ campaigns always rub me the wrong way. If a film is the best of the year, it should speak for itself. Why does a studio need to remind the industry of its superb quality? Unfortunately, the answer is simple: business. We don’t complain about Pepsi commercials when the company clearly needs no help in selling product (well, we do, but you know what I mean). In addition, if you quintuple your production budget, the least you can do is dish out a few more dollars for an Oscar campaign – especially one as cool as Toy Story 3‘s.

Disney/Pixar has launched a public campaign to target Academy voters, loaded with posters that tip a hat to past award winners. Like a high school student council campaign, the flashiest and most dedicated nominee may push itself to the top. If that is the case, Toy Story 3 is ahead of the curve.

Check out one of the posters below. Ironically, it features a nod to Shakespeare in Love – a Best Picture winner shrouded in the controversial rumor that the Weinsteins “bought the Oscar.” Considering its competition, it sure seemed like a suspicious victory.

Toy Story 3 Oscar poster Shakespeare in Love Will Toy Story 3 Win Best Picture? Disneys Chairman Thinks So

Mr. Pricklepants channels his inner Shakespeare

So what kind of chance does Toy Story 3 have in the upcoming Academy Awards? Surely it will be the cream of the crop. But when votes pour in, will it earn the most? Competition is steep, but also unpredictable right now.

Popular opinion has already reserved a few spaces for the final ten nominations. Christopher Nolan’s Inception and David Fincher’s The Social Network exploded on the scene with rave reviews.

But it seems the majority of potential nominees’ films might release in the coming weeks. According to early reviews, Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, Peter Weir’s The Way Back, The Coen Brothers’ True Grit, David O. Russell’s The Fighter and Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech are all top notch contenders for the final 10 Best Picture slots. All release between now and the Oscar deadline.

Toy Story 3 Oscar campaign Lord of the Rings Will Toy Story 3 Win Best Picture? Disneys Chairman Thinks So

Woody, Buzz and Jessie run from a monkey stampede in 'Toy Story 3'

Members of the Academy are considered a fickle bunch, infamous for picking the more artistic films over generally beloved blockbusters. The Dark Knight and Avatar are a pair of films from the past two years that provided voters an opportunity to side with the fans, but were passed over for Slumdog Millionare and The Hurt Locker (great films in their own right).

Toy Story 3 is the rare instance where critics and the general public seem to be in agreement. A victory for the animated feature will surely win over the show’s dilapidated crowd. Let’s face it, the Oscars are in dire need of a popularity boost. Whether it was your favorite film of 2010 or not, few people would argue against a victory for Toy Story 3.

Do you agree with Rich Ross that Toy Story 3 deserves the Oscar? What film from this year do you want to see walk home with the top prize?

Source: Deadline

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  1. I would be EXTREMELY happy if Toy Story 3 won! YEAHHH!!!!!! I hope it wins it deserves it….

  2. well last year there were 10 noms but it was really down to “Hurt Locker” and “Avatar”

    this year i think it will be a toss up for “Inception” “Social Network” and “Toy Story”. its anyones game

  3. “Animated” and “Sequel” are both big no-nos historically for a Best Picture win. The last serious animated contender for BP was Beauty and the Beast, and I don’t see how Toy Story 3 even deserves a nomination. It’s not bad by any means (much better than I was expecting) but it wasn’t even the best animated movie this year – in my book, that goes to How to Train Your Dragon.

    • Yea….. Uh….Yea……

    • I agree, How to Train Your Dragon was a better movie, Roger Ebert was right about Toy Story 3, it was good, but far from Pixar’s best work IMO.

      • I don’t understand how anyone could say How To Train Your Dragon is better than Toy Story 3. I thought it was extremely forgettable. Not even as good as Despicable Me or Megamind. It was cute at the most.

  4. To me it doesn’t matter if they win it or not! The movie was truly great, and will surely win best animated pic. I doubt the academy will go the mainstream way.

    Either way you gotta love them for promoting themselves and those pics they’ve come up with are really hilarious! :P

  5. I have always felt that the Animated Fim category was created to Prevent a Best Picture win by an Animated Film..
    I hope their push for Best Picture doesnt affect their chance at winning Best Animated Film.

  6. Toy Story 3 was in no way the best movie, not that it wasn’t great…I was even tearing up at the end…but the movie as a stand alone really doesn’t have the chops. The reason so many people saw it was because IT WAS THE THIRD TOY STORY MOVIE. The emotional response it got wasn’t because the movie delved deep into the life of the characters…it’s because I grew up with Buzz and Woody, without the first two movies it is just a movie about toys. It doesn’t deserve the award, but if it doesn’t get a nod then I will be ticked.

    • Much agreed! Toy Story 3 was a solid film but by no means a stand alone worthy of being the first animated movie to win best picture. IMO Up had a better chance last year due to its qualities as a single film.

  7. No question Toy Story 3 was a great film and deserves a top 10 nom. But I can think of at least 4 movies this year that were far better; Inception and The Social Network are a lock, Scott Pilgrim deserves a nom but won’t get one, and The Town, which has a slim chance of getting one. I also fully expect to enjoy Black Swan, True Grit, and The Fighter more than Toy Story.

  8. It doesn’t need a “Best Picture” nomination, it only needs a “Best Animated Picture” nomination. The Academy needs to only have the “Best Picture” category be for live-action movies only. Don’t get wrong, Toy Story 3 was great but I just think it needs to stay in it’s own category that’s all I’m saying.

    • You’re a movie-racist!

      • LOL! You should add that term to Urban Dictionary or something.

  9. inception :)

  10. I loved the TOWN it was amazing. That one definitely needs to be in the top 10.

    • Town was great. one of my top 10 this year. but i dont think even the studio is gonna push it much for a nom

  11. I would LOVE to see Toy Story 3 win, but I saw Inception for the first time last night and was completely blown away! I’d love to see either of them win, and I’d like to see The Social Network nominated. I’m not so
    sure it’s a great idea to push it the way they’re doing though. That may backfire.

  12. I see Social Network winning the Oscar not Toy Story 3.


  14. I think Pixar, as awesome as I hold their work, will have to transcend their current library to even one more level beyond to earn a Best Picture win. Ratatouille, to me, was and is their closest to that yet.

    I’ve had this fantasy in my head in which Chris Nolan directs a Pixar film (he already plans out all his story details in pre-production just like animated films already do out of necessity, so perfect match there). A film with equal measures of head and heart, and tons of both, an animated film that is undeniably adult oriented but ‘safe’ for kids to watch even if they won’t get the bigger picture.

    • In other words, it has to be an ‘idea’ film with heart.

      Pixar films up to now have specialized mostly on their exceptional heart, but the ideas they center around aren’t as challenging as I think a Best Picture nod should demand (simple ideas are often great ones too, it’s not a detractor in this case to call them simple, because they are not simple-minded)

      Do I think they are capable of this? Absolutely, but they have to push themselves deeper into uncharted territory.

  15. toy story 3 was by far pixars worst animated film in my oppinion and all my friends it deffinatlly doesnt deserve a nomination let alone best picture.

    • How is Toy Story 3 Pixar’s worst film? Are you serious? Their worst is probably Cars or The Incredibles.

  16. I’d prefer it if the Academy didn’t cave into network pressure for ratings and actually picked their Best Picture based on what they thought was best, rather than what would give them a ratings boost. But that’s just me.

  17. I actually think Toy Story 3 is the best pixar film to date.

  18. Way to early to tell, but I don’t think it will win for numerous reasons.

  19. Well according to most authorities on the subject of oscar nominations, Toy Story is not the favourite right now. That is between The Social Network and The King’s Speech, With 127 Hours just behind them. Toy Story 3, along with those, Inception and possibly The Kids Are All Right all appear to be safe bets for a nomination right now. The there are films like Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit(the only real contender not even released at a festival yet), Winter’s Bone, Another Year, Rabbit Hole and a couple of others that are on the edge. Toy Story 3 is in with a chance but unlikely right now.

    As far as being the best reviewed film of the year, im assuming they are basing this theory on 99% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However the approval rating only shows how many critics thought the film was good, rather than being bad, not exactly how good they thought it was. A more accurate view is the average rating score, which for Toy Story 3 is an astonishingly high 8.8., but The Social Network has an even higher rating of 9.0. The Social Network also has a higher rating on Metacritic.

    My personal favourite of the year is Inception, but like Toy Story 3, I feel it’s only an outsider to win the whole thing.

  20. There is a best animated category and Toy Story 3 is an animated fim, therefore it falls under that category. Simple as that really.

    Haven’t seen Slumdog millionaire but the Hurt Locker was the most overated film of 2009. Still can’t see what critics saw in that film, though it was a very good cure for imsomnia.

    It’s funny how in the 90s the Academy was criticised for selecting the box office hits and ignoring the smaller independant films.

  21. I have kinda lost faith on the oscars as them giving slumdog millionaire te best picture of the year when it was horrible. I haven’t seen toy story 3 yet but I will but I think that’s the studios should not be able to campaign for their film unless it was an indie or along the lines of that. That said either inception, town, deathly gallows part 1 or the book of Eli (if it cane out earlier this year, can’t remember if it did or if it was late last year.

    • You call SM ‘horrible’, but Book of Eli wasn’t? Me thinks not.

      • Yes SM was horrible, and The Book of Eli was pretty good not the greatest but good. Case in point for SM, all the stinkin flashbacks. I lost track of the movie 30 mins in. Use of flashbacks can be used effective as in The Prestige, which enhance the story, in this movie it didnt it was useless. You could never get attached to any of the characters, so at the end whenever he won and then got beat up what was the point. And the dance scene….I’m not going there. But this is my opinion as i know a few of my friends that like it so I’m not gonna bash people’s opinions on a film.

        • SM was a good film, whether or not It won for best picture at least compared to The Book Of Eli. How one can loose track in SM is kinda odd to me seeing how all the flash backs were in chronological order. The Prestige was great but it used them to hide the twist, two different ways of using them. What was the point? You could use that argument on ANY film.

          • It lost me, I just couldnt get in to the movie or understand why things where happening even when i was paying close attention. But like I said thats just me.

        • The Dance scene was there because Danny Boyle wanted the film to be like a bollywood movie.

  22. I just (finally) watched Toy Story 3 today and I gotta say I thought it was very very good. Best picture? Maybe. I wouldn’t make any bets on it though…

  23. Inception deserves it the most, but social network will probably take it. But I completely cried at toy story 3′s ending.

    • Social Network won’t win. Great movie though it was, I can’t see it taking more than a Best Actor or Best Cinematography win. Maybe Best Director, but I think Nolan has Fincher beat. And as great as Inception was, an animated film still has a better chance than a sci-fi one does, I think.

      So unless something else comes along twixt then and now, the only way they can get away with not giving the win to Toy Story is if they flat-out admit animated films are disqualified.

      • There’s still Black Swan, True Grit and some other Oscar bait movies yet to be released too.

  24. just because a movie makes you cry doesn’t mean it deserves best picture..Up did the same thing-and it still lost. Also there are 10 choices again this year-but don’t expect that film to be in it..Sherlock Holmes should’ve been nominated last year and that didn’t even get mentioned-it probably won’t this year..As usual-there will be films on the list that NO ONE has ever seen except 5 liberals in Hollywood and they will end up on the list-The Reader anyone??

    Inception has a good chance of winning but there are still a few out there that though they didn’t break the box office they may still end up on the list: Clint’s The Hereafter, Ryan Reynold’s Buried(Is this ever coming out??)and Danny Boyle’s 127 hours are still out there..

    but my bet-its going to be hard between Black Swan and The Way back and Inception..the only curve ball I see is if any of “The girl” films get nominated with Noomi Rapace getting nominated for Best Actress as well as the True Grit remake getting nominated…Toy Story 3???ehh..

  25. I think the Oscars are a joke. Look at some of the pictures that won best picture in the past 10 years for example: Chicago, No Country for Old Men, Million Dollar Baby, Crash, Slumdog Millionaire, and the Hurt Locker. None of these movies did particularly well at the box office and imo all of these movies did not even deserve to be considered for best Picture. I mean come on Chicago? That movie was trash.

    Do I think Toy Story deserves best picture? No and yes. No because I do not think that even thus far it has been the best movie of the year nor the best movie from the series (1 & 2 were better in imo). But yes because the series as a whole DEFINATELY deserves some recognition. This is the same scenario as the Lor of the RIngs trilogy. The third movie got the award for the series, not just for the movie itself.

    So would I be dissapointed if Toy Story 3 won best picture, not at all. But I do think that Inception is a much better choice. Inception was really the movie of the year and the idea behind it was great. Everything from start to finish was perfect and the movie left you wanting more. Furtheremore the controversy and discussion that it spurred was enormous and is still going on. The ending left everyone speculating an debating as to what they believed happened. It inspired to see the movie over and over again. It had great actors (Dicaprio), solidified the career of a director/writer (Nolan), and raised the tempo on actors’ careers (Hardy). In short, it was teh must see and most memorable film of the year and if the Oscars want to give the best picture not to a film that deserves it well Inception is it.

    Unfortunately the Oscars SUCK, and we will probably get some trash independant film instead.

    • The only movie I’m gonna object to is No Country for Old Men. That was a good film. The others I could agree with except Hurt Locker cause I havent seen it.

      I dont think the Oscars suck, I think it has just lost its importance to the average movie watcher.

      • @tasouli i agree to disagree..No Country,Crash and The Hurt Locker -in the end are great films and should’ve won and have won…The problem is that half of the films that do get nominated, have only been seen by 1%v of the populace and that being those in the know in Hollywood and in the big cities-like New York,Chicago,Atlanta..Other than that most viewers base their ideas on what will win only after the Golden Globes..Last year and the year before,winners were thought to have it in the bag come oscar time -fell much shorter than thought-perfect examples: Brokeback Mountain, and Avatar.
        I was glad that Hurt Locker won last year because that proved that hollywood hadn’t been completely handed over to the liberals and phonies who tend to push their “agenda” films every oscar season..
        Also it helps to know who the head cats are that are in charge at the Academy..Carrie Fisher is one, Sidney Poitier and Cameron Crowe are high up there..But Tom Hanks is the President last i checked and when he came out to give the award for best pic last year-well it was obvious-he’s a big fan of war film..

        So it will be interesting-still have to wait for the Golden globes..

    • So box office take determines a movies merit? That’s silly, art shouldn’t be based on financial gain. And No Country, and Crash were excellent movies. Chicago I agree was bad.

      • No box office doesnt determine a movies merit but so doesnt the Oscars. Its what you think. Oscars said Slumdog Millionaire was the best picture, I hated it. Oscars said No Country was the best picture, I love it. The Oscars are there for the people who make the films, the box office tells the film was successful. Just because a film does good in box office and oscars doesnt mean that a movie is good, thats up for you to decided.

        • I think the point being made here isn’t that Oscar confers legitimacy to the audience so much as it is whether or not you think that the academy members should be using B.O. as a factor in their judgment.

          I mean, you’re saying (correctly) that people shouldn’t infer that an Oscar should influence your opinion of a film, but conversely, so shouldn’t academy members be swayed by popular opinion.

          • Yeah thats about what I’m sayin.

    • Is there some reason why an independent film can’t or shouldn’t be the best picture of the year?

      • No there isn’t any reason why they shouldn’t. Independent just means not backed by a big studio, it doesn’t define a genre. A lot of people complaining about that forget that even Nolan was nominated for an Oscar for and Indy film. Just cause the masses haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it’s trashy as one put earlier.

  26. I don’t think Toy Story or Inception will win. The oscars are well known for screwing well deserving films over some bs of a movie like the Hurt Locker or Slumdog Millionaire.
    On a side note I think the special effects Oscar shall go to Tron Legacy.

  27. There have been a few times where the oscars make good choices. Ex: The Departed and No Country for Old Men both won Best Picture. Hell yes.