See Toy Story 1 & 2 In 3D!

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toy story toy story 2 3 d re release movie poster 41 See Toy Story 1 & 2 In 3D!

In a not-so-shocking breaking story, Disney has announced that it is going to continue to do what it does best: rework old classics, re-release them, and re-make a boat-load of money. Only this go-round, Disney/Pixar will be taking Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and re-releasing both films in THREE DIMENSIONS!

Come October 2nd, Disney/Pixar has scheduled a short-run release of the Toy Story films as a double feature.  For two weeks only (and then surely on Blu-Ray as a quintuple disk package with life-sized plush toys included) the films will play in theaters to teams of screaming ten-year-olds, and those who were ten when the originals were released but are now… Twenty-five… Whoa.

As stated, the Toy Story 3D double feature is set for release in the U.S. on October 2nd.  However, the films will premiere September 2-23, 2009, at the 66th Venice Film Festival, according to Variety.

This may look like another attempt at global domination by Disney, but in actuality, the films’ release appear to be merely harbingers of things to come; a move to drum up some chatter about the upcoming release of the third installment in the Toy Story series, the aptly and creatively named Toy Story 3. Scheduled to debut in the summer of 2010, the third installment will be directed by Lee Unkrich, who has worked on the previous two films first as an editor, then as a co-director – Toy Story 3 will also retain the voice talents of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen as leads Woody and Buzz Lightyear, respectively.

toy story1 See Toy Story 1 & 2 In 3D!

Its difficult to justify paying what could be over $25 a ticket for films that you can purchase used and still simulate the 3D experience by sitting too close to your TV. But with Pixar behind the wheel, it’s safe to say this re-release will probably have a few tricks up its sleeve that will prove to make this four-and-a-half-hour moviegoing experience worth it. However, at this point, little is known about any special features of the event.

It does seem kinda silly to go see a movie that’s only 15-years-old for a few gimicky additions like 3D broomsticks in the eye, or toys flying offscreen into the theater. But between you and me: I’m actually the guy already standing in line, waiting for opening night tickets.  See you there.

toy story toy story 2 3 d re release movie poster 1 See Toy Story 1 & 2 In 3D!

I'm such a big Toy Story fan, Pixar gave me my own promo poster.

Sources:Variety & Collider

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  1. That could be so cool, but it will propobly never come to Pa,Washington…damn

  2. As much as I love the first two Toy Story films, I can care less about 3D.

  3. It will be CRAZY!

  4. I’ll be seeing both if only because I never got a chance to see Toy Story in the cinema and I love both films.

  5. this was announced last year.

  6. Kinda off topic but I think Disney is missing a huge opportunity…

    Disney’s “Homemade” Popcorn and Diet Popcorn, also Disney’s “Homemade” Root Beer and Diet Root Beer. They would both make ga-billions if served exclusively with Pixar /Disney films… (Could start a trend?)

    Of course Disney would provide the highest quality in Diet Popcorn and Root Beer ingredients. Their “Homemade” brand name would eventually rival Knotts Berry farm and take over at fine dining establishments such as Denneys and Hooters…

    Remember me Disney take me with you !!!

  7. That works out, I haven’t seen either one.

  8. Must I put up a sarcasm alert on a Disney post?
    ,,, 😯

  9. Not sure if you’re referring to me, because I was referring to the movies, not whatever your post was about.

  10. “like 3D broomsticks in the eye, or toys flying offscreen into the theater.”

    Just curious, do you think they will actually change the movie to add these gimmicks in or do you think making them 3D that somehow the content of the movie will include gimmickier things? I mean, did the non-3D version include broomsticks going into the screen? If not, I don’t see how that would end up in the 3D version…

  11. I doubt they’ll put in gimmicky things just for the 3D release. They may update a few things, just quality wise (add some textures maybe, an I’m mainly talking about the first toy story because as far as the graphics go, Toy Story 2 is a huge leap in quality)

    But I saw Bolt in both normal and 3D and they didn’t seem to want to go for the gimmick there. I feel John Lasseter would kind of be against that, I feel he has a little more integrity than that (actually, having heard him in audio commentaries, I now picture him reading this comment and laughing manically, but I still stand by that statement).

  12. @Joshi, 3D is a subliminal marketing scam, that if allowed to proliferate will only add to the masses of mindless Disney consumers…
    Is my round about point of view,,,

  13. @790

    I’ve made no secret of my disdain for 3D, I feel it’s a fad that adds absolutely nothing to a movie (if the movie is better for the 3D it wasn’t much of a movie to begin with and will only be worse in a home environment, if it’s no better with 3D, then what was the point in the first place).

    My comment about Lasseter was made simply to compare him to others who use 3D in an almost abusive fashion on screen (like in Monsters Vs Aliens) instead of simply to add a little depth (like in Bolt, and I only saw Bolt in 3D to see what all the fuss was about).

    Frankly, I have less disdain for Disney than I have for 3D itself. At least as far as Pixar is concerned, we can get consistently decent movies out of them, but when studios like Dreamworks come up with a “Kung Fu Panda” once every 7-8 years and then saturate the market with cheap crap like Shrek 17: Shrek and the Beanstalk… well lets just say there are many more studios I can direct my hate towards than Disney.

  14. I don’t believe for a second that Disney or Pixar would add/change scenes in order to have things flying off the screen.


  15. Well Joshi, its more than a fad they want to impliment 3-D in all movies cell phs and tv. There going to eliminate the glasses as well.

    ONE study in making 3-D Tv technology accidentally revealed, Like frequencies in old CRT TVs, now, the audio thanks to high end digital sound can mix sound we cannot even pick up consciously. However, 3-D has a special layering system in how it sends the image feed. It can use flash images and text for the viewer to pick up subconsciously.

    An article in one science journal I read mentioned this as a good way to ‘educate’ young people by making their subconscious
    pick up words in connection to the images so they learn through that.

    Oh there’s a plan going on with 3-D. Disney is a big part of it so are hollywood biggies such as Katzenberg and even Cameron…

  16. I know there’s a big plan going on with 3D and it was pretty inevitable that a giant like Disney would be in on it (and we all knew about Cameron and Katzenberg). I still say it’s a fad, no matter how much backing it gets, at the end of the day it all comes down to the consumer and if we the public get tired of something that is little more than a gimmick (and it won’t be that hard), it doesn’t matter how much Disney’s backing it.

    As for the subliminal images thing, any chance you could link me to said article or let me know which publication it was? I’d be interested to read it.

  17. I read that several years ago before Katzenberg made the announcment that he wanted to see all movies in 3D within 10 years. Back then I wasn’t paying as much attention to 3D. I remember it was kinda funny how the article claimed that the sublimnal properties were going to be used as an educational tool. Over the next few months the story and its future educational benefits seemed to fade away.

    Keep in mind Joshi that when the theaters upgrade their movie theaters to full digital 3D/ compatible. All this subliminal technology comes right along with it. The film doesn’t have to be 3D to impliment this. So as you can see the 3D push that Hollywood is bent on developing has many applications…

  18. Oh…yeah.

    Okay, yeah, that’s cool.

  19. Joshi, it was probably a .org website, if it says .org it means they are completely truthful. I tried buying a .org version of my domain and the internet police pulled me over because my website was too full of crap, which isn’t allowed on .org websites. So when doing research, make sure it’s .org, that information is 100% reliable, fully enforced. The internet police force’s virtual numbers are increasing virtually every day.

    What I just typed right there would never be allowed on a .org website. 😀

    I do hate 3D gimmicks like Beowulf 3D or whatever, with the constant pointing things into the screen crap, but I did like Up in 3D, not that it wasn’t good in 2D, but it did immerse you a little bit more in my opinion. But it’s an option, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it in 3D, so I don’t see what all of the fuss is against it. Nobody’s forcing it on you.

  20. Kej

    I work for a .org, trust me, we’re anything but truthful.

    And we’re one of the nice ones.

  21. I was joking around Joshi, lol. But you know what’s funny? in a lot of forums I’ve been to, people tend to like to cite .org websites. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but after a while, it seemed like people were avoiding citing anything with .com or anything else, and it was exclusively .org. So I started asking if they actually think it being a .org website makes it more trustworthy and they actually think it does! 😀

    Well, I have a .com website, even though I’m not a company, lol. I wanted a .us domain but the .com was cheaper at the time, and I just wanted to avoid .org lol.

    Who do you have hosting for you? I have 1&1 and LOVE it, fast, ample features and storage, and cheapest around that I could find.

  22. Ken

    So was I. 😉 It’s annoying trying to convey tone on the internet.

    And I said I work for a .org… not actually a .org website (though we do have one), but simply an organisation. 😉 Don’t know who hosts our website.

  23. I’d watch Toy Story 1&2 again in 3d. I don’t think it’s a gimmick and can enhance immersion. I really enjoyed Coraline in 3d and that horror movie who’s name I forget. I wouldn’t want to watch every movie in 3d though because some genres simply don’t need it like romcoms or dramas.

  24. I’m excited for this. The trailer gave me the chills. I forgot how much I loved all the characters from both Toy Story films! Question- Will there be intermission between the two films? I couldn’t sit in a theater that long! I would eventually need to use the restroom, but I wouldn’t want to leave the theater, but then I’d be holding it in and be really uncomfortable and wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the movie! So… hopefully an intermission will be included between the two films. Also, I think this is a very smart idea on Disney and Pixar’s part to make hype for the third installment.

  25. They wil have a 10 minute intermision. But thats also when they have the toy story characters sticking thier hands out at you, jumping out the screen…. etc.

  26. Might see this tomorrow… That or Zombieland, lol.