Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

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cap and thor toy fair Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

We here at Screen Rant have agents in many places, but even we can’t be everywhere at once. Unfortunately, one of those places-we-are-not is the 2010 Toy Fair, where a bunch of toys (ahem, “collectibles”) inspired by your favorite superheroes and/or movies are all being unveiled to the geek adult public.

The great thing about the Toy Fair is that gives us an early look at some of the character designs for highly-anticipated upcoming superhero movies like Iron Man 2, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America and more. Want to get a sneak peek? then check out our photo gallery tour of some of the highlights at the 2010 Toy Fair.

Check out selection of photos below, with links to full galleries at the sites which were kind enough to share their Toy Fair experience with the rest of us lazy bums.It’s almost like being at the Toy Fair!

First up, a nice little roundup of toys that include figures inspired by Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor!

MTV Splash Page and Latino Review provided a nice little video tour of the Iron Man 2 figures and accessories, with photos to go along with and a visit from a very special guest! And did you know that Iron Man has a mobile command unit? (Sorry guys, it’s not in the movie!

robert downey jr toy fair Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
They’ll let almost anybody in here these days…
iron man 2 operation game Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Iron Man gets his own version of ‘Operation’
iron man 2 armor toys2 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Every version of the Iron Man armor you can think of…
iron man 2 armor toys3 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
…But still only one version of Whiplash…
whiplash1 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Whiplash close up

iron man 2 armor toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

Finally, Collider has a more detailed hi-res gallery of the latest Iron Man toy line:


93891 new repulsor iron man Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

94370 war machine Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

24303 tony starch 2 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Have you met “Tony Starch?”

For more hi-res pics, go HERE.

Continue on to the Thor & Captain America gallery and more…


Our own Rob Keyes was one of first to highlight this Thor and Captain America figurine combo. Are these the costumes we’ll be seeing in the movies? Notice how Cap’s mask is now a helmet with wingtips painted on the side. I like.


thor captain america toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

thor toy 280x373 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

cap america toy side 280x373 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

Not to be outdone, the DC Universe showed up to play, with figures from the Green Lantern universe, Batman: Brave and the Bold and even some classic DC costumes! Thanks to for collecting this spectacular gallery!

green lantern toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Guy Gardner and Tomar-Re deluxe figurines

Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Jon Stewart and the Original GL, Alan Scott, shining their lights bright for the Green Lantern Corps:

green lantern corps toys3 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

green lantern corps toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

green lantern corps toys2 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

batman brave bold toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Toyline from ‘Batman: Brave and the Bold’
classic dc superhero toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Some Classic DC Universe

joker toy Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

…And it wouldn’t be a party without The Joker!

Continue on for toys inspired by some anticipated upcoming movies…


Finally, some figures inspired by upcoming movies (click on each image for a larger size):

kickass toy fair Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)
Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl

nightmare on elm street toys Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

The New Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley) from A Nightmare on Elm Street

predators toys 280x209 Toy Fair 2010 Gallery (Featuring Iron Man 2)

Fear the Predators

Wow, that is a lot of images, but we’re only dusting the surface (not even scratching it!)

If you want to continue on this vicarious tour of the 2010 Toy Fair, then be sure to check out all of the source links at the bottom of the post – they’ll lead you to some of the best Toy Fair Galleries currently available.

Enjoy your…collectibles.

Sources: Cool Toy Review,, /Film, Collider, MTV Splash Page, Latino Review, io9, Rebel Scum,

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  1. I know it won't happen but that's exactly how Thor and Cap should look in the movies.

    Does RDJ look really old there or what? He's awesome but I can't see him being involved with any movies beyond The Avengers.

  2. Notice that with the Captain America design, his head has been changed to the more “classic” look with real wings on his helmet/mask. Notice that the helmet design that had the German Nazi look in the back with “painted” on wings is laying on the ground(table) next to Cap's feet. I guess they've must have heard the complaints about the latter “Naziesque” looking helmet.

  3. Nothing that a little make-up and photoshop can't fix. But I do see you're point. I think he'd just want to move on and do other things. If Avengers turns out to be a trilogy I think he'd stick with it and Iron Man 3, nothing beyond that.

  4. Yeah i guess they can do anything with makeup and effects these days. Iron Man 3, if done, would be coming out around 2013 or beyond so RDJ is getting up there.

  5. Some songs that would be sweet to hear in certain movies even if played just instrumentally: 1)”Thor”; AC/DC “Thunderstruck” and KISS “God of Thunder” 2)”Iron Man 3″ TOOL “Sober” for (“demon in a bottle theme”). They should have played SYSTEM OF A DOWN “Angel's deserve to die” for the “Legion” movie. Even instrumentally it'd still be cool cuz a lot of people would know the songs without the lyrics if they thought it'd be too risky.

  6. I saw a 6-inch version of the #231 armor that Tony built after the Silver Centurion was trashed in the first Armor Wars. I have a tattoo of it:

    This is awesome!


  7. I think “Tony Starch” is kinda cute… and the guy holding the little Iron Man doll isn't too bad looking either.

    That comment wasn't too “fangirly”, was it? :-)

  8. Give the man a break, he's nearly 45! Considering what he's hoovered up over the years I think he looks remarkably chipper – he's got more hair than I have, that's for sure…

    I'm liking Tony Starch (where's Whipmash?), and if we're going to have an IM Operation then what about Rube Goldberg entering the electronic age with an Iron Man Mouse Trap?

  9. Thor's not impressed with either: looks like he's about to batter that one off his shoulders as well.

  10. Not at all. Not one single OMG or string of exclamation marks: I think you showed noteworthy restraint there! From my perspective, if it'd been a shot of Gwyneth in “those heels” I'd have had to go and boil my head…

  11. Who is the guy holding the Iron Man toy???
    I know I've seen him somewhere.
    I think I saw him in a movie, uhm, was it Twilight? High School Musical?

  12. That green armor one looks like titanium man, whiplash sounds russian and titanium man is russian so maybe we might see a 2nd villian

  13. Forget what I said its deep dive armor iron man

  14. Have to admit I thought exactly the same thing re Titanium Man when I saw that – I'm disappointed now! Interesting to see he can still shoot custard out of his hands underwater though.

  15. Thanks for the kind compliment. I admire certain Hollywood folks without going OMG or multi-exclamation mark crazy.


    Twilight High School Musical, hmmm? The possibilities of creating a sharp, witty satire are endless. Singing, dancing, sparkling vamps — what a concept! :)

  16. I'm digging the new Iron Man/Tony Stark toy that RDJ was holding. The Whiplash figure is cool too, but hopefully he will change costumes/armor later in the film.

    What I'm most excited about is those Classic DC Universe toys. I'm going to have to get some of those. I'm loving the Two-Face and Sinestro ones

  17. are you talking about Robert Downey Jr? He's Tony Stark

  18. You didn't see the picture of Mr. Potato Head as Iron Man? I thought that was so cute. :)

  19. yeah its cool

  20. You didn't see the picture of Mr. Potato Head as Iron Man? I thought that was so cute. :)

  21. yeah its cool

  22. I am searching for the 4 inch Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko action figure. Where is it? Is it THAT RARE??? Why would Hasbro do this to themselves? Everybody is going to want this toy after they see the movie, and it’s nowhere to be found. (Yes I know about the HOT TOYS version, but it’s a little overpriced for me, not that it isn’t AMAZING, because it most certainly is, but it is also readily available, unlike the 4 inch version)

    Is it just not out yet or something?

  23. i have a chibi 2010 iron man toy i bought at some flea market of some sort and i was wondering if you have some information about it.thanks for your time sir. :)
    please direct me to where i can post the pictures, thanks