New ‘Total Recall’ Trailer is Totally Epic

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In five weeks time, and two weeks before Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen for The Expendables 2, comes a remake of one of his most memorable films: Total Recall. The new adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” takes a vastly different approach in realizing a sci-fi dystopian near-future, dropping Mars and mutants in favor of a fight for land on a heavily polluted Earth.

The first Total Recall trailer caught our attention and re-familiarized us with the story of Douglas Quaid, while introducing the flashy new world created by director Len Wiseman and production designer Patrick Tatopoulos. The new Total Recall trailer however, simply aims to blow you away with more action, more spectacle and even more character bits.

Total Recall is about a man trying to find himself while questioning reality and the second Total Recall trailer – like the first one – again emphasizes Doug Quaid’s origins as a man seemingly living an ordinary life when one fateful day, he wanted to experience something more, something exciting, and got more than he bargained for.

The trailer highlights Quaid’s relationships with his wife Lori (Kate Beckinsale) and best pal Harry (Bokeem Woodbine) who are not who they seem, before moving on to showcasing the impressive visuals and concepts of the film’s take on the future. There are shots featuring the unique aesthetics and cultures of both New Asia and the United Federation of Britain intermixed with plenty of action and a focus on tech, including our best look yet at the Synths (robotic police). They even threw in the three-breasted woman, something that would have been better served as a surprise for fans of the original.

Total Recall Movie Banner 570x279 New Total Recall Trailer is Totally Epic

The trailer looks impressive as it does exciting as an action thriller and we can only hope what we learned on our Total Recall set visit lends itself to a compelling story. Fore more details on the story, characters and world featured in Total Recall:

Total Recall stars Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale, Bill Nighy, Ethan Hawke, John Cho and Bokeem Woodbine. It is directed by Len Wiseman off a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer and Mark Bomback.


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Total Recall opens in theaters August 3, 2012.

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  1. three breasted woman ftw :P

    idk the visuals and action look pretty good, it just comes down to the editing of those segments b/c for all we know this could be pre-edited footage and the actual movie could have fast cuts (like a lot of movies have been doing instead of shaky cam recently).

    i can see that they took a lot of things from the original whilst adding their own flair, so this could go either way imo. my bet is it wont make a great deal of green b/c fans of the arnie one will hate on this for being to similar or to different, just like they did with the lackluster conan remake/reboot.

    • Well, I’m a fan of the original but this looks pretty good to me. I laughed at the little 3 breasted jibe, “You’ll wish you had 3 of them”. :-) Count me in.

      • Just watched the trailer again and the girl did say, “You’re gonna wish you had 3 hands”, not “You’ll wish you had 3 of them”. Still think this looks good.

  2. This has more the atmosphere of Blade Runner than the original Total Recall.
    Which translates into I like what I see and I’ll definitely be seeing this.

    • Well they were written by the same author. I think he intended them to be in the same universe. Minority Report as well.

      • The is that connection and looking more like Ridley
        Scott’s vision than Paul Verhoeven seems justified.

        I recently picked up a collection of Phillip K. Dick’s works
        because if this film and have yet to read the story this
        is based on but I was shocked to see how short it is.
        There is enough to this story to flesh out a novel.

        • Dude was sick with a pen. I need to read the rest of his work.

    • I also got a “Blade Runner” vibe from this. I haven’t really been following this film as I’m not usually one for remakes, but I have to say… that trailer impressed me and has now attracted my attention. I like Wiseman as a director; both of his “Underworld” films were pretty good in my opinion, and “Die Hard 4″ was, I think, the second best in the series (obviously nothing can top the original). I might actually have to go see this film when it hits theatres.

      Looking at this trailer, can you imagine what “Blade Runner 2″ is going to look like? :D

  3. Tripple boobs and Bryan Cranston. Sold!

  4. Now i wanna c it!

  5. Okay I’m gonna admit at first I was just sold cuz Kate beckinsale I mean the previous trailer looked good buy this made it look great plus it has Kate beckinsale in it. Totally in

  6. This movie looks freaking awesome! I think it’s going to be a lot of fun :)

  7. Yea, I think I’m seeing this one in theaters now.

  8. This movie has very little in common with the supposed story it’s being adapted from. In fact it looks more like a remake of the 1990 version and a lot of the scenes from that trailer I could match directly to the original film.

    • Mongoose.

      Not only have the producers and writers said it was closer to the original but i can see it in the trailer. Have you even read the original short story?

      And of course their are similiar scenes since. they are using the same source material. The face changing scene is an obvious homage to the original

      • Yeah I have read the original short story. It’s all of about 18 pages. I do admit it had been quite a while since I had read it so I found a copy out on the net when this reboot first reared its ugly head and re-read it.

        Maybe I would suggest you re-reading it because there was very little original story I saw in the clip or from what I know od the movie synopsis.

        Relationship to the 1990 movie:

        - Calling the main character “Quaid” instead of “Quail”.
        - 3 Breasted woman? Um yeah, not in the story.
        - Wife who turns out to be a plant (and tries to kill him)
        - Him telling himself in a video it’s all a lie.
        - The holo imager (kind of a mix of the watch and the fake head concept)
        - A “friend” who knows the truth that helps him.

        and that’s all JUST from the freakin’ 2 min clip!

        Not from the book:
        - Being descended upon in the Rekall office and managing to kill ALL of them? He was greeted by 1 IPA agent in the story…ONE. Got away but then later turned himself IN. This will most certainly not be in the movie.
        - No inner voice communications with the IPA agents.
        - Extensive car chases? (the story was more slow political intrigue)
        - No artifacts from Rekall.
        - No Mars backstory.

        and that’s off the top of my head.

        So when I say it has more in common with the 1990 movie I meant it.

        • “and that’s off the top of my head”

          I was gonna point out that you missed a bunch of other ones, but the point remains the same. This is pretty much a remake of the original, and not a very inspired one at that.

      • - oh and someone entering the “program” and telling him he’s still back at rekall. Another 1990 movie moment.

        I will however say that if they tried to make the movie exactly like the story it would be too short of course but also put people to sleep. It’s not an action packed story.

        The fact that they chose to embellish so much directly from the 1990 version however is what bothers me instead of trying to be completely original while staying within the context of the novella.

  9. Spice weasel BAM. Awesome trailer.


  11. Kate beckinsale vs jessica biel awesomeee to sexy ladies beating the s*** out of each other :)

  12. looks great. can’t wait to check it out!

  13. Honestly, the movie doesn’t look bad,it does pay homage to the first movie a lot as well, but I just don’t like who they picked to play the protagonist. I just REALLY dislike Colin Farrell… I think if they had gone with anyone else I might be more interested in seeing it…

  14. Question : Was the Mars part in the Original Novel ?

  15. Didn’t I already see this movie? Sorry, I just didn’t get the urge to watch a remake at the theater. I’ll wait until Netflix on this one.

    It does look nice visually though.

    • same here. And it’s also directed by the same guy who directed the UNDERWORLD movies, so I have doubts about this.

  16. action wise and visually it looks spectacular but other than that I felt like I was watching the 90′s version with different actors and better vfx. It even had the chick with the three knockers

  17. The new Total Recall trailer however, simply aims to blow you away with more action, more spectacle and even more character bits.

  18. It looks decent and credit due, they haven’t gone for a scene for scene direct remake.

    But then there’s no Arnold this time and I doubt Wiseman will have Verhoeven’s skill of mixing hardcore violence with humour and intelligent satire (see Robocop)I also liked the Mars aspect of the original – which I think is what elevated it above your typical Arnie – shoot em up.

    As others have mentioned, it seems like they’ve recycled parts from other movies this time around. The vibes of Minority Report especially and Blade Runner are all too clear to see. I’m convinced enough to pay to watch this , but it doesn’t look bad.

    Of course it would be even better for an original concept altogether, but that’s a near impossible event these days.

  19. When I heard about this reboot/remake I thought I wouldn’t be going to check it out because it would be close to the original but seeing this trailer and some news about the actual movie I am really excited to check it out. It totally has that Blade Runner feel to it, the script seems to be pretty legit, and the visuals are amazing. I don’t think this will make a lot of money but I think the gross will be close to the Prometheus of the worlds where people who are fans of the source material will check it out and others will see it out of curiosity. Hopefully the acting holds up but either way I am going to see it the week it comes out

  20. Dang, I haven’t seen stormtroopers look that good since ’83!

  21. Yes, it looks VERY slick. All praise is due ot the visual effects crew. BUT, as we learned with Transformers 3 and Battleship, VFX does not make a movie.
    Ive read prior notes about how this is more inclined with the original story but it seems they just grounded Arnold’s classic with more blade runner-akira-fifth element influences.
    I feel bad for this film thought, isn’t this opening just a week after Batman?

    • Two weeks after Batman, actually. But I still have a feeling that the Batman movie will take over easily. Especially when people are getting tired of remakes already.

  22. and Harry from work he was the…get down!…Harry from work he was the boss. They tired to kill me, but I killed them:)

    Still not sold, but maybe it’ll be more fun in the theater

  23. well that trailer showed me the whole film, no reason to see it now… seems so close to the original final (except Mars) fail to see the point…

  24. “If I am not me, than who the hell am I ?” I love the first movie I hope its atleast half as good.

  25. They were spies or something…