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Total Recall Sequel Potential Total Recall Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Total Recall review, this is the place where you can discuss Total Recall spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

Still wondering how this Total Recall compares to Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 action film as well as Philip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” source material? Read our Total Recall: 2012 vs 1990 vs… 1966 feature.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out the Total Recall episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Total Recall for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Total Recall is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, some sexual content, brief nudity, and language. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. I thought the movie was pretty slick with sci-fi action. There could have been more character developemnt with Kohagen and the resistance. Overall a good movie. Kate worked hard actually playing 2 characters from the first movie, Lori and Richter… See you at the party!

  2. Sure was disappointing that with all shoe-horned and nauesating nods to the original as well as the endless/relentless chases that ultimately we got too little time with likes of Cranston and Nighy who were relegated to small and one-dimension roles. Also, wouldn’t it have made more sense if those characters/actors were swapped – Nighy is British, after all. Leader of the UFB seems like a given, no?;)

    But suspending disbelief in all other areas, tell me how a nearly extinct futuristic society can create The Fall (read: a subways that takes you through the planet in 17 mins) but they still can’t re-stabilize the air. That’s a world building cop out if you ask me:P

    • wait, it goes through the earth’s core? Don’t they know that’s impossible because the core is composed of mostly solid iron that is constantly moving, which creating a stabilizing gyroscopic effect? /facepalm

      I guess this is similar to the Matrix* and you can’t think about it too deeply or you will discover the glaring flaws.

      * The Matrix flaw is, the machines couldn’t build shielded solar towers that could pierce the “scorched sky” (or even reverse the effect) but can build huge drilling machines to reach Zion?

      • arg, “creating” should be “creates”

      • And what about this: During the travel from the Colony to the UFB, the gravity is shifted.

        Also, about The Matrix flaws; I always thought that it was strange that the machines wouldn’t use other Earth resources, like magma, for energy.

        • Well a gravity shift does make sense (if you are willing to ignore the moving iron core).

          And yes, geothermal is I believe a much more efficient and a less labor intensive energy source, not having to deal with all these pesky, rebelling skin sacks. They even demonstrate the ability to drill to the earth’s core. Of course doing as we would suggest makes for a very boring movie 😉

          • Except the gravity switch would not work that way. As soon as the craft began to fall, gravity would feel very weak. Basically, the craft is in free fall with a little bit of friction due to the rails. So walking be impossible. When the craft passes the core, everyone would be weightless, but it would be a small shift from nearly weightless in one direction to nearly weightless in the other direction.

            As far as passing the core, Straight through the Earth from the UK puts you southeast of New Zealand, and the colony is certainly Australia. So you might have to pass through the core, but you might not. You would certainly get cooked that close to the core, but you might actually miss it. With the graphic they show, depending on the orientation, it would look like you were going through the center, but in 3-D, you could see the offset.

    • Uh… It’s a Sci-Fi? A fantasy? A movie?

      • So just because it’s sci-fi we just toss all the laws of physics out the window? You have to keep all those “real” elements to help ground the movie so the more sci-fi elements feel more believable.

        • ^^Exactly

          Yes it’s Sci-Fi, yes it’s a movie, but you still have to keep to the laws of physics. One of the parts of the movie that I had the most trouble with is how each of the characters can fall 20+ feet from a ledge and not even limp away from their point of impact…

  3. Anyone care to share details on the catfight?? 😀

    • KB kicked her ass, I liked JB in this tho, but she didn’t get much to…

      • …much to do.

  4. If you leave the original out of the eqaution its pretty good on its own.
    Question how does the ufb bust into the resistance base and no toxic air comes through the broken windows?
    I love kate beckinsale she was kicking ass throughout the movie ; yes the cat fight was real nice. Also there is three nipples in the movie.
    Is the implanted hand phone a apple product?
    Does anyone else see a total recall prequel?
    anyone else wonders how the US is desolate but Australia survives? Oh yeah the “fall” the movie needed it as a plot device.
    Australia becomes the dumping ground of the empire yet again in the future. I am surprised Australians aren’t protesting thus film

  5. iHavent seen the original, so there’s no comparison for me. Maybe I’ll check it out later. The chase sequences were very well done, but used excessively. The pacing of the movie was pretty spot on. Solid sci-fi flick. 7.5/10

    • The original is too campy in areas and does not really work. And I like many of Arnold’s movies, so it is not that. If you likes this, don’t bother with the original.

  6. I thought the first 3/4 of the movie was pretty solid and better than I expected but the last 1/4 was pretty messy.
    Cranston and Nighy were 1 note characters that were severly underdeveloped.
    3 stars…

    • Oh, and what happened to Ethan Hawke? I remember reading he had a part in the film so does anyone know what happened?

      • Did a search and found out that Ethan Hawke’s role is not in the final cut of the film.

        Briefly mentioned in ‘Total Recall’ Interview: Colin Farrell & Jessica Biel

        Hopefully, it’d be on DVD/Blu-Ray bonus features.

    • Yup…totally agree…I really enjoyed the first 3/4 but then the invasion started and the most cool thing from that last quarter was the black “I-Robot” Quaid was fighting, the rest was just explosions and so on, stuff we have seen before to end a movie.

  7. I can’t believe that the motivations of the antagonists were even more convoluted that the original version.

    Cohagan needed to find Matthias, why? To stage bombings to have an excuse to invade the Colony? Why did he need to kill Matthias again? Made no sense, not to mention to find him in the most insanely complicated way possible.

    Btw, Cohagan was one hands-on chancellor, personally leading the invasion and trying to take out a top level secret agent with a knife? Makes our leaders today look like wusses.

    I gotta say that the some of the action scenes were pretty well done though, particularly the elevator scene and the first chase with Lori and Doug running across the high-rises.

  8. was it just me or did i see obamas face on the money taken out of the bank security box?

    • Yes you did. I chuckled when I saw that; not sure if others in the theater knew why I laughed.

      • Had the same reaction in my theater…three of us laughed, most missed it completely:P

  9. Dissapointing catfight! You cannot even see what’s happening. Salute to the editor and the director! Especially after all that hype created by the cast about this fight. What a waste of two beautiful women who will never be paired against each other ever again. I certainly they have some footage of it as bonus scenes in the DVD

  10. My biggest complaint about the movie was the scene where the “bad guys” are trying to convince Quaid that he’s still back in the Rekall room hooked up to the machine.
    In the 1990 version, the way Quiad figured out that the “negotiator” was lying was that Quaid saw a bead of sweat roll from the negotiators head, showing that he was scared and therefore human (not a projection).
    In this version, they had Jessica Beil’s character shed a tear instead, which for some reason threw every doubt out of Quiad’s mind that he was in the real world, and shoots his buddy square in the head.
    I don’t know why this was such a strong signal, but I think it would have been better had they focused again on the “negotiator” and had him unintentially display some kind of “tell” that Quaid was able to recognize from a previous poker game.

    • He did he mentioned that Lori was worried and had rushed over from work or something like that, and quaid said she wasn’t at work your lying

  11. For me the most disappointing part is that they didn’t take and use the twist that Dick had in the original story, they used the twist from the 1990 movie. This movie should have played out more like the original Dick story. I guess that was too much of a risk, having a downer ending. Still I guess they wanted to save some juice for a sequel, but now will there be a sequel, with a third of its potential audience disliking the result??

    On second thought perhaps P.K.D. got the last laugh on Hollywood after all…

  12. How did Quaid put his message to himself in the safe deposit box when he was captured right after making it?

    • Message was sent as an encrypted message to the unit already in the safety deposit box.

    • He must have had help from that friend of his

      • Oh I see I didn’t read that part

  13. The movie was an ok remake. Verhoevens’ was so bloody and over the top for its time. Even my aged mother laughed as Arnold used a bystander as a human shield. I liked the nods to Blade Runner… The Australian Chinatown milieu, Hauser and Deckard both ‘remembering’ at the piano.

  14. Why would the bad guys bust in just after he gets a dose of rekall and start shooting up the place? Pretty weird, and would be perfectly explained by his getting a dose and he now thinks he is a spy. Then he has hallucinations about who he is now.

    If they did not in fact do bust in, and then we are in some form of dream world, then his buddy is right: he is a paranoid trapped, and he decides to stay in his fantasy and kill his friend.

    Am I hallucinating?

    • Totally agree! I think the whole movie was just His dream ‘ injected’ at recall place. Plus, the blonde guy who injects him suggests a role of a spy saying’ why don’t you work for Cohagen or the resistance or even both’ with a quirky smile…coincidence?

  15. Saw it today just to see what it was all about, this movie was poorly done
    they focused too much on the action, the plot it self was too bland for my taste and there failed at details like

    Why didn’t they make rockets to fly over the toxic? it would have been easier than making “the fall”

    How is it that the bad guys always bust in the scene at the right moment but Quaid was able to lift and carry JB to his home?(the first place anyone would look for him)

    If space is the greatest resource why does he have a balcony? it’s big enough for a bedroom and kitchen, his apartment is bigger than mines!

    why the robots in status were sitting, wouldn’t it be easier to pack more of them if they stood?

    why was kate’s character fighting him at the end, didn’t she die in the explosion and even if she survived what was the purpose to fight then?

    • Thank you! And was the peace sign temp tattoo washed off or just not there bc it is a dream?

  16. Some of us watch movies to escape our boring reality. So what if it’s not scientifically correct? Neither was Lord of the Rings but it they’re both very entertaining movies.

  17. What did the branding symbol/tattoo on Quaid’s arm mean? If he did not have the symbol was it really all a recall memory experience and he decided he would stay there… or if he had the symbol/tattoo it really did happen and he was in the real world? Loved Patrick Tatopoulos’s overall design of this film the look of the technology, the traffic and the levels of where people actively lived and worked all felt solid. The special advanced black Robot – very cool.. were the blueprints of that robot encoded in Quaids memory for the resistance? I think the action/chase scenes were really well done with some great build ups. The multi-elevator fight awesome!

  18. None of it made sense- But my MAIN concerns are: If it were all apart of Rekall’s false memories(which the director has clearly alluded to, mainly with the directors cut) why would he have those dreams to begin with? And let’s say his experiences were real- then wouldn’t they have picked up on his memory of loving someone else- instead of enforcing his true love for his wife like they did.
    It seems to me this movie was thrown together without any sense. No real thought behind any of it apart from shock value/entertainment.
    Disappointing- it could have really been something great :/

  19. i didnt understand the ending,was he still dreaming in the total recall,or it all did happened for real

  20. was it all a dream or was it real?