Len Wiseman Will Direct the ‘Total Recall’ Remake

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 11th, 2013 at 3:51 am,

Sony has announced that director Len Wiseman has signed on to helm the studio’s remake of Total Recall. The film will be produced by Neil Moritz and is based on a script from Kurt Wimmer (who most recently wrote the Angelina Jolie spy thriller, Salt).

As we reported back in April, this version of Total Recall will not share much in common with awesome 1990 Paul Verhoeven film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rather, Wiseman will take a more realistic approach to Philip K. Dick’s original short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”

In the press release, Wiseman said,

“I’ve always been fascinated with Philip K. Dick’s short story and I’m excited at that prospect of diving even deep into the type of world it evokes and the questions it asks. I love that the most crucial mystery our character is trying to solve is the one of his own soul.”

As a director, Wiseman’s action credentials are solid. In addition to helming Live Free or Die Hard, Wiseman also directed the first two films in the popular Underworld franchise. Recently, Wiseman was also attached to the film adaptation of the popular video game Gears of War but he allegedly departed to direct the apocalyptic thriller Nocturne.

I think the question that’s on everyone’s mind is: Will there be a three-breasted alien prostitute? If not, count me out – just kidding. As I wrote before, this remake is meant to be more realistic and won’t take place on Mars – therefore, fans hoping for three-breasted aliens are probably out of luck.

Of course, this begs the question, what will the movie be about?

Philip K. Dick is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest sci-fi authors and his works have been adapted into countless television shows and feature films – there probably isn’t any one single right way to adapt his material.

As much as I love the original film, for its action, gore, and Paul Verhoeven’s trademark wit, I’m sure Wiseman can put together a successful Total Recall remake.

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  1. If they are using the short story as a base, then I suppose it will be radically different to the Total Recall we all know and love.

    If that is the case, dont call it Total Recall!!!

  2. DrSamBeckett

    They will just to get ppl in the theater……….

  3. My guess for you Sam would be early to mid 30s like a 33-36 range I’m thinking 35 if I gotta pick a number.

    I agree Ricky is 18 for sure lol I like Ricky though

    • Sorry to disappoint, but I’m 25.

  4. Daniel F
    Thanks man i appreciate it^^ my guess for u……is like 30-32.
    Youre right about sam,mid 30s…..so u can see y i like some types of movies and y i dont like others,were like from different decades lol

    • Na I’m not in my 30’s/

      All I’m going to see is I’m younger than 30 but older than Drsambeckett

  5. Really? wow uve been complimented then lol,we saying u got the geniousity of a mature mature person cuz wen ure 30 u know alot of things…..

    • I’m just really opinionated. Plus being a writer, I seem to absorb useless information like a sponge. And never underestimate what watching films and tv all the time will do to you!

  6. Hmmm… I don’t know… If he’s gonna do a different take that’s more realistic and doesn’t happen on Mars, then he shouldn’t call it Total Recall. I haven’t read “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” or, if Total Recall is close to the short story, but please leave this cult classic alone.

  7. ohh how i wish i was 18 again

  8. Y ANTHONY???? what would u have changed?? BTW that comment makes me think youre old lol……youre like 40 i suspect…..

    • 40 isnt old, no older than 790….who isnt old. dont make me give you a time out there whippernapper

      • and it would be illegal for me to tell you what i would do differently if i was 18 again;)


  10. Darn I was wanting you to be In your 30s because that would mean you liked older shows and films because they were from your time which I respect. Most people in their 20s love older things because retro is treandy and hip right now. I hope that’s not the case with you. I hate trend followers. You don’t much strike me as one though so that’s why I guessed 30s.

    I’m not much of a retro guy I don’t appretiate so called ‘classics’ as much as most. I generally find newer to be better. I think Tv is better now than it ever was and while we make a lot of crap films now we made alot of crap before the 90s as well and I think the general quality has gone up.

    I do love Quantum leap though not my all time fave but enjoyable and Scott Bakula is great.

    Funny enough drsam we are very close in age. Though I would say your just a tad younger than I not by much though lol.

    • eek! daniel, todays tv is over populated with 90 percent reality crap.

    • I’m not a trend follower at all, I just like what I like, I like older movies. Those were the ones I grew up watching.

      I’m not hugely into al the classics either, although there are some that I do like.

      I actually like loads of old B/W movies too, I like seeing how special effects were done when the computer was still a pipe dream.

      My favourite films are;

      1 Lost In Translation

      2 In The Mouth Of Madness

      3 Star Wars ( I count all six as one for ease)

      My favourite TV (Of all time)

      1 24

      2 Quantum Leap

      3 The X FIles

      Currently though,

      1 Californication

      2 Smallville

      3 Dexter

      My favourite actors are Bill Murray and Sam Neill.

  11. 28 or 27……has to be one of those^^

  12. Well im a huge harry potter fan,i grew up with them,guess age changes all our likings lol

    • I love Harry Potter too!

  13. It’s Funny drsam every time we start to have alot more in common soon after we start to have less in common lol.

    I enjoyed Lost in Traslation but not top ten for me. Didn’t like MoMadness. I strongly and I mean strongly dislike all the star wars.

    I loved 24 I liked QL a lot but again not top 10. Didn’t like Xfiles at all.

    Love Californication. I keep meaning to see Dextar because I hear good thing but I’m not a big fan of M C Hall and the premise sounds kind of dumb gonna watch it though. I hate SmallVille with a passion one of my most hated shows on TV the only actors on the show I had respect for were James Marsters and The guy who played Lex. Tom Welling is awful and I havnt seen one storyline I even kind of respect it’s just been awful IMHO. As much as I hate Lost I think I might like it more than Smallville .

    Like I said the more we have in common the less we have in common lol.

  14. Forgot Bill Murray is hit and miss with me sometimes good other times not so much.

    Not a fan of Sam Neil at all.

    My guys are
    John Cusack
    Patrick Stewart
    Christian Bale
    Russel Crowe
    Bruce Willis
    Mel Gibson
    Micheal Chikliss
    Nathan Fillion

    I liked Bale and RDJ before it was popular and still like Bale even though it stopped being popular. Gibson might be an awful person but he’s still a good actor with a lot of great films.

    The Departed
    The Prestiege
    Shawshank Redemption
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    High Fidelity

    The Shield
    Rescue Me

    Current TV
    Burn Notice
    White Collar
    Rescue Me

    Thinking about watching Dextar and True Blood but having trouble getting interested.

    • High Fidelity and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang would be in my top 20, as would the Prestige.

      Supernatural is one of my favourite shows too, but it should have ended after season 5, it was a nice point to finish the show. But dead horses and flogging and all that.

  15. I didn’t say there wasn’t crap on today’s TV but what’s good now Is better than what was good back then. I was really referring to scripted TV but I should of been more specific. I hate Reality TV. I just meant scripted TV dshows now are better over all. I’ll take today’s scripted TV shows over Dallas or TJ hooker or Chips any day.

    • Chips was great!!!! so was the A team, Riptide, remington steele, all good classic shows, i even liked the greatest american hero.

  16. See I don’t like Harry Potter either Sam lol. In fact I tend to make fun of people who do, but I like you Sam and I like Ricky so I’ll avoid making fun of you. Though I like my girl friend but I make fun of her all the time for it lol.

    • careful where u tread with that daniel lol, poking fun at girlfriends can have its drawbacks lol

      • You know why I like Harry Potter, because it reminds me of being a kid, I wish it had been out when I was younger.

  17. Lol Anthony we make fun of each other all the time. I make fun of her for alot more she has like the worst taste in the works lol I mean the worst lol some of the things she loves

    Harry Potter
    Water World and anything Kevin Costner
    Desperate House Wives
    Sex in the city
    reality television including baby shows and bounty hunter shows and everything on Animal Planet
    Scorpion King
    and wait for it…., White Chicks

    • dude, im telling you daniel, she’ll break out the big guns on you soon man!!

      • Nobody can like Stigmata

  18. Oh come on man riptide, and A team were bad but come on Chips? That’s like the worst show ever. There Is litterally nothing at all even remotely decent about that show. Not one redeaming quality. Bad acting and piss poor writing.

    • i forgot about my ALL time favorite TV show ever, next to Twin Peaks lol…Magnum, PI.

  19. anyways, we’re straying way off topic lol, Wiseman needs to lure Becks back into that suit for another go at Underworld instead of making this senseless remake

    • I thought that was already the case, Underworld 4 in 3D, Vampires in space (or possibly just the future), what I heard. Beckinsale was to return

  20. Sure of course it should of ended at season but come on we all wanted to see more.

  21. Meh I’m still in favor of a remake if he uses good actors it’s already better than the original.

    Since you hate remakes so much don’t think of it like that think of it more as a more true to the source adaptation.

  22. Lol she made me buy stigmata for her lol it’s her fave.

    Come on though that’s the one you react to? Stigmata Is awful but it’s way better than White Chicks or Waterworld.

    • i walked out on waterworld..as well as robin hood:prince of thieves…something about costner just is very bad

  23. Underworld is so over rated the first two were barely watchable and the third was awful.

    Oh she also like Underworld she thinks the third is the best.

  24. DrSamBeckett
    Man,u just became my new best best freind^^
    Daniel F
    YYYYYYYYYYYYY??????? Harry potter is the best yo,try reading the books man u will love them^^

    • lol….ok..i do enjoy the films too..never went there with the books..i have all the movies two disk versions on dvd.commence the mocking…

  25. Anthony
    Im glad u atleast like harry potter but DANIEL F makes fun of it lol i remember wen i used to make fun of it till i read the books and i was hooked instantly…..

  26. i’ll beat anyone up that makes fun of me for it lol jk

  27. Anthony ill beat them up lol if theyre my age range hahaha!!! No one better make fun of it ill get pissed,trust me…….Daniel F,wait till u see the finale,that will blow your mind away!!!!

  28. I read the first book I didn’t love it in fact it was the exact opposite for me. For me Harry potter isn’t all that different from twilight it’s just the old fad and twilights the new one.

  29. After a comment about beating people up I want to make fun of your love for a tween wizard.

    • lol