Len Wiseman Will Direct the ‘Total Recall’ Remake

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 11th, 2013 at 3:51 am,

Sony has announced that director Len Wiseman has signed on to helm the studio’s remake of Total Recall. The film will be produced by Neil Moritz and is based on a script from Kurt Wimmer (who most recently wrote the Angelina Jolie spy thriller, Salt).

As we reported back in April, this version of Total Recall will not share much in common with awesome 1990 Paul Verhoeven film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rather, Wiseman will take a more realistic approach to Philip K. Dick’s original short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”

In the press release, Wiseman said,

“I’ve always been fascinated with Philip K. Dick’s short story and I’m excited at that prospect of diving even deep into the type of world it evokes and the questions it asks. I love that the most crucial mystery our character is trying to solve is the one of his own soul.”

As a director, Wiseman’s action credentials are solid. In addition to helming Live Free or Die Hard, Wiseman also directed the first two films in the popular Underworld franchise. Recently, Wiseman was also attached to the film adaptation of the popular video game Gears of War - but he allegedly departed to direct the apocalyptic thriller Nocturne.

I think the question that’s on everyone’s mind is: Will there be a three-breasted alien prostitute? If not, count me out – just kidding. As I wrote before, this remake is meant to be more realistic and won’t take place on Mars – therefore, fans hoping for three-breasted aliens are probably out of luck.

Of course, this begs the question, what will the movie be about?

Philip K. Dick is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest sci-fi authors and his works have been adapted into countless television shows and feature films – there probably isn’t any one single right way to adapt his material.

As much as I love the original film, for its action, gore, and Paul Verhoeven’s trademark wit, I’m sure Wiseman can put together a successful Total Recall remake.

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  1. Lol, Ricky so are we going to be calling you Ricky18 forever or (I’m going out on a limb with this guess), Ricky19 soon?

    Trust me life goes by pretty quick,,, I was 18 like 20min ago,,, :-)

    • bah, i turn 18 every year, in the words of Twisted Sister..”i’ll never grow up now”

  2. Going back to the off topic, (hey its been a busy day) I have like 58 emails staring at me,,,wth
    Tv is a definitely generational thing. Meaning if your older your probably going to have more respect for shows like Chips and the A-Team. Those shows were all we had back then. Hell if I couldn’t watch Knight Rider I would go (what’s now known as Attention Deficit Disorder) all over the house!
    Imo, Tv shows in general today are pretty good when you look at the cable program options. The thing is nowadays you have to pay for quality tv like Rescue Me, Dexter, Weeds, etc,,,

    Those that can’t afford cable, are stuck with daytime mind numbing sex operas and headache inducing game shows, American Idol, dancing with some guy who was on Full House,,,,?
    Tv, Its all about perspectives. :-)
    And now to bring this post full circle, screw you Total Recall producers that want to remake the film!!!!!!!!!!

    • different times bring different opinions thats for sure

  3. 790 believe me I understand that was all they had as far as TV goes back. So yes in it’s time it was as good as it got but with what we have these days it doesn’t even compare in quality and while it may of been all that was around in it’s time but it was still bad. You may find this odd but I do actually have respect for it with out those shows we’d have less today but it doesn’t improve the quality.

    I also do not like Star Wars but I respect it for what we have today.

    • i’ll take the older shows over ANY reality crap that is on TV now

  4. Its nostalgia Daniel,,,

    Same goes for music.

    • most of todays music sucks

  5. and damn you 790, i have the night rider them stuck in my head now lol..long live the hoff!!

  6. Damn this remake,,,

    Yeah I totally agree Antman, however here’s a few reality shows that I like.
    Ghost Hunters, Future Weapons, Paranormal State, Steven Seagals Lawman, and I’m sure I’m forgetting one?

    Anyone seen the Comedy Central show, “Halfway. Home”?
    Ah man that’s funny stuff.

    • not yet…i guess i should be clear on what i really consider crappy reality, but the list it too big lol. the shows you mentioned 790 and a lot better than say. that mtv reality crap, E! reality crap, i dont do big brother, ghost hunters i lost the taste for, was good in the first couple of years, then i just got tired of seeing steve whine about flying, i know it is a legtimate phobia, but damn, jason and grant reaslly need to pull out the A-team trick..like they used to do on B.A.

  7. you know, looking at that picure of len up there, he looks like the male version of beckinsale lol

  8. I hate prety much all reality Tv I’m shocked anyone actually like lawman yikes

    my ex made me watch Ghosthunters that show was so sad to watch it’s like watching 8 year olds play such an active imagination on those youngsters. Supernatural did well on expressing my feelings toward it with making the ghost facets they face the ghosts when the others will not their ghost facers.

    The absolute closest thing to reality show I watch is Penn & Tellers Bull Sh*t. Not reality but as close as I get.

  9. Damn I hate remakes!!!!!


    Wait for it,,,,

    Yeah LMAO when you mentioned the steve flying phobia. :)
    That’s guys a cop too, can you believe that??? Ah sheet
    Have you seen GHunters International? They brought back what’s his name from season 2. The guy that left over his girlfriend. Lol I’m braindead.

    I thought he was cool,,, anyway Internation is pretty damn good.

    • brian hornois, that guy was a class-A eff up man lol, ive seen some of ghi, but still not into it really..the one paranormal show i do watch is ghost adventures, now that guy knows how to taunt ghosts lol

  10. Ah come on Daniel turn on your heartlight,,,, lol

    Lawman is downtime fodder. And what you don’t belive in ghosts! im gonna haunt you when I’m dead. I’m over 42 so that could come any day now. Lol,,,,(ricky18)

    Btw, I picked up seasons 2 and 3 of Rescue me today both new for a combined total of $39.

    • ease up there neil!! hahahaha

  11. HAHA!!! That’s it Ant, Brian!

    He goes into taunt mode real quick in GHunters International,,,

    Love it!

  12. I think lawman is just another moment in the tragic career that is Steven S he’s so pathetic and sad.

    No I don’t believe in ghosts but I don’t have a problem with those who do. The Ghost hunters though are complete fakes the show is fairly scripted and half the time they arnt even in the house and instead it’s a set. I actually have a umm well call him a guy I know who worked a little on the show and he told all. Plus Ive watched videos destroying every part of the show. It’s over acted and scripted. They are capitalizing on peoples beliefs.

  13. Daniel,,,if you don’t believe in ghosts then the premise is going to be hard for you to swallow anyway.
    I happened to work on the show (first 4 seasons) and they never used a set. Whoevers telling you that is full of shat…
    The only set, per se is the Rhode Island office. The rest is all on site footage.

    If you or anyone wants proof of ghosts, take a digital or cassette tape recorder into a cemetery, doesn’t matter what time of day.

    Walk around and ask if there’s anyone there,,,, then go home and listen to the results.

    You WILL hear voices! that were not there,,,, I’ve done it myself and it will chill your spine,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Actually White noise and all that has been proven wrong several times.

  15. Daniel ah Daniel,,,

    You have a deep fear that sidelines you.
    I have researched ghosts for years. So much so that I’m bored with the subject. They drain me, going on a ghost hunt is very taxing. As the spirits drain your energy,,,

    I have so much proof that I would have to show you in person Dan but trust me like a coma, there’s life after death,,,

  16. I’d counter it with all my evidence I use to believe in ghosts but to often that was proven wrong. Still if I saw evidence I wouldn’t mind changing my stance. I just hat ghost hunters even if ghosts are real those guys are not.

    • the main issues i am having with the ghisthunters these days is that they continue to called themselves skeptics, yet they always going into an investigation immedialty trying to disprove, debunk stuff, how can you be skeptic when youre going into a situation that youre not really believing in?

  17. Anthony, its because they take into account that a lot of the reported paranormal activity is debunkable.
    Taking the stance of debunking activity works when they can’t explain what they find as man made.
    Therefore it stands as paranormal in comparison.
    There was a great episode in witch the team found all kinds of phony ghost props etc in a bar in California. They were pissed,,, they drove all way, (steves phobia)

    • i remember that episode lol..the same thin happened on the queen mary, someone was messing around with them there lol

  18. 790

    i may change to Ricky 19^^ my fave # is 18,thats the reason i named myself Ricky 18,cuz i just turned 18,but i may change it as the years go by…….DANIEL F,read DEATHLY HALLOWS,if youve at least seen all the HP films thus far,u will love it please!!!!!! HP is the best yo^^

  19. Rickey I’m betting you’ll abandon the age moniker before Ricky30,,,, lol
    I’m out for the rest of the night guys, time for a bjay followed by a long sleeping in tomorrow…

    Damn this Total Recall remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 790

    maybe lol,but have a great night im sleeping too….night yall^^

  21. Ricky it’s not any specific part I don’t like it’s the entire concept the story as a whole.

  22. DANIEL F,i understand wat u mean….i dont like star wars or LOTR neither….i dont like the concept,like u said. But still HP is cool….

  23. And whats not to like about bad and good wizards battling it out?!? Lol!!!

  24. Lord of the rings is almost 10 years old is it time for a remake? I would like it shot in 3D. Come on movie company’s let’s stop making over every movie made. How about making some original movies or coming up with some new ideas.

  25. Taemo 17