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Jessica, it sounds like when you were talking of the relationship between your two characters, you were holding back a little bit. I learned from Neal (Moritz) that Ethan Hawke is playing (points to Colin).

FARRELL: See, I have no idea how much is known…

I don’t think he was supposed to tell us…

BIEL: (Laughs) I don’t know, I’m always being careful about what to say…

FARRELL: (laughs) Note to self: Neal Moritz.

We can’t write about this for a year anyway, but I will ask, does that complicate the relationship?

BIEL: It does absolutely complicate the relationship.

FARRELL: It’s as much about mutual distrust kind of at the beginning.

(To BIEL) Do you know it’s him?

BIEL (to FARRELL): Have we made this decision yet about the dream sequence?

FARRELL: No, not really (laughs).

BIEL: There’s a big question mark about…

FARRELL: I still don’t understand it by the way so I’m not comfortable talking about it (laughs).

BIEL: A sniper is about to take us all out in about 10 seconds (laughs). It’s hugely complicated and we’re trying to decide. All of us are having conversations about it, but Len [Wiseman] is trying to figure out how do we make it the most clear for the audience, because we’re all having trouble together after we read it multiple times and sitting down speaking about It, constantly checking each other and saying ‘oh wait a minute, we can’t do this because, oh right.’ So we’re having multiple conversations about it and thinking if we’re having a hard time understanding this concept of he looks different in the beginning, how I do know for sure? That’s kind of what I was saying there being a mutual distrust about it. We also might decide to…

FARRELL: (imitates sound and action of shooting a shotgun) If it were a Robert Rodriguez film that’s what it’d be.

At this point, Farrell and Biel felt much more open and excited about their character arcs and were overlapping each other in conversation trying to piece together how it could work and how they’d like it to work.

BIEL: It’s complicated. We’re not sure how it’s going to end up. I guess the one uncomplicated part is that I don’t actually… Melina doesn’t actually have a scene with Ethan [Hawke].

FARRELL: Thank god.

That may have been weird for audiences…

BIEL: So there isn’t a ‘here I am with you before and now here I am with you’

FARRELL: That would be weird? That would be weird. There was nearly a moment, a bit of a flashback to where it was going to go back to, and at the end of it, it was kind of like weird to have the audience get used to…

[Update: Ethan Hawke’s role is not in the final cut of the film.]

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