Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 5, 2012

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TDKR tops box office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 5, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises looks set to retain its grip at the top of the US box office. The Christian Bale Batman film should bank $36.4 million over the weekend for a $354 million total haul.

The Christopher Nolan directed Bat-pic has now scored over $733 million globally – with more yet to come. At this stage it looks like it might top out at around $400 million domestic – a fantastic number, but short of The Dark Knights $533 million domestic take.

Director Len Wiseman’s remake of Paul Verhoeven’s Total Recall  (read our review) has had a modest debut. The Colin Farrell actioner looks set to shoot-up around $26 million over the weekend. It won’t hit $100 million domestically unless a miracle happens (considering the mixed reviews). The original Arnold Schwarzenegger film opened to $25 million in 1990, grossing $119 million at the US box office and another $141 million on the international circuit.

Total Recall opens second Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 5, 2012

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days grossed $14.7 million, a figure which is below the openings of the prevous franchise entries. The original Diary of a Wimpy Kid opened to $22 million and ended its run with $64 million, while Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules scored $23 million on its debut and maxed out at $52 million. Expect this one to do less.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift should bank $8.3 million for a $131 million total. It’ll be the lowest grossing film in the franchise at the domestic box office, but that doesn’t matter as the worldwide gross nears $700 million!

Comedy bomb The Watch should see $6.3 million on its second week for a poor $25 million total. This should have banked so much more – considering the star-wattage.

Ted will cross $200 million, grossing $5.4 million for the weekend. That’s an amazing number for an R-rated comedy. Mark Wahlberg continues an impressive box office run.

Step Up Revolution looks set to dance away with $5.3 million for a $23 million total. It looks like it’s time for this franchise to step down.

$4.3 million will see The Amazing Spider-Man raise its cume to $250 million. Globally the film has taken in almost $700 million.

Brave should bank $2.8 million for a $223 million total, besting Wall-E’s lifetime gross.

Another $1.3 million sees stripping drama Magic Mike up its gross to over $110 million – a fantastic number for the film, which cost just $7 million to produce.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. I think TDKR(loved it) can pull off 450 mil domestic, but 400 mil is definite. The Bourne Legacy will probably beat it this weekend, and if the word of mouth is good(it looks solid) then Bourne can beat it the rest of next week. Expendables 2 should do ok too, but it doesn’t look great.

    • The already fantastic numbers make you wonder what TDKR might have grossed if
      (1) Heath Ledger hadn’t died
      (2) the shootings hadn’t happened
      (3) the Olympics were some other year

      It might have seriously grossed 2 billion.

      • If Heath Ledger had not passed away, all of this would have been irrelevant.

      • Fanboys HAH

      • here, lemme help you out a bit….

        /takes okungnyo’s rose colored glasses off for him.

      • 1) Its true, heaths death helped it, it made people look at the film. i remember at the time of his death his name was never out the news, it drew my attention alot more to tdk and imo helped it

        2) the shootings didnt stop me from seeing it. i was so excited nothing was gonna top me.

        3) Olympics are on every minute of the day. highlights are on every hour at least. 3 hours away from the Olympics isnt gonna stop anyone. who really watched 24/7?

        it was never going to gross 2 billion. 1 at the most.

        • Very well put Corey… and just to add to the points you made:

          2) The shooting (while very tragic and certainly came as a shock to the whole world) isn’t really affecting other countries as much as it is the US… in places like Australia and the UK (and right here in SA) the movie’s still getting sold out showings. A lot of people are a little scared to go see the movie because of the possibility of copy-cat criminals and some just don’t want to see it now out of respect/sympathy for the victims, but those people are mainly in the US… and even so, I’m sure that most people will see it regardless.

          3) Those Olympic-crazies (the ones who do actually watch every single event) can just record the events that they miss, on their DVR (or like you said, watch the highlights which are shown every day)… people aren’t putting their lives on hold for the Olympics: They still go to work, eat out, exercise, go to the movies, etc.

        • @ COREY_1993

          Well stated. It was my opinion that TDK’s success was partly due to Ledger’s passing during it’s release. The shootings didn’t & wouldn’t stop me from goin to a midnight showing if i go to them. But i never go to them, i didn’t even go to The Avenger’s midnight showing & still couldn’t see that film it’s first weekend because it was sold out. And I don’t watch the Olypics. I keep myself updated on whats goin on.

      • not even close brother, if the darknight rises had really been greater it would have kept going. when the last darknight came out i put the film at 350 million domestically, ledger’s death sent the franchise into hyperdrive for over two films. the darknight series is good, but not that good… avengers on the hand is the true deal this year and no one including myself saw 617 million at
        box office in north america.

  2. And lets not forget:

    Due to the shootings DKR lost a lot of business in its first two weeks largely in part the media scaring people from going to see it (20% – 30% according to Hollywood analysts). Now that the media has long forgotten the 7/20 shootings, the general public sheep that rely on media to make decisions have also forgotten and are likely are going to start attending DKR as initially intended. I say DKR makes good money for another solid 3 to 4 weeks.

  3. Warner Bros. re-released TDK film in traditional and IMAX theaters in 2009 prior
    to the Oscars and the $533 million domestic includes totals from the second release.
    TDKR is likely to get a second release at some point down the line too to boost its totals.

  4. The international numbers for TDKR do not yet have any input from Middle eastern Muslim countries. Due to Holy Month of Ramadan, its being released after 20th August in all those countries.

    • Muslims in middle eastern countries are too busy killing each other. Watching DKR is the last thing on their mind

      • Wow dude, could you sound any more ignorant?

        • Have you been hearing the news? What planet are you from?
          Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. Thses are some of the middle eastern and muslim countries.

          There is hardly any food,drink or electricity and hundres if not thousands of people are dying evry day in these countries and you expect an input to the international numbers for the DKR.

          the movie is showing in italy and china. These are two major markets, but middle east i dont think so.

          • So just because I think that what’s on the news isn’t the whole story means that I’m from another planet? That’s pretty laughable.

            I’ve lived in the middle east during a war and my friends/family back home kept calling or writing asking me if I was OK (to my surprise) because all they saw on the news was the destruction and bombing that was happening in the country, but that was hardly representative of what “real life” was like for most people. It wasn’t as if the entire population was being bombed and had machine guns in their hands ready to fight.

            My comment wasn’t because I think that the middle east is going to put huge numbers towards the movie’s final gross because everyone there wants to see Batman. My comment was because you sounded like a bigot, saying all the Muslims are busy killing each other, as if all they do is fight and kill and aren’t thinking about thing else. I’m not a Muslim, but I object to such an ignorant comment like that.

            Anyway, I don’t want to get too political about this so I’ll stop now.

      • Seriously ?

      • @Shaka

        what a stupid comment.

        • Really u think so? That’s alright call my comment what ever u want, I’m just making the point that middle eastern market is not going to add much to the TDKR numbers due to wars everywhere in that region.

  5. TDKR is beating the crap out of TDK overseas…so 1 billion is very likely

    • Agreed.

  6. Surprised DKR hasn’t done better. I guess it was the shooting…but I originally thought it might beat Avengers. I was wrong about that.

  7. John Carter deserved better…when looking at some of those Movies and how much money they make ! :(

  8. It rises slowly….but it keeps on rising!

  9. $733mil is very impressive.
    I’m gonna predict that it’ll hit the $1 billion mark at the end of it’s run.

    • try making your predictions from the onset next time instead of when its
      close to a billion, what a laugher…

  10. It was a great movie and had a remarkable villain to say the least it will hit 2 billion in my opinion possibly more, If not for that damn shooting it could have made even more.

  11. how many people in this world are eligible to watch a movie? there`s over 7 billion people and climbing a population in this world.

  12. those of you who are using the shootings as an excuse need to get a reality check.. worry more about comparing rises to the last film’s numbers and other comparable franchises and leave tragedy out of this.
    there is gunfire 24/7 on this planet worldwide and people still go to the 733 million dollars for this movie so far. some of you have to be disconnected 10 year olds to be making ridiculous statements.

  13. at first one statement to -rod-. i watch the news and read books or documentarys about world-problems-solutions etc.. my family are spending some euro to a thirld world foundation. but, no one should tell me about what i´m making in private. i like to talk about movies or the box-office,it has become a hobby. i hope you understand that.

  14. I think the effect the shooting had on TDKR’S performance has really got to be put in some realistic perspective now.

    At best the tragic events, denied TDKR another 15 – $20 mil for it’s opening weekend at best. It cannot account for the remaining two and a half weeks that TDKR has been on release. TDKR is well of the pace set by Avengers and even behind TDK with non adjusted inflation of prices.

    There are so many factors, the lack of 3D, less family orientated appeal, the olympics, the inevitable comparisons to TDK and the fact that Heath Ledger’s not in this one. The fact is that a considerable share of the fans were just slightly disappointed with TDKR – and that overall is the reason for it ‘under performing’ or rather not grossing as highly as Avengers.

  15. The truth of the matter on TDKR has nothing to do with shootings or Olympics or any other excuse. Read the posts on this website and others like it, MANY people just did not like this movie. For every gushing review there is someone else saying how much they disliked it. That’s it. No other reason than that. This movie let down a large number of people and they have been vocal about it.

  16. Princerino is probably right. Ha it’s definitely not due to the Olympics.

  17. well this is very well thought excuse of comparing DKR with avengers , some people badly wanted it not to exceed avengers and they are giving all kinds of good excuses how big avengers was and how DKR is not up to that, and yes I didnt like avengers that much it was OK not something extraordinary , we have seen such movies before nothing new and even at 87% on rotten tomatoes if DKR is a bad movie then I guess most people prefer bad movies more than some so called oversmart avengers fans!!!

    • Avengers has a 96 on Rotten Tomatoes