‘Torchwood’ Season 5 Won’t Air For ‘A While’

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Torchwood 5 Delay TV Torchwood Season 5 Wont Air For A While

Captain Jack Harkness has never been a man to set your watch by, but patiently waiting fans of Torchwood are going to have to wait awhile longer, and not for the rogue time agent, but for series creator Russell T. Davies.

Following the general success of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Starz has expressed interest in the idea of a fifth season of the Doctor Who spin off–but in a recent interview Chris Albrecht, CEO of Starz gave some insight regarding the shows future and showrunner Russell T Davies:

You know, Russell is so busy. Obviously, we’re in touch with the BBC all the time. They are our partners on DaVinci’s Demons and the Harem project. We told them, we stand by ready for any news, but I think it would be a while before Russell came back to Torchwood.

Last summer Davies returned home to Manchester, which put some of his current North American projects on the back burner –including Torchwood and his new upcoming Showtime series Cucumber. The sudden move back to the UK did, however,  allow Davies to focus on some of his UK projects, like the forthcoming CBBC children’s show Wizards vs. Aliens.

Wizards vs. Aliens revolves around a 16-year-old wizard and his scientist best friend as they battle to stop an alien invasion. The series, aimed at young kids, reunites Davies with the same production team of Doctor Who spin-off  The Sarah Jane Adventures, also created by Davies, which came to an end due to the death of its lead actress, Elisabeth Sladen.

Torchwood: Miracle Day turned out to be a fairly fruitful union for UK’s BBC Worldwide and US network Starz. Although the reviews were mixed, the ratings were solid and fan approval was good.  Even with other projects in the works – including main star John Barrowman who has landed the lead role in a new Shonda Rhimes-created pilot, Gilded Lilys - the cast of Torchwood are still open and optimistic to a fifth series, whenever it may come.

Eve Myles, who plays the gun-toting Gwen Cooper, gave her thoughts on the status of the sci-fi spin-off; “John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they’ve even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing.”

So there you have it. The ball is pretty much completely in Russell T Davies hands, and as a self-proclaimed procrastinator, even he may not know when Torchwood will return. This most likely isn’t the end of Torchwood, but rather a longer than expected break that fans are just going to have to bear for now. Until a fifth season can be produced, Torchwood fans can hold on to the possibility that Captain Jack MIGHT appear in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary next year, or relive Torchwood: Miracle Day again which landed on DVD/Blu-Ray this week.


More on the fate of Torchwood when updates are available

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  1. I loved Esther. She was so cute and innocent… and hot. :) But especially cute. I loved almost everything about her, I would marry a girl like her.

    I also liked Vera for her intelligence and cynicism.

    Gwen got ugly and fat and old and annoying.

    Rhys annoying like always, especially with his neverending calls.

    Rex ok, but I will not have him immortal.

    Jack.. not that tough when he’s a mortal.

    Ianto had the perfect face for a man in black agent. I liked him.

    • Gwen did NOT get ugly and fat. The thing about the Brits is they cast actors and actresses who look like real people. I think Gwen is really pretty and NORMAL looking. For Christ’s sake, grow up.

      For the record, you might want to marry a girl like Esther, but a girl like Esther wouldn’t marry a person like you, who makes comments like that. Get some class.

      • PRECISELY! Ayle = you took the words out of my mouth!
        There is a certain type of persons on whom “Torchwood” is completely wasted.

    • Seriously you are so wrong. I have always loved the Gwen Cooper character. She is the girl I would love to bring home to meet the parents and marry. Eve always looks great! I enjoy the fact that the Brits cast every day looking people. Americans go out of their way to cast fake looking skeletons in everything that is produced.

    • How you describe her, Qwen sounds perfect for you!

  2. ICS: “Gwen got ugly and fat and old and annoying.

    The way you speak, I’d suspect you are ugly, fat, old, and definitely annoying. If you’re not yet old,fat and ugly, you soon will be.
    I suggest a good show for you to watch: Mickey Mouse animated cartoons. “Torchwood” – the REAL “Torchwood” is far too adult for you.

    • “Torchwood” – the REAL “Torchwood” is far too adult for you.

      Torchwood is far too unrealistic to even thinking it is “adult”. And the way you commented, I suspect you are not adult or at least, don’t have the mental age IMO.

      By the way, at leasst Mickey Mouse is not promote to be ADULT SERIOUS DRAMA!!! by giving a ridiculous plot.

      • Unrealistic….? you probably haven’t noticed – it is Science Fiction.

        • No way! Revelation shock!!! Thank you!

          Yeah I know what is “science-fiction”, but thanks for you, now we know ridiculous plotine = science-fiction.

          • Eden – you are so immature. The way you insult “Gwen”, you are also insulting the actress who plays her: Eve Myles, who is neither fat, nor ugly, etc. etc….

      • Dude whats your problem? If you don’t like the show then stop watching it. Sounds pretty simple to me.

  3. I don’t like series 4, pls bring back classic Torchwood like series 1 & 2.
    1 series 1 story is so sad… Series 4 totally is unlikely n Is awful…
    And, head office should in uk coz original created at uk by queen Victoria.

    • Full respect!

    • Its bad because rusell t Davis quit

    • I think the 4th series was pretty good. In the 3rd series other countries found out about Torchwood and from the looks of it they wanted to involve other countries in the show. So thats why they did the whole flashback and US inro in the 4th. There is only one country in this world that can travel around the world without everyone questioning their reasons and that country is US. UK likes to keep its noise in the UK. I just hope they dont completely push UK out of the show.

  4. Season 4 was ( for me ) a good show, I’d like to see a season 5 with the same cast.
    It won’t be another season 1&2 but it’s moving on in a good direction. ( if it could have a visit from the Dr it’ll be great, the dr from season 2-4 of Dr who!) most won’t like my idea but its what I’d like to see

    • Hey – I think it’s a spendid idea = a visit from “The Doctor” in “Torchwood”! A bit of crossover would be fantastic! Whenever Capt Jack appeared in “Doctort Who” episodes, it was so enjoyable.

  5. Season 1 great! Season 2 great as well! Season 3,meh all right, but season 4 wot a bore!

    • Season 3 was very emotional, production, acting, writing, and contents was superb, I felt.
      Season 4 was a catastrophe and a bore – could not agree more with you on that!

  6. look like jack wont be alone through the years to come anymore

    • “look like jack wont be alone through the years to come anymore”

      I don’t quite follow you, could you elaborate, please!
      Capt Jack has always had colleagues working with him.

  7. Hey, okay, season 4 was not as good as the previous ones (no Ianto) but all in all, I’d kill for season 5. If you don’t want to see it, then why do you read such news as that one at all? If you want, then what is wrong with you that you all call it a catastrophe and so? Funny how agressive people get when they are anonymous. If I were Russell, I would put away the production of season 5 for as long as possible after reading such things.

    • not only was there no ianto-jack relationship, or any relationship close to it (being gay myself i found that relationship the best, and im in love with john barrowman and his patner scott) but also there were NO ALIENS. Aliens were the point of Torchwood, both the show and the doctor who universe fictional orginization, the whole reason the show and fictional orginization exists is for hunting and scavanging extraterrestrials (and also because fans of doctor who wanted to see captian jack again.)

      • Totally agree with what you are saying, Charlie! The relationship between Ianto and Jack was amazing. Yes – they were lovers but there was an even deeper sense between them, which is why they could disagree, be funny, be outrageous to each other. However, whenever when a situation became serious, the deep love of them for each other was beautiful.
        While “Miracle Day” had no obvious Alien Lifeforms, the programme of nobody dying was Alien!
        I can understand your being in love with John Barrowman and Scott Gill, they are so good together!
        When Capt Jack showed love for Ianto, the acting was so very deep felt, probably it was such because John Barrowman was recreating his feelings from personal experience – of John loving Scott.
        The character of Capt Jack liked to flirt with either sex, but that did not make him less gay.
        Casting John Barrowman for the character of Cap Jack was a stroke of genius!

  8. Please don’t make us wait too long.

  9. Please use the girl who waited and micky and freema in a new season of torchwood then jack can take more of a back seat.they could then run it themselves.why not?

    • Without Capt. Jack “Torchwood” is nothing!!!

  10. Your Kidding Me Another Break. We Already Waited Long Enough Between Season 3 And 4

  11. All fans of Doctor who already knows the fate of Cpt. Jack Harkness, AKA “The face of Boe”… No point in a Series 5 if it continues in the direction of Series 3 & 4. Series 1 & 2 were way better. Further more, Im a big fan of John Barrowman and his portraying of Cpt. Jack Harkness, and Id love to see more of those acting skills in a Series 5 IF they return to the basics of Series 1 & 2. And give him more appearances in Doctor Who, for example, Id love to see him travel with The Doctor. (Yeah I know he’s not a pretty girl, but hey, crazy idea, cast a pretty girl too, and the three of them could travel together!)

  12. RTD made us wait 2yrs for Miracle Day so chances r he will do the same again. MD wasn’t as good as season 1&2 but still a pretty good show. I think the mistake was bringing it to america and having one plot instead of several plots in different shows like in s1&2:

  13. I love Torchwood, all seasons. My favorite seasons were 1 and 2 though. I think Owen dying was the worst thing that ever happened to the show. I loved the cocky arrogance and the fire that he brought to the show. They need to bring in some better characters and stop trying to make the show so complicated. Obviously it’s great to have story arcs, but some of my favorite episodes are just the ones where they find an alien threat and stop it. Those are only in the first and second seasons.

  14. I caught the “Torchwood” bug on the Starz T/W:Miracle Day. I fell in love with the 2 main characters Jack and Gwen. Then I started watching the series, fell in love with the entire series. Yes, it is science FICTION but Gwen and Jack make a great team. I say bring back Owen Harper and Tashiko. I wish Series 5 would hurry up and come on.

    • Don’t forget Ianto. Torchwood isn’t Torchwood without him.

      But at this point, I really doubt a fifth season is going to happen. Miracle Day kind of destroyed the fandom for it, because the majority of people hated it.

  15. Torchwood got me hooked on sci-fi don’t leave me hanging!

  16. Am I the only one that liked series 3 and 4 best? Don’t get me wrong 1 and 2 were good but they don’t draw you in quite like a continuing drama does, it just utilized the alien of the week formula that Doctor Who did, but unlike Doctor Who it wasn’t littered with a glorious conspiracy woven throughout each and every encounter and that’s my favorite aspect of DW. With series 3 and 4 (Which actually revived the show) I feel they took that aspect to a whole new level and I thought it was fantastic.

    • i agree. the plot was more focused. they didn’t have time to thrown in filler episodes since it was a shorter series. most importantly, the production actually looked good. hate on American tv all you want, but you can’t touch the “look” of it.

      • What’s the good of looks if there is rubbish contents??!

    • there’s nothing wrong wit s. 3 or 4 i liked them all i only think that rex getting imortal isn’t fun… that right should have been left to ianto… and they need to bring him back somehow in s. 5 they have enough idea’s for bringing back the dead in torchwood and doctor who

      • While I am not hankering after Ianto especially, there should be no problem of bringing him back. After all, they had Owen running around while DEAD!!! In fact he was very useful being dead because nobody could kill him….he he he…!

        As long as Torchwood is Brit based = in Cardiff, and not messed about.

  17. OMG! I just want the next season like, now, lol. But seriously, I love this show so much!

    • Not gonna happen. The fourth series was horrid – terrible ratings and reviews, not to mention most of the fandom hated it.

      • I think you are right = it’s not gonna happen! The original creators have not got the time now, they’re into other prokjects.

  18. I LOVED Torchwood …. Untill they killed everyone. I loved the weird humor and innuendo, the team and the hub. But after they killed Tosh and Owen it was not the same, and when Ianto died, I got kind of furious, I liked them better than the character of Gwen ( Eve Myles is a wonderful actress I just didn’t love Gwen ), Owen was amazing with his snarky and sarcastic coments… He was kind of a bastard, but he was an awesome bastard… If that makes any sense. I ship Ianto and Jack so. Much. His death was heartbreaking.

    I also kind of want the style of the first two seasons back, with different story-plots instead of one throughout the season. But don’t get me wrong, I want more of Torchwood I just don’t think it’s nearly as good after they killed half the team.

    • Owen was indeed magnificent! He behaved often like a right bastard but deep down he had a soft heart. Remember when he fell in love with the pilot lady from the past!?!
      I do wonder if anyone will have the courage to carry on with Tochwood after the débâcle of the American series. Series 3: “The Children Of Earth” was extremely well written and done altogether.
      As long as they bring Torchwood back to the UK, with Capt. Jack in charge, they cannot go far wrong.
      The actor who played Owen is going to be in Series Three of “The Game Of Thrones”. They are filming it NOW!

  19. so not cool… in need for some torchwood in my life

  20. loved miracle day enough to go buy the first 3 seasons. love gwen, her right hook is a thing of beauty. i hate waiting but id love for it to come back. it was a joy to watch and while i have to say children of earth was my favorite id like to see something a little more permanent. i dont watch dr. who as i dont like it but watching the first 2 seasons of torchwood was like watching the xfiles that i really wanted with chaos mayhem and cursing.

    come back torchwood! come back!

  21. Hope.

  22. I was just reading, some coments about the possible next series of Torchwood. Also, despite it already being stated there will be no other whoverse spinoffs. Someone still mentioned they’d like to see another one to replace the Sarah Jane Adventures. Well fair enough if Davis ever does change his mind about that, I’ve got an idea. Decent or Rise Of The Master! revolving around how & why he became the Master. His Decent into madness. Or his Rise into becoming a threat. Incorperating some of the stuff we now know about him, the drumming which turned out to be the heart beat of a timelord, & how that was put in his head through the untempered scizum. Dealing with the early implications in the original series that he & the Doctor himself may infact the same person. At different points, & the eventual revelation that, that was almost certainly not the case. How he & the doctor may have once been friends. The Masters involvment in the history of both ours & other worlds. The only problem would be, in telling the Masters back story which would occasionally involve the doctor showing up as he did. how would u make it consistant, with a different guy as should be playing the doctor, if you know what I mean? But there’s gotta be a way around it. Lookalikes maybe, standins that look enough like Tom or Collin Baker, John Pertwee, Sylvester McCoy or Peter Davison. Maybe a bit of CGI could do the rest. Or they could rewrite their entire history by using the time war. Imply it’s changes to the timeline altered the previous aperances, of both timelords in their earlier regenerations. I like that one, kinda like what they did with the new Star Trek film. Erase everything all the way back & start again, so nothing is inconsistant. I’d also like to see them do something more on this so called time war! I know he’ll have aged a bit but they could easyly have Paul Magann in, it. Making out he lasted a fair while before he became Christopher Ecelston. please excuse any misspelling, especially with names.

    • John Sturdy =

      Hey – you’ve got some great ideas! Why don’t you submit your ideas to the producers of “Doctor Who”?!

  23. Why oh why is Jack never on Doc Who anymore? :( Stephen Moffit, why do you do this to me?

    • because moffat is a huge troll, he hated both characters the fans love, jack and rose. he said he might bring jack back for one episode since he still lives in the whoniverse, but he responded to a fan’s tweet about making some way of rose getting back to the doctor’s universe with this, and i quote: “rose? this is rose tyler your talking about. You want be to bring HER back”, this projected to the world that he hates rose, the best companion ever. Have u noticed that the doctor hasn’t even alluded to rose since matt smith has been playing him?

      • I cannot agree that it would be good to bring back Rose. Rose ‘belongs’ to Eccleston’s (10) and Tennant’s (11) Doctors, her character just would not feel right with Matt Smith.
        Also – “Doctor Who” is an Evolving Idea, it progresses, not reverts.

  24. I personally think the doctor should make an appearance. After all since the 11thdoctor doctor made an an appearance there hasn’t been a huge earth save. He owes torchwood

    • Sure! Only – there is UNlikely to be another “Torchwood” for The Doctor to appear in….!?!

  25. At the FedCon press conference in 2012, Kai Owen commented more on Season 5. Click on the trekcon name to view the video on YouTube. Kai Owen can be seen from 23:35.

  26. Well, is Torchwood dead now or will there be a season 5? I have watched all of the new Doctor Who and am looking forward to the Christmas special.

  27. I am absolutely NOT fond of all the hating going on.
    It was an absolutely brilliant storyline.

    You know what I think? You are so rusted in your routines that you can’t stand or maybe even fear change. All in all I loved series 4.

    The end was absolutely amazing. That’s a storyline waiting to happen.

    Jack is a fixed point, so I wonder, if Rex is killed more often, would he become jack? Or did the blood make Rex a fixed point aswell? How could it happen with just the blood?

    The whole theme just makes me anxious for a next series.

    • It is not that everyone hated series 4, it is that it was much inferior to the previous series, and series 3 especially. The basic premise of Torchwood is one of Cardiff, of Wales, of Capt. Jack in charge, of it happening on British soil. If you transplant Torchwood somewhere else it just isn’t Torchwood any more. Also it needs a basic set of characters, not two handsfuls of mish-mash bods who do not seem to know what it’s all about.

  28. Yes true. It should be based in Cardiff. And perhaps we should just face it.

    Torchwood, is, dead. The team is no more, it’s just Gwen Cooper and Jack. and Possibly now Rex.

    Series three was awesomely outrageous getting my blood pumping because somewhere I feel that the government would do just that in a situation like it. Plus, Come on, children.

    And maybe it isn’t Torchwood anymore, Torchwood has been disbanded.
    Torchwood is now an Idea. Fighting everything that is wrong with the world and everything that is alien in the world.

    Or perhaps it should come back as “Harkness” or something like that. I mean, Following the life and times of Jack Harkness would be quite amazing, now wouldn’t it.

  29. I really hate it when i finally find a good and different series to watch and it just stops all that is left on tv anymore is reality crap at least torchwood has some imagination please continue this series asap really looking forward to season 5 and more