‘Torchwood’ Season 5 Won’t Air For ‘A While’

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Torchwood 5 Delay TV Torchwood Season 5 Wont Air For A While

Captain Jack Harkness has never been a man to set your watch by, but patiently waiting fans of Torchwood are going to have to wait awhile longer, and not for the rogue time agent, but for series creator Russell T. Davies.

Following the general success of Torchwood: Miracle Day, Starz has expressed interest in the idea of a fifth season of the Doctor Who spin off–but in a recent interview Chris Albrecht, CEO of Starz gave some insight regarding the shows future and showrunner Russell T Davies:

You know, Russell is so busy. Obviously, we’re in touch with the BBC all the time. They are our partners on DaVinci’s Demons and the Harem project. We told them, we stand by ready for any news, but I think it would be a while before Russell came back to Torchwood.

Last summer Davies returned home to Manchester, which put some of his current North American projects on the back burner –including Torchwood and his new upcoming Showtime series Cucumber. The sudden move back to the UK did, however,  allow Davies to focus on some of his UK projects, like the forthcoming CBBC children’s show Wizards vs. Aliens.

Wizards vs. Aliens revolves around a 16-year-old wizard and his scientist best friend as they battle to stop an alien invasion. The series, aimed at young kids, reunites Davies with the same production team of Doctor Who spin-off  The Sarah Jane Adventures, also created by Davies, which came to an end due to the death of its lead actress, Elisabeth Sladen.

Torchwood: Miracle Day turned out to be a fairly fruitful union for UK’s BBC Worldwide and US network Starz. Although the reviews were mixed, the ratings were solid and fan approval was good.  Even with other projects in the works – including main star John Barrowman who has landed the lead role in a new Shonda Rhimes-created pilot, Gilded Lilys - the cast of Torchwood are still open and optimistic to a fifth series, whenever it may come.

Eve Myles, who plays the gun-toting Gwen Cooper, gave her thoughts on the status of the sci-fi spin-off; “John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they’ve even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing.”

So there you have it. The ball is pretty much completely in Russell T Davies hands, and as a self-proclaimed procrastinator, even he may not know when Torchwood will return. This most likely isn’t the end of Torchwood, but rather a longer than expected break that fans are just going to have to bear for now. Until a fifth season can be produced, Torchwood fans can hold on to the possibility that Captain Jack MIGHT appear in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary next year, or relive Torchwood: Miracle Day again which landed on DVD/Blu-Ray this week.


More on the fate of Torchwood when updates are available

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  1. If “Torchwood” ever comes back, please not from Starz! “Miracle Day” was such a sad IMITATION of the real and superb “Torchwood”. The people who created “Miracle Day” just about killed “Torchwood”. Shame on you!

    • Couldn’t agree more. Beyond the government, above the police is where Torchwood belongs. Miracle Day was nauseating and dark – indeed a revolting imitation. And stay out of the United States! No one wants to go there!

      • Now your comment, “And stay out of the United States! No one wants to go there!” If BBC had the moola to keep up with the Fan Fantastic show, Then STARZ wouldn’t have offered. Since Torchwood has a loyal fan-base here in the U.S., then it would be wise to incorporate us. I don’t think we intrude as much as the British. Sorry. Besides I liked Seas.4 with the introduction of Mikai Pfiffer.

  2. I know Russell’s partner has been diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, the reason for moving back here, so I hope he manages to get better and that Russell does take his time with moving forward with Torchwood. Hopefully we’ll get a fifth season in 2014 if writing begins at the end of 2013.

  3. This show is really good and needs to come back. Miracle Day was such a great idea and the season in my opinion was fantastic. I also ended up backtracking and watching the Children of the Earth season which I thought was even better. They need to find a way to make another season work. Even if they cant get people like the captain on board for a full season, you got Mecki Phifer (not sure of the spelling)leading the way.

  4. i hope there is another season of torchwood. and i hope jack returns on doctor who, and maybe even gwen like they did on the series 4 finale of doctor who.

  5. “Although the reviews were mixed, the ratings were solid and fan approval was good.”

    Are you sure we watched the same show? Miracle Day was awful (even worse then CoE). A stupid story, badly written, badly directed and sometimes even badly acted.

    The rating were not solid, not on Starz (where it did even worse then Camelot), nor on BBC1 (they lost half of viewers between the first and the last episode. TW did better when S2 was aired on the less viewed BBC2).

    And surely the fans approval was not good.
    Most of the fans are asking for a return to the “old feelings”. The monster of the week show; in Cardiff, the Hub; Captain Jack as a real leader and front of the show; his team (possibily the old one, with Ianto, Toshiko and Owen and maybe some new characters); the Weewils and Myfanwy.

    No more fanta-political nonsense. No more Starz. Much much less of MarySue!WonderWarrior!Gwen and possibily no more RTD.

    • “Much much less of MarySue!WonderWarrior!Gwen”

      Agreed. Jack is the lead. I thought he was massively underused in Miracle Day to begin with – seriously, I could not have cared less about any of the new characters. No one is ever going to top the chemistry of the original five/team.

    • You are exactly correct Bri; I was going to post the same thing myself.

      In addition to the ratings; that deteriorated just about every week; the audience; whose posts on a variety of boards across the internet became increasingly contemptuous of the story and spoke of their continuing exodus as the series progressed; the critical response was decidedly not mixed.

      Oh the first episode or two where regarded as intriguing but by the time the series reached the half way mark at episode 5 the majority of critics had turned against the series and refused to even follow it thru to the end.

      It was in the final analysis a disaster.

      There is still an audience for Torchwood but it needs to be Classic Torchwood. If the show can get back to Cardiff and resurrect as many of the original team as possible with at bare minimum the return of Ianto Jones, as played by Gareth David-Lloyd, permanently back in the show and the arms of Barrowman’s Capt. Jack then I and so many other fans will gladly once again watch Torchwood. We would be counting the days. That is what we want, that is what we will watch. Anything else is of absolutely no interest.

    • The fan approval was good? GOOD?! Sorry but this fan here found herself apologizing to all the people she told to check out Torchwood in the past. Miracle Day made me feel ashamed to be a fan, that has never ever happen to me before.

      And the ratings, at least in the UK the went from bad to terrible, call that solid if you want. At least at one point Miracle Day (on BBC 1 prime time!) was beaten by Big Brother.

  6. “Although the reviews were mixed, the ratings were solid and fan approval was good.”

    According to whom? Because fan approval was at just about zero from everything I have seen. Seriously, hardly any longterm fan of Torchwood even wants to recognize Miracle Day as part of the series.

    I miss classic Torchwood. Torchwood will never be better than its glory days with the very beloved original team. I miss chasing aliens, the balance of humor and excitement and drama, and watching Jack and Ianto’s relationship continue to develop. I miss Owen and Toshiko and alien technology and the fluid sexuality of the original series.

    They don’t need to keep trying to make it “bigger and better” – they just need to realize that they had something very special with classic Torchwood and it’s going to be damn near impossible to duplicate. If the creators and writers can’t evoke the magnetism of classic Torchwood, then please.. just let it be. The biggest gift that they could give to the fandom is to slip us all a huge dose of Retcon and let us keep Children of Earth as the fitting and final end to Jack’s time with Torchwood 3. That was the end for me.

    • Totally agreed.

  7. yeah i miss the monster of the week of the first two seasons. and i miss the different alien tech they use to use and coming up with a different mystery every episode. though children of earth was really good but i miss season two and the team feel it had.

  8. “fan approval was good” ?? Must have watched some other show bc the ratings went constantly down.

  9. I have to say that I agree with most of what everyone has said.
    I am not a sci-fi, techy fan normally and only watched the first ep of TW all those years ago with a vague hope of filling an hour of a boring night, however after that episode I was hooked and loved the mix of sci-fi, friendship, sex, love and humour, most of all the humour. The first 2 series were fantastic and even CofE i enjoyed with the premature ending of Ianto.
    Miracle Day whist having a vaguely interesting first episode felt like a completely different show, and not in a good way, there was nothing linking it to what it had been, apart from the presence of jack, gwen and rhys and even they seemed to be pastiches of themselves.
    It would be great if the powers that be realise that what they had created in torchwood was a brilliant programme that could have gone in so many directions, without destroying itself.
    Bigger is not always better. This last series lost its soul a little bit.

  10. I loved Torchwood and Captain Jack … Then they went and did Miracle Day. Great big hint. Move back to Britain, leave the characters we loved alone and let the 5th season be one of humor and insight instead to the Americanized garbage of STARZ.

    • one thing may be good in miracle day, it could bring back ianto to torchwood: jack could travel back in time, and take him to miracle day time and exchange his blood and bring him back to his normal time…

  11. There is a reason why MD’s nickname is Miracle Crap – fans hated it. Starz ratings were mediocre, the show sunk without trace Down Under, only in Britain did it do OK and then only just. Captain Jack was a shadow of his former self, Rex was unbelievably irritating, Gwen was a typical pain in the ass. God! How I miss the days of blowfish in sports cars! I miss Tosh, Owen, the Hub, the SUV and most of all I MISS IANTO!

    Series 5? Forget it, please. Let Torchwood RIP.

    • or have them go back to britian and build another hub. and maybe if they have to, still have a globe trotting theme. but not so much in america. i forgot, did the rift close or is that still open?

      • If the make it a “world wide” Torchwood it should remain in the countries that were under British government once and had Torchwood bases back then. Like the radio play “Golden Age” set in India. The base should be Cardiff if the show is still about Torchwood 3. Another idea would be to make a totally new show about Torchwood 2 (Glasgow) or 4 (MIA, but my guess would be Belfast or Dublin), but with a new and fresh cast. Though personally I wouldn’t mind if one of the killed off characters would be involved, and can’t help but notice how many fans still ask for Ianto. Captain Jack could maybe be a recurring character, a bit like John Hart. Barrowman aging shouldn’t be as much of a problem then and maybe the character could slowly return to the charming one he once was. But please, no more Gwen. That character is way beyond it’s best before date.

    • I agree….unless we get a BIG RESET back to “Classic Torchwood” (with as many of the old cast members as possible) Let the show Rest in Peace! Also, I don’t see why we need RTD involved at all…. Chris Chibnall ran the first two series…you know, the ones everyone LOVED….. why can’t HE be the show runner? Or James Moran..or any of the other writers who actually understood what the fans wanted…..sci-fi, sex, fun, frolic and a good sprinkling of aliens!

  12. God no, let it die. The only thing I’d ever tune back in for would be to see to horrible Gwen die a slow and violent death. She has got to be the most annoying character in sci fi history. Worse than Wesley Crusher and JarJar Binks combined.

  13. Davies has more important things to do right now, so it might make more sense for the show to go to someone else. Regardless of who is in charge, I hope that new Torchwood will be more like the first two series. If nothing else, it would be great to have Ianto, and Cardiff, back.

    • they could find a way to bring ianto back, like a great director once said, “no one in scifi ever really dies” or something along those lines.

      • It would be brilliant if they figured out a believable way to bring Ianto back. I mean, that wasn’t the only thing by a long shot that I didn’t like about Miracle Day, but the show definitely lost a lot of it’s spark in losing Gareth David-Lloyd as part of the cast. I can just imagine his reunion with Jack – now *that* would bring in viewers.

        Personally, though, I’d rather just see it quietly end – I don’t think my heart can take another series like Miracle Day.

  14. I always forget that Torchwood is a spin-off of Doctor Who.

    • yeah its wierd, it doesnt seem to take place in the same universe. i mean, youve had all these huge alien invasions that the doctor has fought off and the people in america seem to have no clue that aliens exist. didnt any americans watch that american news lady they always have on doctor who and torchwood?

  15. Return of classic Torchwood please. Jack, Ianto, Owen, Tosh, aliens, Cardiff…the whole lot. That was much more interesting, please also watch the plot holes and double back to cover up errors.

  16. Only if they manage to have a reset to… let’s say the classic!Torchwood episode Adam. Everything else after that only happened in one of the characters heads because they didn’t manage to kill off Adam after all. There you go, everything that made Torchwood a campy but culty show can be back. The Hub, the car, Cardiff, Tosh, Owen and Ianto.

    As a fan who has been there from the very beginning and followed Jack over from Doctor Who, Miracle Day was almost an insult. What happened to the real Torchwood? The one that was British and proud and special and not trying to be a cheap copy of the X-Files? And the plot? The writing? The acting? I’m still waiting for somebody to jump up and scream: Punked! It was all an experiment about how badly you can run a TV show against a wall and still air it.

    I guess there is a reason why nobody from the US part of the cast has ever spoken about their involvement with Torchwood ever again, they are probably hoping people will forget it ever happened.

    I was not a fan of Children of Earth either, it felt like wanting too much and in the end the story was not strong enough. The politicians got really boring, the TW team looked as if it was running around the wrong set and the plot holes were huge. But I was willing to give it another try. Miracle Day though… tbh, I don’t have much trust in this show anymore and have moved on to shows of much better quality by now. RIP Torchwood, we had a good time but I think you better stay dead.

  17. maybe if they decide to quit torchwood, they can bring back jack as a reacurring companion on doctor who, kinda like theyve done with river. i miss jack with the doctor

    • ^

      This. I think it’s time Jack returned to Doctor Who – maybe it would keep us from another vastly sub-par and unnecessary series of Torchwood.

  18. Cant wait.

  19. It been more than two years since the end of CoE and I’m still holding out hope that we can once again get what we want; the true “Classic” Torchwood! Back in Cardiff, Ianto reunited with Jack, fighting aliens, protecting the world. Revive Owen and Tosh too if possible. Don’t want to resurrect characters fine; just go back in time and give us more of the original. The last set of BBC Radio plays showed the way, call it “Torchwood: The Lost Files”. That Torchwood was fun, fantastic, sexy enthralling and kept viewers happily coming back for more.

  20. \what makes you think miracle whip had fan approval – it was widely hated.

    There is sill a future and a good one – for Torchwood IF it gets back to the spirit of series 1 and 2. Bring back the much loved characters, Tosh, Owen, Ianto – even \janet and \myfanwy. Abov all, give Jack his personality back

  21. maybe if they cant bring back the others. maybe have them try to build another team. with british actors. torchwood has to be a british team. it was nice having an american, someone from the outside, but the team needs to remain british. the first two series were like men in black in a way, which was nice. using alien tech all the time. dealling with whatever came out of the rift. maybe if they cant go back to monster of the week they could do a multiple episode story line. not like miracle day of CoE. but have like 3 or 4 episodes in a row be about one story and then have 3 or 4 more be another story. it would be a nice comprimise right down the middle of what they are doing now and what they use to do.

  22. We still have to rescue the Brother of Jack? I say Reverse it the Torchwood Cardiff ends up in Dr Who world with Gwen saying ” Jack what just Happened! “

    • they always have doctor who end up in alternate realities, and then the doctor erases them. maybe somehow jack and gwen and her husband can travel through some kind of rift where ianto, tosh, and owen are alive! and martha can be a part of the team to!

  23. If Torchwood comes back,I hope they go back to the old format where the show is based in England with their cast and crew rather than the states with US actors. The show lost its cheeky Brit flavor in Miracle Day, and I want a reboot to the original concept.

  24. I agree with the call to bring back classic Torchwood including Ianto. Miracle Day was horrible, and it was not Torchwood. Also, kill Gwen off, please.

  25. Why are so many people agains Gwen?!?? She’s been one of the anchors, after Capt. Jack throughout! However Gwen was greatly misdirected in Miracle Crap…. sorry…Day… same as Capt Jack was a shadow of his forer self. Torchwood was created in the UK, by Queen Victoria and should always have its Head Office in the UK.
    I doubt it would be a good idea to bring back Tosh and Ianto, after all the writers could easily create other great characters, as long as Capt Jack is the Head Man!

    If there was a “time shift” and previous characters resurrected, I’d say, Owen should come back. He was such a strong character.

    • I think TPTB just want too much from Gwen. They keep telling me that she’s the “bleeding heart” of Torchwood when all I see is somebody who lies and cheats on her lovely boyfriend and would have kissed (and probably run off with) Jack on her very own wedding day. But then, she only married Rhys “because nobody else would have her” anyway. She laughs about Tosh, who was a lot more a “heart” and much more bamf then Gwen on her best day. She risks the world to get back Rhys only to run off and play “mourning window” next to Jack’s corpse. She needs to interview the cannibal guy NOW, never mind that two of her fellow team members are injured and in need of a hospital. She, who knows about aliens etc, has a good laugh on Estelle, who happens to believe in fairies. She treats Andy like an unwanted dog. And on top of all that comes the famous line from Miracle Day, it made her feel important and good to see her friends/coworkers die.

      Yeah, right, I can totally see why I should make this terrible example of a human being my role model.

      • Hey – slow down! It’s fiction!!! You write as if it was real life and you truly hated Gwen?!

  26. I believe MD wasnt TWs best season, but never the less I enjoyed it. The change of view was cool too. No more dull and boring England. I believe they need to re-join The Doctor and Jack. Or atleast get more in depth with Jack when he worked for the Time Agency.

  27. Im gratified to find people who think the same. I pulled out watching the last series when it went “american” .Hate Gwen as being totally annoyingly dumb with screechy voice .Suspect she is a Davies creation in reaction to been ordered to have a female romantic intrest , so provided a dumb harpy as a laugh.The original crew owen and co were great and all intresting charachters.The John Barrowman fanclub featuring John Barrowman as Fan No1 John Barrowman with Gwen Harpy is not good TV.

  28. Gwen = from day ONE, when Gwen watched the Torchwood Team resurrect (albeit for just a few seconds) the corpse, I found Eve Myles a very good actress. Also I found that the story lines showing how her Tochwood work interfered with her home life, was excellent.
    She’s inquisitive, hard working, and takes everything seriously.
    As a character, she’s great! Whether Gwen has a squeaky voice is more a matter of taste, I think.
    However, if there was a choice between Owen and Gwen, I’d go for Owen!

  29. Meh, Ianto was overrated. That said, bored by Miracle Day and I’d like a Jack and Gwen and Rhys and Andy programme.