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John Barrowman and Evelyn Miles as Jack and Gwen Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Review and Discussion

The ten-part miniseries chronicling the latest adventures of the Torchwood team concluded tonight with the last episode of Miracle Day. There’s a lot to cover in one short hour, and a lot of expectations to deliver on. Is “The Blood Line” up to the task? Read on to find out.

From the word go, Miracle Day has been pretty clearly divided into three segments. The first batch of episodes dealt with the unreality of the Miracle – true speculative fiction, examining a huge idea from every relevant angle. The middle of the series is a character study, taking a hard look at how Captain Jack Harness (John Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) deal, not only with the chaos of the Miracle, but the tragedies of the last Torchwood series, Children of Earth.

The last arc, and most importantly the finale, is the payoff. Patient viewers have been waiting months to find out the fundamental how and why answers behind the Miracle and the Blessing. There’s still trailing elements of the ideas and the characters that have driven the series thus far, especially in the beginning. But the reason you’re tuning in is to find out how it started, and how it ends.

On that note, Torchwood delivers. For the most part, the finale makes sense of almost everything that’s happened up to this point. The burning questions are answered, the conspiracy is unraveled, and world-saving in general occurs, with some satisfying sci-fi action to smooth over the rough spots. Those looking for a good, hard look at what happens when the irresistible will of Jack hits the unstoppable pragmatism of Gwen will be particularly thrilled.

Torchwood Miracle Days infamous blessing Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Review and Discussion

At the same time, I couldn’t blame some long-time Torchwood fans for being furious. Make no mistake: people die (and isn’t it about time!) in unexpected and even cruel ways. Those still aching over the loss of most of the Torchwood team in Children of Earth won’t feel any better about this conclusion – characters you’ve come to love or hate disappear just as they reach the height of their development.

But that’s alright. Immortal characters don’t make for compelling television. Well… you know what I mean.

There’s still a handful of plot holes that are mercilessly perpetrated. As interesting and thought-provoking as Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) is, there isn’t any justifiable reason for him to come to the Blessing. Given how much Gwen and Jack hate him, there’s really no reason for them not to have left him “perforated” in the middle of Wales. Viewers have been wondering for the last week or so how a chasm that goes through the center of the Earth wouldn’t be immediately overrun with magma; this point isn’t so much avoided as discarded in a seriously lazy fashion. Not to mention, the “global Illuminati conspiracy” hasn’t been a fresh plot point for decades – placing it in the middle of a series with so many new ideas was sloppy.

But overall, the Torchwood finale is the best in the third act of Miracle Day, even if it doesn’t quite hold up to the previous two mentioned above. As a bonus, there’s some obvious set-ups for either an entirely new series of Torchwood episodes or a continuation of the current storyline – it’s entirely up to writer Russel T. Davies and (hopefully) Jane Espenson. We know that more episodes are almost certain at this point.

Alexa Havins shines as Esther Drummond on Torchwood Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Review and Discussion

Special accolades go to Alexa Havins’ portrayal of CIA analyst Esther Drumond. Esther is by design the fish out of water for Miracle Day, allowing Jack and Gwen to explain the basics of Torchwood while Rex (Mekhi Phifer) guides her into becoming a pseudo-field agent. Over the course of ten episodes she goes from a panicky wilting flower to an iron-willed operator, and the developments in the finale allow her some great moments that Havins handles perfectly.

Marina Benedict and sci-fi veteran John de Lancie manage high-tension moments well, while Kai Owen is given some emotionally intense scenes as Gwen’s husband Rhys. Barrowman and Myles are their usual charming selves, though the enormity of the events around them sometimes seem to not phase their characters. Pullman and Phifer are a little over-the-top, but Lauren Ambrose in her role as Jilly Kitzinger delivers some challenging dialogue with precision.

Some of the production is a bit rough around the edges, primarily the sets surrounding the Blessing. But it’s hard to fault a relatively low-budget show for that, especially considering that Torchwood and Doctor Who fans have had to make do with a lot less over the years. The effects get the ideas across without supplying a serious aid to the suspension of disbelief, which is mostly left up to the viewers.

jack and gwen run from an explosion in the torchwood finale Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Review and Discussion

I’d recommend the entire run of Miracle Day to sci-fi fans for the first few episodes alone, and Torchwood viewers will love the focus on Jack and Gwen, who get some impressive character development all to themselves. The last few episodes haven’t quite held up, but the finale pulls through to make the miniseries more than worth your time.

Miracle Day ends on a high note, for those who can stomach the loss of some very key players. Despite some plot holes that are largely ignored, the conclusion is fun to watch and sets up the franchise for a solid return. It’s likely that some fans won’t be coming back, and that’s understandable. But if Miracle Day is a sign of things to come for Torchwood, I say bring it on.

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  1. They axed the wrong key player!

    • I just started watching Torchwood since it was picked up by Stars. I think it was an excellent series!! The writers provided a sense of suspense with each episode. There was a link with extraterrestrial life, it was just that the life form was coming from within the earth itself. That was my take. I have since went back and watched season 3 The Children of Earth which was also very exciting. I enjoyed season 3 because it did not end the typical way most American movies end.

  2. Well, at least there was MENTION of the Racnoss and Silurian Myth, but all in all it was a pretty lazy way to explain the Miracle. The only death I really felt for was John DeLancie – MAN, what a waste of future appearances. He made the end of Torchwood MD enjoyable for me. Nice one on Rex – now the Doctor has two fixed points to freak him out…

    • I agree. Check his Youtube with his Poe reading… – Stark

  3. Don’t care enough about the new characters to be remotely bothered by their death in fact in one case its a relief. We know Gwen and Jack will never die so there’s never any tension there. The twist at the end is total nonsense from a continuity point of view and to me entirely diminishes the character and uniqueness (in this universe) of the Jack character. You have to hand wave almost the entire first 3 series or very little actually makes sense – is it the same universe as it was before. It really isn’t the show I bought into. That said that doesn’t mean it can’t be good in its own right.

    Putting that aside and treating it as the brand new show I think it is, I’ve found the show very slow with some good moments. A lot of the writing has been lazy and really, whilst the last two episodes have been fast paced and better for it, we dragged through 8 episodes then had to have a 2 months later, some lazy solutions in episode 10 and it all feels a bit like a bowl of luke warm porridge, its there, its harmless, its not unpleasant but there’s not much point to it.

    No doubt it will be renewed and good luck to them and those who enjoyed it. Its not for me.

  4. Just like his creation Captain Jack, Mr. Davies managed to pull off a borderline perfect finale, with good triumphing over evil just enough to keep hope alive and give us a purpose to continue on, but with a price paid by our heroes heavy enough to make carrying on more a matter or grim resolve than of sunny optimism. We have hope for a brighter future, but it remains just over the horizon and we know it will be a difficult, at times painful, but always interesting journey getting there.

    The one universal complaint is the fact that we had five or six episodes worth of wonder and action packed adventure spread out over ten episodes, with large dollops of quality story deposited at either end, and far too little scraped over the expanse between them like too little jam or butter scraped over too much dried toast. Our minds were opened to a bottomless pit of mind-boggling, mostly horrifying possibilities stemming from the concept of global immortality, but then each was barely touched upon and dropped before they could be fully explored and what should have been a fountaining eruption of possibilities became more like Rex’s festering chest wound. Would it really have been so hard to weave two or three side stories into the plot, with Gwen & Jack bonding with Ester & Rex over two or three minor mysteries of extraterrestrial origin that at first appear to be related to the miracle, only to have them turn out to be coincidental and with their resolution helping the team to refine their investigation into the miracle itself? While I have no doubt there will be at least one more US Torchwood adventure, I certainly hope Mr. Davies includes a few minor story arcs in the next batch to compliment to underlying main theme.

  5. I think the finale was one of the best of the ten episodes. However,I am angry about what happened to Esther. I thought the phase 2 segment with Jilly still on board for PR was great. She is a great character. As far as Rex at the end of the finale, it does not make sense to me. Jack Harkness became immortal when Rose touched him when she was full of TARDIS. There is no way in my mind that Jack’s blood could make anyone like him.

    • It confused Jack too so it’s obvious there’s something more going on. Only speculation but I think Rex’s (obviously temporary) immortality will be linked to the Families’ Plan B. Maybe aliens too, maybe the Families are actually aliens, it’s wide open.

      I saw Rex’s immortality coming, it was pretty obvious. Epic finale though.

      • Rose did not ‘touch’ Jack, she looked into the heart of the TARDIS and saw all of time and space. She revived Jack (who had been killed by the Daleks after delivering one of the best lines ever in Dr. Who) just by willing him back to life. Though like the poster above I do not understand why Rex is immortal, and I do not think Davies is going to get a chance to even try to explain. I doubt Starz will jump on another season of this.

        Oh well at least the Doctor is back on and I hear there will be a reunion of Tenant, Piper, and Barrowman in the future.

    • The only explanation I have regarding Rex’s immortality is that, since the Blessing was “restored” at 2 points simultaneously on the globe, the restoration process involved “restoring” Rex with Jack’s blood (since he was carrying it to begin with). It’s the Blessing’s way of providing some sort of balance to the world.

      Sounds hokey, but without it, the ending makes no sense to me.

      • Oh yeah, one of the Family members mentions something about the polarity of the Blessing. If Jack’s blood is the current, and Rex and Jack are the positive and negative sides of the Blessing, maybe the “restoration” process had to involve changing Rex in some way.

        Sorry, the engineering side of me is asserting itself again…

      • I agree. That makes sense actually, and would resolve the issues I have with this development. That said, it might be a bit of a stretch for The Blessing to have *that* amount of power.

      • Bit like what I got…

        the Blessing absorbed enough of Jack’s immortal blood to believe that immortality was the norm for human life, it sensed the world was the opposite of immortal so it fulfilled its part of the symbiosis and simply swapped them as best it could. So enough mortal blood would simply reset it. With Rex housing Jack’s blood the Blessing was convinced that there was one entity at either pole and so when it reset Jack’s immortality it gave it to Rex as well since it believed Rex was also Jack.

    • Maybe you didn’t paid enough attention to Doctor Who story line,
      When you meet the Face of BO. There was many of them and you know the Face of Bo was Captain Jack Harkness then you should of guess that there would be other ways of them coming into being. I am guessing the between the Morphic Field and blood confusion this was one way to become immortal/ the Face of Bo.

      • Interesting, could Jack be the progenitor of Bokind?

  6. You’re not serious are you? Your review has to be a parody. There are quite a few people out there comparing MD to the old Star Trek episode ‘Spock’s Brain’ and … MD is coming out the loser.

    If you mean character development by turning Gwen into a screaming, selfish and uncontrollably violent person who can’t even remember that, when her father has a heart attack at the camp, shrieking for the doctor to come save him is only going to cause them to send him back to the incinerator? Or that when the random, senseless cat 1 hunters do finally find him, she just shrugs and goes on with the finale … when a few episodes ago she abandoned saving the world to go save her Dad?

    And if you mean character development for Jack, by turning him into a ‘big ol gay’ (as opposed to an omnisexual person) and the target of cheap jokes, or someone who sits around passively waiting for … the plot to fall into his lap?

    Speaking of which, *what* plot? The one where we find out there’s a giant hole in the earth that controls how long humanity lives? That no one ever noticed? That defies every understanding of basic geology? The one where the world-controlling ‘families’ are doing all this so they can … control the world?

    Or the lovely detail where Jack’s mortal body is drained by a non-professional of (from the looks of the baggies) the entire amount of blood a body can hold, then it just sits around for weeks, *rotting* then it’s transplanted into someone else who magically get’s immortal, even though it has been made clear from day one of Jack’s immortality that it has nothing to do with his physical body?

    This was supposed to be a serious drama but it’s not even a funny farce. It’s just awful, and the rating prove it.

    • Yes. This. One of the things that has infuriated me is the fact that Jack is supposed to have 51rst Century pheromones that drive all genders wild. He is supposed to be an unbridled hedonist who will shag “anything with a postcode” (Barrowman’s own words). Indeed, he was stuck for 10 years in a time-loop with a man who found a poodle nice looking. We should see him with men AND women AND, in fact, alien species. This would be the first real use of an omni-sexual character on T.V. Instead (despite all the arguments to the contrary – simply make a list kids) we find him written into man-on-man action time and time again.

      And yes, Eve Myles was unfairly treated to several writers who didn’t seem to bother to check the way a previous writer had portrayed her so that she seemed

      Rex I think I can explain at least – I think it was a gift from The Blessing. However, as pointed out – the blood sub-“plot” was fairly ridiculous and the existence of The Blessing as something that has been able to be covered up is also ridiculous. Terrance Dicks said on a semi-recent DVD that Doctor Who (and one would think it’s spin-offs by proxy) should always have a ring of plausibility. Not that that is always stuck to, but to ground it in something semi-plausible. Alan Moore says that a story must ring true on a human level – even if the events never happened. The writers on this Torchwood don’t seem to care about what these pioneers who were around during the foundation of the most popular era in Doctor Who (or similar British-fantasy) have to say and if they do they sure don’t seem to show it.

      • My sentence about Gwen should have ended “…to be several different Gwens.”

    • Thank you for putting all my thoughts to words.

    • I could add so many more points to this (like Ianto said, there’s quite a list) but it’s just not worth the time. I’m a huge fan of Torchwood as it used to be, but this was bloody awful. Bad writing all over the place, and the final was a joke. It did make me laugh indeed.

      Wait, it wasn’t supposed to??

      • I stopped watching at episode 4. It was AN ABORTION OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. Awful acting, writing, plot…ugh. Where’s my real, sexy, smart Jack? People should mourn the loss of him in those episodes like they wail about Tennant.

        So: awful. DH watched it to see it through but said it wasn’t worth it. I’m coming here for the spoilers and there aren’t many.

        It became a DUMB AMERICANIZED SHOW.

        • An abortion? I think you might mean an abomination…

  7. The finale, and the entire series, was a complete disappointment as far as I’m concerned. The writing was sloppy throughout, and the finale was no different. We’re left with more questions than answers, and the answers that are there don’t hold up to any scrutiny whatsoever. I mean, plan A of the families was to…what exactly? Take over the world by killing old, sick people? Why was Jack mortal in the first place? What exactly caused Rex to become immortal?

    I expected more from this team of writers, and I’m absolutely infuriated by the thought that this sort of lazy storytelling might be rewarded with a 5th series. In any case, I won’t be watching – Torchwood was over a long time ago as far as I’m concerned.

  8. I love John Barrowman and Eve Myles, they are fantastic, but the series was a real mess, and the ending was no different (except that yes, finally, important people die, though I could have hoped for at least one more). The dangling plot lines are unfortunate; they need to get the heck out of this series and move on to new ideas (and a return to the old style).

    I loved the first three seasons, but I just don’t know if I’ve got another like this in me. It’s like watching your best friend date a total jerk.

  9. Holes aplenty in this ending.
    Oswald Danes somehow doesn’t die with all the other walking dead?
    He conveniently lives long enough to blow up the miracle cavern and villianess, while allowing Gwen and Jack to escape?

    And what about Rex?
    Nobody noticed that he didn’t die?
    He gets up, throws a guy over the rail, and nobody questions this.
    I mean he’s got no blood left in his body! And he had a hole in his chest!
    And then he survives.
    He’s walking around without that hole in his chest and everyone’s surprised when he comes back from 2 shots to the chest at the funeral?
    This is lazy sloppy writing, and I’m pissed.
    I love this show, this was a waste.

    • Although I agree with you I think the reason Oswald didn’t die was because his body never actually shut down the first time. I think the walking dead were those who might have been shot or such and they were basically dead without a pulse (Like the blown up guard). I think Gaines just happened to have the switch (Or was it juice) thrown when the “Miricle” kicked in so he somehow just rejected the effect altogether……But you’re right…Pretty sloppy.

  10. Firstly I want to say, any Torchwood is better than no Torchwood. Having said that, I was very disappointed with this series for a number of reasons. Firstly it was very hard to warm to either Rex or Esther. One of the best aspects of the first three series was the personal relationships, sexual tension and even love between the team members. That was absent here with Rex and Esther. Secondly, Jack should have been shagging or flirting with anyone with a pulse, not just the guys. Thirdly,it took about six episodes to become even remotely Torchwood. Up to then it passed as your generic government/corporation conspiracy that you see in every second US cop show or movie these days. I think on reflection 10 episodes let it drag on too long. I found that I wasn’t emotionally engaged, unlike Children of Earth. After watching that series I felt like I had been punched in the gut and it took me a while to get over the experience of watching it. The death of Ianto, the reason the 456 wanted the children, Poor Frobisher and his family, Jack’s grandson – all these elements left me sobbing. The only time I felt the slighest sense of that in Miracle Day was when Jack was strung up and they were killing him over and over. With no hub and no sense of history or continuity Torchwood seemed a pale imitation of itself in the US. My considered opinion, Russell, move the whole kit and caboodle back to Wales, we need that gritty British feel back!

    • Amen. That said it all. COE was amazing and this was not.

  11. Yeah, i forced myself to watch the first episode online and it was so pathetically STUPID that I had to force myself to look at reviews and screen caps. After Elton had hilarious recaps of it. Just going by all that (even the reviews of uber fanboys/girls who will watch anything if it’s called Torhwood) I am THRILLED that I don’t have Starz and was too busy to fnd another means to watch (I don’t like YouTube so not watching was easy).

    This series was a waste of money.

  12. I got into this series because I loved Children of Earth. Were these the same writers? If not, they need to get those writers; if so, they need to stop smoking whatever it was they were smoking. The gay stuff needs to go; or, at least, show that Harkness wants to be with any species (or gender) that can breathe. And I thought Jack’s blood had nothing to do with his immortality? I may watch a couple of episodes if they continue just to find out how Rex became immortal but this series is on my hack list.

  13. I see a lot of people are either angry with or don’t understand Rex’s immortality. Maybe my theory can clear a few things up. When looking at the blessing, Jack mentioned it was a void, and if you’ve seen all previous Torchwood episodes, you know that voids aren’t void, they have “personality” and power over time and space in certain circumstances. That being said, I believe the void associated Rex with the immortality of Jack when the morphic fields switched because of Jack’s blood in Rex. Another more likely reason (because Jack’s immortality has nothing to do with his blood) is that the void saw Rex’s sacrifice for the good of humanity and he is getting his deserved reward. It may be limited in both time in space (doesn’t work off planet Earth) because the void seems to be part of the Earth’s creation moment but not the creation moment of the entire universe like the TARDIS (as seen in the final episode of Dr. Who). Who’s face is melted?

  14. I watched every episode of MD. Yes it had the slow dragging of the storyline, plot holes, stupid characters (the doctor and naive solider) to Rex becoming immortal. The finale was too quick of a rush job to fill everyone in. When i see the gaping hole in the middle of the earth, i laughed. Even a couple of episodes back when Oswald wanted a woman and the hooker ran away, i laughed too. Yeah the + & – cancellation of Jack’s blood in the two cities I got that. But Rex being immortal? Ehhhh…. I’m not feeling that. So Liam better explain to Bird why he’s immortal and how come he’s not over Big mama’s house for Sunday Dinner. He use to look good now he’s ack. Barrowman is gorgeous but seriously, he’s suppose to be an pan/omnisexual, he’s suppose to change the world like that. And Gwen was wonderful, her welsh accent is soo powerful and sexy, i even picked it up. Esther was a good character and I wish they never would have knocked off Q, he was making it very enjoyable. So i hope they won’t make one anytime soon. I miss the old Torchwood. I think if they employ some good American actors that understand the realm of Torchwood, it would have been a great show (yeah that said the writers too.)

  15. have to chime in as well, while I also agree that any Torchwood is better than no Torchwood, I sure would have enjoyed a well written, better acted Torchwood. Mr Phifer seemed like an odd choice and I would have wondered, based upon how his character was portrayed, how he ever could have held any position of authority within an organization like the CIA. The three families setup shop in the 1920 and somehow discover “the blessing”. How? Why wouldn’t anyone else have noticed this? How do you keep it a secret? Argentina and China, considering their permutations from the 20’s onward….. I mean c’mon man!

    The Danes character becomes a giant red herring and the battle between the forces of good, neutral and evil never really come to fruition. I don’t mind have a few loose ends, and a few plot holes, but this was one woefully tattered garment. Perhaps this was way too modified to bring an American element to bear to capture US interests but I’d like to think that I’m enough of an educated viewer to not have to believe that everything revolves around events in the US.

  16. To nan00se , XTricks et al (over analysing how bad MD is),

    Dudes, c’mon, it’s entertainment – either you love it and watch it
    or don’t.

    So what if it doesn’t make complete sense?
    Fantasy stories are hardly ever 100% watertight or
    seal every conceivable plot hole just so people
    won’t criticise it. Even if it did people would still find
    fault somewhere or other. The show is a journey of imagination
    that invites you to follow if you wish.

    You guys make it sound like the series robbed you of
    your youth :)

    Just enjoy it for what is is – entertainment.

    • That’s exactly the point though, Michael: many people found MD neither enjoyable nor entertaining, and there seems to be a consensus on why that should have been.

      The finale’s only just aired in the UK and I didn’t see any positive changes or conclusions. Same procession of squandered characters, same JUST GET ON WITH IT FOR GOD’S SAKE flat dialogue and slack pacing. That none of the hopeless verbiage could rustle up a decent explanation of what the Blessing actually was (beyond vague talk about morphic fields), how it came to be, how it remained hidden, who discovered it, who found out how to manipulate it etc etc etc was lazy and plain infuriating. Or maybe some of that was covered and I’d just cabbaged out by that point. I mean, even visually the thing didn’t work. It’s a giant chasm that goes right through the Earth…so why were we concentrating on it horizontally? Because a fissure is more interesting to look at than a massive hole in the ground?

      To add to what’s been said about the characters, I noticed Bill Pullman getting some good write-ups for his performance earlier in the season. I never found Oswald Danes even remotely well-written, and Pullman looked to me as an actor like a man bewildered and not quite sure what he was supposed to be doing from one scene to the next.

      I don’t feel robbed of my youth, but I have been robbed of several hours. I’m not immortal y’know…

      • Pullman as an actor, not me – that doesn’t look quite right.

  17. I enjoyed watching it, but it was somewhat disappointing. I felt that something bigger was promised. The whole big secret was that some cabal wanted to bring the world’s social and political structure to its knees so they could step in and take over? That’s was a big cliched letdown. So many things made so little sense. Crushing that woman in the car made no sense. The families gained nothing by her assassination – her disappearance would raise too many questions. Plus, her agenda was essentially the same as that of the families, rounding up all the people who should be dead.

    Do something once, it’s fresh. Keep doing it over and over again, and it gets to be cliche. Killing of Esther wasn’t fresh, it was cliche, it’s what you expect from Torchwood. I kept expecting her to be banging on the inside of the coffin, that might have been fresh. At this point, it would be a surprise if Torchwood DIDN’T kill off members of the team. If you count the female doctor as a member, they already killed off one member. When the next Torchwood series comes on, I’ll happily watch it, but I’d like to see less plot holes. It’s a shame that “plot” is treated like a dirty word.

  18. Ok i have read thru most if not all the comments on here and as far as this die hard doctor who/ Torchwood watcher is concerned all I have to say to you all is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. you are all wrong. jack Harkness is not the face of boe look it up on Wikipedia. yes i understand that it is insinuated that he is but he is not. yes the new MD show lacked some things here and their. but that’s the style all the Dr who and Torchwood stuff we seen a lot. it gives you just enough of a taste even if it is a bad one to keep you coming back. and jack Harkness is portrayed as a gay man predominantly in the DR who and Torchwood series predominantly because that way you have both the straight people IE the Dr and Gwen or whatever female counterpart he has in the series and the other straight people on the Torchwood series and him as the token gay person so that both sexuality’s gay and straight are featured. and as for him rumored to be an omni sexual that’s just so that the bisexuals are also represented. and that is just the basics. because I don’t feel that i have to try to compete with these people that think they have to use so many big words to prove their intelligence. because all over i am a Trekkie and a big anime fan as well as a Dr who fan as well as a fan of any of the spin offs.

    • Even Wikipedia pages on “Jack Harkness” and “Face of Boe” have their connection ambiguous leaning more towards “yes”, david. If and when it ever gets resolved whether he is or not will be more up to RTD’s mood on the day, I reckon.

      As a diehard Doctor Who/Torchwood fan you must be aware that both series have been many things but never boring. The current DW season has even been accused of moving way too fast at times, and Children Of Earth managed to fit more into a sigle episode than Miracle Day did in four.

      That same Wikipedia page quotes John Barrowman as saying “(He’s) bisexual, but in the realm of the show, we call him omnisexual, because on the show (the characters) also have sex with aliens who take human form, and sex with male-male, women-women, all sorts of combinations.” and Steven Moffat as saying “It felt right that the James Bond of the future would bed anyone.”

      “I don’t feel that i have to try to compete with these people that think they have to use so many big words to prove their intelligence.” Clearly you do, or you wouldn’t have insulted them. You needn’t feel that way – nothing wrong with having an opinion. “Predominantly” is a fairly sizable word, by the way… 😉

      • siNgle episode

  19. just to say there is reason to believe that jack is ” the face of boe” in Doctor Who season 3 ep 13 at the very end when jack is going back to Torchwood turns around and says his last lines back at home i was known as “the face of boe” if u dont believe watch the DW ep again its there

  20. I liked “Miracle Day”, then again I preferred  Christopher Eccleston as “The Doctor” he died just as I really started liking him dammit (Rose is the best companion, but Martha was the prettiest). Esther Drumond was fantastic, I like that fact that she was scared right through the whole series, but still followed through and faced scary situations.

    It’s SciFi “give yourself up to the movie” I’ll always watch Torchwood even when it’s an old dog that needs to be put down.

    This is my two cents, please forgive my spelling, grammar and opinion.

  21. This series is/was terrible. But what should we expect. The BBC Torchwood was a wonderful, original series but let the USA get ahold of it and down the flusher it goes. I don’t believe their are any screen writers of talent left in America!

  22. Im very ambivalent about this series. I wonder how much of it is actual RTD writing mixed with post production edits and script changes. RTD is a good enough writer in on his own merit so why was this series so heavily leaning towards The Da Vinci Code type ideas – EVERY sci-fi series is ripping THAT one off these days and i’m tired of it? It was enjoyable but the story could have easily fitted into Four maybe Five episodes and For RTD this series seemed very watered down and all in all a bit of a mess. Interesting.