‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Finale Preview – What Is The Blessing?

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Rex Eve and Jack prepare for the torchwood miracle day finale Torchwood: Miracle Day Finale Preview   What Is The Blessing?

The end is nigh for the latest Torchwood series, Miracle Day. With the ten-episode miniseries ending on Friday, fans are left with many questions and few answers. One thing’s for sure: Captain Jack and company are pulling out all the stops for the finale.

Warning: Major Torchwood: Miracle Day spoilers follow!

Last Friday’s penultimate episode jumped the Miracle Day timeline forward two months, into a world thrown into depression and on the verge of global despotism after the true nature of the Category system became known. Captain Jack Harkness is recovered (though still frustratingly mortal) and on the run with Esther. Meanwhile, Eve is laying low with her family in Wales trying to keep her “mostly dead” father away from the goose-stepping authorities, and Rex is back at CIA headquarters, continuing to unravel the conspiracy surrounding the Miracle, the Three Families, and the Blessing.

The end of the episode sees the gang back in the unenviable company of pedophile/celebrity Oswald Danes (guest star Bill Pullman), launching separate investigations in Buenos Aires and Shanghai. They’re trying to finally discover what the Blessing is and what it has to do with Jack – though it would appear that the enigmatic PR gal Jilly Kitzinger already knows.

Want to know what happens next? Join the club. In the meantime, check out Starz’ one-minute preview of “The Blood Line” below:

While it’s obvious that the Blessing and the Miracle have something to do with the formerly invulnerable Captain Jack’s blood, the three families and “morphic resonance”, the Torchwood writers have saved the all-important reveal for the very last moment – though the finale title aught to give a significant hint. The forthcoming explanation (or lack thereof) will likely color the entire miniseries and fans’ impression of it, for better or worse.

Torchwood climbed in the US ratings last week, despite widespread power and cable service outages on the east coast due to Hurricane Irene. That’s a good sign for fans who want to see more of the show; while we know Russell T. Davies isn’t actively pursuing a fifth series just yet, the recent agreement between Starz and the BBC definitely points to more of the Doctor Who spin-off in the future.

For those of you who need to catch up, Starz will be playing a marathon of the nine previous Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes, starting at noon on Labor Day, September 5th.

Torchwood: Miracle Day concludes Friday night at 10PM. Screen Rant will post a review shortly thereafter. Feel free to discuss spoilers and theories in the comments section – DVR watchers, consider yourself warned!

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  1. I just hope RTD doesn’t drop the ball AGAIN. He has a very bad habit of making “epics” then turning it into “quick, find an ending” Sorry, we’ve been disappointed too many times during his reign at Doctor Who.

  2. @Rusty, completely disagree with you. RTD is a genius, his reign in DW was amazing. SM is very good at his job but RTD started the new series on a high note and ended his reign with a bang……

  3. I agree with Rusty.

    I got sick of him after the business with the “boomerang Blonde” He can’t even keep to his own “mythology” – he kept bringing Rose back after he made it clear it would implode the universe if she did. I lost ALL patience with his nonsense after that fiasco with Davros and by that time was glad to see him go.

  4. Just a first thought…but knowing the style of writing- jack is going to fall through the world to ‘fix’ it.

    A first thought…

    Credit please…

  5. Cmon the sort of narrative-visual image or scene that make r t Davies moist…

  6. It all has something to do with Jacks blood. Therefore Jack will fix it with a giant styptic pencil.

  7. If you go back to the episode “Parting of the Ways,” Rose used VORTEX energy to bring Jack back to life so his blood would have nothing to do with it. (Unless RTD pulls another fast one) He’s basically having a mini regeneration each time he dies.

    • Rose used vortex energy to anchor Jack to a point “before he died”. He may not even be “alive” as we define it. He is part of the universe now like a nebula would be and shares something that he has in common with other humans – blood. His powers would certainly transfer to other humans using some cosmic means. If Rose can take on the energies of space and time, so can any human by definition if the conditions support it.

      • Unfortunately, it’s obvious hie immortality has NOT been passed to others or his grandson wouldn’t have died during COE.

        • Huh? His grandson died? Why don’t I remember that??

          • Either you didn’t watch COE 0r Jack gave you some retcon. Killing Jack’s grandson was the only way to save the world.

            • WELL! Clearly I do need to watch it again! My grey hair is exposing me.. :)

  8. This season has been AT BEST a three/four-parter dragged out to ridiculous lengths. Tedious and frustrating. I’m on episode eight and I couldn’t care less how it ends now.

    • Agreed. I said this before, but the pacing for Miracle Day is way too slow. If this were only 5 episodes long (like Children of Earth), we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      Nevertheless, I still like the show. Hopefully the last episode knocks our socks off.

  9. We know Jack survives far enough into the future to die as the Face of Boe… so he won’t die in Torchwood. Did anyone else find it curious that there were no records of Torchwood in Miracle Day, but the original London hub were “outside the government, beyond the police, above the United Nations.”?

    I’m glad that RTD brought DW the series back but also glad that Moffat holds the reins and is holding on tight. His stories are the best and RTD had a penchant for jumping the shark to higher and higher levels. Why would Davros have a reality bomb? He wants to destroy the universe… where would HE live?

    Nice to bring back the “real” Daleks, hope they bring back the “real” Cybermen *From Mondas* But DW is good enough making new stories, it’s unnecessary to riff on old ones. But once in a while…

    • Unless this begins his change into Face of Boe.

    • (@ Gil)

  10. I personally will never understand what TPTB (the powers that be) did with Torchwood. They killed off the practically the whole cast on a show that was fantastic. I can see maybe killing off 1 but over half of them..??

    As for Doctor Who, it’s ever-changing, good, corny, rubbish, boring, fabulous… Everyone loves their Doctor, their Producer!

    My last comment on Torchwood: I am frankly scared to love Gwen, Rhys, Ester or Rex or anyone other than Jack because TPTB seem to see any character other than Jack disposable.

    To me RTD will always be known as the one who “FIXED UP” something that was never even BROKEN.


    • @ N Harty:

      ‘My last comment on Torchwood: I am frankly scared to love Gwen, Rhys, Ester or Rex or anyone other than Jack because TPTB seem to see any character other than Jack disposable.’

      Sorry, I respectfully disagree – anyone except GWEN seems to be disposable…

      John Barrowman is sadly mortal and is getting older, and can’t conceivably play an immortal unchanging man for many more years. RTD loves his female characters and especially Gwen, and I can fully see Jack getting to make the ultimate sacrifice – there are too many hints dropped throughout the series anout JAck’s determination to hold onto his mortality at almost any cost.

      • And thank god Gwen’s not disposable. Love her.

        I don’t think Captain Jack’s a goner, either.

  11. RTD has commented that even Jack is expendable. “Jack isn’t necessarily the Face of Boe” He’ll do anything for ratings even if it destroys his own show.

  12. @Rusty. RTD seems to be a huge fan of “stunt casting” – fits in with his stunt writing.

  13. I am really sad that everyone is being so critical of the series. I don’t think it has been too slowly paced. I can’t think of anything that could have been cut from the series. All the details were needed for us to be able to piece the puzzle together. Frankly though, I find myself wondering why Jack does not try to contact the Doctor. I know if the Doctor came to the rescue every time, there would be no need for Torchwood, but when Jack is in so far over his head, you would think he would at least try to contact the Doctor. He does not have to be successful in reaching him, but I would feel a lot better if he just had a line that said something to the affect that he had tried to contact the Doctor, but could not find him.

    The idea of this Blessing, whatever it is, a natural formation, a structure, a sentient being, whatever, but the idea that it goes straight through the earth from Shanghi to Benos Aires is brilliant if you ask me. I can’t wait to find out what Jack’s blood has to do with the whole thing.

    • I’ve been critical of the pacing, but still love the show. At least the show writers are trying to say something interesting and to entertain. It’s still better than a lot of TV shows out there.

      With that being said, a lot of the early episodes were used to develop the new characters. I’m not a big fan of the new characters yet (I probably will in time), so the plot is of most importance to me. Unfortunately, there was so little going on in the plot department early on; only recently have things started to pick up.

  14. @Danna Hobart Actually wasn’t being critical of Miracle Day persay but of the way the show as a whole was handled pre Children of Earth (including Ianto’s death in CoE) @Eawen I love Gwen! I didn’t mean I thought she was disposable but I do think RTD thinks everyone but Jack is. Just my 10p.

    • Gwen’s the one thing that’s kept me watching. Her character’s always been well-written, and Eve Myles never disappoints: a grounded, totally believable performance. As long as she survives (and gets back to Cardiff) I’ll be happy with that.

  15. After two series of Gwen proving she was anything but “the heart of Torchwood” (which had me grinding my teeth and wondering why Jack didn’t retcon her somewhere mid-Series 1), followed by COE, where RTD destroyed the Hub, killed Ianto, and almost destroyed Jack to the point he left the planet to escape his memories at the end of the series. As I watched the only untouched Torchwood member still left (Gwen) stand there with her husband as Jack left, I swore I would never watch Torchwood again since I hated that RTD had acted like a child who broke his own toys rather than risk the possibility of anyone else playing with them. I hated that they’d killed Ianto and destroyed Jack’s relationship while once again leaving RTD’s favorite TW character not only untouched, but with her husband alive, their relationship intact (despite all the cheating she’s done behind his back) and a baby on the way. It was easy to see who RTD’s favorite was, as if it hadn’t already been clear from numerous interviews.

    I couldn’t resist seeing Captain Jack in action again, though (or John Barrowman), so I gritted my teeth, crossed my fingers and started watching Miracle Day, which AGAIN has shown so far how RTD favors Gwen over Jack. Over and over Jack has been mostly in the background (except for the magnificent Episode 7, which is now my all-time favorite Torchwood episode) while Gwen and Rex have the majority of the action scenes and screen time. I’ve now got my fingers crossed once again that RTD doesn’t decide to kill Jack off so he can finally hand the show over to Gwen, especially since he’s already stated that he has an idea for a “Gwen-centered” story arc for a Torchwood series. That would be the last thing I would watch, but it will all be moot if Jack dies, because for me Captain Jack=Torchwood and I would not only never watch Torchwood again (I won’t watch for Esther and she’s the only other person I care about), but I would also be more than happy to NEVER EVER watch ANYTHING written or run by RTD ever again. So, I hope that someone at Starz had the sense to not let RTD kill Jack off in MD, where the BBC didn’t have the sense to prevent RTD from killing off three of the five main characters within three episodes, including Ianto, whose death still reverberates through fandom.

    To me it’s simple: No Captain Jack Harkness = No Torchwood. Period.

    • My point exactly, Lisa. RTD has a NASTY habit of screwing up his series. If Jack goes, so do I. I like Gwen well enough, but Jack IS Torchwood.

    • Think of it this way: Torchwood deals with the wonderful, strange and inexplicable. Jack is the only character in the series who can lead a team to deal with these situations. Plus, he’s immortal (well, not for now, anyway).

      Jack IS Torchwood. If he dies, how would RTD keep Torchwood going?

    • Re: Destroying the Hub, killing Ianto etc, they thought CoE would be the last ever Torchwood, BBC thought it would fail so aired it mid-July. It was designed so it could be the series finale if needed.

      • They won’t kill off Jack though, RTD and JB have stated more than once Jack is Torchwood. Guess everyone else is along for the ride and some shorter rides than others which I think is great. Call me morbid but I love the fact that each character could die at any time, stops this whole “they’re main characters so there’s no real peril” stuff.

  16. What would really tick me off is the blessing being a alien vampire feeding of Jack’s blood! Based on the sneak peek, it seems Gwen makes Jack walk the plank….And it seems likely he will, which would dissapoint me. I hope the writers do something to honor the Torchwood faithful!

  17. I have to agree with the general consensus over the past 9 weeks from the internet that this series is not the Torchwood we have come to love. I can understand trying new ideas and angles the way the first season found it’s unsteady feet – but I think a lot of the things that make the show great are missing. That being, first of all, the pacing. Torchwood seems to work either as a full season with stand-alone stories that perhaps have a connecting arc, or a series of 5 completely connected stories. It also works best with an alien threat. It took us 7 episodes to even see an alien, which doesn’t seem to have had anything to do with the main story. It took 7 episodes for it to even feel like Torchwood to me. Many opportunities, such as the Cult of the Soul-less with their creepy masks seem like they could have been an interesting direction to explore – but were quickly abandoned. What we seem to have is a lot of “atmosphere” to depict a smashingly good premise which is simple and effective: One day nobody dies anymore. Except the way the stories unfold and information is revealed makes these atmospheric tales somewhat tangential to any kind of main story, the gist of which seems as if it could unfold at quite a respectable pace within half as many episodes. Team Torchwood seems to meander through rather than find focus. And due to an unfortunate side-effect of the premise, Jack must protect his frail mortal self and so remains somewhat in the background. Gwen doesn’t seem to have much to do here either except throwing tantrums and trying to be a badass, which is a little out of character for her. A good set of writers plays a careful balance between things that are simply there to set the scene and Chekov’s Smoking Gun. That balance has not been achieved. I honestly think it would have been better to set the whole thing in the UK and have your American stars come there and let the writers remain British. As good as some of the other writers are (Espenson does rather well) I don’t think they seem to have the idiosyncratic gene that writers across the pond seem to have and have turned Torchwood into a fairly generic version of itself, taking little new risk.
    As for Torchwood killing off main characters that have become beloved – HELL YEAH! This ups the game, making anything possible. In fact, if you are not well liked in Torchwood, chances are you will live. I could care less about them killing off Tosh, Owen, and Ianto – in fact, I commend them for it! A brave choice.
    The Hub was always doomed to die – please refer back to the question asked by the robot on the future version of “Missing Link” in the final episodes of Doctor Who season one.
    Torchwood has always been about the dark existential side of life – perhaps some people find it more “realistic”, though I absolutely LOVE it when the core philosophy of Doctor Who spills through. When told that an injury to one is an injury to all in CoE, and the politician says that life is not like that – BOOM! Right there is the difference between the two shows. Jack Harkness (real name still undisclosed as is the 2 years of memories the time agency stole from him) is an amazing man, but he is no Doctor. He can only solve problems his own way, and sometimes this involves having to let terrible things happen to save the day. Doctor Who is about the Doctor pretty much always winning. In a way, I think it’s harder to write for Doctor Who because knowing the Doctor will always win, one has to make HOW he wins as clever and entertaining as possible. So in closing – this Torchwood is not awful, but it has fallen way short of the bar it rose with CoE.

  18. some consistancy errors between Torchwood and Dr Who

    If the blessing runs dead center of the earth to oppersit ends of the planet then where does that leave the runaway bride episode of Dr Who, where the spider alien queen thing’s ship is located dead center of the earth becaues the earth formed around it.

    If they try to say that its always been here I will slap the writers

    • *sigh* exactly – thought of that one too. Didn’t Russell T. Davies himself write that episode? I mean – there’s “not letting continuity get in the way of writing good ideas and letting your imagination go free” and then there’s “writing whatever we want to because we don’t have the decency to check the facts about an established shared universe”. There’s only so far you can go with “timey wimey” stuff to fix everything. Yes, the creations are those of the people who worked on them and fans can be a bit righteous about something they feel has somehow become theirs, but also I think creators can be a bit callous in regards to the needs of those very same fans who shell out the cash for TV liscenses and Cable subscriptions and DVDs…

  19. RTD’s never been one to let LOGIC interfere with his personal power trip. I just hope he doesn’t do a Dallas on the fans. Gwen wakes up and it’s all a dream.

  20. And Davies pulls his usual nonsense AGAIN – If it weren’t for Barrowman, I wouldn’t even watch the show. The ending was RIDICULOUS!

  21. OMG!!!!!!!i cant w8 for the series finale of torchwood it looks grr8 and i love it now its my favourite programme evaa!! and i <3 it so much my fave characters are esther, jack and Gwen! and they better do a fifth series cuz i only started watchin it a series ago and it bettr not end!