Fox Developing U.S. ‘Torchwood’ With Original Team

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torch Fox Developing U.S. ‘Torchwood’ With Original Team

In a decision that will either be regarded as brilliant or absolutely mad, it has been announced that Fox is developing its own version of the cult BBC show (and Doctor Who spin-off), Torchwood.

What could make this decision brilliant is that instead of making a mess of things (ala ABC’s Life on Mars), Fox is not only producing the show with BBC Worldwide Productions, but the original creator (Russell T. Davies) is set to write the script with the original production team (Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter) in tow.

Now, before any fans get riled up and start screaming that Fox (or Davies) is going to ruin their favorite show, there’s one more thing that could make this decision brilliant. Word is that John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness himself, may star in the U.S. version if Fox decides to order a pilot.

My thoughts? Oh, he better star in it! John Barrowman is Captain Jack and makes Torchwood what it is. Also, you’re messing with some Doctor Who stuff as well and I’m not going to have the network that brought us the “hilarious” television comedy Brothers mess with Doctor Who… and that’s just the start of why this might not go well.

There’s also the fact that Torchwood is already a show that’s been running for many years. They can’t exactly go back and retell the story from beginning, but they can’t pick it up after the events of “Children of Earth” either. So, they’re going to have to walk the fine line of appeasing old fans while being able to bring in new ones. Not exactly something Davies is known for.

They’ve also decided to change up the storyline to that of a more global setting instead of trying to make American audiences believe that everything alien occurs in Wales.

In case you don’t know what Torchwood is, I’ll refrain from scolding you and will instead show you the trailer for the amazing “Children of Earth.”

While I’m still up in the air whether this will be good or bad, I have a feeling that this was the only way Torchwood could go on. BBC was already a little weary of the show and that’s why they only had five episodes in their third season. I guess the only way to salvage the show would be to share the cost with an American counterpart. I’m completely comfortable with that reasoning.

I’m just a little worried about what RTD (Russell T. Davies) might do with a big budget. There’s also the fact that David Tennant’s new show Rex Is Not Your Lawyer might be up against a Doctor Who spin-off. Guess you just can’t get away from Doctor Who.

After RTD’s Doctor Who finale, do you think he’s up for a U.S. Torchwood series? Is this a good decision by Fox? They’ve not exactly been kind to shows of this nature. Would you watch this if Barrowman wasn’t involved? If you have to choose between Torchwood and Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, which show will you tune into?

Source: Hollywood Reporter (via Slash Film)

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  1. As lon as it is an original version, not copying characters or stories then I am all for it to be honest. There is no reason Torchwood wouldnt have an american base.

    Just dont ruin it.

  2. just fyi its spelled Wales. Whales is how you spell the underwater kind. :)

  3. I have mixed feelings on this. I think that there would have to be some sit down talks with a lot of people and FOX should listen to the fans because quite frankly I see them making or breaking this.

  4. I don't care, I don't watch anything American, and after CoE I don't watch anything made by RTD either

  5. Haha… I tip my hat to you. I'll fix that. That's what I get for not originally writing Cardiff.

  6. decision between the both – difficult: most likely Rex is not your lawyer. Torchwood should stay in the Uk with the BBC. And both series should be proacasted to a different time, so I can watch both of them!

  7. Urgh… This has me filled with worry and dread. Aside from FOX's reputation for green lighting good sci fi, jerking it around & then cancelling it, they are also a big part of the reason (in my mind, the entire reason) that Doctor Who didn't come back in 1996. I'll be happy if two things happen.

    1) It needs to be a spinoff, not a remake. It needs to stay proud of its heritage and stay in the Torchwood AND Doctor Who universe. It is very possible to make a new show that stands on its own without requiring the viewer to even know about the original. Given the proper dialogue and context, even mentioning events from the previous show can come across as Jack simply referencing another part of his mysterious past.

    2) This one assumes number 1 has happened. If not, I couldn't care less. I'm fine with FOX having a hand in DEVELOPING the show. Just please, for the love of all that is right and good in the world do not put it on their network. They have proven time and time again that whoever is in charge of the programming schedule on FOX's networks is a moron. Especially when it comes to sci fi. The sad thing is, I think FOX would otherwise be the best network for it to air on. Shop it out to another network.

  8. i just thought, if they were to make a new version of Torchwood, i would prefer it to be a spin off of the original, maybe about the mysterious Torchwood 4 which disapeared? However i would like it to stay how it is, in Cardiff with the rift and weevils, but the storylines made more global so it is just as epic as 'Children of Earth'.

  9. I would like that as well.

  10. 5 bucks says Fox cancels it after one season. Maybe two a la Dollhouse. But I'm also worried about the format. Can RTD handle a full 22 episode season? I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of filler episodes.

  11. If that's the case, looks like Daleks and Cybermen will be making their way stateside.

  12. it's as if the programming and scheduling people work for different companies over at the F network. The programming people know what good SF is, but the scheduling people obviously don't get it and put it in places where it has no opportunity to thrive. It's as if they've forgotten what made the X-Files successful.

  13. I also have mixed feelings – if it's a complete reboot – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! If it has the original team and crew working on it – MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE…

    Ultimately, FOX screwed Who over with Paul McGann so America could watch Roseanne and now that it and Torchwood has broken all records on BBC America they're all over it.

    I think they should just let cool British Sci-Fi be British.

  14. This terrifies me. I LOVE Torchwood, but giving it to FOX has fail all over it.

    Since Children of Earth left us hanging with Jack gone, you could ultimately do something with that, but British TV isn't like American TV. It has a different and more authentic feel to it. It delves deeper into the characters and not the FX. FOX is all about FX and will likely ruin the whole thing.

    Agreed with the comments below about RTD handling a full American season. Lots of filler or lots of boring eps. Maybe it's a good way to do some crossovers from his other shows and introduce those shows to the American public.

    And because we need another episode with the Daleks. :D

  15. Well, I have to admit that the idea of torchwood being done with FOX has me torn. On one hand, there's the very good probability that it will be very different from the BBC's version, but at the same time I have to wonder about how different it could really be since at least as far as I could tell, of the three series (Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures) Torchwood was sort of the one that that BBC really wanted to promote to America, or at least it was the only BBC America show I saw advertised on regular cable in any case. It was sort of the more action oriented of the three, whereas SJA was really the most kid friendly of the 3 and had more to do with critical thinking and science while Doctor Who sort of balanced the two out. I think that of all the US tv companies, FOX is most likely to do such a show justice and I think that considering how up in the air things were (pardon the pun) at the end of Torchwood: Children of Earth, if they were to move it to the US, whether it be just in plot or actually taking the show to the US, now would be the time.

  16. I think they should find a way to resurect Ianto – his body was frozen by UNIT and the somehow bring him back. Realizing that Jack is never going to love him like he needs (he couldn't say I love you even as Ianto was dying), he takes an offer to head up a US branch of Torchwood. Russell T Davies always said he knew where series 4 should go, so he can do that on BBC. Ianto lives and is the main character in the US version making many many fans happy (and bringing in a nice base audience). Imagine… two Torchwoods! (with the occasional crossover). Also, I like the idea of Ianto going from TeaBoy to boss. :)

  17. I would end up recording Rex and watching Torchwood. Only because I would want to see David Tennant over and over again. I was so disappointed when they ended Torchwood that way. And then they changed Dr. Who, too!.

  18. When this was first released, part of the story is that it would be a spin off show – not a “re-boot”. I think if it's a spin off, that took place in the same universe and timeline as current Dr Who/Torchwood UK – then it could be brilliant. if it's anything else, ya, that would be dumb.

  19. When this was first released, part of the story is that it would be a spin off show – not a “re-boot”. I think if it's a spin off, that took place in the same universe and timeline as current Dr Who/Torchwood UK – then it could be brilliant. if it's anything else, ya, that would be dumb.

  20. I'm not really excited about this. It kind of seems like it would be a bad idea. The only way it would work is with a brand new team (and I don't mean American versions of the old one). Like if you have a distraught Jack end up in the US and decides to build a new team or something. I dunno… that kind of sounds lame, actually. X(

  21. It would be nice if Jack got a cure for a virus that caused him to lose control over his sexual urges toward men. This could be one show, where a man from outer space, from another time finds him and fixes him, after a struggle where Jack has demonic dreams he is being pursued and driven crazy.

    Think about it, or put the show down in Thailand.