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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find the top 10 Quentin Tarantino Scenes; a dream casting for the DC Universe films; watch some college seniors re-creating the Friends intro; and a sweded Death Star Trench Run scene with Chris Hardwick. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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Star Wars – “Death Star Trench Run” – Homemade with Chris Hardwick


Watch the ultimate homemade Star Wars scene starring Chris Hardwick and Jonah Ray from Nerdist!

Watch the Homemade VS Original, side by side

Watch the Behind The Scenes


Top 10 Quentin Tarantino Scenes

Criteria: One scene per movie (Kill Bill counted as one movie)

He loves sharp dialogue, epic violence, and ladies’ feet. Join WatchMojo as they count down their picks for the top 10 scenes from Quentin Tarantino movies. Watch out for the blood, cursing and spoilers!


College Seniors Re-enact the Friends Intro

To celebrate their graduation, a group of senior friends from Elon University made a shot-by-shot recreation of the famous Friends opening sequence.


Tim Burton’s Batman Isn’t Really Batman

“I have given a name to my pain, and it is Batman.”


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  1. DC casting as casted by fanboys of various tv shows. Some are good even great pick, but pls let the nathan Fillion thing just die already. I will never understand that one.

    • I think he’s a good choice for the role. Bradley Cooper as well.

      • Nathan Fillion was a good choice 5-10 years ago. Now, he’s too old and he’s not in great shape. Find someone else, please

  2. Lots of those choices for DC casting heroes are great. I still want Gemma Arterton though as Wonder Woman. Alexander is a great choice to though. I also like Liam McIntyre for Aquaman instead, but I know Skarsgard most people like for the role. Fassbender is perfect for Batman but idk if it will ever happen.

    • I’m also liking the David Tenant for E. Nigma. I think he could pull it off well.

      • See, if you put a purple domino mask and green bowler hat on Fassbender while he does that wicked smile of his, you’ll see why I’ve wanted him to play The Riddler for the past 5 years.

        • Agreed. I see Michael Fassbender more as the Riddler than Batman.

    • I thought the same. But there is another one I think it would be a great pick: Mads Mikkelsen as Martian Manhunter. It would be perfect!

  3. I’m still pushing for Imogen Poots as Harley Quinn. Just sayin’.

  4. In Tim Burton’s Batman…he kills people???? I am sure the critics ripped apart this movie on Rotten Tomatoes…

    Rotten Tomatoes 70%


    • The critics didn’t like Man of Steel because they felt it lacked humor and heart. The comic book fans were the one who took issue with Superman killing.

      • I found that odd since I saw and felt a great deal of heart and smiled at a number of humorous moments throughout MOS. As for the killing, it fit and worked very well in the world of the film.

        C’est la vie…and for that last statement: C’est la morte.


  5. since when does Batman not kill people?

    • Right? Even in the earliest comic serials Batman had a license to kill. If Batman threw a criminal off the roof, the cops would just look the other way.

    • At one point he even carried a gun.

  6. Holy crap Green Arrow is Charlie Hunnam! Some good casting choices there with respect to looks at least.

    Other favourites are:
    Mark Strong for Black Mask
    Sean Bean for Hawkman (even though I couldn’t care less for that character)
    Tennant for Riddler
    Steve Buscemi for Mad Hatter
    Stephen Lang for Deathstroke
    Alice Eve for Power Girl cuz…you know…the boobies

    But after all that, no choice for Joker?!

  7. jerry beans…. lol wow

  8. Was that Tommy Lee Jones in a Japanesse ad?

    • Yes it was Tommy Lee Jones, Those Japanese adds are something else!

  9. My choice for Joker would be Rhys Wakefield and for Hawkman I’d rather have Gerald Butler

  10. That “Friends” tribute was pretty cool :)

  11. I would say Karl Urban for Batman/Bruce Wayne and Tom Selleck for Commissioner Gordon… I think I could dig Kristen Bell for Harley, although I don’t know how well she can do crazy…

  12. NOW I know why DC cannot seem to get their universe off the ground!!! A “dream casting” would be Nathan Fillian for GL??? holy hell Batman, DC WANTS TO DOOM Themselves before they ever get started!!

    that guy is a TRAINWRECK and has NEVER HAD A GOOD flick! He was OK in firefly, BUT HE would KILL any movie that he was the lead character in!!!
    NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, please let this guy just GO AWAY PLEASE and get FAT IN PEACE….

  13. Stephen Lang as Deathstroke WAS THE BEST casting that I have seen out of all of those!! A cpl others were pretty good as well but some of them were Completely asinine choices, I wish we could get Rob Keyes to do a Marvel “dream casting” BUT IT HAS TO BE ROB and NO ONE ELSE

  14. Love all the DCU picks except Javier Garden as Bane and Christoph Waltz as Clayface. Now I love both those actors especially Waltz he’s one of my faves but those picks for them were just odd. Really love the rest though.

    • I was impressed by the DC movie picks, even for actors and actresses I may not be a fan of, It still impressed me. Kudos to the team that made such pick.

  15. I’m starting to think that maybe live action isn’t the way to go in bringing the DC Universe to the big screen. How about focusing on great animation with solid script writing? Then there wouldn’t be any fanboy criticism about real actors fitting the unreal comic world source material. Nolan’s The Dark Knight would have played just as well as an animated feature. Granted, Nolan caught lightning in a bottle with his trilogy, but not all DC characters are going to be as fortunate with their treatment (especially the super powered ones).

    • But then DC would not make the hundreds of millions that they want to make with their dcu!!

      Also NOT EVEN 1/4 of the ppl that saw the dark knight trilogy would have watched if it was a cartoon!
      if all they make are cartoons (and that exactly what they would be CARTOONS) ONLY the fanboys would see them! and do you really think that DC cares about the fanboys money?? HELL NO, THEY WANT the general public! THATS WHERE THE MONEY IS, The fanboys will come NO MATTER what but the GP are not gonna watch a GL or Flash cartoon!!!
      Im don’t mind a good cartoon but I WOULD NEVER PAY MONEY TO SEE ONE and unless it is goofy like Monsters U or any other Pixar toon NO ONE in the GP will pay to see a CBM cartoon

      • Relax, Bruce. I didn’t mean to make you angry. No one likes you when you’re angry.

  16. Bryan Cranston as Gordon, yes!

  17. The Thugs video was deep. I really enjoyed it.

    DC movie casting was cool and I agree with a lot of the casting and even see some of the actors I would not have picked can work.

    But special praise goes to whoever compiled the Japanese adds, That person(s) must have gone through a lot, I doubt I could make it past 5 minutes of watching them commercials. Tommy Lee Jones looked right at home in the commercial :-)