‘Avatar’ Tops List of Most Pirated Movies in 2010

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hbo header Avatar Tops List of Most Pirated Movies in 2010

There are plenty of threats to the entertainment industry every year, but movie piracy consistently comes up as the biggest. Authorities continue to seek avenues to shut down the illegal downloading of movies, but apparently it is not enough. In 2010, nearly 100 million downloads were recorded – and those were just the top ten most pirated movies of the year.

The misconception with pirated movies is that those who watch on their computer are not actually going to the theater. For the most part, we can assume this is true. But when a film like Avatar comes in at the top spot with 16.5 million illegal downloads, one must wonder how many of those people also contributed to the movie’s record-breaking $2.7 billion at the worldwide box office.

On the other end of the spectrum is Kick-Ass. One of the most disappointing box office returns of the year is making huge waves in the piracy world. While most films would be thrilled with a near-$100 million worldwide box office, most fans argue that Kick-Ass deserved a bigger payday. While a portion of those who pirated the movie may have paid for a ticket as well, potentially $90 million of ticket sales vanished with the 11.4 million illegal downloads of Kick-Ass recorded in 2010.

avatar records tv deal and script Avatar Tops List of Most Pirated Movies in 2010

If you thought Kick-Ass underperformed, take a look at The Hurt Locker‘s $48 million at the worldwide box office. The movie received massive critical acclaim, garnering a Best Picture victory at the Academy Awards, but it was a relative misfire from a financial perspective. The Hurt Locker comes in at number nine as the production continues a massive lawsuit against the digital pirates.

Take a look at the top 10 most pirated movies of 2010 according to Torrent Freak:

1.    Avatar / 16,580,000
2.    Kick-Ass / 11,400,000
3.    Inception / 9,720,000
4.    Shutter Island / 9,490,000
5.    Iron Man 2 / 8,810,000
6.    Clash of the Titans / 8,040,000
7.    Green Zone / 7,730,000
8.    Sherlock Holmes / 7,160,000
9.    The Hurt Locker / 6,850,000
10.    Salt / 6,700,000

One year since its theatrical release, it is no surprise to see Avatar at the top. It has had the longest window of opportunity of those in the final ten and clearly attracted the biggest audience ever. It’s strange to see Kick-Ass over Inception, considering the latter earned over 8 times as much money. But the crowd using illegal torrent sites to watch movies are typically within the demographic Kick-Ass was geared towards.

The most surprising movie in the above list is Green Zone. Paul Greengrass’ latest collaboration with Matt Damon didn’t even match its $100 million production budget at the worldwide box office and was generally not well-received by fans and critics. But clearly there was an audience somewhere for the film, in order for it to make this list.

Also missing from the list are three of the year’s top grossing movies of 2010 – Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. There is no way to truly understand the methods of the evildoers who illegally download movies. Some do it out of pure laziness. Others do it because they want to make sure a movie is worth their money. No matter the reason, it is debilitating to the very industry that seeks to entertain them.

Will we see an incline in piracy due to increased ticket prices with next year’s massive slate of 3D movies? Will the 3D revolution force people out of the comfort of their computer screen and into theaters? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Source: Torrent Freak via The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Yeah what IS green zone doing there? It was barely promoted..

  2. I paid to see Avatar in the theater 4 separate times. I then paid to see it again when it was released for the special edition in the theaters. I have now purchased the Collector’s Edition bluray for my personal use.

    However, I also downloaded a pirated copy of the movie, in HD quality. I wanted a digital copy for my media server, and I feel completely justified in dowloading the digital file when I have paid for this movie 6 times over.

    • 6 Times? Avatar wasnt even that good. Anyway I also download movies and avatar was not even near the top. So I don’t know where this website gets its information.

  3. Wonder how long before all of the Dances with Smurfs and Ferngully jokes start… I’m sure increased ticket prices for 3D must be the reason it topped this list too, lol. :-P

  4. 3D won’t hinder piracy because most people won’t bother their arse with a 3DTV and so 2D blu-ray/DVD piracy will still be prevalent. It’ll curb disgraceful cams though.

    I also have to mention that if these leechers couldn’t download this film for free, i’d wager >95% would not pay to see it.

    And to any pirates out there – If a film is great, please consider buying it. Just wait a while and it’ll be like 10 bucks. C’mon! :D

    • 10bucks?? I wish! Here in the uk its more like 20bucks! (£13) far too expensive

  5. Here’s another thought, all release dates should be worldwide, not just at the cinema but on DVD too.
    I’d say most of the movies I’ve downloaded I have already paid to see and will most likely buy on DVD at some point so don’t see the problem there.
    Sherlock Holmes. Loved the film, saw it twice at the cinema, couldn’t wait to buy it, went to the shops… Oh wait, there are no extras, they are only on the blu ray!!!! So I downloaded it instead, that’s their loss of £15 that I wS quite willing to pay!

    • Yeah, Studios putting extras on BD but not on DVD piss me off. I bought the “Steelbox” DVD of Iron Man because it had some cool extras, but when I found out that it lacked some really cool extras that were only on BD, I was really annoyed.

      • Yes, I won’t buy Iron Man 2 for that exact reason.
        It makes me very angry!
        I’m perfectly happy to pay for these films but I shouldn’t be strong armed into getting a new format just because that’s what the PTB want!

        • @Sam Beckett

          I agree, it does suck that they leave out some extras on the DVD’s. However, I’m unsure if they do it intentionally to get you to go blu ray or if it’s a simple matter of space available on DVD’s and they don’t want to spend the money to include another disc just to include one or two more features.

          Either way, blu ray players are under $100 now (not sure how that converts to your money), so I say just make the jump and don’t worry about it anymore.

          In fact, with older movies being re-released on blu ray, the problem is the other way around, they have the special edition on DVD but when it comes out on blu ray it’s just the movie. That annoys me a lot, there are so many movies I want on blu ray but have stuck with DVD because they have more features. Not to mention, if they are too lazy to put the extras on the blu ray then I doubt they took the time to recapture the movies from their film stock to be high resolution, they probably just put the DVD version on a blu ray disc and packaging and called it a day, so not worth it anyhow…

          • I can assure you they do it intentionally, some if these films are double disc sets and they miss extras from the blu ray. 4.7 gigabytes is a DVD discs storage capability. More than enough for several hours, they used to be able to manage just fine before with putting everything on there. The LOTR DVDs, there is 4-5 hours per disc.
            And for my money it’s the equivalent of $150 minimum of your dollars. Which is a lot to spend on something utterly unnecessary.

            • DVD all the way baby!!

            • I thought Blu Ray was all gimmick and wasn’t worth the money also… BEFORE I got it. I ended up paying $100 for a combo blu-ray/HD-DVD/DVD-RW/CD-RW drive, basically it does everything. So for the money it was awesome, so I started watching movies on blu-ray, mainly documentaries at first, got Planet Earth on blu-ray. Trust me, you think there’s very little difference, there’s a lot of difference.

              But I agree that if the units cost more than you’re willing to spend, then wait until it drops lower. Over here we can get them for $70 now… But I don’t need to since I have the combo-drive, and I have my HDTV connected to my PC.

              • I agree Ken I wasn’t in to blu Ray at all until I picked up my PS3 and it just happened to be an extra feature. After watching a few movies I was blown away at how much better it looked. Iron Man was the first Blu Ray I saw on my player and it was amazing.

                Also Ken just picked up a new Video Card for my comp. Everything looks so great. Wish I could hook my comp up to my HDTV but GF would be really annoyed with how much time I spend on the comp because she’d want to watch TV and we only have the one lol.

                • I don’t use my HDTV as a monitor, I have a Samsung LCD monitor for using my computer, my video card has two outputs, I hooked up the other output to my HDTV via HDMI cable (which I bought in a 3 pack for $8, don’t get ripped off at Best Buy…) and I can switch the 2nd output on or off depending on if I’m using my PC or planning on watching a blu ray from it…

                  I’m sure you can do the same. If your video card has two DVI connectors, if it’s an ATI card, they have a DVI-HDMI adaptor that supports sound through HDMI (Must be ATI brand adaptor). If it’s nVidia, they also have a DVI-HDMI adaptor but their cards are not capable of sound through HDMI if you’re using the adaptor, you’d have to run a separate audio cable using the optical audio or some other audio out from your PC. Unless nVidia added that feature recently…

                  But if your vid card has an HDMI out, then you’re all set.

                  • I don’t even own an HDTV, so the entire topic is irrelevant to people like me :-(

                  • Ken I do Have two DVI’s and an HDMI, but I don’t watch movies on my computer. Like I said my Blu Ray player is my PS3 i don’t have a Blu Ray drive in my comp. So if I were to do it would have to be to play my games and my GF would kill me if I took up hours on the TV lol.

                    By the way the card is a Geforce GTS 450

                    It’s a very nice card not the best, but it was the best Bang for my buck very affordable especially after the mail in rebate from new egg. Now I just need 2 more gigs of ram and I’m good to go on upgrades. Just wish I would of had another hundred extra for the vid card, but the money just wasn’t there.

      • It’s to make you buy Blu-Rays… That’s it

        • Yah, most likely, I just never really looked too much into it to see if it’s any other issue or not since I have a blu-ray player disguised as my PC, lol, and I bought the Iron Man 2 blu ray set when Wal-Mart had that pricing error for $15, lol.

    • I’m with you Sam 95% of the time I DL I already paid to see the movie or gonna buy the DVD. Most of my downloads are usually because:

      1. Loved it so much in theaters and can’t wait for DVD to see it again so I DL it in the mean time.

      2. Missed it in theaters would have to wait a little longer to see on DVD so I DL to watch it then buy it later.

      3. Didn’t play in my area and only way I can see it is to DL it until it’s out on DVD.

      • I mainly only download foreign movies I’m interested in since they don’t come out in theaters and they don’t have them for rental here so the only “legal” way for me to see them is to buy them and have them imported, so I want to be sure I like the movie before I do all of that, so I download them, watch them, and if I like them enough, I buy them and have them imported. Exception to that is Side Kicks which is an American movie, the one with Chuck Norris, which I really liked, but it’s hard to find on DVD at a reasonable price, at least when I searched for it… So I downloaded that…

        Anyway, speaking of downloading foreign movies, gonna have to plug Ip Man again, I see they have finally imported it and have them for rental at Blockbuster, so go rent that movie if you like martial arts movies. :-)

    • I love the quality of the blu-ray on my HDTV! I have a Panny Blu-Ray player that I bought last year and it upconverts my DVD’s beautifully. Sam, the new Blu-Ray players are coming down in price so fast and have more features that just aren’t available on DVD players. I wish I had held out and waited to get one with Netflix. I’m even thinking about buying a new Panny with that feature and selling my other one on Craigslist. I honestly think the superior picture, the awesome sound and the ability to make my DVD’s look even better makes the Blu-Ray player worth it.

      As for Sherlock Holmes, I just picked it up at Best Buy for $5 (with a $10 certificate they emailed me. Can’t wait to see it again!

  6. There are also the pirates who do it just because they can.

  7. 1. Avatar (Downloaded it and DID NOT watch it in the theaters. It didn’t look good to me, but everyone was going on and on so I figured I’d give it a shot if I liked it I’d buy the DVD. Hated it more than almost any movie of the last 12 months. )

    2. Kick-Ass (Watched it in theaters opening day and the following week again then I downloaded it so I could watch it as much as I wanted then I bought the DVD last week.)

    3. Inception Watched in theaters multiple times including opening day. Downloaded it to watch some more then bought the Blu Ray. )

    4. Shutter Island (Downloaded it. It was ok sadly didn’t watch it in theaters. Plan to buy DVD when it drops down real low not worth 20$ to me.)

    5. Iron Man 2 / 8,810,000 (Watched in theaters once and downloaded to watch a few more times. Don’t have DVD yet, but should be getting it in January )

    6. Clash of the Titans / 8,040,000 ( DID NOT download, but I did watch it in theaters. Regretted that decision. )

    7. Green Zone / 7,730,000 (Was gonna go see in theaters canceled those plans after reading reviews downloaded it instead watched 10 mins and turned it off. )

    8. Sherlock Holmes / 7,160,000 (Theaters then downloaded and then I bought it on DVD)

    9. The Hurt Locker / 6,850,000 (Couldn’t watch in theaters wasn’t playing with in 100 miles of me had no way to see it so I downloaded it. )

    10. Salt / 6,700,000 (Downloaded. Looked like crap was getting crap reviews downloaded it watched it thought it was among the worst movies of the year. )

    • Is it really worth it to “download” movies to “watch them some more” considering they would be coming out within the year and your memory would have faded somewhat of the movie, making it a more enjoyable, more fresh experience when it’s actually legal to watch it again?

      Just wondering. I haven’t downloaded a movie since Wolverine (which I don’t regret, because it did save me the money of trouble of actually going to watch it in theaters, which I would have done otherwise… and had a very bad time.) I’ve never downloaded a movie for the purpose of watching it again after watching it in theaters though. I prefer to wait for the DVD or for it to come out on Netflix.

      • I have to agree. Movies are being released on DVD/BD quicker now, and there’s no need to resort to theft to watch a movie again.

      • Meh worth it to me. It takes roughly 6-8 months for a film to be out on DVD and I can’t afford to go see the same movie thirty times in theaters. I actually enjoy watching a great movie over and over again there really is no limit to how many times I can watch it.

        Waiting usually makes me want to see it less. After watching a film for the first time it comes with this initial hype that I really need to see it again like Inception for instance. If I some how fight off that urge come one year later I probably won’t even bother watching it again until I find a friend who hasn’t seen it.

        Also some films you want them fresh in your memory again so you can remember what you noticed the first time and try to catch new things the second and third viewings. Inception is a good example again. After seeing it in the theater I paid to watch it again. Still just as great and I noticed a thing or two I missed. I then Downloaded it and have seen it 4 times picking up something new every time. With out it fresh in my memory that may not of happened. Now I bought the Blu Ray and watched it another time and not only were the visuals amazing and immersed me more than I had been since the first viewing, but again I noticed even more. Small little subtitles can escape you easily.

        • Still something you could do once the Blu Ray comes out though, ie. repeated viewings, but to each their own. But you know, if illegal downloads didn’t exist, and they used to not exist, and probably shouldn’t exist, people like you who enjoy repeated viewings at the theater would be doing exactly that, which is I guess why they don’t like illegal downloads in the first place. I mean, imagine Titanic with illegal downloads available. It might not have broken any records.

          But meh, alright. Thanks for the explanation.

          • Philster I understand where your coming from, but that’s just not true. I wouldn’t go to the theater anymore times than I already do if they didn’t exist. I still go two or three times for a great film as stated above and with out the downloads that number wouldn’t increase. I don’t stop going to the theater and start DLing because I don’t feel like going I stop because I can’t afford to go anymore.

            Titanic with downloads around wouldn’t of made any more and BTW while it wasn’t as popular as it is now people still did it back then as well just wasn’t as accessible. Piracy really doesn’t effect the BO as much as people would have you believe and the proof really is in the numbers. Despite Piracy being far more popular now than it was in 97 we still manage to have a very strong box office that brings in more per year than it did back then and we still manage to break records with films like Avatar and TDK.

      • Have a child.

        I took my three year old to see Toy Story 3 in the theaters, and she loved it. But the very next day, she wanted to see it again. And while I am all for paying for things, I am not going back to the theater just so she can watch the movie again. So I downloaded it, and she was able to watch it as often as she liked. Once the DVD was released, we bought that and I deleted the copy that I had downloaded.

        The exact same thing has happened to us again with Tangled. If I wasn’t confident I could download movies like this to get us from the time between theater and DVD, I just wouldn’t take her to the theater at all. And that would be money lost, because I probably wouldn’t buy it on DVD either, I would just wait for Netflix or for it to come on TV and DVR it.

        • I´ve read the word “Netflix” a couple of times on here. What exactly is that (never heard of it in Germany). I guess it is a streaming site, but is it free?

          • Netflix is not free. It started out as a competitor to Blockbuster video – they came up with the concept of renting DVDs through the mail and letting you keep them as long as you want. How much you pay depends upon how many you have out at once (I have a 4 disc plan and pay about $24/month). Recently they added streaming to their service.


          • netflix is a renting thing you do by mail. it costs a monthly fee but is affordable. try it. it is good

  8. Its a big lie to say that every illegal pirated moved would of been an other 8-15 bucks in the box office. If I want to see the movie now I go to see it at the movies, if not wait for a good rip to go on the internet or wait for it to go in a blue/red box for $1.

    When you go to the movie theater what are you going/paying for, just to see the movie? no, you go for the experience of the theater. When you rack up numbers like 16 million downloads. don’t even think those junk web cams downloads can be compared to the missing loss in the box office. Half of them are downloaded and then shut right off, by poor quality of the rip or the movie itself.

  9. im not a fan of downlaoding movies to be honest but i will say this (and not for the first time) if they want to lower the amount of illegal downloads then make sure the films people want are available.
    the prime example of this is TRON ive not seen it for years and would like to catch up before seeing legacy but can i find it anywhere for a reasonable price (£20 is the cheapest ive seen it in the uk) HELL NO so f*** them im downloading it instead then i will buy the double film release thats coming out next year on blu ray they cant have their cake and eat it


    end of rant

    • That’s not the best example. Tron IS available for purchase, just at a price you don’t want to pay. That kind of negates your argument. It’s the studios choice how much money they want to charge, though you’re a fantastic example of just WHY prices need to drop.

      Disney movies, though? I’ll openly admit to downloading those. I’ve got a two year old now, and for Christmas I just download as many of the classic animated Disney movies as I could find. Is it wrong? Sure. Of course it is. But Disney’s Vault is an absolutely horrible idea that prevents people from actually buying their movies.

      And don’t tell me “buy them used” because that’s no better than downloading. Disney doesn’t see a cent of used movie sales, so even if I’m legally obtaining them every argument about how piracy hurts the big companies because of lost sales is also applicable there, too.

      • tron was a limited release and has since been pulled thats why the price is so high my point was why stop printing if there is a high demand especially since they new the sequel was to be made and released

  10. Based on the stats shown, I would have to say that illegal downloading is very good for business if the most downloaded movie is also the highest grossing.

    For myself there’s a copy of Avatar (2D) sitting in a box with the rest of the videos, and to be honest I’ve no desire to watch it. Saw it in the theatres, oohed and ahhed at the graphics, groaned at the acting and storyline. It’s like the Star Wars prequels. You watch it for the special effects, not for the story.

    • “You watch it for the special effects, not for the story.” That´s the reason I didn´t watch it at all. I still haven´t seen it.

    • @” You watch it for the special effects, not for the story.”

      I agree with you on the Star Wars prequels, but I loved the story in Avatar. May be it’s b/c I’m a tree hugger, but I thought it was very well told. Predictable? Yes. Unoriginal? Yes. But what story hasn’t been told or is original? Everything has been told, and what matters is how you tell it now. IMO, Cameron did an amazing job on telling Avatar’s story, and his other films.

      • Worst movie of the year. Walked out of theater. Ya couldn’t pay me enough to keep it in my house.

  11. Bigd, your Tron analogy is spot on – it’s the perfect example of what’s wrong with the entertainment industry: they fail to make their products affordable, or pack too few features (hoping that some of us will choose upgrade over loss), and in some cases don’t even make the product available at all. Rather than offer a full-feature disc for Tron to re-introduce the series, Disney forces people like us to look at ‘alternative avenues’ to see it. I don’t care if Disney is planning to do a two-pack when Legacy is released on BR/DVD, it’s a shortsighted decision to say the least. If Legacy fails to meet expectations, it will erode potential profits that Disney could have gained from a regular release, on top of the revenue they could have gained if Legacy is a success.

    Examples like Tron point to a plain fact: the entertainment industry (movies and TV) is headed for a serious economic meltdown. When you consider just the television side of things – how many people get their programming from the Internet and don’t even watch TV – the loss of revenue from the lack of commercials must be huge. Comcast reported in October that 275,000 subscribers cut their cable, which represented the third straight quarter with a loss. From everything I’ve read, it looks like the movie industry could see incredible losses once 2010 is through. Funny enough, people are looking to Legacy to save what’s been a terrible year, both in profits and quality.

    I think it’s with these facts in mind that so many people are choosing to pirate. And who can blame them: the studios are rebooting too many franchises and producing crap along the way. Ticket prices have been ridiculous for too long, and with a double-dip recession a possibility, staying at home to watch a pirated film just makes economic sense. If the studios had any brains, they would price films so low as to discourage pirating. Sadly though, the industry still exists on 20th Century economic models, which means a meltdown is inevitable.

    I say let people pirate, and let supply and demand take its course.

  12. I paid to see most of these, even Clash Of The Titans. With the advancements of services like netflix, these numbers will go down the sononer they are able to stream them out of the theater.

  13. I paid to see this in 3D and i bought it on Blu-ray! GO ME! :)

  14. While I will watch streaming TV series like Human Target or Burn Notice, those shows are put up by the networks for a time and/or send them out to Hulu. I will download shows/movies off iTunes if I need to and/or use the Digital Copy discs for backup if need be.

    And that’s as far as I -or anyone else- should go.

    Get off your lazy butts and go to the theater and see a film on a BIG SCREEN. Or wait for DVD/BD. And yes, in a matter of years DVD will be gone in favor of BD. But the best thing is that I don’t have to start my collection again. I also may not have to buy those DVDs who have this ugly practice of :

    *combining two/three films on one disc that have nothing to do with each other

    *Have widescreen films in Full Frame/re-releases in full frame Why in God’s Name?!

    *Replacing old, original promotional film artwork with cheap low brow photoshop mash-ups in re-releases with no no extras of any kind

    I’m also getting a bit weary of the eco-friendly packaging. I can be as green as the next guy, but those soft plastic casings are a step down from those infamous old Warner Bros cardboard snappers.

    I’m against piracy. But y’know what? If folks want to download pirated films that have inferior quality, cropped aspect ratios and unfinished films I can’t stop them. But they do have to shut up when they claim they seen the film, because they didn’t.

    I consider them morons. Every single last one of them.
    I read the responses here. Here was mine.

    What a crock.
    What huge crap.
    A bunch of lazy bones.

    If you can’t do it legal, don’t do it.
    Don’t wiggle your way and justify it.
    You may not have gone into the theatre and put the DV camera on your shoulder but you give the okay for those idiots to do it.

    I’m sorry if I offend anyone at SR with this lament.
    Your readers who support illegal downloads disgust me, and I don’t consider them to be film fans of any kind. I lost respect for them.
    I don’t care what film it is. I don’t care if it was Avatar or Hatchet II.

    Don’t tell me that you are “previewing” a film. BULL—-! You can do that with a trailer or a teaser scene which the studios bend over backwards to give your spoiled heads. They give up a inch and you want the ruler. The give you the ruler, you want the yard.


    They give you that dumb VOD platform. It does not satisfy you.
    They give you all sorts of media to chew on. It’s not good enough.

    The law is the law. I don’t care if you don’t agree with it or not. I don’t care. And as far as I’m concerned, you haven’t really seen the movie.

    • Sorry, I cant quite hear you all the way up on your pious sanctimonious plinth.

      • Sam one of the funny parts is where he says I give permission to the guy to go in to the theater with the camera. I love that part, because I don’t actually watch Cam quality. I refuse to I watch the DVD scr or other types ones that usually come out a month later.

        • What’s really funny- or sad- is that you somehow think watching pirated movies does not support those who go and do the actual pirating. Would you accept something that you know is stolen, yes or no?

          So when you partake in watching pirated movies, you help enable the pirates.

          Still laughing?

          • Yea still laughing fairly hard even harder in fact since you missed my point entirely.

            Didn’t say it’s not supporting the person doing the pirating I said I don’t support the guys who go in to the theater with a cam because I don’t watch Cam quality films. I skip those and wait til a DVD Scrnr comes out which is usually just a month after release.

            As far as your taking stolen property question I’m just gonna not answer because it’s a dumb question and an argument that’s been done to death. I really have no interest in debating over used cliches with you just wanted to comment on the fact that you broke a ton of the website rules. It’s lucky for you Vic is a busy guy and it’s hard for him to catch everything some posts slip through the cracks. Nice to see your complete lack of respect for him and his rules though.

            • I did not “disrespect” Vic and/or the site.
              I simply had a opinion that some people did not like to hear even if they heard the debate a hundred times before. I did not single out an individual. I made a generalization.

          • Yes I would. You really have no life. Stop masterbating over your movies. Go get a girlfriend, have sex, have some kids and GET A LIFE!!!

    • Phew good thing your opinions are absolutely useless and unimportant to me or that might of hurt.

      Had no problem with you at all, but now all those very harsh extremely personal insults that break most of Screenrants rules that you directed in my direction.. Well right back at you. Have a nice day :)

      • I did not insult anyone in specific. It was a generalization. Also, if I had broken any SR comment rules, they would have zapped it.

        I did not expect a warm welcome from some of those people.
        They can still choose to say no and stop watching pirated films.
        There are methods in which the studios give to the public that are legal.

        The idea that someone suggests I’m a bag of wind because I do things within legal boundaries does nothing but strengthen my view.

        Merry Christmas.

    • You must be a producer or something. Quit your self rightous BS. People like you burn ME up. You ask to average movie going public to continue to shell out hard earned money for crap movies. Hollywood needs to take more responsibility in finding out WHY people want to download movies for free. I agree that stealing is wrong. The price of a movie ticket is more wrong. The quality of most movies is even more wrong. Your rant is pointless. Good day.

      • Hollywood makes as much junk as they do good films. The good usually outweigh the bad.

        No, I’m not a H’wood producer. But even if I was, what difference would it make? Bottom line is I’m against illegal downloading, nothing more.

  15. I Download only if the movie is not released here….

  16. On the DVD vs Blu Ray topic that seems to have started here, has anyone else noticed that some of the new DVDs being released seem to be better quality than your average DVD? I mean, maybe I’m just imagining it, but my copy of Kick-Ass seems like really sharp/hi def-ish even though it’s not a blu ray. Am I just crazy?

    • If you’re talking about playing a normal DVD in a Blu Ray player, yes, apparently the player does enhance the image of normal DVDs too.

  17. Too much money and resources are spent trying to catch people pirating movies. Everyone I know, and I mean everyone who downloads videos never go to the theatre anyway.

    Sure it’s wrong to do, but dont waste so much of our money chasing ghosts, you will never win and you will never ever get back enough in fines to justify the crazy expenditures. (Im talking to Gov’t here).

    This is one of the only issues of illegality I can think of where the principal of thing isnt worth the expenses. It’s like mobilizing task forces across the country to stake out and bum rush little old ladies who take an extra orange at the fruit market.

    • You know what. Let’s stop the war on drugs while we’re at it too. We spend more money fighting it and it seems no progress in being made. Right?


      • I dont want it going overboard. I clearly made that point.

        Let the stupid analogies follow shall we?

    • agreed, it would be different if Hollywood didnt make a TON of money.

  18. Hollywood is off their collective rocker if they think people who download movies would go see them if they couldnt download it. It is not true. Make better movies. Quit charging so much for them. Then you will see the illegal download number go down and the ticket sale number go up. The bottom line is hollywood isnt losing that much money, if any. I know they cant wrap their head around that but its true. Hollywood has got to give people a better reason to get in the car, drive to the movie theater, and drop $15 bucks a piece. The people that download new releases would NOT go to the movie theater if they couldnt download it. They simply would not be able to see the movie till it comes out to rent. I wonder how many of these illegal downloads are theatrical releases vs rental releases.

  19. The list makes perfect sense when you understand the inner mentality of the torrent community. Let me explain;

    People don’t realize that folks who deal in pirated copies of films more often than is realized, also go out and purchase the thing once the DVD or BluRay is available. Often you can find DVD quality and or BluRay quality copies of films anywhere from 3 months to 3 days in advance of their street release date, when they hit the for home use market. Why would someone buy a copy if they have downloaded a pirated copy? This has more than one answer. Some simply don’t want to wait till the official street date which can vary greatly depending on the film. Some movies are quick to the Rental/Sell-Thru market like PREDATORS which had about a 3 to 4 month time frame between Box Office release and when it was available on DVD/BluRay. Others can take an abnormally long time like the A-TEAM Movie which took over 6 months to get released; June 11th – Dec 14th.

    And yet other movies take anywhere between that time with the average these day being between 4 and 5 months. Some folks just don’t want to wait and so they download the pirated copy to watch and then purchase the retail copy when it hits the streets. I’m not saying this is right or even advocating people do this; I’m just telling you what I interpret the comments people make on the torrent sites.

    One item that will probably surprise many is that often the torrent users will advocate for buying a film (when its worth the purchase) so as to not kill the business and in effect shoot themselves in the foot. Yes many do get illegal copies and never pay one cent for it but that’s being going on with black market DVDs for years and VHS cassette tapes before that so its just a new delivery mechanism. What is different is that the torrent community advocates paying for something if you like it so that those who worked to produce the item do get paid for their work.

    If people want to get upset about something theft related that really will hurt us all then they should turn their head towards the corporations who have exploited the American consumer thru off shoring especially the ones who use tax breaks and similar funding top pay for the move of their factories over seas.

  20. Whilst I’m always an advocate for seeing movies at the big screen, I can perfectly understand people who chose to download them. I absolutely agree on the views that Hollywood cannot have it both ways by charging such extortionate ticket prices and then come down hard on illegal downloading,especially in the current financial climate.

    Nowadays I generally only watch the big summer blockbusters at the cinema as I feel I’ll get more justification at least from a visual standpoint. For all it’s many flaws- Avatar in 3D really was only worth seeing at the cinema for all the effects as with Transformers 2, Tron Legacy etc,

    But with those aforementioned movies lies the problem. The standard in quality for these event movies is decreasing every year. I see why people say 3D is just a money making gimmick especially with post conversion, but if used properly, 3D in movies – backed up with quality story and characterization – can be truly immersive and essential viewing only to be experienced in cinemas. Just imagine for example if Inception was shot in pure 3D. I’m not saying that it needed to be shot in 3D but it certainly had sequencs that would have merited the use of it.

    The article calls downloaders evildoers, but they are not the ones who made the technology to be able to download, burn and then sell movies on cds are they?. I’m not saying it’s right but you can’t condemn people who are just taking what’s being made available to them. Now piracy is a different issue which I am completely against as it does discredit the effort gone into making movies.

    For me the internet is ruining the integrity of movies. Many people will disagree due to how much they can find out about movies months prior to release. But that sense of the unknown, anticipation is clearly dimished. We even know now the dates for when the script comes in for Batman 3 (sorry but I still hate ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ title)

    Can one imagine if the internet had been around in 1980, all the shock from the revelation of Darth Vader being Luke’s father just wouldn’t be there as people would’ve found out months before hand.

    No, you will never be able to complete defeat piracy and illegal downloading – unless you take away the tecnology to do so – which just wont happen.

    So filmakers need to make the cinemas a truly worthwile experience, by shooting movies in true 3D and at the same time set reasonable ticket pries for the movieging public.

  21. Good. That is that much less money going to Cameron and his expensive piece of crap remake of Pocahontas.

  22. da hell clash of the titans sucked.. y is that on the list

  23. Kick-Ass! take that, Mark Millar you hack!

    Movies are basically giving millionaires more money. The fact that theyc complain about other millionaires who actually have large businesses and actualy money in the system is just the icing on the cake. That and I can’t relate to these people. I bet they want ‘green technology’ but think not litering or keeping the water clean is an out of date slogan or idea.

    I don’t bootleg these things. It’s not worth my time.

    • These millionaires making these films also spend millions making these films. If you spent $200 million on a product to distribute wouldn’t you wanna make some of that back?

      Being green isn’t hard either or out of date. It takes the same amount of effort to throw something out your car window as is does to lift the extremely light plastic lid on your recycling or garbage can.

  24. While not a fan of downloading movies I can clearly see why some folks do it. The industry needs to make and control distribution by offering earlier streaming at a fair price. I don’t go to the movies anymore at all because of idiots that don’t shut up and use their phones to text. Not worth it. Ever.

  25. I saw Avatar in 3D at the theatre and it totaly sucked, gave me a headache to wear the glasses, but was blurry and awful without them. I left feeling totaly ripped off. So a few days later I watched through other means and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. I’ll naver go to another 3D movie. There’s no reason for 3D at all, as far as I’m concerned, and as long as studios insist on trying cram stupid BS down my throat I’ll insist on not giving them any of my money.

    Besides: Piracy has done great things for music(IMO). Not so much for the industry, but more artists are making more money on thier own and the volume of music available is the greatest it’s ever been. I’d love to see this from the movie industry.

    • Eustis,

      I agree one hundred percent. If you look at South Korea, it has a thriving music and movie industry and these people download EVERYTHING!

  26. piracy is a touchy subject. and more with the story of copyright.
    As the list is a high number which saw AVATAR

  27. 1. Avatar / 16580000
    Two. Kick-Ass / 11,400,000
    Three. Inception / 9720000
    April. Shutter Island / 9490000
    May. Iron Man 2/8810000
    6. Clash of the Titans / 8,040,000
    7. Green Zone / 7730000
    8. Sherlock Holmes / 7,160,000
    9. The Hurt Locker / 6,850,000
    10. Salt / 6,700,000

    All these films were very good.