‘Top Gun 2′ Falls Apart; ‘Top Gun 3D’ Eyes a 2013 Release Date

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Top Gun 2 Over Top Gun 3D Release Date Top Gun 2 Falls Apart; Top Gun 3D Eyes a 2013 Release Date

Despite being 26 years old, Top Gun remains a solid fixture in the American (and perhaps even the world’s) cultural subconscious. Its enduring popularity has long made it a viable candidate for a sequel, even decades after the original’s release. Rumors of a Top Gun 2 engaged afterburners earlier this year as screenwriters were actively courted to craft a script for a new Tom Cruise fighter-pilot epic.

Sadly, it appears that hopes for the further adventures of Maverick and Iceman are in vain. Three months after the suicide of Top Gun director Tony Scott, Paramount Pictures has admitted that the sequel will almost certainly not be produced. In its place, the studio has begun planning for the release of the 3-D conversion of the original film in 2013.

In a New York Times article published yesterday, Paramount Pictures’ executives were said to have given up on production of Top Gun 2. The fate of the proposed film became uncertain in August, when Tony Scott suddenly and inexplicably committed suicide in Los Angeles. Since then, any forward momentum on the project has apparently fallen apart. As such, executives do not expect that the movie will ever see completion.

While its sequel will never see the light of day, Top Gun remains a lucrative property for Paramount. Citing other profitable 3-D conversions of films such as Titanic and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Paramount contracted 3-D conversion firm Legend3D to do the same for Top Gun earlier this year. Apparently, this version is ready to be shown in theaters. However, Paramount has been uncertain as to whether an immediate release would be insensitive to Tony Scott’s memory – perhaps even going so far as seeming predatory in the wake of the well-loved director’s passing.

Nonetheless, Paramount has a new, contemporary audience-friendly version of a beloved film sitting in its hands. Top Gun 3-D will absolutely see a release – and sooner rather than later. The New York Times article mentions that the company is mulling a theatrical run of the film in February of 2013, but has not made any firm plans.

Tony Scott Denzel Washington Top Gun 2 Cancelled Top Gun 2 Falls Apart; Top Gun 3D Eyes a 2013 Release Date

Director Tony Scott with frequent collaborator Denzel Washington.

While Paramount’s caution in the wake of shared tragedy is admirable, it will be wise of them not to dither on Top Gun 3-D‘s release either. Had they released the converted film a week after Tony Scott’s senseless death, it certainly would have come off as a corporation cynically cashing in on tragedy. Now, some months after the fact, public showings of Scott’s most famous film will probably feel more like a tribute to the prolific creator.

In the absence of a sequel that many thought was just around the corner, followers of the original film and of Tony Scott are left with nothing but questions. If anything, allowing Scott’s fans to take part in public showings of Top Gun 3-D could feel something like catharsis. Better sooner than later.

Top Gun 3-D does not yet have a firm release date, but will likely reach theaters in early 2013.

Source: The New York Times (via Collider)

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  1. That sucks. A certain director isn’t the be all and end all of a movie project. They could have easily gone ahead and made that movie with a different director. That’s too bad, because I really would have loved to see another Top Gun installment. Aviation movies are few and far between and I can’t get enough of that stuff. What I can get enough off, though, is 3D. I will not watch a 3D converted Top Gun, thank you very much. However, I certainly would buy a ticket if they would re-release the movie in theaters in 2D.

  2. So glad this not being made!

  3. Top Gun 2 would have been awesome to see, but instead they slump into the uncreative crap of making another 2d movie into 3d.

  4. I hate to be a hater, and no offense to Scott, but I hope this fails.

    I know, it doesn’t hurt me in any way for them to do this, but re-releasing old films in 3D just seems like a quick cash grab, and just wrong. I don’t think anyone was screaming for a 3D version of this movie.

    Some old movies would be cool to see in 3D (e.g. the original Tron), but others don’t seem like they’d benefit from it very much. Top Gun seems like one of those (except for maybe a few of the dog fight scenes)

    • Just a heads up, as someone in the industry, there’s not much “quick” about converting a film to stereo. And as far as the “cash grab” part of your concern, the entire entertainment industry is a “cash grab.” Music, film, television, streaming, its all a business to make money. None of these exist for the sake of the artists communicating their art, sadly.

      • Take it from tj. Btw obviously Tom cruise with an acronym. Magnolia baby yeah :)

  5. TOP GUN is a top class movie with excellent music and soundtrack.
    The aerial scenes are extremely superb. I would love to see its 3-D sequel.

  6. Top Gun 2 was likely going to be another bad late sequel tarnishing the original anyway.

    I’m curious whether they’re merely converting it to 3D or are they also making other changes.

    • The conversion process took nearly a year, on top of a few months of cleaning new 4k scans of the film. It looks really good.

  7. Topgun2 i think would be a good movie. Heck you could take goose’s kid and have the baby they had be grown up and become mavericks reo.
    You could even have maverik as the teacher and play it out where his top pilots get shot down and it takes mav and his new reo to go get the job done and save the day kinda story.
    But if done right you would have to have gooses child play as a surprise reo for maverik in the sequel.
    Just a thought. But a second topgun would be awsome to see

  8. Topgun2 i think would be a good movie. Heck you could take goose’s kid and have the baby they had be grown up and become maveriks new surprise reo to go save the day.

  9. Absolutely ridiculous. Did Tony Scott mention scrapping TG 2 before he jumped from a bridge, I think NOT. Firstly, TG 1 was a Bruekheimer/ Simpson film in the first place. Sure, Scott worked on it, but it was their baby. Secondly, isn’t there another Scott/Director in the family??? The powers that be owe it to the fans of this movie to produce TG 2, and if it’s a problem of finding someone to direct, call Spielberg. I’m sure he’d love to. When Dale Earnhardt Sr. died, does anyone know what happened a week later??? NASCAR was business as usual at Rockingham MotorSpeedway. WHY??? Because that IS exactly what Dale Sr. said he wanted in the unfortunate event he gets killed on track. NO pun intended, but the SHOW MUST GO ON. Yes it’s sad when someone dies the sudden tragic way Tony did, but the sun rises again and we go on living!

  10. very happy with the last 3 posts.

    Now… Why on this little blue planet of ours would they not continue with the sequel ?????
    I’m very sorry about the tragedy, but why would they be so ignorant to just not make the sequel ???

    I will no accept that it will not be made, I grew up in the 80s and Top Gun is the be all end all movies of Aviation.

    When it is made, i don’t care where they need to dig it out, even if they need to go to the boneyard, but F-14′s it will have to be.

    F-35 is a toy. F-14s is a REAL plane.

  11. Spelling correction on sentence 7 and 10 above: Movie and F14. thanks.

  12. Iv never seen a 3d film yet. Top gun has been my fav since it came out 26 years ago. This will be a great film for my first 3d. Cant wait :). Was looking forward to TG2… oh well this will more than make up for it. R.I.P T.S

  13. Iv never seen a 3d film yet. Top gun has been my fav since it came out 26 years ago. This will be a great film for my first 3d. Cant wait  . Was looking forward to TG2… oh well this will more than make up for it. R.I.P T.S

  14. Can’t wait, brill movie.

  15. It’s amazing that Paramount would not follow through with the sequel, it would bring in a gold mine of money. They must not need it or not want it, maybe they’re Obama democrats snubbing there nose at opportunity & capitalism & at a sure fired hit with a ton of potential profit that they could make. I know for sure that Tony Scott would be smiling from up above if Paramount honored the man & the original by a great followup sequel.

  16. Here’s my version of Top Gun 2 if I were to write it. Story line
    TOP GUN- Afterburner….Tom Cruise returns as an instructor at Top Gun as it’s chief Instructor. He’s in charge of the next group of Top Gun pilots, this time they fly the F18 and all sorts of cocky pilots show up, including the main character who reminds him alot of himself named Mike “Harm” Turmansky. This kid grew up as a crop duster pilot on a farm in Nebraska but turned in to a Red Bull race pilot crewed by his dad. He joins the Navy becomes a pilot where he excels. While out on patrol in joint excercises with the South Korean’s he runs into North Korean Mig 29′s , the Migs get off a lucky shot & kills his wing man, he gets out flown by a North Korean Ace named Nguyen Toon III who’s great grand father was shot down by Randall Duke Cunningham, Navy Top Gun US pilot in the Vietnam war. Toon vowed revenge for his grandfathers death if ever he faced americans! His wish came true on this day. Mike shaken by this event he returns to the Nimitz where he’s told he will be taken off duty under investigation for this incident. He’s found innocent & resume flying, when he’s inducted into TOP Gun where he learns how to fly to the edge of the envelope, Tom Cruise kicks his behind on many engagements showing the young pilot he ain’t good, till the can finally beat Cruise. He comes close but no cigar. He falls in love with one of the female Top Gun pilots & they both graduate. His girlfriend wins the trophy he comes in 2nd. They are called into the same squadron out on a patrol, North invades South Korea & they are called out to war. Toon runs into them both & shoots down his girlfriend, she bails & lives. Toon & Turmansky dogfight to a brilliant aerial battle when finally Mike” Harm” Turmansky shoots him down with guns after they both expend all missles. He hooks with his girlfriend on the ship & both are offered Top Gun instructor positions… the end.

    • That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard for wht the second one should be about

  17. top gun rules do the movie part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  18. Sad news. Rest in peace Tony Scott. The original was an edge of the seat thriller. One heck on a director you were. We will miss your talent.

  19. Why don’t you guts just go ahead and make a second one with a different director. I’m only 17 and I love this movie I can’t get enough of air combat movies the fist one just left me hanging with so many questions. But if you guys decide to make a second one you better hurry time is ticking and soon or later everybody will just forget about this movie

  20. i wish there was going to be a new top gun coming out with tom cruise in it the first top gun was brilliant