Top Fox Exec Talks Daredevil Reboot

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daredevilv2n01 Top Fox Exec Talks Daredevil Reboot

The guys over at IESB were recently chatting with 20th Century Fox co-chairman, Tim Rothman, and got him to open up about the Daredevil reboot, a project which was proposed earlier this year at Comic Con by Sin City creator Frank Miller and British action star Jason Statham.

According to Rothman, Miller and Statham weren’t just doing some out-loud wishful thinking: a Daredevil reboot is something Fox would definitely be interested in–so long as they could snag a director who would be able to do for the Man Without Fear what Chris Nolan did for Batman Begins.

Check out a few snippets from the interview with Rothman:

IESB: One of the brands that has made Fox a lot of money is Marvel. Recently, there was a reboot of the Hulk, which was alright, but I think it was mainly to get it ready for the Avengers film coming up. But there are two Marvel properties you control amongst others, Daredevil and Elektra. Both films didn’t do too well but…reboot maybe?

Tom Rothman: A Daredevil, to use your words, reboot, is something we are thinking very seriously about.

TR: …I think that the thing the Hulk showed…that if you really do it right the audience will give you a second chance. That it is possible. And I think that you see that when they did Batman Begins, the first Nolan movie…given the proper amount of time and the right creative vision behind it, you can, to use your word, reboot.

Little surprise that 20th Century Fox would want to re-squeeze every penny out of something they already own and ruined once. Hell, if there’s money yet to be made, why NOT ruin something twice?

What is funny to me, however, is a later statement Rothman gave when asked whether the Daredevil reboot would mirror the gritty tone of a movie like The Dark Knight:

“Would it be as dark? I don’t know because what it really needs is, it needs a visionary at the level that Chris Nolan was. It needs someone, it needs a director, honestly, who has a genuine vision. What we wouldn’t do is just do it for the sake of doing it. Right? What we try to do is to get a creative engine for it, that really had a great vision for it, that’s what we would look for.”

Wow, at least Tommy-boy has that part finally figured out: snagging a good director and letting him do his thing = good $uperhero franchise. Brilliant!

(Studio Executives, for further instruction on how to properly make a superhero movie, please refer to Jon Favreau’s insightful comments about making Iron Man 2.)

In the meantime, are there any directors of “genuine vision” out there looking to take a crack at this Daredevil reboot?

Kevin Smith?

David Fincher?

Wayne Kramer, even?

Please guys, if you’re out there, I really am jonseing for a Daredevil movie done right.

(Thanks to IESB for snagging that great interview!)

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  1. Sweet. A reboot is the way to go. :D

  2. I think it would have to have a highly-rated cast, none of these jokable actors (like Ghostrider was full of). I don’t think Statham would fit the role.

  3. I think that Jason Statham would be great for Daredevil. He has the physical ability for a higher level of stunts for the action factor. He has shown from “The Bank Job” and “Revolver” that he can get into character. In “Transporter” he toned down his accent. Anyway, he is the best up and coming action star currently.

  4. Kevin McKidd (ROME) for Daredevil!

  5. I thought DAREDEVIL with Ben Affleck was a good film. Far better than Fantastic Four and GhostRider!

  6. Yeah, but Stetham as a blind lawyer?

  7. I really liked Affleck as DD but I’d love to see Statham have a go at it . I’m a big fan of JS and I’d really love to see what Kevin Smith could do with a a super hero / action flick. KS has , I believe written for DD comics so he’s very familiar with the material.
    Do it .

  8. What is with everyone? Jason Statham would not be a remotely good fit for that character, nor could he do it any justice. Yes he is a good at action star, but by no means does the man have any real acting ability other than playing a 2-dimensional bad-ass.

    As we all have learned from the successful marvel films thus far: Not only do you need a good director, but a good actor as well.

    I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree with the Jason Statham shippers.

  9. Well…I’m not sure about who could play DD…but I DO think that Kevin Smith would be an interesting choice as a director…after all…he is already familiar with the character, having written an 8-issue story-arc (“Guardian Devil”), along with an unfinished mini-series (“Daredevil/Bullseye: Target”). Granted…his tenure was fraught with “complications” (i.e. delays), his movie deadlines tend to be a little firmer in his schedule.
    I’d certainly be up for a re-imagining…the original movie did have some good concepts, but the “cons” far outweighed any of the “pros.” One of the things I’d like to see changed is the costume. While traditional “comic-con” spandex is no good for a movie, I wasn’t a big fan of the pleather/removable hood. I’d almost like to see the old black/yellow/red combo suit. It’d certainly differentiate the change in approaches.

  10. Kevin Smith directing may be a too good to actually happen situation. No doubt Statham could pull off the action, but pulling off the emotionally tortured Matt Murdoch is another story. A Daredevil reboot can’t just focus on action to succeed. Well, maybe it could, but it just wouldn’t be as great a movie as it could be. The character has lots of potential, just not the recognition factor of Spiderman and Batman. Then again, that’s what many felt about Iron Man. I thought the original was ok. I liked the way they shot the fight scenes showing his blindness. As a whole, I thought it was a bit choppy in its progression and not edited really well. Has anyone watched the R rated version dvd?

  11. Jason Statham played a more dramatic character in the movie “London”. He seemed to portray a tortured soul quite well. It wasn’t an action movie at all.

  12. I for one would love another Daredevil reboot, but it is too soon to have one. Maybe down the line, after 2 or 3 years or so.
    Seriously, when Wolverine does crazy money, look who else is going to be on the bill for their own pictures: Gambit, Deadpool, Magneto?
    I would say stick with the X-Men franchise and lose the rights for Daredevil back to Marvel.

  13. I like Jason Staham but can he loose the English Accent? Or, can we accept a Dardevil with an English accent? We have had a Robin Hood without an English accent (Kein Costner) and it worked, but will the reverse work? I don’t know but I would like for him to try.

  14. YES! In the universe of Frank Miller, No character is so potentially interesting and has a richer backdrop than Daredevil. The Dark Knight was superb, but a movie or two on Miller’s rise & fall-story could easily match it if done with genuine passion and respect for both the character and the audience.

  15. Jason S. could do DD well, but the perfect person for the role of DD would be Matt Damon.

  16. I wouldn’t have considered Damon before the Bourne trilogy. Now I think he would be great.

  17. Have you guys ever seen this BBC show, Hotel Babylon? The main guy in the first two seasons, Max Beesley, he would make a perfect Matt Murdock!

  18. Max Beesley would work; but can he loose the accent?

  19. Bro, I think with a proper dialect coach, anyone can loose or get an accent.
    However, I think I have stated this earlier in this thread, I doubt anything going forward on a DD reboot will happen anytime soon.

  20. I could direct this movie. Seriously, I could. I’ve known Daredevil all my life, and I know what work for a proper Daredevil movie. TBH, although a lot of people believe that the Daredevil movie sucked, I liked it, even more after seeing the “Director’s Cut.” It wasn’t a spectacular movie, but IMHO, it wasn’t bad. But seriously, given the chance, I could direct this Daredevil remake. They say that they’re looking for a visionary to direct this? I am that man. Seriously.