Top 10 Movie Moments of 2012

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Top 10 Movie Moments of 2012

Top Movie Moments 2012As 2012 comes to a close, it's once again time for us to look back over the year of movies and pick our 10 favorite cinematic moments; a hard task in a year that was rich with both cinematic milestones (The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit) and some unexpected (but welcome) surprises (Ted, The Raid: Redemption).From iconic imagery to things that either deeply amused or horrified us, these are the scenes and sequences from 2012 that we will never forget. Did your favorite moment make the list? Read on to find out.


Doorframe Slam - 'The Raid: Redemption'

The Raid Redemption Door Slam KillThe brainchild of writer/director Gareth Evans (Merantau), the Indonesian martial arts action/thriller The Raid: Redemption was undoubtedly the most pleasant surprise of 2012.Of the many threats that super-cop Rama (Iko Uwais) faces in notorious Boss Tama's criminal stronghold, none were more menacing than a group of butchers known as 'the machete gang,' who roamed the halls of the building hacking up anything in their path.Rama battling a half-dozen machete-waving maniacs was awesome enough - but when he grabbed one killer by the head, jumped backwards, and slammed the man's face down on the shards of a door he had just kicked a different gang member through, the whole audience erupted. In that moment, the Indonesian martial arts style "Pencak Silat" gained worldwide attention.

The Zec's Meal Plan - 'Jack Reacher'

Jack Reacher The Zec (Werner Herzog)We all know the type of scene in which a henchman fails in his appointed task and must be punished by the big boss; however, we doubt you've seen it the way that Jack Reacher presents it.When Pittsburgh thug Linsky (Michael Raymond-James) fails to halt the investigation of Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise), he must answer to the shadowy mastermind known as "The Zec" (Werner Herzog). In a monologue that only Herzog could deliver, the Zec (translation: "prisoner") gives Linsky two options: take a bullet to the head, or prove his dedication to the cause by eating his own fingers - just as the Zec had once been forced to consume his own.If you've seen the film, you know what choice Linsky ultimately makes, but writer/director Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects) managed to milk sweet, cringe-inducing angst out of the audience for the entire span of seconds that poor Linsky must ponder an unfathomable decision.

Motel Brawl - 'Ted'

Ted Movie (2012) Ted vs. John Hotel FightFamily Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's first live-action film, Ted, was another pleasant surprise of 2012, mixing the comedian's raunchy, pop-culture-laced humor with a genuine and heartfelt story about growing up and maturing.When the titular CGI teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane) causes ruin in his friend John's (Mark Wahlberg) life, the two have an all-out brawl in a motel room, after John drops a particularly hurtful remark about wishing that he had received a Teddy Ruxpin (instead of Ted) on that fateful childhood Christmas day.Seeing a cinematic tough-guy like Wahlberg battle a CGI teddy bear was hilarious; seeing Ted's dirty fighting tactics was more hilarious; and there was even a level of meta-humor to be found in the realization that we were, in fact, watching Wahlberg throw himself around a motel room. Talk about commitment to a role...

Django Gets Unchained - 'Django Unchained'

Django Unchained Opening Scence Dr. King Schultz vs Speck BrothersThere's a long-standing tradition of Quentin Tarantino opening his films with a scene that firmly establishes the witty, outrageous and often violent nature of his cinematic stories - and Django Unchained is no exception.After a montage of a slave chain-gang being taken on a brutal march across harsh terrains, we are introduced to the charismatic Dr. King Schultz (Christop Waltz). Schultz tries to acquire his query, Django (Jamie Foxx), in well-mannered fashion, but when the finicky Speck Brothers choose the route of violence, Schultz reveals to them (and the audience) his own violent nature.In a monologue that is pure Tarantino, Dr. King (get it?) leaves the remaining slaves with "two options": help the surviving Speck brother reach the nearest doctor, or free themselves from bondage, kill their cruel master and follow the North Star to a more "enlightened area of the country." After that introduction, we were saddled up for the entire bloody ride.

Self-Caesarean - 'Prometheus'

Prometheus Surgery Pod Scene Shaw OperationThe Alien franchise has always offered a horrific vision of birthing gone terribly wrong, but Ridley Scott's Alien quasi-prequel film, Prometheus, pushed that metaphor to a more literal extreme.You may need a chart to explain how it actually happened, but the short version is that after some sexually-transmitted exposure to alien bacteria, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) becomes "impregnated" with an alien organism. In an act of masochistic bravery, Shaw climbs inside the ship's "surgery pod" for an impromptu C-section to remove the grotesque squid-like baby inside of her.Several viewers made a swift exit from the theater during my viewing of Prometheus, and those of us who remained were writhing in our seats. Ridley Scott is a master at reflecting the horrors of biology, and we're pretty sure that men everywhere gained new respect for the pains of motherhood after viewing this sequence.

Bioluminescent Sea - 'Life of Pi'

Life of Pi Biolumenscent Sea SceneLife of Pi was a whimsical and beautiful tale of spirituality and survival - and nowhere was this better demonstrated than in a sequence in which the titular character, Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma), spends a night at sea marveling at the bioluminescent lights of the sea organisms below.In keeping with his own unique spiritual sensibilities, Pi closes his eyes to better feel the connection between himself and all living things, and director Ang Lee uses that moment to treat audiences to one of the most gorgeous (and psychedelic) sequences ever filmed in 3D.3D still gets a bad rap, but in the hands of filmmakers like Ang Lee, one can quickly see how the format can potentially add new dimensions to the movie-viewing experience.

Airport Escape - 'Argo'

Argo Airport Escape SceneWith Argo, director Ben Affleck turned a slice of history into an intense drama/thriller movie experience - and that edge-of-your-seat tension reached a fever pitch when the six Americans hiding out in Iran attempted their bold airport escape under the wing of CIA exfiltration guru, Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck).In addition to seeing "The Six" have to sell Iranian guards on their fake identities and faux sci-fi film production, we got a delicious and humorous moment of stress watching Alan Arkin and John Goodman's Hollywood power-players stranded on a movie set, while the most important phone call in the world was ringing away in their faux studio office.Down to the last second of escape, the tension (and ultimate catharsis) of this exodus to freedom made for one of the most enjoyable movie experiences of the year.

Game of Riddles - 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Gollum and BilboFor fans of J.R..R. Tolkien's novel, The Hobbit, this scene represented one of the most standout chapters of the book; for fans of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, it was a re-introduction to fan-favorite motion-capture character, Gollum.Time has vastly improved technology; and apparently the skills of iconic (and undervalued) motion-capture actor Andy Serkis, as well. Gollum was back and looking better than ever, and Serkis managed to once again give the character a balance of charm and fright that most live-action actors would struggle to maintain.Aided by the wit and timing of Hobbit star Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, the game of riddles sequence in An Unexpected Journey is arguably the best character cameo of any prequel film ever made. Fans will be missing ol' Gollum during the rest of this Hobbit Trilogy.

Breaking the Bat - 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Bane vs Breaks Batman Dark Knight RisesFor comic book geeks, it was about seeing one of the most famous moments of '90s-era Batman finally play out on the silver screen. For fans of Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, it was a moment that trailers and posters had already promised would be one of Batman's darkest hours: his first confrontation with the terrorist brute known as Bane.Unlike so many modern fight sequences - with their martial arts choreography set to thumping techno music - this duel was as much a mental and verbal sparring as it was a physical contest. Batman had underestimated Bane at every step - and he paid dearly for it.In relative quiet and darkness (both literal and metaphoric) two titans brawled for control of a city, and a hero fell. The Dark Knight Rises would live up to its title by the end, but in this moment, the world cringed as The Batman was truly broken.

Avengers Assembled - 'The Avengers'

The Avengers Team Fight Scene SequenceMillions of people crowded movie theaters for weeks on end just to see it. Then re-see it. Then re-see it again. After half a decade of waiting, anticipating and hoping, Marvel's The Avengers finally assembled to kick some alien ass.This is what a superhero team-up film is all about: seeing your superheroes actually team up to fight some baddies - and we truly believe that it took an insightful comic book geek like Avengers director Joss Whedon to make a sequence like this work for both casual viewers and fanboys alike.But oh man, did it ever work! The collective heart swell in the theater during that Avengers vs. Chitauri tracking shot officially set a new benchmark in blockbuster epicness. Best of all, that 'Hulk punches Thor' finale ended the sequence with the perfect lighthearted touch.

Honorable Mentions

We can't highlight every great moment at the movies - and we're sure you have some great ones to share with us in the comments. In the meantime, here are a few moments that, while not epic enough for our Top 10, still left a pretty strong impression on us:Amazing Spider-Man - "High School Rumble" - It was a battle sequence that truly captured the mechanics of Spider-Man's powers, and it looked pretty spectacular, to boot. It also contained the best Marvel movie cameo by Stan Lee, ever. We can't praise the entire film, but this particular sequence is what Marvel Movie magic is made of.Magic Mike - "The Tao of Dallas" - Matthew McConaughey had a fairly strong comeback year, highlighted by his role as a low-rent strip club manager in Magic Mike. His character Dallas' speech to new recruit "The Kid" (Alex Pettyer) - about the strategy of male stripping - sits right up there on the shelf with David Wooderson's breakdown of high school girls in Dazed and Confused. Classic McConaughey.Moonrise Kingdom - "What Kind of Bird Are YOU?" - The film had so many great moments, but this scene in which young Sam (Jared Gilman) first meets young Suzy (Kara Hayward) stands out. Everyone dreams of that moment when they'll lock eyes with their one true love (the one who stands apart), and Wes Anderson captures that sentiment both beautifully and humorously.Sinister - "Lawnmower Facial" - You just knew it was coming, but when it happened it was still pretty horrific - even without you actually seeing it. Lawnmower POV cam? Yeah, that could only end badly.Skyfall - "The Shanghai Job" - Director Sam Mendes thoroughly impressed in this noir sequence of James Bond tracking a deadly assassin into a Shanghai skyscraper. From the cinematography to the gorgeous use of lights, reflections and shadow during that climatic battle to the death, Mendes turned a Bond action set piece into a work of cinematic art.What were your favorite movie moments of 2012? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. There should be more moments in this list from The Dark Knight Rises like the Bane Plane Heist Scene, Bruce Wayne getting out of the pit, Battle for Gotham

    • Defiantly needed more scenes from The Dark Knight Rises!!!!

    • Nah. The only scene(and the only one worthy on this list) is when Bane beats Batman. Don’t get me wrong, the plane heist and Bruce’s epic jump were awesome, but those won’t be as well remembered as his first fight with Bane (there was something groundbreaking about watching Batman being manhandled).

      • Battle for Gotham deserved to be there

    • Yeah, too bad batman wasnt in that scene. I dont know who that wuss was getting beating so easily by Bane, but it sure as hell wasnt Batman.

      If any scene from Dark Knight Rises should be on this list (and i can think of a ton of scenes from other movies that were better) it should be the one of Bruce Wayne climbing out of the Lazaris Pit

      • @nowhereman a.k.a. NWM

        HAHA! I love that whole comment especially,”I dont know who that wuss was getting beating so easily by Bane, but it sure as hell wasnt Batman.”

        When did “BATMAN” forget how to use martial arts even though he’s been using it for like……I don’t know…….EVER!

    • Should be no moments from that yawn fest of a long drug out terrible film.

      • @Akai

        To tell you the truth…..I love all you guys who don’t kiss up to a crappy film just because of your fondness for the character that the film happens to be about. Just because I like Batman doesn’t mean I have to tolerate his garbage movie.

        • True that..
          The movie had some serious issues with its script and totally fell apart in 3rd act or so.

        • On the real though… even if a movie is crap / shyte, it’s really up to the watcher. If folks come on here & love TDKR [and I did]. then we have to respect their opinion, though we don’t necessarily agree. Movies are sometimes subjective. Even I get a little carried away with my comments sometimes, but when the majority of the folks are telling you to chill… hey they can’t all be wrong. TDKR wasn’t perfect, nor was TA, but I love ‘em both for different reasons. I don’t thin that I’m “kissing up to a crappy film”, no I just think it “moved” me in a way that it didn’t move everyone. It’s a personal thing

    • I agree, Bruce climbing out of the pit was EPIC

    • I think we could easily find 10 (or even more) epic scenes from TDKR, but that would be kinda unfair don’t you think?

      If there are say, 4 scenes from TDKR in this list, that only leaves 6 spots left for all the other great movies of the year, and if you take a movie like The Avengers which also has many, mane great scenes and include more than one of those (let’s say 3), then there are only 3 spots left for all the other great movies of 2012… Do you see the problem there?

      I think SR/Kofi was wise to only take one great scene from each of these movies. It’s clearly the most fair and even way to have done it.

  2. The Cabin in the Woods, monster breakout scene I thought deserved to make the list. Good list anyhow!

    • Completely forgot about that scene! Loved it!

    • Yes, that sequence was so satisfying. The “ding” of the elevators B4 utter chaos was perfect. Definitely a top 10 movie moment for me.

    • yah cabin in the woods totally unexpected that endin

    • Amen!

    • Good call. Cabin in the Woods should get an honorable mention IMO.

  3. Great list but the Shanghai fight sequence from Skyfall should have made the actual list. Awesome scene!

    • visual poetry that was

      • agreed! that scene was incredible! especially the ingenious lighting that kept us from knowing who was winning till the end..

  4. Avengers – Banner turning to Hulk and punching the Chitauri’s ‘pet’, Iron man suiting up in mid-air, Hulk catching Iron Man as he freefalls from the sky.

    Skyfall – M reciting the poem as Bond rushes to save her.

    TDKR – Bruce finally escaping, the ending !!!

  5. I’d have put the backbreaker from TDKR at number 1 purely because it was the only moment to give me goosebumps all year when I realised it was actually gonna happen.

    I’d have also put that awesome moment in Dredd when Ma-Ma watches Judge Dredd emerge from the shadows after being fired at by multiple massive guns that destroyed an entire tower block floor then realises he’s dragging her main henchman by the leg before tossing him over the balcony to his death then calmly walks back into the shadows again.

    • I agree with everything you said here!

  6. Bane breaking The Bat was my favourite…

  7. I would have gone with Looper’s psychic explosion scene. You know which one I’m talking about. It will haunt my dreams forever!

    • yes!! there were several memorable moments from looper that I would put on here.. Its hard to pick one specifically but yes the psychic explosion was amazing, when JGL first sees the old version of himself, idk that movie was great.

    • that should have made the list! That was so well done. In the theatre on opening night, the entire room was silent [just like the director intended]

  8. Sounds about right. Also could have included more from DKR but that is just my fan boy speaking.. great list and yes Avengers deserved to be number one.(I am batman fan however).

  9. The Raid- The definition of “true” & spectacular fight choreography that all other films in that genre should follow. This is why I enjoy martial arts films over any typical run & gun big explosion action movie. Although this film did have some of that as well, it was still clearly over shadowed by all the fighting that was going on.

    Ted- Final proof that once & for all Mark Wahlberg is fantastic, & better suited for comedy roles than the more serious dramatic films he seems to keep getting criticized for.

    The Amazing Spider-Man- The definitive film that shut everyone(well almost) up about why reboots aren’t always a bad thing(at least in the superhero genre anyway). Hopefully that film was the start to a trend of more great reboots to come in the near future.

    The Avengers- The movie that basically said…..look FOX this is how you “really” create a film using one of our properties without screwing it up (I’m looking at you Fake-Men & DULLtastic 4).

    • TASM was crap! [IMO] It doesn’t deserve to make any lists.. pick [list] 2 scenes from that movie that you feel should be in this top 10 list?

    • The only scene from the Amazing Spiderman that I found worthy besides watching Emma Stone (she was hot imo) was the Stan Lee cameo.

    • lol at Fake-Men. Agreed. Me and my friend call them F-Men for Fail-Men. Dulltastic? Nah, I say Cheese-Rastic 4.

      • Cheese as in cheesy. Jeez, you need to get out more. :I

  10. McConaughey’s actual dance at the end of Magic Mike ;)

    • what??? LOL

  11. I, personally, loved Silva’s last scene in Skyfall with M. Besides Javier Bardem’s terrific acting, it was also by far the most intense moment in that movie, and that’s saying something.

  12. Marital arts choreography?

    • @KlingonWithAWhip

      Yeah. What don’t you understand about it?

      • mar·i·tal adjective \ˈmer-ə-təl, ˈma-rə-\
        1: of or relating to marriage or the married state
        2: of or relating to a husband and his role in marriage

        • @KlingonWithAWhip

          Uh Yeah…..sorry buddy but to tell you the truth I read everybody’s comments(which you should have done more closely), & nowhere did I find that word being misspelled. If you’re referring to that one individual who mentioned “FIGHT” choreography I believe the word fighting is a generalization of all sorts of combat not just “MARTIAL ARTS”. Please check your facts first before you make any “smart” remarks.

          • He was referring to my error – it’s been corrected.

          • As Kofi said, I was referring to the error (that has indeed been corrected) in the actual article (tongue in cheek of course), not the comments. Please check your facts and read more closely before making inane and aggressive responses. Thank you.

            • Klingons do not use whips!! You look like a warrior but you sound like a weakling human!! What does “Thank you” mean, petaQ??!!!


              • It’s a reference to io9′s perusal of the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer.

    • Yeah, praticing each and every move, counter move and when to go down before you actually get your neck snapped.

      • @Jeff

        Hey man! What-up! Haven’t heard from you in a while(I think). Do you like martial arts films(that aren’t too out there)in general, & don’t you think a Batman film would benefit GREATLY if it had the same(or close to)type of fight scenes as the RAID:Redemption?

  13. Shouldn’t the article say “Hulk Punches *Loki*” instead of Thor? Anyway, the plane heist was my favorite from TDKR. That was a cinematic sequence. I will have to re-watch the film to remember the particulars of the Bane/Batman confrontation.

    • But Hulk punches Thor…

    • i ended up getting a major laugh when i saw The Hulk knock Thor on his @$$ after the brawl. nobody expected that.

      • For me that had to of been the best part of the entire film, and also when Hulk smashes Loki all over the floor.

  14. The top 3 on this list are my top 3 favorites of the year for sure. But I’m gonna be different and say maybe the end scene in The Amazing Spider-Man where he’s swinging around, that was cool. That movie is underrated despite its many probems.

    • I thought the whole schmaltzy “lets help spidey with these cranes!” bit was silly. One of the reasons I prefer Raimi’s first 2 spidey films.

      • yeah, that crane thing was cringe-worthy

  15. Bane vs batman was probably the greatest fight scene ever put on film, for my taste. It was brutal and emotional and straight forward, like watching one of your friends get beat up in a school fight. I’ll take that any day over a choreographed dance fight with back flips and jump kicks!

    • It was one of the dullest actually. DC should look toward the Avengers from now on. :D

      • @Mirror J.Schindler

        Agreed! Now…………Give us JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!!

  16. I would switch the Avengers and Breaking the Bat scene around. I get goosebumps everytime I watch the Dark Knights Rises. both were really good, however, Batman was better in my opinion.The Hobbit was well done as well.

    I had a hard time watching The Raid: Redemption due to audio being off and the long story. Ted was weird for me. I think its cause Im not used to the director’s style of moviemaking.

    I never saw Jack Reacher, Life of Pi, Django Unchained,Skyfall, Prometheus, and Argo yet. Im going to try and see Django Unchained and Les Miserables this weekend if I can afford it. The others will have to wait until release. I also really want to see is Lincoln, that looks incredible (I couldnt see it because it never came to my town which Im still upset about).

    Movies I think deserve some kind of recogintion are (Spoilers for those who havent seen a few of these: The Expendables 2 (the Chuck Norris scenes, and the final battle between Stallone and Van-Damme), The Grey (The final scene before the credits), Lawless ( the fight between Guy Pearce and Shia Labeouf), Madagascar 3 (the circus scene before entering america), Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (the fights were epic), Chronicle, 21 Jump Street, Wrath of the Titans (Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes entering the battle was epic), Battleship (bringing the retired veterans in the battle was awesome for me), Men in Black 3, and Taken 2.

    • Damn Chris, you really spend some time at the movies! well done!

      • Thank you. I do my best with it. and I agree with you about the Amazing Spiderman from one of your other postings. that movie wasnt as great as everyone said. I think the only worthy scene from that movie was the stan lee cameo.

    • “Lawless ( the fight between Guy Pearce and Shia Labeouf” Does Mr. LaBeouf get his ass beat? If so, I may actually have to watch this film.

      • yeah he pretty much does its quite impressive. but I wont explain the end result

  17. My favorite scene of the year is when Hulk beats the living snot out of Loki after Loki’s arrogant speech.

    • That’s my favorite scene as well.

  18. The best moment this whole year was definitely the ending of the Dark Knight Rises, so perfect and beautiful. I’m curious as to why a “meh” assembling of avengers is number 1? Avengers is soooo overrated. It’s an overall meh movie

    • I wouldn’t say it’s a “meh” movie but it is something that was great on first viewing and on second viewing….not so good.

      I guess for me, the novelty was seeing the payoff from years of build and then wondering where it’ll go next when the Thanos camoe came up. Once that novelty wore off, it was just a good movie and nothing more or less.

      Life Of Pi was fantastic though, better than Avengers in my opinion. Then again, ymfave movie of 2012 was Dredd and having just watched it in full on youtube, definitely reaffirmed why I loved it so much back when I saw it on September 11th.

      • @Dazz

        When you say that the movie was “not so good” are you basing it on you personally expecting more from it when in fact it is THE GREATEST SUPERTEAM FILM EVER! Unless you don’t prefer those types of films with fantastic action scenes combined with great characters teaming together, & let me remind you that it’s just the FIRST FILM in a trilogy, but still managed to make everything else(superhero team films) that came before it look completely inferior.

        • I love great movies with fantastic action and great characters teaming up, that’s why I loved The Expendables.

          In fact, comparing the two, I’d say Expendables was better than Avengers in my personal opinion because with Expendables, there was no lull in the story, most if not all stars involved got their moments (moreso than Avengers) and honestly, my second viewing of The Avengers back in October was more of a chore to finish than my second viewing of The Expendables.

          Not taking anything away from the movie, nor am I “Nolan butt kissing” like I’m sure some short-sighted people might claim (because apparently, not agreeing that Avengers is “OMG DA BESTEST EVA!!1!!” is equal to having your lips surgically attached to Nolan’s buttocks for some people) but….

          I dunno, it’s like Terminator: Salvation or Goodfellas where it’s fantastic the first time you see it and then after that, it’s cool but not that great and you only watch for specific scenes (with Goodfellas, it’s any scene with Joe Pesci, with The Avengers, for me it’s the “does thou mother know you weareth her drapes?” line that Stark says to Thor).

          I’d agree about it being the best superhero team movie so far because honestly, I thought the first lot of X-Men movies sucked and I didn’t think much of First Class after my second viewing of that either but I just hope that now the team’s been established, future Avengers movies can just get on with it and not feel so damn slow getting from one scene to the next.

          For the record, I saw The Dark Knight 3 times in total, first on release, then a month later then 5 months later on DVD and the third time felt like a chore too so….y’know, just before the usual crowd come in with “Nolan fanboy, lulz”

          • @Dazz

            To tell you the truth you may not be a “Nolan butt kisser”,but you sure as heck no nothing about what great comic book films are. Heck, you just took negative shots at everything you just mentioned. Advice to you from me…….STOP WATCHING COMIC BOOK FILMS BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU’RE NOT A FAN OF THE GENRE!

          • @Dazz
            Wait a minute.. you’re comparing Avengers to Expendables and Terminator Salvation to Goodfellas? I’m just gonna stop ya right there haha.

            • @Blarg
              Right you are lol
              But obviously Goodfellas is the best out of those you Dazz mentioned. And its not just my opinion, it’s 97% of critics on rotten tomatoes lol

              • @Ant-Madman

                So you would rather take the word of critics(perfect strangers)over your own judgement in picking a good movie? How small minded are you again?

                • @The Truth
                  I speak for myself. All I said was that out of all those films critically Goodfellas is higher nothing else. They shouldn’t even be compared because they are different genres. And dude plz get my name right its Ant-Mad. As far as I could tell I’m the only one that has said the truth between us. And plz don’t waste my time anymore. Go back to your mommy and tell her to show you some manners.

                  • @Ant-Mad

                    You tell him man! Don’t let fools like that rattle your cage. He’s just trying to get you engaged in a long boring back & forth verbal confrontation. Just ignore him & eventually he’ll go away. Be the bigger man than he is.

                    • @Broadway
                      Right you are man. Thanks for the support :)

                    • @Ant-Man/Madman who cares
                      @Name sounds as rediculous as New York itself

                      Yeah… a bigger man than me with a name like Ant-Madman. lol

                      I’m not trying to “rattle” anything with you two love birds. I write the truth about what I see & know everytime. Just because ya’ll can’t handle it don’t mean you have to get your panties all tied up into knots. Lighten up these are just OPINIONS I’m passing along. Jeeeez!

      • Something The Avengers did extremely well was show to them working as a team, using their brains just as much as physical force. Captain America proved himself a great team leader by employing battlefield strategy.

        On the other hand, Batman fights Bane twice. Each time I was asking what is Batman’s strategy? Even after Alfred warned him how dangerous Bane was, Batman just blindly followed Catwoman into the sewers for a fist fight? I could maybe let that go since he had been retired for so long, but what about the second time? Again, it’s just another fist fight. He did terribly the first time, what makes him think he would do much better with the exact same plan?

        I think they missed a huge opportunity to show Batman outwitting Bane with his intellect rather than his fists. That’s one thing the Nolan trilogy never really explored — Batman the genius.

        • @Michael

          “That’s one thing the Nolan trilogy never really explored”

          The “one” thing, not the only which is why “they” should have never let Nolan put his talentless hands on a masterpiece comic book franchise such as that!

          • “This is now a party!” – [done in High Pitch Mike Voice]

          • @The Truth

            You don’t have to like TDKR, the whole trilogy or even Nolan’s style of directing. But to say that he’s talentless… Come on man, Inception, Memento, Prestige, even Following and Doodlebug, the guy is pretty good at making intricate and smart psychological thrillers.

            • @ezra

              Oh yeah! I forgot all about those “masterpieces”?,but I believe you got their names wrong my friend to tell you the truth.

              Their proper titles are Bore,Yawn,& Snore. Followed by who cares & give me a break!

              The truth is Mr.NOLAN is only good at doing one thing & one thing only. Putting people to sleep with his lame attempt at telling what he considers to be a “good” story. Followed by a display of absolutely weak & unimaginative “action” sequences that he probably took his pants down for before taking a dump all over the script & using it as tissue paper.

              • @ The Truth

                Wow. You’re very passionately anti-Nolan. I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, but for the record, I strongly and respectfully disagree.

                • @ezra

                  That’s okay Mr.ezra, but for future reference…….to tell you the truth I having nothing personal against Mr.NOLAN. It’s just when someone UNWORTHY puts his filthy hands on the one “true” fictional character that is actually relatable to us all then I feel I must speak out against hacks like that before he destroys another one of our childhood heroes.

                  Oh No!! Look up in the sky…….It’s a bird…….It’s a plane……..No it’s NOLAN taking a crap all over the Man of Steel movie that he’s also involved with. What is a fanboy to do in this situation?

                  • @The Truth,

                    So you have nothing against Mr. Nolan, but you call him “unworthy”, a “hack”, and having “filthy hands”. You really sound like you have it out for this guy.

                    As a side note, who would you consider “worthy” to helm Batman?

                    Also, I’m personally very excited for Man of Steel. And Nolan isn’t even the director. Zack Snyder is. You do realize that.

                    • @ezra

                      Ahem! Ahem! If you so kindly would read below…….

                      MAN OF STEEL

                      Directed by Zack Snyder

                      Produced by Christopher Nolan

                      Story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer

                      Is there anything else that you feel the need to “school” me on?……..I thought not.

                    • @The Truth

                      True, Nolan is a producer and co-writer and definitely had creative involvement on the project. But it is Snyder’s movie. He is the director and he is the one who is running the show.

                      “It’s very much Zack’s film and I think people are going to love what he’s done.” -Nolan (

                      “I actually feel guilty talking about it because I’m sitting here having nothing to do to it. I try to be as supportive as I can.” -Nolan (

                      It seems (at least IMO) that Snyder is very much the one in control with this movie, and Nolan was brought in to help, but not to run the show.

                    • @The Truth

                      True, Nolan is a producer and co-writer and definitely had creative involvement on the project. But it is Snyder’s movie. He is the director and he is the one who is running the show.

                      “It’s very much Zack’s film and I think people are going to love what he’s done.” -Nolan

                      “I actually feel guilty talking about it because I’m sitting here having nothing to do to it. I try to be as supportive as I can.” -Nolan

                      It seems (at least IMO) that Snyder is very much the one in control with this movie, and Nolan was brought in to help, but not to run the show.

                    • @ezra

                      You keep thinking that my friend. If you’re going to assume that an ego maniac like that is just going to sit idly by, & not use his “power of authority” to see that this movie isn’t done the way HE feels it needs to be then you don’t know hollywood at all.

                      When you’re as successful as that talentless wanker just because you made Warner Bros. a fortune for creating a garbage trilogy………that pretty much gives you the power to do whatever it is you want. God help us all if that Superman movie doesn’t come out the right way. We might never get another one for a very long time.

    • WOW! What a surprise! Another Nolan/Dark Knight butt kisser! To tell you the truth you sould probably just state why you like something without bringing something else down. It would make your comments more intelligent, & relevant……just for future reference.

      • @Jessie

        That comment above is in response to what you said in case you didn’t realize before.

      • Yea, you really gotta sound very immature about it all. I personally enjoyed TDKR much more than Avengers. Avengers story was very bland/boring. No twists or suprises. Also the movie was just too comedic for me, I personally prefer darker/more serious and more engaging movies. Movies that make you think, not dumbed down movies like Avengers. I know it was made for children and I’m 22 so…yea. I enjoyed Avengers, don’t get me wrong. I just laughed too much to it, it’s more of a comedy for me.

        • @Jessie

          To tell you the truth the only reason why you “enjoyed” that piece of garbage is because you probably like watching pieces of trash which clearly that film was. Or maybe it’s your love for directors who don’t know what the hell it is they’re doing when it comes to “properly” adapting a comic book franchise to the big screen. WOW! You sure do have “high” standards when it comes to choosing what’s good or terrible in regards to superhero movies.

          • this is what I was talking about… take it from me; someone who’s done it before, It’s unnecessary.

    • yeah, I can’t believe I forgot about this, the ending, the “closing” of the trilogy, the cafe scene… the eulogy… that was a huge moment. but they couldn’t list 2 moments from the same movie, so I get why it went to the chilling “batman getting his @rse kicked” scene.

      also, I [due to my love for the batman] ealry on scorned the Avengers as “cartoonish” and TDKR was much more “real” and “serious”, but multiple views later, I’ve grown to appreciate them both for what they offer, and I have both Blu-rays as well.

      sometimes you don’t want to watch something “heavy”, it’s Sunday morning, and you just want to watch iron man fly around & blow things up… sometimes that’s enough…

      and other times you want to be inspired and watch Batman save JGL from a headshot & watch the police take on Bane’s henchmen…

      they’re both good movies, and each bring something different to the table.
      can’t believe I’m saying this months later, but my position has changed over time.

  19. Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis side-by-side for the first time. 25 years in the making and it didn’t make the list. I am disappoint.

    • @Mike

      To tell you the truth I’m guessing it wasn’t mentioned because it’s about the “Top 10 Movie Moments of 2012″ not the “Top 10 Movie Team-Ups of 2012″. Just letting you know that’s all.

      • Well, the fact it happened in 2010 in The Expendables during that one scene in the church means it wasn’t really a 2012 movie moment.

        • @Dazz

          I believe he was referring to all three of them fighting side by side which did take place in the Expendables 2(2012). Now aren’t you smart for not knowing that simple piece of information? Who’s a good boy…….You’re a good boy……yes you are. Now here’s your doggy

    • for me it was Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis and Norris fighting side by side and the final fight scene between Stallone and Van-Damme. The fight scene was epic

  20. The first fight scene between Bane and Batman is my favorite of the year. After that is the Scene they mentioned in Prometheus although I think there were other great scenes in that movie. The game of riddles in The Hobbit as well as the car chase in Jack Reacher were pretty dope scenes too.

  21. Bane breaking the Bat should of easily been first, Not the Avengers! and where was the plane scene from “Rises”?? that was epic…TDKR>>>>Avengers

    • I really agree with you. Even though they are a bit different TDKR was an amazing ending to Nolan’s idea of Batman and Gotham.

    • TDKR was a half an hour too long with muffled dialog from Bane. Easily the weakest of the Nolan Batman films. Both Batman Begins and TDK were stronger, more engaging films. Avengers is clearly a film that is meant to be watched and enjoyed multiple times, while TDKR is clearly meant to put people to sleep during the 2nd viewing.

      • @Andy S

        HAHA! That’s some funny stuff man. To tell you the truth I fell asleep the 1st time I watched it. The only thing that kept me awake was seeing Anne Hathaway in tight leather.

  22. Killer Joe – The “K-Fried-C” scene

    Skyfall – Battle on the Hong Kong skyrise

    Cronicle – Final battle

    21 Jump Street – The Car Chase

    Cabin in the Woods – All hell breaks loose

    Expendables 2 – John McClain, Rambo, and The Terminator in the same fight (with Chuck Norris, JCVD, and others)

    Its a good list, and i wouldnt change anything per se, just wanted to point out scenes that i thought should get honorable mentions

    • Also, about the Batman scene

      can everyone just acknowledge the fact that the first fight between Bane and Batman was pathetic. It was an obvious trip i saw coming miles away, and it didnt even look like Batman was trying. Rewatch the scene and his movement just looks ridiculous. I can accept the fact that people liked “The Dark Knight Rises” but i dont think anyone who says it was better than “The Avengers” knows what their talking about

      if any scene from “TDKR” should be on the list, it should be the part when i finally climbs out of that hole

      • Well don’t forget the dialogue of the scene that was great stuff. As for the fight when I first saw it and even after the second time I did think it looked weird looking. But in all the fight was still brutal especial without music.

        • @Kenzo

          Although I agree about the “brutality”……to tell you the truth it still wasn’t “BATMAN”, because Nolan, for every great story he’s ever told doesn’t know anything worth a dam about how to stage “proper” fight scenes in regards to the actual character. Last time I checked isn’t Bruce Wayne supposed to be “A MASTER OF THE MARTIAL ARTS”. Which clearly Christian Bale most certainly is not judging by those unimpressive fight scenes.

          • Well yea Christian isn’t a martial artist so I wouldn’t expect his choreography skills to be the s***** I also think Nolan could have used some better help with choreographed fight scenes but it was done the way it was. I thought it was dope,but hey everyone’s different.

      • I say TDKR is better than Avengers and I sure as hell know what I’m talking about. That’s because I’m mature enough to understand my own opinions and not agree with what everyone else is saying just because it seems like popular opinion.

        I saw that fight scene several hours ago on youtube and yeah, it was great because Batman clearly tried to fight Bane like he has with others in rpevious movies and got destroyed by someone much tougher and stronger than him.

        Try going toe to toe with someone superior to you in a fight and see if you look like you’re trying because I guarantee, you won’t be. Although judging by your comments towards the end of your post, you seem like one of those internet tough guys that throws insults about because an opinion differs to yours.

        • +1 Internets for Dazz!

  23. Excellent list, although that Skyfall scene should have been in top 10. Avengers is one of those films I wish I could see again for the first time. Have never geeked out in a cinema that much… EVER.

    • I hear ya, although I remember seeing Superman in the theater when I was a kid. The first time he flew wearing the tights was one of the best movie experiences of my young life!

  24. As a Middle Earth fan, I’d put the game of riddles between Bilbo and Gollum at # 1, just as all the Batman fans here have voiced their preference for scenes from The Dark Knight Rises. :)

  25. DKR should of got top honors over the Avengers. It was nice to see a hero actually lose to a villain for a change.

    • @chetc

      Did you also think it was nice to see a horrible story with even more horrible fight scenes too?

      • @The Truth
        You have to learn how to respect other peoples opinions. If you liked the avengers more that’s all good. But keep in mind that’s YOUR OPINION, we don’t and won’t agree with it if we don’t want too. Got it? Alright move along.

        • @Ant-Mad? Don’t you mean Man? Duh!

          To tell you the truth in my OPINION your OPINION means nothing in my OPINION so keep your OPINION to yourself. Just my opinion.

        • @TheTruth
          Respect other opinions and others will respect you. Personally I liked TDKR more because it was “deeper” but I agree that the Avengers fighting as one team should be number one…it was 5 years and 5 movies in the making. The Avengers, in my opinion, was a”fun” and a”popcorn” movie but not the best of the year. Neither was TDKR, it was still a little short of the TDK…nothing can top that movie and Ledger’s performance in my book.

          • @Lord Bloodraven

          • @Lord B.

            I agree about the Dark Knight’s position in superhero cinema. That bar was set so high by Ledger’s portrayal of “The Clown Prince” that almost anything after it didn’t stand a chance of being compared. Call me crazy(which you might)but my personal bright spot for it’s sequel was Selina Kyle. I thought her story was more engaging & interesting than everyone(including you know who)else. I would even……dare I say it……sit through an actual Catwoman film only if Nolan did it with Anne Hathaway.

          • +1

      • The film wasn’t perfect, but it was a “deeper” superhero flick as others have stated. And, as I get older, this criteria becomes more important to me when judging a film.

        The Avengers was definitely fun, and is THE best superhero team up movie ever, but nothing I could watch over and over again. It reminds me of my youth, when T2 was the big movie of the summer, making 200 million or so (which was a lot in those days). I watched the movie over and over again back then, but now, I find the film to be rather boring.

  26. Only saw the top 4 (and a few of the honorable mentions), but they were all fantastic scenes. I’m sure the others were great as well.

    Other scenes i loved were Bruce rising from the pit, the last 4 minutes of TDKR, Thor vs. Hulk fight scene, Cabin in the woods elevators scene, Silva’s first scene in Skyfall, and the vote in Lincoln.

  27. Honorable mentions, you forgot IMO.
    1. When Thanos is shown
    2. Cabin in the woods elevator scene

    • Honorable mentions you forgot IMO*

      Sorry, did not mean for the comma.

  28. After listening to tom hardy and christian bales interview about how they at time actually punched each other during the fight scenes i appreciated it more. Its not the raid but its better fight cheoreography than we have seen from previous bat films. Great list my favorite was the alien abortion it was gross.

    • @Trey

      “but its better fight cheoreography than we have seen from previous bat films.”

      Yes, but you’re comparing it to films that are…….OVER 20 YEARS OLD!
      Try putting it up against something recent & you’ll see how mediocre ALL those Batman vs. Bane fight scenes are.

      • Recent superhero movies? Cause i see a group of heroes swinging at cgi villians, or horid slow motion effects. But the last dkr fight scene when bane punches the pillar and batman dodges every punch is good cheorgraphy. His head litteraly bounces off the pillar cause the real punches. The first fight is poor but ile the dialouge.

      • Also i agree batmans motions look robotic and wierd, but its actually how the fight style looks watch the special features. If anything be upset about the choice of martial arts used. Cause keysi is indeed not exciting.

  29. I’m glad put Avengers above the totally boring, unremarkable and terribly made DKR.

    • I see what you did there.
      you’re deliberately trolling for a fight right?

      • No that would be “The Truth”.

        • I’m sorry did someone call me?