#6: Once Upon A Time In The West

I may get some hell for this, but Once Upon A Time In The West is my favorite Western by a long shot. In what could be considered the most beautifully shot film on this list, a Blu-ray transfer would be highly anticipated. Having said all that, the sound is a little on the Jekyll and Hyde side of things. While the Ennio Morricone score is epic and unforgettable, giving the character of Harmonica his mesmerizing quality, the character audio is constantly suspect. Some amazing one-liners are sprinkled throughout the film, but frequent misfires with the dubbing can cause some confusion.

If they really take their time with this upgrade, and even remaster the audio to time it up a little better (is that possible?), we could have one of the greatest Blu-ray transfers ever. But we should understand that is asking a lot, and just to see this on an HDTV via a Blu-ray disc would be a feat in itself. If you’ve ever seen The Searchers on Blu-ray you’ll know just how capable films as aged as these can look in the Hi-Def format.

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