#1: The Star Wars Saga

This should be obvious. The one glaring absence in every Blu-ray collection is the Star Wars saga. One of the most iconic”hero’s journey” stories put on film deserves this in every single way. And as much as people want to hate on Episodes 1-3, they are now an integral part of the Star Wars story and belong in a Blu-ray release just as much.

For such an advocate of technological advancements, George Lucas certainly is slow to giving his franchise the format treatment. Considering his affinity for making money off the franchise, it’s mind-boggling it has taken this long to get the saga going in high definition for the home theater. The numbers I mentioned at the beginning of this article should be hanging on his mantle – and for once in a long time, Lucas doing something for money would actually be something people want: A Blu-ray Star Wars saga. And hey, if you don’t mind, actually throw some legit behind-the-scenes pieces in this time.

That’s our ten right there. Hopefully dates begin to pop up here and there, but one to keep your eye on will always be that Star Wars saga. It seems like an inevitable event, but when will it actually happen? Also, somebody needs to just sit Steven Spielberg down and get him on the Blu-ray page, because he is on this list far too many times.

What do you think? Did we miss anything? What would you change? Leave your comments below and let us know.

Source: Blu-ray.com

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