The 10 Most Disappointing Movies of 2011

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most disappointing movies of 2011What really constitutes a "disappointment" is pretty subjective. To use a couple of examples: some people would say they were really let down by Captain America: The First Avenger or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, simply because the films weren't as fantastic as they had hoped. Others, though, would argue those titles are still rock-solid films and that certain moviegoers' expectations were so overblown that no motion picture could possibly meet them. But that's a whole other discussion...Today, we have a list of 10 films released in 2011 that simply failed to live up to the Screen Rant staff's collective expectations. Bear in mind, this isn't at all synonymous with a "worst of" list for 2011 - in fact, you may notice that a handful of the movies listed here actually received decent reviews from us.Read on to see if you agree with our selections and leave your own stories of disappointment at the movies in our comment section below.

10. Apollo 18

apollo 18 movie imageBack in January 2011, director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego's low-budget sci-fi/horror faux documentary, Apollo 18, managed to land a spot on our Most Anticipated Movies of 2011 list. That was due primarily to the film's ominous poster and the plot setup (ie. The Blair Witch Project on the moon meets a wicked sci-fi conspiracy thriller).Things started to look less enticing following the premiere of a spoiler-heavy first trailer and multiple release date delays, with rumors circulating that Apollo 18 was being heavy re-edited, as a means of salvaging the (dismal) final product. Not so surprisingly, the actual movie turned out to be one of the worst of the year.The moral of the story? A memorable poster and logline does not a great movie make (see: the next entry on our list, for further proof).

9. The Hangover Part II

bradley cooper hangover 2 sequelWhile director Todd Phillips' followup to The Hangover may have boasted one of the best posters of 2011, the comedy sequel otherwise proved to be a real dud. It still managed to make a bundle in theaters and left many people satisfied, but the moviegoing masses as a whole  (us included) were decidedly less enthused about the Wolfpack's second round of drunken tomfoolery.We didn't head into  The Hangover Part II expecting something all that innovative; even the film's trailers made it clear, the sequel's plot was virtually identical to the original. Where the movie was lacking was in the department(s) that really mattered - that is, humor and heart. Many of the lewd gags, outrageous jokes, actor cameos, or even character beats in the second Hangover flick just fell flat or felt irritatingly tired. Lightning rarely strikes the same place twice - somebody probably should've let Phillips and Co. in on that "secret" in advance.

8. Immortals

luke evans zeus immortals movieWhen the first trailer for Immortals was unveiled, most everyone had the same thought - "It looks like '300'" - but since a lot of people actually enjoyed 300, that didn't seem like such a bad thing. With director Tarsem Singh (The Cell) calling the shots, Immortals was guaranteed to at least boast some pretty spectacular visuals.The film definitely triumphs in the area of eye candy - the problem is, it falls flat most everywhere else. That can partially be chalked up to a weak screenplay, but Singh shares some blame as well; Immortals only sporadically delivers impressive fight choreography and set pieces.Who would've thought a movie that includes a vicious "minotaur" with a barbed-wire head, Mickey Rourke as a merciless ancient barbarian, and a literal battle between Gods and Titans could be so... well, boring?

7. In Time

in time movie justin timberlake amanda seyfriedThose who are well-versed in the cinema of Andrew Niccol (writer of Gattaca, The Truman Show, and S1m0ne) were really excited to hear that he was working on a new original, thought-provoking project, which ultimately ended up being titled In Time. Early footage might not have looked spectacular, but there were still hopes that Niccol would deliver yet another provocative helping of philosophical sci-fi cinema.Sadly, that didn't prove to be the case. In Time features a great premise and touches on some timely social issues, but not in a competent or interesting manner. Justin Timberlake didn't exactly get high marks as the film's protagonist, and even generally reliable thespians such as Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, and Vincent Kartheiser failed to leave a strong impression.Niccol has translated his cool ideas into great moviemaking before, but In Time was something he should've let cook a bit longer before serving.

6. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

katie holmes dont be afraid darkDirector Troy Nixey's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark remake managed to leave an impression with its (creepy) teaser trailer. The news that Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) had co-written and produced the film only lent further credence to the idea that this could be a great addition to the haunted house/monster horror genre.Nixey and del Toro ultimately failed to do anything interesting with Don't Be Afraid of the Dark; the remake also suffers from some shoddy filmmaking and poor acting. When a movie is marketed as being "presented by Guillermo del Toro," we've come to expect something memorable like The Orphanage or Splice - not a throwaway supernatural horror flick like this one.

5. Battle Los Angeles

aaron eckhart battle los angelesBattle Los Angeles was marketed as  a realistic and unpolished war flick in the vein of Black Hawk Down, featuring U.S. soldiers battling literal alien invaders. While director Jonathan Liebesman went overboard with "shaky cam" and frantic editing, the main culprit responsible for the movie being just so-so was Christopher Bertolini's screenplay. Even some pretty solid acting wasn't enough to overcome predictable plot twists, clunky character beats, and a less-than-captivating storyline.BLA was one of two releases in 2011 that aimed to effectively mash up sci-fi with another genre, but was only somewhat successful with the blend. The other film in question (as shall be discussed next) didn't turn out so well either...

4. Cowboys & Aliens

daniel craig cowboys aliensA popular fake movie poster that re-named Cowboys & Aliens as "Geek Nirvana" was right on the money. This project featured creative input from people like Iron Man director Jon Favreau, producers Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, along with Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Lost writer/co-showrunner Damon Lindelof, and Iron Man scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Not to mention, it pitted James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) against aliens, in an Old West backdrop.Having so many cooks in the kitchen ultimately didn't help this sci-fi-meets-western romp. Cowboys & Aliens is a standard and serviceable popcorn flick, but given the talent involved, we expected something more. For all the premature skepticism that surrounded the film because of its campy title, it's kind of ironic that combining a gritty western with sci-fi archetypes was the one thing this movie didn't have much trouble doing.

3. J. Edgar

leonardo dicaprio j edgar movieClint Eastwood's latest filmmaking effort is another case where the final product turned out...decent. Still, this had the potential to be far more than a run-of-the-mill biographical drama - one which fumbles some fascinating subject matter, a tedious approach to storytelling, and even some questionable technical qualities (ex. the "old person" makeup effects).J. Edgar isn't all disappointment, of course. It does feature some very good supporting turns from people like Armie Hammer and Judi Dench; not to mention, some of the best period-accurate production design (costumes, props, etc.) you're likely to see onscreen outside of acclaimed period TV dramas like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.All the same, Eastwood's Hoover biopic (as a whole) is kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio's performance as the title character: satisfactory, but disappointingly far from the crowning achievement it had the potential to be.

2. Sucker Punch

zack snyder sucker punch movieZack Snyder's ambitious attempt to blend his trademark hyper-realistic visuals and rockin' soundtracks with an original storyline that pays homage to Alice in Wonderland (and borrows a few tricks from Inception) certainly looked and sounded like a shiny, female-centric action blockbuster... in early trailers and clips, that is.Sadly, Sucker Punch ultimately proved unable to coherently address its own existential themes or create interesting (or even discernible) characters; the film's action sequences and set pieces weren't all that thrilling, either. Snyder, by his own admittance, attempted to structure the movie as a meta-commentary on the often-sexualized nature of geek culture; his inability to pull that off resulted in Sucker Punch feeling more like an (inadvertently) exploitative two-hour long music video that isn't nearly as brainy as it fancies itself to be.And the MOST disappointing movie of 2011 is...

1. Green Lantern

ryan reynolds green lantern movieThis particular DC comic book flick has stirred up more debate than any other 2011 blockbuster. Pre-release buzz varied from hostile (see: early reactions to the incomplete CGI Lantern costume) to ecstatic (see: responses to the WonderCon footage). When the actual movie was released, the majority of moviegoers were undeniably disappointed - and yet, a passionate minority continues to insist that Green Lantern got an unfair bum rap from critics. (Go figure.)As far as we here at Screen Rant are concerned, Green Lantern was the biggest letdown of 2011 - not only because of how it fumbled the supehero's mythology, but also because it had weak dialogue, a lackluster plot, curious lapses in character motivation, and expensive digital effects that distracted from (rather than enhancing) the film's messy thematic arc.At the end of the day, this is one comic book property that we'd support getting a fresh start - be it via a "rebooting sequel" (see: G.I. Joe 2) or a standard do-over (see: The Incredible Hulk).

Top 10 disappointing Movies 2011So, there you have it - our picks for the biggest letdowns at the movie theater in 2011.Did you agree with our list? Is there anything you would've added? Anything on there that doesn't belong, in your opinion?  Let us know in the comments below.With sci-fi films like Ridley Scott's Alien tie-in, Prometheus, and super hero blockbusters like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises all due out in 2012, hopefully next year's list of disappointments will be much shorter than this year's.After all, if 2012 is truly the end of the world, we'd prefer to go out on a high note, wouldn't you? 
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  1. LOL I knew it was gonna be green lantern! it deserves it too that movie sucked out loud….i agree with every movie except immortals…i thought that was decent…early front runners for 2012? my vote is the amazing spiderman or john carter.

    • Yeah so did I. Considering the lengths some at SR went to to express their sheer disappointment, it was pretty much a no-brainer. Keep in mind though that biggest disappointment doesn’t necessarily mean worst movies, just that they did not live up to the hype.

      • mongoose,

        Close. It means they didn’t live up to our expectations (and hopes). This is a list of film we were looking FORWARD to watching, then let us down. You are correct in that it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all bad – some were OK, but we’d hoped for “great.”


    • Early front runners for 2012?

      John Carter: yes. Spider-Man: F*** NO!

      My front runners for bad movie 2012:

      The Dark Knight Rises
      Underworld IV
      American Pie 4

      I´m really looking forward to:

      The Avengers
      Total Recall (I know, I know…)

      • I really don’t think the dark knight rises will be bad…. but it won’t live up to its hype because the expectations are for it to beat the dark knight

      • lol…The Dark Knight Rises? Your disdain for the movie, franchise, interpretation, DC, or whatever is evident and quite extreme.

        If you don’t mind my inquery, what initiated this bitter feeling toward the current Batman movie franchise? Lack of backflips from Batman, Nolan fans, not “comicy” enough…just curious.

        Personally I prefer the Batman movie franchise. Bias, yes, because I have always been a Batman fan and I do believe the current movie and video game franchises do the character justice. Sorry for the vent and questions.

        • *inquiry
          (sorry about that)

        • I’m just taking a wild guess, but probably b/c people are constantly talking about the Batman films as if they’re cinematic gold. And they seem to say the same thing about TDKR when we know pretty much nothing. Anyway, just my guess.

          • Good guess. That summed it up pretty acurate.

          • It’s sad that people let other peoples reaction to a movie effect their feelings toward it. How other people talk about a film should have nothing to do with how you feel about it. That shouldn’t be a reason at all. Just because a lot of people think it’s good you expect it to be bad?

            • Come on, Dan. You know my opinion about this…

              • I know your opinion I just don’t think you should let other people effect your thoughts on something. The movie should be liked or disliked on it’s own merits as a film regardless of it’s popularity or overrated-ness. If it’s good but not as good as everyone says than it’s still good it shouldn’t suddenly be crap. If it’s good but everyone’s praises it’s director as god than it’s still good not suddenly crap. Basically having this mentality is the same as being the guy who hates everything that is popular simply because it’s popular and the Scapegoat I know is not a Hipster like that.

      • LOL

      • I was gonna agrue your selection of TDKR but others have made my point for me…back to spiderman..IMO andrew garfield looks like a complete punk (Thats the nice way of putting it i dont want to offend anyone) in the posters and trailer…just a horrible pick. He reminds me of the male lead from she’s out of his league. Also the lizard as the villian??? lame.

        • Your response goes to show you never read the original comics and you liked the Sam Rami hack version.

          • Your right ive never read a comic book in my life and i liked the FIRST spiderman very much. However i have seen alot of movies and usually can tell if a movie will suck….spiderman looks like the weak link of the spring-summer blockbusters, even if it is true to the comics IMO.

            • The people you normally see blasting movies based on comics are coming at it from the angle of the comic stories, character, artwork, etc. We as comic aficionados are wanting to see the heroes we grew up with protrayed as they were in the comic in the situations and settings that made them successful. Hollywood thinks it is so much smarter and more talented than the comic writers and artist that made the original renditions a success. So they change things in the movies which alters the look and feel of the source material and in effect ruins what made the original concept so appealing.

              • @”So they change things in the movies which alters the look and feel of the source material and in effect ruins what made the original concept so appealing.”

                And how is that different from what the comics have done? There has always been alternate storylines in every comic book that changed the character. Example: There was a Batman story where Bruce Wayne was the one murdered when he was a child. Thus, Thomas Wayne became Batman, and Martha went insane and became The Joker.

                You can just look at the movies as just another interpretation of the comics.

                • If you want to know where my example came from, it was from Flashpoint.

                • Example 2: Nolan’s Joker. Great character, but he sucks when you compare him to the source material.

                  • Ghost…

                    Actually, Ledger’s portrayal was very much in line both with what the ORIGINAL Joker was as well as the newest comic book incarnations.

                    Your Example 2, thus, is patently false…or, at least, your characterization of it.

                    • The Joker was originally a freakishly scary killer clown. he has since been portrayed as a campy joker, anarchist, sadist, child or a combination of all. No, the only real way to scale a “Joker” is with his relationship to the Batman he is going against. Keatons fought a great Joker. Bale fought a great Joker.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      Nicolson’s portrayal was Pretty much true to character over the years in comics. Nicolson himself was recommanded by Bob Kane for the role. Like the Burton/Schumacher films,Nicolson’s portrayal of the character to date may seem outta date & campy to some. But i wouldn’t be surprised when Nolan’s Batman films get the same reaction years from now.

                    • Touche, but point still stands.

                    • WallyWest…

                      I neither said nor implied anything about the ’89 Joker. I was responding to Ghost’s comment about the Ledger Joker. I loved both the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan Batman films, so I refuse to REstart a competition between the two. I simply pointed out that the newer Joker, in fact, was a very accurate portrayal according to the established Batman mythos.


                      True, your original point does stand, and firmly, but the Ledger Joker support point does not.

                    • actually, it does. you see, your complaint was that hollywood doesn’t stay true to a character’s origins, and nolan changed the joker’s. the comic book version of the joker didn’t wear war paint, his skin was bleached from falling into chemicals (see 89 batman). he also never mutalated a “smile” into his face, but he had a perminant smile from falling into the chemicals (again, see 89 batman. so yeah, nolan’s joker strays from the comics.

                      i would actually say that nolan’s joker isn’t as violent or as insane as the comic book version either. but neither was burton’s. once agian, it nolan’s take on batman strays from the comics despite how much fans want to say he “stays true”.

                    • Ghost…

                      I’m not the complainer; Aleric is.

                      As for your other point, you are concentrating on the physical aspects of the Joker; I am focusing on his psychological aspects. True, the acid bath, green hair, chalk-white skin, and rictus grin are beloved components of Joker’s origin, but recall that his true origin has NEVER been definitively provided. Ledger’s Joker maintains that mystery while allowing for a less science-fictional reason for his bizarre appearance. For all we as the audience know, he could have actually fallen into a vat of chemicals without any permanent (at least, visible) physical deformities…I doubt it, but it IS possible.

                      To that end, I guess we’ll simply have to (if you’ll pardon the cliche’) agree to disagree, at least on specific character points.

                      To THAT end, by the way, I would say that both the Nicholson and Ledger versions played out as AT LEAST as deranged as many comics versions, MORE than a few versions (and, yes, less than a couple of versions). There have been many versions in many different eras, so this variety is to be expected.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      I know. I was just makin a statement. I didn’t intend to have it made personal. Sorry.

                    • WallyWest…

                      I didn’t take anything personally; I was merely clarifying what I had said and meant, so there would be no confusion in our discussion. As I said, I loved Nicholson’s Joker, so there was nothing personal to be taken :)

                      Happy New Year…

                    • @ Archaeon

                      Good. I loved both actor’s performances in their own ways. Happy New Year’s to you too.

      • I just went full retard? Because I´m not looking forward to a movie? Why don´t you go f*** yourself?

        • I get you on the current Batman franchise. I really dug The Dark Knight, but now I can’t even think about the movie or its upcoming sequel without associating it with its annoying “Nolan is God” fanbase.

      • Scape our lists are pretty different.

        I expect Spiderman will be horrible because it looks horrible. Superman will probably the number one big let down it’s gonna be just plain awful.

        John carter for mars looks decent but will probably be like Clash of the Titans entertaining but not as good as the trailer made it seem. Same goes for the sequel to Clash entertaining but the trailer will probably of been better.

        I expect Underworld will be entertaining as well and a let down for some but not for me. I don’t expect much from the franchise it’s never been all that good just mediocre when it’s at it’s best. Same goes for American Pie. It will make me laugh but leave me cold as well.

        I have faith that both TDKR and Avengers will be good. I don’t let other people opinions effect mine so no matter how crazy some people get with their love at the end of the day the films both look good to me. My opinion is all that matters when it comes to how I feel about something. IMO Nolan isn’t god, but he is damn good. He’s only made one film I didn’t like and it was long before I was a fan that was Insomnia. Every other film has been great and his Batman series is far superior to any comic film I’ve seen yet. TDK isn’t the greatest movie ever made, but IMO it’s the easily the best comic book one.

        Joss Wheadon has a damn good track record as far as I’m concerned. The only real mistep was that awful series Doll House. With shows like Firefly, Angel and Buffy though that one mistake was allowed. Not to mention Serenity was an awesome film that was truly impressive for its less than stellar budget it looked like a big film. The thing that worries me most about Avengers is Cabin In the Woods. It’s a Joss film I’ve wanted to see for some time but the trailer is finally out and really was a let down. it looks so very clitche and not at all inventive or unique. It looks like a horrible film I’ve seen 10 times already.

        I’m unsure about Total Recall and Prometheus. I love Ridley Scott he’s one of my top directors, but never been a fan of the Alien franchise. The trailer looks decent but I’m worried I won’t like it. Total Recall was a film I never liked then again Arnold is an actor that makes me hate films he’s so terrible at acting that it ruins everything he’s in for me. Colin Ferrell is a great actor who has a history of making bad choice, but lately has been doing very well but has mostly been sticking to independent type films. I plan to give it a chance and hope that with better actors I see that the original had a good idea I just could never get beyond Arnold.

        • Dan,

          1. I don´t think Spider-Man looks horrible.

          2. John Carter. Everything I´ve so far from that movie doesn´t look like the things I´ve imagined since I´ve read Burroughs´ books.

          3. I´ve never said TDKR will be bad. I only said that it´s not a proper adaption of Batman. Sure, there´s a dude in a black rubber suit who fights crime. But BATMAN is supposed to be a detective who happend to wear a black rubber suit who fights SUPER CRIME.

          4. I´ve been a Whedon fan since Buffy. Angel didn´t hold my interest, Firefly was effing AWESOME and I liked how recreated the X-Men after Grant Morrison effed them up.

          5. I really hope that Prometheus lives up to my expectations. I just watched the first three Alien films last week, so I really hope that Prometheus ties in to Alien, just like Alien tied into Aliens and Aliens tied into Alien 3…

          6. I always like Total Recall. It´s a guilty pleasure of mine. So…

          • *2. Everything I´ve SEEN so far… Damn!

            What about an edit button, Vic?

            • Thats like sayin the graphic novel Batman: Year One is not a proper adaptation of Batman. There is the fantasical Batman with colorful villians and Batman who breaks the rules police can only bend to serve the greater purpose in taking down organized crime while also dealing with the crazed criminals aka “freaks”. Both are Batman. You seem to prefer the former but to say Nolan’s isnt Batman at heart is inccorect. sir.

          • Scape I have to disagree I think the new batman films are very much Batman. I’m a huge Batman fan and have been such childhood if it wasn’t a good adaptation I’d be running at Nolan with Pitchforks. The characters are all nearly perfect. They are spot on almost to how they were in the comics. Most of the changes made are simply in appearence where as the personalities have been nailed more accurately than any other comic adaptation I’ve seen from DC or Marvel. Marvel films are far less accurate adaptions than these films have been especially when it comes to character.

            Batman in his own comics outside of JLA has never been fighting the big global disasters from the alien threats. He essentially fights guys who try to blow things up or make everyone in gotham insane with toxic fumes. You know the first two movies in this franchise ? He’s fighting exactly what he fights in the comics against rogues from the comics. I don’t see the problem here. It managed to take an adaption of a comic stay very faithful but also take away some of the chessy aspects that wouldn’t work at film and be for a mature audience. Bruce Wayne acts like Bruce Wayne and Gordon is actually a character in these films unlike the Burton ones and an very well adapted one at that. Alfred is his father figure that actually helps in a meaningful way with incredible insight unlike the Burton films as well.

            When it comes to films based on Marvel and DC super heroes IMO new Batman films are the most faithful adaption to date.

        • @ Daniel F

          Im just curious about your thoughts on Man Of Steel that it will be be plain awful? I know im not too thrilled about goin to seeing it.

    • What are you basing John Carter failing on?? I know why you think Spiderman but Disney hasnt been hyping the hell out of JC.

      • i dont know anything about john carter i never read the books, and to tell you the truth if it wasnt for the posters on this website i wouldn’t even know it was based on a book. It just looks strange, the plot seems ridiculous, and disney has a track record of poor live action blockbusters and this is comming from someone who LOVED tron legacy. I mean i’m 24 so maybe john carter is aimed at a younger audience but when me and my buddies go to the movies everyone makes fun of the john carter previews

        • Understand, but John Carter was written by the Man who created Tarzan. This set of stories were intially serialized in pulp magazines in 1912 and written for adults of the time. This series started what has commonly been called the modern fantasy. He laid the way for Conan and the Lord of the Ring trilogy. If you would like to learn more this site is a good reference point.

          • Im not much for fantast novels but ill check it out. thanks

  2. Battle: LA, Sucker Punch, Thor, and Horrible Bosses.

    • Were all the best movies this year. LOL

  3. I think Sucker Punch should be #1. It was such a let down. I think people already made up their minds whether Green Lantern would suck, but everyone before going into Sucker Punch thought it’d be pretty cool. At least that is my theory.

    • Not me! Just watching SP trailer; it look really bad ! And for GL, I was mildly excited to go see it and was disappointed at the end.

    • I agree. Sucker Punch should be #1. The trailer still fools me into thinking it could be a kick @ss movie…but my mind knows that I could never watch it again without checking myself into a mental ward. The Green Lantern was very disappointing, but it didn’t compare with my disappointment of Sucker Punch.

    • Totally. And to think how much cooler it would have been if Schneider had fully committed to the “fantasy” aspect for the whole movie rather than build it in as some girl’s drugged-up pre-lobotomy Muppet Babies adventure.

      • “drugged-up pre-lobotomy Muppet Babies adventure.”
        that was funny stuff there!

    • Tyler actually more people made up their minds about Sucker Punch before it was released than Green Lantern. Zack Snyders name alone pushed a lot of people away the Trailer pushed more away and then every news story that came out about the film two months before it’s release was people saying it was awful. People walked out of the free test screening it was so bad. There were not a lot of people expecting much from it once it got to the finale window before release.

  4. Green Lantern was def the biggest let down of the year as far as movies go…it wasn’t just bad, it was AWFUL.

  5. Disagree with Green Lantern, Battle LA, Cowboys and Aliens. Haven’t seen some of those but Sucker Punch was THE most disappointing movie of the year.

  6. I disagree with some of these, I liked J. Edgar but I can let that one slide but as far as sci-fi popcorn flicks go Cowboys&Aliens and battle: L.A were both quite good. also wholeheartedly agree with Sucker Punck, huge let down.

  7. It’s funny how except for two movies that the movies on this list i never planned on seeing or had any expectations for them at all.

  8. Hangover 2; same jokes, Chow was funny in the first one because he had 5 minutes of screen time (the 20 minutes in 2 was annoying), Tyson wasn’t needed and sex with a lady boy isn’t funny to me. Phillips should try harder next time instead of cashing in on the easy pay day.

    • I disagree. I think Chow’s bigger part in 2 added to the final product. Without him it would have been tera-bad.

      • I also enjoyed Chow’s expanded role in the sequel, I thought it provided an interesting depth by bringing him back.

  9. Gotta agree with green lantern and sucker punch

  10. I cant completely agree with Green Lantern, i liked it, BUT it could have been better. And i think it was a cool popcorn flick, but could use a sequel not a do over to help it along. Battle LA Wasnt bad at all, i liked that one more than most on this list. I think sucker punch was accurate in title at least. Visually it was great, but then you get the sucker punch with the rest of it. Cowboys and aliens was okay, but not as good as the hype i think!

  11. Did I miss an entry? Where Was Conan the Crappy?!

    • I know a lot of longtime Conan the Barbarian fans were excited to see that one, but it seems like most everyone else (including the SR crew, as a whole) didn’t exactly have high expectations.

      • Yeah ok, I will bow to that consensus and have to admit I was also skeptical… was just SO BAD though! ><

        • Yeah, that so-called movie would have made my list as well. But this is SR’s list, so I will bow to the mighty Vic. :-)

  12. I’m going to jump on the Green Lantern being bad bandwagon.
    Over the past decade the bar has been raised on what a “superhero” film can be and what audiences expected and The Green Lantern failed to meet those expectations in every way.
    Cowboys and Aliens and Sucker Punch were both extremely disappointing. And even though I just saw it a little over a month ago I completely forgot about J. Edgar. I guess that says what I thought about the film. For a while Eastwood was on a streek that was pretty amazing but with J. Edgar, Grand Torino, and Hereafter he’s come back down to Earth and it’s pretty sad IMO…

    • Gran TOrino was a FANTASTIC movie.

  13. I don’t understand all the hate for Sucker Punch. Who thought it would be a good movie? To me is exactly what it is, a crappy movie with a bunch of hot chicks doing a bunch of fighting. The attempt at an actual plot was the movies only downfall.

    I think Immortals was actually a decent movie. Just because it looks like 300 doesn’t mean its going to BE the same movie. It was a slow movie up until the end where the action ramped up considerable.

    Battle Los Angeles was another movie where I wonder what gave people the impression it would be good. I liked it in that there was a ton of action. The shaky camera work was annoying as hell like the article said.

    Otherwise, I either haven’t seen the other movies or I agree with their placement. Ryan Reynolds = Bomb for any movie.

    • Ryan Reynolds was not the whole cast of this movie..Get over it!!

      • He’s the main character….He’s supposed to, you know, carry the movie….

    • Have you seen The Change Up. Reynolds is awesome in that movie aka not a bomb.

      • The Change Up was a horrible film. I actually typically like Ryan but it was a bad year for him. As much as I hated Green Lantern it was better than Change up. Which is funny because I like Jason Batemen as well. Based on Trailers I had higher expectations for Change up than I ever did for GL. It was noting but poop humor and a horribly predictable plot. I laughed three times.

        • I think you laughed more than I did.

      • Change Up wasn’t even a blip on the radar.

        • And that is a good point. NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE THE SAME THINGS!!!! I find it very lame to say an actor is a bomb no matter what he plays in. I LOVED the Change Up and found it to be the best comedy this year for many reasons. But the point is I liked it a lot and dont care whether anyone else did or not. That same thing can be said about every ranter on this site. I guess I am saying we all need to give a little and realize we are not all the same and a movie isnt bad (or a bomb) just because one of you say so. Thank God we are different and that we have many film makers and actors/actresses that give us their individual talents. For my money Change UP was well worth it.

          • I thought Horrible Bosses was better, but the Change-Up is right behind it. Not sure why no one thought it was funny….I was laughing!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I totally disagree with you including “Sucker Punch” in this list! What other movie has ass-kicking heroic hot girls involved in 300-like crazy environment with a decent could-be-worst plot? You got it backwards here, SR people!

    • No they didn’t. Sucker Punched, well, sucked.

      • @ Kahless

        Glad i didn’t see it by all the talks about it. That & Cowboys & Aliens which im lost for words about.

  15. The whole 2011 has been the most disappointing year for movies.

    • totally agree what a bunch of garbage…i was thinking about it and im having a hard time putting a top ten list together

      • Good to see at least a couple agree on that.

        2011 is one of the worst years for Hollywood movies in recent years, and should be under consideration for one of the worst overall in terms of quality. There were so few movies that seemed worthy of watching.

        And to think, executives at studios are paid millions and millions to know their industry, and yet just look at all the lazy garbage being vomited up every week.

        • Maybe I’m easy to please but I felt that there were plenty of great movies in 2011:

          Lincoln Lawyer
          Source Code
          Midnight in Paris
          X-Men First Class
          Super 8
          Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2
          Captain America
          Crazy Stupid Love
          Rise of the Planet of the Apes
          The Help
          Margin Call
          Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
          Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

          And then there are several movies that interested me and looked good but I haven’t had a chance to see yet. I include some of these because they were considered quality by a large number of people:

          The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
          Tin Tin
          Tree of Life
          Ides of March
          Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

          So I guess I don’t understand why 2011 is worse than any other year, because I feel we got a lot of great movies. I love a bunch of those movies and feel like a few of them could even be future favorites. That’s just me though, I guess.

    • I disagree. HP7 part 2 was pretty good, fantastic according to some. I personally thought that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was fantastic. Drive was good. I didn’t see Fast Five, but I heard it was a pretty good. Brides Maids was good, Warrior was good, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was bloody fantastic, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was solid, X-Men First Class was a nice return to form for the X-Men series, while I did enjoy Captain America and Thor as well. Me thinks this year wasn’t all that bad, considering. Oh, and The Muppets movie, that was fun.

  16. Can’t really argue with the list, just the order. I really think Sucker Punch should be numero uno. While Green Lantern was a bad movie, I at least semi-enjoyed it (still belongs on the list).
    The first 2/3 of Cowboys & Aliens was pretty good, then they threw Olivia Wilde into the fire and it all went to sh*t.
    Did Super 8 not come out in 2011? Or is everyone afraid to admit it was a letdown?

    • I thought Super 8 looked like garbage from the start.

    • I think people were expecting a 10 from that movie and all we got was a 7or8

      yeah its a let down but not as bad as Green Lantern was

      • I disagree with both of those assumptions. I thought “Super 8″ was 9.5 or 10, and I found “Green Lantern” to be a very satisfying, enjoyable film. Many agree with me on the former, and IMO more should have agreed with me on the latter.

  17. I agree with all except battle la and in time. i enjoyed both of those. Immortals really really let me down.

  18. I dont think 2011 was really a bad year for movies. Yes Sucker Punch was a bad flick from the start but as far a disappointment goes I really was expecting alot more form Green Lantern. Was it the worst movie of the year? No way. But we were all expecting a better made film. So the #1 ranking is correct. Gotta disagree with J Edger and Battle LA. I enjoyed both more then I thought I would.

  19. Thor should be number 1, Green Lantern at 2, and Captain America should be tossed in there some where.

    • sorry, Marvel went 3/3 this year, all pretty good movies

      • Don’t you mean Disney?

        • No, those were Marvel movies. They were distributed by Paramount. When Pixar puts out a movie, do you refer to them as Disney movies?

          • ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄

          • As I wrote, I was just kidding.

      • Sorry, no they did not. One was, at best, entertaining, not actually good (“Thor”). One was only HALF-good…literally (CA:TFA). The third was actually good but was not released by Marvel/Disney (XM:FC).

  20. “Sucker Punch ultimately proved unable to coherently address its own existensial themes”

    I think that’s the only thing the movie got right. I really have a hard time figuring out what was incoherent about it. But, to each their own.

    • “I really have a hard time figuring out what was incoherent about it.”

      Same here.

  21. Surprised “Cars 2″ didnt make the list.

    i personally loved it, but i know alot of people were expecting more out of Pixar.

    as for the coming year, I really think “Prometheus” and “The Great Gatsby” will let alot of people down. Everything else i either expect to be bad or still expect to be good (still undecided on Spiderman)

    • We didn’t have high expectations for Cars 2, so it didn’t make the list.


      • That makes sense. I was actually pleasantly surprised by Cars 2. I didn’t like the first one, and was upset that Pixar was making a second. Then the film came out, with all of its beautiful landscapes set all across Europe and I was won over. It wasn’t just the visuals though. The spy stuff was actually really intense; cars were murdered brutally. All in all, I thought it got an undue bad rap.

  22. most of these movies have good parts, disappointing movies should me movies that screwed the audiance over.
    like The Thing (2011) doing NOTHING the people making it promised

  23. One of the biggest points to note are the abundance of terrible sci-fi movies in general in 2011… Why do hollywood consistently undeliver in the sci-fi department when the potential for so many of these concepts really inspire! Let’s hope 2012 delivers and that Ridley can pull Prometheus out of the bag…

  24. If it makes money there will be a sequel (The Hangover Part II et al). Regardless of quality, script, director or decent A list cast. This is the major problem with Hollyweird.

  25. First of all, Jered Lacks, Green Lantern deserves number 1 but Thor?

    Thor and Captain America are the best comic book movies of the year along with X-Men: First Class.

    Super 8 should be number 2, it was predictable and crap.

    Battle LA was misleading, I was amazed by the trailer but when I watched the movie then it was action and action and no story.

    To be honset, 2011 was a bad year for movies, I think it was in the middle.

    2012 has great movies coming so let’s hope it would be a great year for movies.

    • I agree I didn’t like super 8 at all… besides some good acting that’s all it had going for it. Just an opinion tho

    • “Green Lantern” does not deserve #1; “Super 8″ does not deserve #2. I would put “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” well before either of those two on ANY list of disappointments, along “Thor” and several others.

  26. I gotta disagree on “Cowboys & Aliens.” It gave me EXACTLY what I wanted from it, and I was thrilled with it.

    While I’m not passionate about it, I DO think that “Green Lantern” took an unfair pasting. Certainly, it wasn’t in the “Iron Man”/First Two “Spider-Man” movies league, it was an enjoyable, solid superhero movie, and felt very much in the spirit of the Silver Age “Green Lantern” comics. Again, it gave me what I wanted.

    • Amen on C&A.

  27. Seriously?
    How did Transformers 3 not makes this list?!! Utter garbage
    Cowboys and Aliens was surprisingly good.
    Super 8 was fun.
    Green Lantern’s mistake was casting that moron as Hal Jordan, and then over saturating the market with pre-movie release content.

    • Transformers: Dark of the Moon pretty much met the SR crew’s expectations (both good and bad) so it doesn’t qualify as a disappointment, by those standards.

  28. I agree with this list with the exception of Green Lantern. I still scratch my head at what people actually wanted out of this movie.

    • Perhaps a good, solid movie rather than a misguided, overstuffed turkey. They should have saved much of the story for a sequel.

  29. I still find it amusing that “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” was one of the movies that Hollywood decided was best to release around Halloween, while they dumped “Fright Night” in the dregs of summer, dropping it in theaters when people were tired of summer movies and focusing more on going back to school, or getting their kids ready.

    While “Fright Night” most likely wouldn’t have made huge bucks, it would have made more than the $18 million domestic gross it took in. Just imagine if the studio had released it in early October. The movie got good reviews and it’s a fun, entertaining flick.

    As I imagine most of you know, I’m hard to please, but I thoroughly enjoyed this remake.

    But I know how Hollywood works… they’re more concerned with Big Names, pedigrees and such. That’s not working out all too well nowadays. For all the Big Names behind “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,” it looked and sounded weak.

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