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BuzzFeed tells us How To Throw A Gorgeous And Geeky Game Of Thrones Wedding.

Tony Stark’s Best One-Liners: The Iron Man Supercut

See Nic Cage As Every Character In Iron Man 3

See Nic Cage As Every Character In Iron Man 3 570x844 SR Geek Picks: Tony Starks Best One Liners, Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading & More

Presented to the world via Film Drunk, and created by Brazilian Photoshop master Matheus Candido, this is the Iron Man 3 poster, with every human face replaced by Nicolas Cage.

Arianny Celeste Strips for Iron Man Trivia

Test your knowledge of Iron Man with FilmStrip, the weekly game show where releasing your inner-nerd is more than encouraged. Hosted by UFC octagon girl, Arianny Celeste, this show challenges film fans’ movie knowledge, revealing more than just the right answers.

Bad Lip Reading: The Walking Dead

Everybody at that party thought Rick was neat.


MysteryGuitarMan Makes Looper‘s BLUNDERBUSS GUN

Master prop maker, Rick Hilgner (Starship TroopersBroken ArrowVertical Limit) is teaming up with MysteryGuitarMan, (http://www.youtube.com/MysteryGuitarMan) and CineFix’s own David Dutton to make a totally awesome weapon from Looper… “GUN”.

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Say No to May the 4th (Star Wars Day Attack Ad)

A special message that reveals the ugly truth about May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day.

How to make an EPIC movie trailer!

What makes a movie trailer EPIC? Using Inception, The Avengers, Prometheus, Transformers, Shutter Island and Battleship as case studies, I show you how to make a trailer that is so epic, sex-deprived geeks will be reaching for the Kleenex in record time.

Batman The Dark KnightFall (Fan film)

Drive For The Sega Master System/Genesis

The Runts of All Evil

The Runts of All Evil 570x414 SR Geek Picks: Tony Starks Best One Liners, Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading & More

What do you get when you combine a controlling, genius, A-hole of a kid with a mischievous clown loving misfit and his Dark hearted and demented little buddy? The best friendship ever.

by =CoranKizerStone.

Giant Robots, Minions, Ghosts and Bruce Willis – The Ultimate Guide to Summer Movies – July 2013

Summer 2013 = TOO MUCH AWESOME! Check out the movies heading our way in July!

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Handmade Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box

Handmade “Harry Potter” Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box 570x427 SR Geek Picks: Tony Starks Best One Liners, Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading & More

Made by redditor nintendai who used a wooden bed post knob as the foundation for his project. He cut it in half, hollowed out the inside, and then added carvings and gold paint. The finishing touch is two gold spray-painted wings attached to either side.

“The entire process took a couple of weeks (on and off because I had to keep on hiding it from her) and was the first time I actually built anything. It was an extremely rewarding process and she absolutely loved the time, thought, and effort I put into it. Hopefully this design might help some other people come up with creative ideas for their engagements!”


Who’s your favorite COMIC BOOK MOVIE VILLAIN?!?! Tom Fonss is breaking down the best bad guys we love to hate.

Intro film for PIXEL Film Festival 2013 with rising star Fanny Ketter who stumbles into different movie genres on her way to deliver her own film to the festival. The journey takes her through everything from romantic costume dramas to an adventure film with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The film also features a special cameo from danish superstar Kim Bodnia, known from films like Nicolas Winding Refn’s Pusher and TV-Series The Bridge.

Short Films You Gotta Watch in 2013! KassemG, Ryan Koo, and more!

This week, Valentina talks about the most recent flood of short films out in the indie filmmaking scene. Bonus points to anyone who can name the cinematographer on the right side of this video’s thumbnail!

Star Trek Tribble Slippers

Star Trek Tribble Slippers SR Geek Picks: Tony Starks Best One Liners, Walking Dead Bad Lip Reading & More

There are novelty slippers and then there are novelty slippers. Case in point: these Star Trek Tribble slippers, footwear that boldly goes where no footwear has gone before! Designed around a fictional animal that reproduces with alarming proficiency, the Tribble slippers purr softly with every step you take. One size fits most up to a men’s 10 or woman’s 12.

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