Tony Scott Confirms Alien PREQUEL!

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alien from the movie Tony Scott Confirms Alien PREQUEL!

It’s official! Just a day after news hit the Net that the rumored Alien reboot is moving forward, word comes that the new Alien film will NOT be a remake or reboot (as many fans of Ridley Scott’s original were fearing), but instead a prequel to Scott’s Alien, which will be directed by Carl Rinsch.

Thank Collider reporter Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub, who caught up with Ridley Scott’s brother Tony Scott at the premiere of his new movie, The Taking of Pelham 123.  The Scott brothers will co-produce the Alien prequel, and like any good producer, Tony was willing to feed the hype machine.

Here are some choice excerpts from the Collider interview with Tony Scott:

Collider: 20th Century Fox is talking about remaking or redoing the original Alien. What’s going on with that?

Tony Scott: Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the prequel to Alien. He’s one of our directors at our company.

Collider: …are you a little nervous about reengaging the franchise or are you excited.

Tony: I’m excited cause Ridley created the original and Carl Rinsch is one of the family.

Collider: When do you envision this film getting in front of cameras?

Tony: Hopefully the end of the year.

Collider: Will it be a summer of 2011 movie?

Tony: Honestly, I don’t know.

Again, thanks to Collider for snagging that exclusive – Alien fans have been going nuts about whether this next film was going to be a prequel or a remake! I’m an Alien fan and right now I can tell you that I’m breathing a bit easier knowing that one of sci-fi’s all-time classics isn’t going to suffer the indignity of a lackluster remake.

A prequel is something I am good with; it would be cool to see the Alien species being created, only to go on a rampage across the universe. There IS a potential downside, however: some of best monsters in sci-fi/horror are the ones whose origins are UNKNOWN. The dread of the unknown, in certain cases, is more frightening than the monster itself. In giving Alien a backstory, the filmmakers risk negating one of the greatest aspects of Ridley Scott’s original: its WTF?! factor.

Still, in the hands of the Scott Brothers and their protege Carl Rinsch, I have a feeling that this Alien prequel might just turn out ok. What do you think? Does an Alien prequel have a shot at greatness?

(Like Tony Scott said) No word yet on when the Alien Prequel will hit theaters. To read Collider‘s full interview with Tony Scott you can go here.

Source: Collider

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    • I have a feeling it wont be a reboot, but more of an origin story revolving around the ‘space jockey’. Just a few more years to see if Im right!!

  2. Actually Matt, this is good news, this is a prequel, not a reboot. A reboot would have been NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 but a prequel is just, eh, hope it’s half as good as the original…

  3. I meant Mysterious.


  5. Why reboot? Prequel would have been sick for before alien.

  6. Looking forward to it?
    what do we really know about the origins of the aliens?
    It should be interesting .

  7. I only hope that this isn’t in the AvP mould.

  8. Well, my interest’s piqued. At least they got the original director to tap his imagination so this might be fun.

    Guess we’ll be seeing who these giant aliens were.

  9. I think you could do it and have the origins of the aliens remain a mystery. I mean they found the alien on an alien ship and i for one would like to know the story of that ship.

  10. I’m quite curious about this. I suspect this will answer the question of how that ship ended up crashed on the planet in the original Alien film, so that would be very interesting. A reboot would have been stupid, but a prequel… I’m for that.

  11. @ Bill Blume

    I am the same way. If the prequel ends with the ship sending out a distress signal that Ripleys ship detects, I would be very cool with that. If its just an offshoot that shows where Aliens came from and has no real connection, I would be disappointed

  12. This is GOOD news!! I sure wish I would hear that the new Predator film is a prequel and NOT a remake. I for one, am interested in knowing where the aliens came from and what led to the beginning of Alien.

  13. @kylle23 & Lord Garth

    Imagine if that’s how they end the prequel. They could use footage of Ripley’s ship receiving the distress signal. Talk about a transition into the original movie! I think that would be quite cool.

  14. Rather a prequel than another sequel, and good to get away from the aliens vs predator nonsense.

    I really doubt it will match Alien. That remains my favourite of the series. Also, yeah, got to worry about a younger, more hip version coming out.
    Hoping Ridley will keep it to plan, but then he did mess about with Bladerunner a lot.

  15. Well, imagine this guys. First they make a prequel. Then they make an intermediate movie prior to Aliens (with the idea of Newt’s colony fighting against them, as some people pointed out). And then they can start doing some Aliens movies on different planets that other people have encountered, stuff like that.

    I CAN see Aliens movies without Ripley. I mean, although Sigourney Weaver was outstanding, Aliens had such a brilliant script and was so well done that she wasn’t the only reason it was so terrific.

    There’s just something about these monsters that you just want to see on the silver screen over and over again. Same with Predators and Terminators.

    Don’t know what that says about us… lol.

  16. Another race, but still humanoid. But hey, if Disney and Pixar can sell movies about animal and toy characters, I don’t think it’s so out of the idea to sell mainly alien movies.

  17. Wait, let me guess — The Aliens are actually genetically engineered by other aliens or from a separate race of humans (who then likely were the ones who colonized Earth in the first place) and, science is bad, and stuff.


  18. I am a huge fan of the Alien series and have been hearing about this Alien prequel for a few days now. Let me state first that I am unbelievably thankful that Fox is finally separating this utterly horrid cliche between Aliens and Predators and is putting there places back where they originally were. The Alien series was a great series by itself and I heard James Cameron I believe was writing a script for Alien 5 in 2004 when Fox reported this movie Idea of Alien Vs. Predator. James Cameron scraped the idea and let Alien Vs. Predator go on. I’ll admit that the first AVP was decent but when I saw Requiem in theaters it couldn’t be more horrible than it gets (don’t let me get into detail about it). I am just going to say that after everyone saw Requiem (AVP 2) I think it was time for 20th Century Fox to go a different route. An Alien Prequel is better than doing another horrible Alien Vs. Predator sequel. Not only that but Fox hasn’t touched the Alien series for 12 years since Alien Resurrection came into theaters and considering that time length I thought a fingerprint on the series was nearly impossible…until now. An Alien Prequel could only mean one thing and that is that we as an audience get to discover where the Aliens originally came from and what that Space Jockey on the planet LV-426 was all about…only in more detail this time. An Alien Prequel or an Alien Sequel either one is better than nothing and is even exciting for me as an Alien fan and other Alien fans out there. Carl Rinsch who I’ve heard does Futuristic Television Commercials I think has a good potential to produce a good film to the series. I think he will have a lot on his shoulders but hopefully he can create a film that will leave us with a better idea of how the Alien colony discovered on LV-426 was created in the first place.

  19. “Can’t see why he’s so into vegetables there” LOL, I was actually thinking the same thing when I read the quote, haha.

  20. Can everyone stop having a go at FOX and Ridley Scott!
    FOX have clearly come to their senses, being adamant that only Ridley Scott should direct. That’s more than I ever expected.
    You can bet your life that Ridley will be very careful indeed if he goes ahead with the prequel. He’s not gonna
    s**t on his own doorstep. Never forget the attention to detail that ‘he’ choose to put into ‘Alien’ and then ‘Bladerunner’ (even more so). You can expect exactly the same care and focus to go into another film from Scott, whether producing or directing. To some extent Cameron stole his thunder with ‘Aliens’. I think that he has every right to steal it back. If Ridley Scott is involved I really don’t think that the fans have much to worry about. I’d rather watch his next ‘Alien’ picture in 2-d than watch ‘Avatar’ in 3-d and my favourite action picture ever is ‘Aliens’. Plus, Adrian mentioned Giger and after the ‘no Giger credit’ upset on the theatrical release of the fourth film the one thing that might tempt Giger back is working with Scott again.
    I’m sure FOX are well aware of this. Can Scott make an ‘Alien’ picture as popular and renowned as ‘Aliens’? You bet your ass he can. It will all be down to the material.