Tony Gilroy Talks ‘Bourne Legacy’; Matt Damon to Return For ‘Bourne 5′?

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 9th, 2013 at 11:28 pm,

We learned earlier this month that Matt Damon will not play Jason Bourne in writer/director Tony Gilroy’s upcoming The Bourne Legacy, the fourth entry in the gritty action series.

Gilroy spoke with Deadline this week and offered a little more insight into his plans for Bourne 4, which will apparently set the stage for Damon to reprise his role as the (now formerly) amnesiac killer – if the actor so chooses.

Legacy will feature a new protagonist that, like Bourne, is a covert government agent that was trained (or rather, brainwashed) to become an assassin by the government and likely played a role in either Operation Treadstone (from The Bourne Identity) or Blackbriar (from The Bourne Ultimatum). The fourth Bourne film – which will not contain any plot elements from Eric Lustbader’s novel of the same name – is not a reboot, as it both continues the storyline developed in the first three movies and acts to “expand the franchise mythology” by shifting its focus away from Jason Bourne himself.

Gilroy told Deadline that he “couldn’t imagine trying to replace [Damon as Bourne]“ and that the Jason Bourne character himself is still very much alive in Legacy. While Damon essentially closed the door on his involvement with Bourne 4 earlier this year, he could easily return for a later film – assuming that Bourne Legacy does well enough, financially speaking, to justify a fifth movie.

Bourne 41 Tony Gilroy Talks Bourne Legacy; Matt Damon to Return For Bourne 5?

Will Damon reprise his role as Jason Bourne in a later film?

Ultimatum nicely wrapped up the main plot threads introduced in the previous two Bourne movies and was both the most financially successful and critically-acclaimed of the first three pics in the franchise. Gilroy is already up against the wall to deliver a fourth Bourne movie that either matches or exceeds the quality of its predecessor – not to mention that a lot of moviegoers will likely take a pass on Legacy solely because Damon will not be back.

Is Gilroy up to the challenge? He proved himself to be both a solid screenwriter and director with his Oscar-nominated pic Michael Clayton back in 2007 – not to mention that he has been involved with the Bourne franchise since the very beginning. Bourne 4 will require someone with the technical prowess to mix engaging action sequences with drama, so Gilroy will be in mostly untested territory with his next directorial effort.

For more on the history and behind-the-scenes drama of the Bourne franchise, check out the full Deadline article.

The Bourne Legacy is tentatively scheduled to begin production in Spring 2011, with an August 2012 release date in mind.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I really have no interest in a Bourne-less ‘Bourne’ film.

    • No Damon = no interest

    • bourne being played by someone other than damon is just like committing to a suicide attempt

      • Matt Damon is not being replaced! He’s still Jason Bourne.
        They’re just introducing a new character through Jeremy Renner called Aaron Cross.
        Haven’t watched the movie yet.. though I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

  2. There is absolutely no reason Damon can’t be replaced. They said it couldn’t be done with Bond, they managed quite well there.
    Personally, I didn’t love Damon in the role at all, he was ok, I suppose, having grown up reading the books, I pictured something very different.

    I’m glad Paul Greengrass isnt working on this project, I find his directing to be far too frentic and jumpy, The Bourne Identity will remain my favourite in the trilogy. I felt the oft praised third installment was pointless story telling and short on action.

    • ya the bourne Ultimatum was pointless. I wish they would have followed the books. insteat of inventing new charcters for the movies and leaving out tons of Bournes B

    • ya the bourne Ultimatum was pointless. I wish they would have followed the books. insteat of inventing new charcters for the movies and leaving out tons of Bournes Background. and creating blackbriar for some reason I don’t understand.

    • I strongly disagree with you on this. Just because you have read the books dosen’t mean the trilogy was bad. I think that Damon had more action then the other actor I wasn’t interested in the 4th bourne but I gave it a try to watch it..And I was bored out of my mind. It made No sense at all ! They started a brand new whole movie yet stole the name title.

  3. IF Matt comes back for Bourne 5 (doubtful without Greengrass) then I’ll go back and catch this one on DVD. Until then, I’m out.

    • I don’t see why not, it’s not like he’s married to the guy,or maybe he is who knows. I think he’ll be back for V, his last two movies didn’t do to well at the box office. Therefore, he needs a hit asap.

  4. Don’t be stupid, people. You know you’re gonna go see the film.. if for no other reason than to be able to criticize it on the internet…

  5. I think I sense Haley Joel Osment’s career being revived.

    Wouldn’t that be a kick to the crotch! (“And that kinda of crap I can’t watch” – Weird Al … paraphrased)

    Don’t kid yourself… Anthony Michael Hall went from Nerd to a “I’ll-kick-your-ass-if-you-call-me-’nerd’” kinda of guy.

  6. They should expand upon Clive Owen’s character from the first film … even though he was killed by Bourne. He’d be a good lead at least for the next film in the franchise that people would be likely to shell out theater prices to see

  7. No Matt Damon!! This movie will bomb!! It’ll be like Halloween 3 – had nothing to do with Michael Myers and it bombed. Well so did the rest but at least you get my point.

  8. is very disappointed there is no matt damon in the next movie. I can only hope that they will bring him back in five. it not a ‘bourne’ flim without bourne.

  9. i myself think The Bourne 4 movie would not mean anything to us Bourne fans, no matt damon no interest!! a Bourne movie is not and will never a true Bourne movie without matt damon, with out matt damon i would not even buy it. matt damon is the only JASON BOURNE we love no one can or will replace him.

    • Its just sad that Bourne’s fans are so tied up to Damon as much as Damon doesnt give a crap about his fans watching a Damon-less Bourne film.

      • How would u nooo

  10. I can not belive matt damon is not going to be in the fourth bourne. It just wont be the same, and will be a huge dissapointment. Creating a fourth bourne without matt damon in it will just completley ruin the whole trioligy. I think they should either create the bourne legacy WITH matt damon, if not just leave the bourne trioligy alone. It will not be good at all with damon staring in it, he made the movies!
    It is not just me that thinks this as well, i asked all my friends and family and they all completley agreed that damon should be in it,if not to not do another bourne at all!!!
    I have waited for ages to hear the news on there being a 4th bourne, but you can not have a ‘BOURNE’ film with out JASON BOURNE!

    • How auld u no do u lib wid hI’m or somtin war a now it allow

  11. likewise, no damon = no interest

  12. As a writer, Gilroy is a legend to me. Need some ideas for more Bourne?

    Bourne enemy list

    Bourne is wanted in at least ten nations for:


    Switzerland: Hospitalized two cops. After that, any real cop in the world would want his eggs fried, preferably with him still attached and screaming. And, he’s an American spy.

    USA: Assault and battery on embassy personnel. Threatening others with a gun. Death of at least one American citizen in France.

    France: For questioning, if nothing else. Landlady murdered. Wombosi, assassinated. Destruction of property. Resisting arrest, destruction of city property. Grand theft auto. Reckless driving, destruction of property, endangering people. Scared the heck out of Nicky Parsons (remember, we’re talking about France). Implicated in the deaths of four men, one of them an American. Connection to dead man, John Michael Kane. He’s an American spy.

    Italy: Death of Italian citizen in France.

    Spain: Death of the Professor.


    India: Wanted for questioning in death of Marie, reckless driving, endangering citizens. He’s a spy.

    Italy: In the nation illegally. Beat up a cop. Grand theft auto. Embassy for beating up an agent. Resisting arrest. He’s a spy.

    Germany: Questioning for murder of Hungarian. Arson. Trespassing. Eluding police. Deaths of Vasilli couple. Kidnapping (Nicky). Making death threats against said woman. Scaring Nicky (well, maybe it’s just me who is angry…). Suicide of the American, Abbot. Resisting arrest. Questioning on death of Marie Kreutz. He’s a spy.

    Russia: He’s a spy. Resisting arrest. Grand theft auto. Reckless driving (donno if in Russia that’s illegal, the way I’ve seen Russians driving; might be self-defense). Kills KGB agent. Russian mafia would like to see him dead for ruining one of theirs.

    Britain: Involved in death of really stupid journalist. Robbed a dead man. Resisting arrest.

    Spain: breaking and entering. Assault and battery on two men. Kidnapped an American (but, can you kidnap the willing?). Did not do much to acknowledge Nicky’s admission of love for him.

    Morocco: Involvement in murder of American. Resisting arrest. Death of Desh. Several cases of breaking and entering. Possible terrorist.

    Native America: Manhandled Nicky! If nothing else, for that he needs a good beating from her mother (and if Nicky is Native American (she looks it) Bourne is in for hell, anyway).


    Russia: He’s an American spy. Breaking and entering. Resisting arrest. Beat up a cop, threatened a second one. Impersonating a citizen.
    Brazil: Impersonating a citizen.
    USA: Breaking and entering, two of them. Involved in shoot-out with NY City cops. Resisting arrest. Grand theft auto, two of them. Reckless driving to the endangerment of people. Theft of classified papers. Wanted for connection to assassinations of several US citizens.
    Native America: Ran off Nicky instead of protecting her. But, he has an out; she may not have survived his war against the weasel-people (CIA head, Vosin, and Herser).

    Add to this, that Nicky is in love with him. As his memory returns, he’ll recall that. Definitely a romance budding. She needs to give him a good beating for scaring her. She looks so much like my stepdaughter, it’s scary. Susie is half Native American, Lenape and Blackfeet. Nicky should be Native American. There are two reservations inside New York City. “What does a Native American woman tell a man with two gun shot wounds? Nothing, ‘cause she already told him twice.” We like our women tough and hardy, amen. Nicky could do it.
    The following would answer why Bourne would rather die than endanger a child. Bourne is from Nixa, Missouri which is in the foothills of the Ozark Mtns. The Ozarks are famous for several things, everyone is Native American, and extremely loyal to America and family. Children to us are sacred beings, little godlings called precious, sweet joy, gifts from God. It’s rural Missouri, very much cattle and crops. Life revolves around God, country, and family. Look at how Missourians reacted when Joplin was destroyed by the tornado: One for all and all for one.
    Universal made almost a billion dollars off the trilogy. Certainly Damon got quite a cut of that for use to help children in poverty. It’s time he started helping our troops, as well, who try to make things safer for kids. The Bourne movies are very popular among the pro-military crowd. I do not know a single person in the military that doesn’t own at least one copy of them. Bourne is psychologically medicinal: we watch him in his troubles and know that we, as well, could survive just about anything.
    Given the facts, the question should be how couldn’t there be more Bourne movies?
    Niio, Bourne. You walk in beauty.

    Tsimahei ani Gili Yu, ani ama Susos Kanonasioni, hawa!

  13. I liked Matt Damon’s portrayal of Bourne. He brought life to the character. Why isn’t he acting in Bourne Legacy? I’m hoping that he didn’t go down the Tobey Maguire path.

  14. I was so looking foward to another bourne movie i own the other three but without matt damon i will not watch the fourth one until it comes out on lifetime

    • I just watched the bourne legacy dvd. i have been out the country for months. However the Bourne has lost its quality without Matt Damone. Wont even watch the next Bourne movie on Cable without Matt Damone.

  15. Well, Without Matt Damon as Bourne in Legacy.

    makes my interest to this film gone..

  16. Well I guess there was a changing consequences to manipulate the agent Bourne Identity.

    Maybe you forgotten or you might be a little bribe to the countries you was on to performed.

    It is advisable to everyone that Jason Bourne is seeking his identity when then tragic happen to him,because of amnesiac.

    I remembered when he was awake from how many days he been drown in the water in the days he himself,who I am?

    Is his attending to the words in universal linguistic communication arts including German,Spanish and others native words of speaking and it is so much wandering about his self,because he couldn’t even know how where he had been to learn it.

    I got one question for you guy’s:”Is it Jason Bourne after he woke up then he know also to talk “Tagalog” from the country of philippines?

    You jeopardy and insulted everyone of agents including me,You know that?

  17. jeremy renner for the bourne legacy??? olala.. I like him. He will be a great spy.. looking forward to this movie. there’s a call for audition for extra in this movie in manila.. dont know if its a hoax though..

    • Great Spy? No He sucked .. bad! Matt brang MORE Action unlike the new actor -.-

  18. The story line is not about Bourne! So why add Bourne in the Title? Just name the movie renner’s legacy. Adding bourne to the title is deceitful.

  19. Oh the Bourne Legacy was here in Manila for a shoot but I’m sorry, Im not interested because I am expecting to be Matt Damon movie but he’s not here in the castings. Anyway, I still have an option to watch it sometimes in October of 2012. Good luck!

  20. NO MATT DAMON??? WHAT??????????? :(

  21. Agreed with all comments about Matt. He IS the character. No Matt=No Bourne

  22. who is this daman person? non-entity? Like with 007, the face can change as the maker wills. besides, damon is a city boy, not real, never was. good actor, but hardly vital to the project. find a new face, one that LOOKS more like NATIVE AMERICAN Metis, which the character IS. NOT another bigoted whitey.

  23. Matt should return and challenge the FNG

    • Matt who? Oh, the guy who had a chance to be bourne for life and spit opn his fans! What contempt he must have for people to do that.

  24. I hope Damon comes bak to do the forth one along with nicky… Damon den no Bourne ….if they replace Damon dats jjust stpd ov dem!!!!!!!I wanna now more bout nicky n bourne ….(Julia stiles n Matt Damon)DONT replace dem!!!!!!!

  25. No, he threw all of us away. He had every chance to make a dozen Bourne flicks and spit on us all. If he’s in one, forget it, that mighty white old fart can count me out seeing it, and a great many of us.