Ton ‘O Marvel Superhero Movies On The Way

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Holy cow, Marvel is planning on releasing a TON of superhero movies. Will they all be great? Not likely… I’m sure they’ll have some Ghost Riders in there, but on the other hand they may strike gold with some depending on who is writing and directing.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s in the pipeline beyond what’s already currently in production: Wolverine, Magneto, Punisher 2, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Thor, Avengers (maybe) and Captain America. Whew!

Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios did have one thing to say that gave me pause concerning their take on Captain America:

“We’ll have to play with Captain America as being a patriotic propaganda machine on one hand but also being a very human Steve Rogers interesting fascinating hero in his own right.”

Now I haven’t been a big follower of Cap over the years, but calling him a patriotic propaganda machine seems to me to be way out of line and a bad sign of what the script may end up being like. My take on Cap is that he was created strictly as a prototype for what would be an army of super-soldiers to help defeat the Nazis. In regards to patriotism, Steve Rogers (the man behind the mask) was always fiercely patriotic, without any influence from the government. That has in fact been the driving characteristic of Captain America over the decades: His unflinching and unapologetic patriotism for the United States.

So hearing the phrase “patriotic propaganda machine” mentioned in relation to a movie about the venerable hero makes me more than a bit nervous the movie. Of course it’s way early in the process, so who knows how it will turn out in the end.

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  1. I definetely agree on what was said about Captain America here. I’ve been a big Cap reader most my life (he and Iron Man are my favorite Marvel characters) and I am pleased to hear that a movie is being made about him but will be dissapointed if he will be displayed as nothing but government propoganda in the film. Cap has always represented American principles rather than American government,and it would be sad to see them destroy the character in his first big budget film like this. I hope that they will spend at least 40 minutes of this film on some of Cap’s 1940′s adventures before plunging him into the icy deep. Bucky should only be here if they can do him without making a him a parody of himself. And Cap’s costume should look like the classic version instead of the Ultimate version in this film. Hopefully they will demonstrate that Cap is twice as strong,fast,and agile as an olympic level athlete and that he has a super immune system (which means that if he were shot his body would treat the bullet as a foreign object and literally push the bullet out within a minute,tops and that no gasses can harm him and that he cannot be drugged). I’m really pissed that they killed Cap in the comics rescently. Anyway they’ve got to get Cap’s patriotism not mixed up with allegiance to government in this film. Here’s hopin’………..

  2. Well, I can’t say that I know that much about the character, but I do have a take on what they night be doing with the “patriotic propaganda machine.”

    Maybe that’s what the government in the movie plans to try to use him for. Maybe that’s why they bring him back in the first place, and try to play him up, use him that way.

    I don’t know if any fans would consider that disrespectful to the character, especially if it’s not portrayed as the character himself being that way, but that’s one way they could go with it.

  3. I don’t have the context to Mr. Feige’s comment but it certainly seems to me to be accurate to the character.

    During World War II (real and imagined), Captain America was part of the American propaganda machine with newsreel footage and comic books and everything else. The image of Captain America is that he is a cheerleader for America and the American Dream.

    While as fans we tend to think Steve Rogers=Cap, what Mr. Feige seems to be noting is that they do not. Captain America is the image, Steven Rogers is the man. What does it feel like to be that man that is also this symbol?

    That may not be what he meant, but that’s how it reads to me.


  4. Holy crap. A Cap movie?! I’ve been waiting for one for along time now. Who do you think will direct it and the plot of them movie? The Sub-Mariner would be nice just for the fact to see Atlantis. Thor will be one that would be soemthing else to make. Just think of the possiblites for that.

    But truthfully, whoever does do Cap…Man, he has alot on his shoulders like you all have been saying. He represents America…And now a days we need all the positive imaging we can get. We all like to think America is what Cap represents, but I believe if it’s done right. Alot of people will walk out of that theater with a new sense of pride. Maybe put in one of those uplifting speechless in it, hah. Who knows.

  5. Ya know,on second thought they oughta just work on the Avengers. It should be Captain America,Iron Man,Thor,Ant-Man,the Wasp,and MAYBE the Hulk.That should be Marvel’s next big project.This way all the A-list Marvel super-teams will have been translated to the big screen.If Ant-Man is in this film he should be able to shrink and grow large-if that’s how they’ll tweak Ant-Man I’ll be fine with that.I really don’t want to see the Ultimate version of the Avengers on the big screen. So Marvel,if you’re reading this PLEASE keep it CLASSIC,the Ultimate M U SUX! And try not to change the costumes to much.I want Thor with his cape and winged helmet and Cap with his bucaneer boots,General Lee gloves,and winged cowl and Iron Man with a tad bit more classic comic book look to him. This could be a great movie. And I bet it gets made before JLA.

  6. Hey! There should be at least 4 A-list Avenger’s villains in the movie. Hey I got it! Mybe the Space Phantom could be in it! He was one of the first Avengers villains in the comics,and he could take control of the Hulk and make him act like a Jackass and get himself kicked out of the Avengers.He could also take control of a couple other Avengers and make them act like jerks too,but the Hulk would get ticked off and leave the team making way for……….Captain America!!!
    Nah.It’ll never happen.

  7. Ok, In regards to Kel’s comment. Captain America wasn’t meant to be A prototype for the super soldier program. Steve Rogers was. The doc who made the serum died shortly after giving it to a frail Steve Rogers. So the U.S. Government gave him th his patiotic getup as a counterstrike to Hitler’s third Reich, led by Red Skull. So A “patriotic propaganda machine” is exactly what cap was during his early career in WWII.
    He was the ultimate symbol of freedom to oppressing forces. And UPDATING THE COSTUMES TO KEEP UP WITH CHANGING TIMES IS A GOOD IDEA, but what they did with the scarlet witch and quicksilver in the ultimates series was crap.

  8. I think the general public is burnt out on superhero movies, especially after Spider-man 3. Still I’m looking forward to seeing these characters come to life on the screen. I just hope they don’t screw too much with the back stories like they did with the FF movie. They really sucked a lot out of Dr Dooms menace with the changes to his story.

  9. listen up people, stick to the original storylines in comics and every superhero movie will be intersting & profitable. please stop with the x-men movies & hulk movies, start using some new & different marvel characters. marvel’s thor is the most interesting,colorful,exciting & charasmatic superhero in the marvel universe-please stop ignoring/disrespecting thor, he is one of marvels core characters. there would be no marvel company without him.i have been reading marvel comics since 1967 & i know what i am talking about!