Tomb Raider Reboot: Is Megan Fox In Or Out?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 7:22 am,

megan fox lara croft Tomb Raider Reboot: Is Megan Fox In Or Out?Over the last few days, rumors have popped up about a possible reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. Those rumors weren’t that much to get excited about until they included Megan Fox as a possible lead to take over the franchise from predecessor Angelina Jolie.

Well, you can end your excitement now as Fox’s involvement has been entirely debunked. Speaking to the folks over at io9, a spokesperson for the FHM’s sexiest woman of the year flat-out denied the Transformers leading lady having any involvement with a rumored new Tomb Raider installment.

“She’s not involved in the movie at all.”

Strict, stern and to the point. This does not mean however, that she can’t be involved if the project was actually a go.

On that note, how interesting is it that today, the talk about another Tomb Raider finally got some legitimacy as it was announced that Warner Brothers is working with producer Dan Lin (who’s also producing Terminator Salvation and Sherlock Holmes) are in fact developing a reboot for the Tomb Raider franchise.

Hmmm… I wonder who they’re thinking to play the lead.

Although at this point, I’d prefer them not to make this movie as the last one was terrible. However, Fox might be good for the role should it come to fruition if they’re going to follow the same path as before. The good news it that the reboot should completely ignore the first two films and revamp the story big time – meaning a new origin story, new villains, new love interest and probably no Megan Fox.

What do you think of another Tomb Raider film and possibly having Megan Fox play the title character?

Tomb Raider is planned to start shooting some time in 2010 with an expected release in 2011.

Sources: io9, The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Personalyt i do not care as long as it is a good story drivin plot and whoever plays Lora Croft finaly shows some skin (sorry i had to say that for all us Tomb Raider (the Games) fans)

  2. From one gimmick actress to another. Looks like I will skip these new Tomb Raider movies like I skipped the Jolie ones… So, no change really.

  3. Im on board with the “I dont care” but having never been an Angelina fan for the role, I’ll take anyone over her.

    Again, just as the last Indy film blew chunks, this next release is going to need to be ALL about REAALLLY good story, and direction and with any luck they’ll leave some of the CGI at home. The last one was clearly ruined by it and the hope of Angelina selling the film on her own.

  4. If not Megan Fox, then how about Odette Yustman.
    My choice, Rhoda Mitra, she’s English and has been Lara Croft for the game promotions. And she can kick-arse as in Doomsday

  5. I am flexible in regards to casting ,
    But for me ,
    Story is key .
    Give us a nice story in the vein of Classical Indiana Jones .
    Make it an epic quest for something we all know.

  6. How many video game movies have been GOOD? Let this thing rest in piece.

  7. @ Ray O

    Zero, zilch, nada…the genre has been raped and left to die in a shallow grave….

  8. Jesus. Why?

  9. The first one was good but the second one was just ok. Fox looks the part but im really looking at the visual effects. They were a little iffy in the last one so im couriose to how this one will turn out. The story has got to get a major improvment too.

  10. no thanks on the Fox idea.

  11. I think that megan fox would be a great Lora Croft she is way hotter and sexier than angelina jolie but i do have to agree Rob Keves about not remaking the tomb raider movie but i do think it would be a good idea to make a prequel of the tomb raider franchise megan fox kinda looks like a young angelina and it could be about lora crofts earlier days as when she was younger that sounds like a good idea to me Plus i just want to see Megan Fox in those tight little shorts LOL

  12. lol, Richard.

    Not a bad idea but they want to milk it into a new franchise entirely, hoping for a series of movies. In order to do that, I think they need someone super popular and Fox fits the bill…. and the shorts?

  13. Sooooo, Fox is WAY hotter than Jolie but she kind of looks like Jolie…

    Ooooooookay… Sounds to me like you’re thinking with the wrong part of your body there buddy… :-D

  14. LOL come Ken j you know your thinking the same thing too megan fox little tight shorts come on admit it… so anywho well if that is there plan they better do it right because i would hate to waste money when i go see it. O Yea Sorry Rob Keyes for messing up your last name thought the Y was a V

  15. Not really, like I’ve said, anyone can pull of skank, I can care less. Now when an actual beautiful actress comes along, then you will see me get excited. Plus, her acting is so atrocious I think that cancels out any skanky good looks she has… It makes me cringe to watch her try to spout off some lines while trying to do some skanky pose… I want to see her pull it off without an inch of make-up on her face…

  16. Ok i get it you dont like her but all i was trying to say is that Megan Fox is a good actress and she could totally make a good Lora Croft and if there idea is to restart the whole Tomb Raider thing all over they should start with a prequel first and then make there way up to seqeuls but with differnt stories AND your right she does do the whole skany poses when she acts your right about that but now we know she is not going to be near this project so we no longer need to disscuse this Plus your the one trying make me sound like a preve im just a man who likes the pretty girls thats all.

  17. “Megan Fox is a good actress”

    Funny guy Richard, you’re a funny guy, lol. :-D


  18. lol, I wouldn’t say she’s good or bad – Let’s say she’s unproven as of yet but she has a few leading roles coming up and that’ll help define her career after the Transformers franchise.

  19. wtf megan fox is fine but she is notstacked enough to play the voluptous lara croft and shes stupid i dont see her playing any leading role i would perfer to se scarlett johanson as lara coft. :p

  20. Megan fox? Well, compared to Angelina Jolie and Lara Croft herself the only thing that she has is the face..she might have the spunk to it in the attitude but still wont be very satisfying she’s better off modeling. Anyway, all in all im mostly looking forward to the storyline,and if they some how manage to throw a little old school Lara in there without messing it up it’ll be great!

  21. I would love to see a 3rd tomb raider. But why a reboot? Why can’t they juast do another sequel????

  22. Probably because reboots are the new fad…

    And also probably because Jolie wouldn’t want to do another one?

  23. Maybe. But in the bonus features and what not she said she had fun doing them… just wishful thinking i guess. Personally i thought she made the perfect Lara Croft.

  24. Oh I don’t know, didn’t watch either one, much less the bonus features, just a guess. Not even interested in the games, lol.

  25. I really do not belive that Megan Fox could pull off as the Lara Croft badass… I don’t actually like her acting… and if they even tried to make a new movie without Angelina they would basically be over killing what they have. The have had plenty of models for Tomb Raider, and I would prefer not to add another one to the list. They have already had one popular actress on the movies. Having a conflicting one would be a bad idea. Already Megan is afraid to try it in being scared of Angelina, so let’s hope that they don’t make another one… End it in a good note… don’t make another one! I just don’t want to see Megan do it… it’d just make her look like a wanna-be… and not to mention make Lara look slightly slutty…

    • I agree!!

  26. Oh and Lara is supposed to be a little modest… sexy but modest… not slutty… smart…

  27. I dont mind if megan fox plays the new lara croft, she looks the part, but if they are doing a new movie i want to see an epic adventure, i want lara clawing through the jungle, negotiating deadly traps and some brilliant gun battles, an artifact we care about, a story that enthralls us, dont give us a peice of ass with guns, give us a TOMB RAIDER. make her brittish, make her intelligent, gutsy, attitudic, determined, strong, elegant, make her Lara Croft.
    i will be seeing this movie, im just very hopeful that they get it right!